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Oct 13, 2022
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the first time was an accident, the second time he was curious and by the third time, he really didn’t have excuses anymore. 🐱🦊🐰 cw // accidental, non-consensual & consensual voyeurism, threesome, smut

it’s a little bit past 3am when sbn wakes up. apparently, he’d fallen asleep on the couch in the living room and he groans quietly, slightly annoyed that no one woke him up to tell him to go to his room. he sits in the darkness for another minute before moving towards his room.
he stiffles a yawn as he walks past the others’ rooms, trying to be as quiet as possible. he’s about to walk past ynjvn’s room when he stops. the door to ynjvn’s room is slightly ajar and there’s dim light coming through the crack. sbn frowns. ynjvn should be asleep.
he steps closer to the door, raising his hand to knock, when a very specific sounds stops him immediately. sbn pauses and waits. a quiet moan sounds through the door and sbn suddenly feels himself get hot. that isn’t ynjvn’s voice, it sounds more like … another step closer and+
a look through the crack confirms sbn’s suspicions. there, right in ynjvn’s lap is tyvn, his hands digging into ynjvn’s naked shoulders as he bounces his equally naked body up and down. sbn doesn’t mean to, he really doesn’t, but he can’t stop looking. tyvn’s head is thrown back+
mouth hanging open as he fucks himself on ynjvn’s cock. ynjvn appears to help tyvn a little, hands on the younger boy’s hips, seemingly guiding his movements. unconsciously, sbn’s eyes move down and he presses a hand against his mouth in an effort not to gasp. from where he’s+
standing, he can clearly see ynjvn’s cock moving in and out of tyvn and the mere sight of it is enough for sbn’s cock to start hardening. he knows it’s not right but he begins to palm himself through his sweatpants, digging the heel of his hand against his growing bulge. shit.
a loud moan from tyvn seems to bring sbn back to reality and he almost runs to his room. he barely manages to close the door behind him before his hand is in his pants, stroking his cock. embarrassingly, it doesn’t take him long to spill over his hand, leaving him with the shame+
of just having jerked off to his best friends. he didn’t mean to watch them, it was an accident. doing this once doesn’t make him a bad person, right? sbn tries his best not to be too obvious in the following days, continuously fighting the blush off his face whenever ynjvn or+
tyvn look at him. sbn knows that at least ynjvn can tell something happened, but sbn is glad that ynjvn isn’t trying to talk to him about it. because there’s no way sbn can tell anyone that he stood by and watched while ynjvn fucked tyvn. so he tries to remain calm, he interacts+
with everyone like he normally would, and if he feels his heartbeat speed up when ynjvn initiates skinship, that’s only for him to worry about. until it happens again. barely a week after the first time he had heard ynjvn and tyvn, he hears similar noises coming from the room.
again, the door is slightly opened and he really doesn’t mean to, it’s as if his body moves on his own, but sbn is standing there again, peeking inside the room. ynjvn is sitting in his bed, legs slightly spread and bent, and between them is tyvn. sbn‘s gaze wanders down and+
he almost gasps when he sees that thyvn has his lips wrapped around ynjvn’s cock, head moving up and down at a steady pace. ynjvn’s hand is in thyvn‘s hair and when he pulls on it, thyvn moans around his cock. sbn can’t look away, eyes glued on thyvn’s lips and ynjvn’s cock+
going in and out out of it. sbn can feel himself harden in his sweatpants and in a moment of poor judgement, he places his palm against his bulge, lightly applying pressure. he almost moans, but bites down on his lip last second. inside the room, ynjvn groans as thyvn takes him+
so far in that his nose is pressed against ynjvn’s pubic hair. his eyes close as he throws back his head and sbn is momentarily distracted by ynjvn’s exposed neck. he gulps and accidentally applies a bit too much pressure on his bulge and gasps. sbn quickly slaps his hand over+
his mouth. the gasp was quiet and he’s almost sure no one heard him as thyvn continues moving his head, but ynjvn’s eyes snap over to sbn. sbn feels like he can’t breathe. he’s frozen in place, doesn’t know what to do. he waits for ynjvn to scream at him but nothing happens.+
instead, ynjvn’s lips curl into a smirk before the form a silent “hi”. he doesn’t make thyvn stop and just pulls on the younger’s hair again. ynjvn’s gaze wanders down until he’s reached the obviously tented front of sbn’s sweatpants. his eyes go wide for a second before he+
grins. then he lets out a moan that’s a tad too loud to be accidental and sbn shudders. ynjvn wants him to watch. but like last time, sbn quickly runs off, almost banging the door to his room shut behind him. and once again, he goes to bed with the shame of jerking off to his+
friends. for the next few days, nothing happens. as expected, really. their schedules are busy, they barely have time to breathe. but then after a week or so, they get a few days off. sbn showers first and then immediately retreats to his room, planning to catch up on sleep.+
he almost manages to doze off until a loud knock on his door startles him. “yes?” sbn almost jumps out of his bed when ynjvn and thyvn enter. there’s really only one reason why both of them would be here at this time. “we thought we’d save you the trouble of coming to my room+
to watch.” sbn’s face is dark red in an instant. he attempts to get up but ynjvn is already in front of him, pushing him back down. he can faintly hear thyvn locking the door before he walks over as well. “all you gotta do is watch.”
sbn is in hell. that’s the only explanation for whatever is going on right now. thyvn is seated on top of sbn’s thighs, already naked for some reason. thyvn is whining as ynjvn works his hand over his cock. sbn doesn’t know where to look, at ynjvn sucking little bruises+
into thyvn’s neck or at ynjvn’s hand that almost completely covers thyvn’s cute little cock even when it’s hard. sbn wants to touch so bad, but he wasn’t allowed to. “since you like watching so much, it’s all that you get to do.”ynjvn’s face had been pure evil when he said+
it, but sbn supposes he deserves this. thyvn’s thighs are clamping around his legs, trembling from being stimulated. he’s kissing ynjvn now and sbn has the perfect view on ynjvn’s tongue licking its way inside thyvn’s mouth. it’s a sloppy kiss, wet and messy. sbn can see a+
bit of saliva dripping down from thyvn’s lips onto his chin. oh, he wants nothing more than to lick it off. his hands twitch, aching to reach out, but in that moment ynjvn’s eyes are on him and the expression in them is enough for sbn to stop moving. ynjvn parts from thyvn and+
grins down at sbn. "seems like someone really likes what he's seeing." thyvn's eyes follow ynjvn's gaze and come to rest on sbn's crotch, where his erection is clearly bulging out his pants. the youngest gasps quietly and something in his expression changes. sbn can't really+
tell what it is, but ynjvn immediately seems to know. "not tonight, baby. maybe sbn will let you suck his dick another time." sbn almost moans at that and it take him every bit of willpower he has to not reach out to thyvn, who actually looks a little disappointed. ynjvn+
presses a chaste kiss to thyvn's cheek to soothe him a little. "should i prepare you now?" that seems to get thyvn over his disappointment pretty quickly and he nods eagerly. "please."
almost instantly, ynjvn is behind thyvn, gently nudging him forward to lean more against sbn. thyvn arches his back to push his ass out slightly, supporting himself on sbn's shoulders. they're face to face and sbn would just need to lean forward an inch to be able to kiss+
thyvn. his lips are shiny, still wet from the kiss with ynjvn and his cheeks are tinted a delicious red. sbn allows himself to look down thyvn's body, and god, he'd give everything to be able to put his lips on him. thyvn's blush doesn't stop on his face and extends down to+
his chest. sbn can see the tip of thyvn's cock, flushed dark red and already dripping with pre-cum. sbn is sure that if he were to wrap his hand around it, it would completely disappear and that thought is making his own cock ache more than it should honestly.
"hyung, don't stare ..." sbn looks up again to meet thyvn's eyes and he smiles just a little. he isn't quite sure if he's allowed to talk, but it doesn't matter. "sorry, i just think you're pretty like this." thyvn whines quietly and sbn can hear ynjvn chuckle.
"that's his favorite compliment." if possible, thyvn's cheeks seem to redden even more. fuck, sbn really wishes he was allowed to kiss him. and for a moment it seems like thyvn wants to lean in too, but he suddenly gasps and twitches forward. sbn peaks over thyvn's shoulder+
and is met with a grinning ynjvn. "oops, sorry. should've warned you." ynjvn seems to have started fingering thyvn, using lube he got from god-knows-where. thyvn leans forward a little more and sbn is able to look over his shoulder at what ynjvn's fingers are doing. ynjvn is+
already using two fingers and he's moving them at a steady pace. it's clear he knows what thyvn likes because the younger starts writhing on top of sbn within seconds of being fingered. thyvn rests his head against sbn's chest once ynjvn slides in his third finger, almost as if+
he's unable to hold himself up. he's panting against sbn's chest and he's starting to rut against sbn's thighs, letting his leaking cock stain sbn's pants. if thyvn would move just a little higher ... sbn almost contemplates pulling thyvn closer to that he'd be grinding against+
his bulge, but once again, ynjvn prevents anything from happening. sbn watches as ynjvn withdraws his fingers and then as he undresses himself completely. sbn can't help but moan quietly when he sees ynjvn's cock, hard and standing up. he's already seen it like this, he+
remembers, but this time it's different. this time he's allowed to look and he does so without feeling any shame. ynjvn strokes himself almost lazily and it takes sbn a while to realize that he's looking at him while he does so. sbn feels a little caught but he doesn't want+
to look away. he watches as ynjvn positions himself and strokes along thyvn's hole, applying just enough pressure to get caught on the rim, but not enough to push in. thyvn whines quietly and pushes his ass back against ynjvn, attempting to get his cock inside, but ynjvn just+
chuckles. "move forward a little, baby." ___ once again, sbn feels like he's in hell. thyvn is almost completely pressed against him, his cute little cock rubbing against sbn's clothed erection with every thrust of ynjvn. at this point thyvn is clinging to sbn's shirt, his+
little fists scrunching up the fabric. sbn is aching to reach out, wants to hold onto thyvn's hips or stroke over his hair or maybe even lift his head to kiss him. but every time he so much as moves a finger, ynjvn tsks at him, sending him a look as a warning. and sbn finds that+
a lot hotter than he should honestly. ynjvn is holding onto thyvn's waist as he thrusts into him and his pace becomes more brutal by the second. thyvn small body is trembling with every movement and the moans he's letting out make sbn curl his fingers into the bed sheets to+
try to and control himself. a particular hard thrust from ynjvn has thyvn scream out and sbn doesn't need to be a genius to figure out that ynjvn has just found thyvn's protate. ynjvn grins like he's just won a price and his next thrusts seem to hit thyvn's spot dead on.
it doesn't take long for thyvn to start trembling, his legs clamping around sbn before relaxing again. fuck, sbn really wants to wrap his hand around thyvn's cock, wants to spread the pre-cum that's dripping down over it. he wouldn't even need to move his hand too much, he+
thinks. thyvn's cock is so small, sbn would probably be able to make him cum with just two fingers. this thought alone makes sbn feel dizzy and before he can stop himself, he bucks up his hips. thyvn's and his erections move along each other and both moan at the friction.
sbn has no doubt that ynjvn noticed the movement, but luckily for sbn he seems too concentrated at the moment to care. his fingers are digging into thyvn's slender hips and sbn is dying to know what the marks left behind will look like. " 'm close." thyvn sounds absolutely+
wrecked and even if sbn can't see his face, he's sure thyvn looks completely wrecked as well. ynjvn thrusts don't let up and he chuckles quietly. "didn't even need to touch you much today, hm? who knew you'd like being watched that much ... no wonder you suggested this."
fuck. the whole time sbn thought it had been ynjvn who suggested this, but the whine thyvn lets out tells him otherwise. the thought of cute, innocent thyvnnie suggesting such a thing ... fuck, sbn almost cums in his pants. he speaks without thinking. "that's so hot, fuck."
suddenly, thvyn tenses on top of him, a low whine escaping his lips. it takes sbn a second to realize that thyvn has just cum from his words alone. ynjvn also seems surprised, his thrusts faltering for a second before he resumes his brutal pace. "maybe next time, you can ask+
sbn to fuck you, hm?" and yes, sbn would very much like this. thyvn seems to like that thought too, moaning quietly as ynjvn continues to fuck into him. it doesn't take much longer for ynvjn to reach his peak and he presses himself fully inside thyvn as he fills him up.
they all stay still for a while and sbn desperately tries to ignore his aching erection. he's almost about to whine because thyvn is heavy on top of him, pressing down on his bulge. ynjvn seems to recover first and looks up at sbn with a grin. "need help?"


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