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Oct 18, 2022
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πŸ”ž thinking about jimin locking jungkook's head with his thighs as jungkook suck his cock, making him deepthroat jimin, gagging around his cock, drool running down jungkook's chin, jimin with his head thrown back as he comes inside jungkook's warm mouth

just him holding jungkook's head with his heels, heel of his leather boot - he didn't even bother to undress, just opened his pants - marking the back of jk's neck, who is naked, kneeling on the floor, hands positioned on his thighs, like the good boy he is
(jungkook only has permission to use the mouth now)
like this:
also thinking about jimin gathering the come that jk wasn't able to swallow and spreading on jk's lips with his fingers, before gripping on jk's cheeks "messy." jm spits, and jk squirms, empty hole clenching around nothing, feeling jm sneaking a feet in between his legs
idk just jm resting his feet between jk's legs, leather boot touching jk's cock, while jk humps desperately against jm's feet, while jm is still holding his face, making jk keep the eye contact has he rubs his neglected cock against the soft leather
cw: spitting? then jm makes jk lick his own come from his boots, ordering jk not to swallow yet. he takes some pictures, while jk just stands there, mouth open full of come, doe eyes staring at jm, waiting until jm spits on his mouth, and then, order him to swallow everything
and because jk is a good boy, jm fucks him on doggystyle later, jk on his knees and hands on the wooden floor, back arched as jm pulls his hair, thrusting deep inside of him, fucking him roughly as he deserve, jk's broken moans echoing through the hotel corridors
can’t tell me this isn’t him kneeling in front of jk after jk undressed himself and is waiting on his knees for jm to give him instructions, saying w a low voice to jk β€œdo you know why you’re being punished?” and jk nods, a shiver running down his spine
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