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Oct 19, 2022
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A #yoonminau where— Yg is stuck in the props room with the most annoying guy on the planet, totally unaware of how he’d be stuck with the most annoying guy on the planet for the rest of his life.

A v shirt Drabble based on this prompt. Thank you for sending it my way <3
@zoo 👉👈🤭 Here’s a prompt for you Yoonmin au where jm is the lead in a musical, yg is the producer. Jm is a brat & yg is having a hard time getting through rehearsals, he kind of hates jm but things change when they get locked in the props room for a night.😏
“You’re staring,” Jm says nonchalantly. Yg hadnt thought Jm would notice, considering how he has been engrossed on his phone for the past forty-seven minutes that they've been locked in here. “I’m not,” he bites back.
“Oh,” Jm finally looks up. “Are you gazing at me longingly, then?” And there’s that annoying smirk on his face again. The one that never fails to make Yg’s toes curl and throat dry in anger. So he makes a face at him, done with his attitude and simply says, “Wouldnt you wish.”
It makes Jm laugh. Loud and piercingly annoying. Yg wants to kick him off the speaker he’s currently sat on. And also fire the guy who thought it wasnt necessary to check if anyone was in the room before locking it for the day.
“Did you call someone to come and get us out of here?” he asks, ignoring Jm’s absolutely unnecessary comment. “Did you?” Jm cocks an eyebrow. Yg sighs. “Can you just answer straight? For once?”
“Arent you supposed to take care of these things, Mr Producer?” He taunts. “And no, i didnt call anyone,” he says off-handedly. “What the hell have you been on your phone for like two hours now?” “I have fans.” “And?”
“And my battery is almost dead. And unlike you, i have people worrying for me. So,” he extends his hand towards Yg, “can i have yours?” Jm has a sickeningly sweet smile plastered of his face that is making Yg wanna gag. So he just huffs and looks away in defiance.
“Are you going to make me beg, now?” “‘Please’ would work just fine.” Jm huffs mischievously. “I’ll get you a ‘world’s best producer’ mug for your birthday. Promise.” “And what date would that be?” “A good one.” Jm winks.
Yg rolls his eyes and sighs. “What do you want it for?” he says defeatedly. “Need to make the world a better place.” Yg squints. “I didnt know you did charity.” “No. But i need to upload a selca. And its basically the same thing. Now,” he waves his hand, “phone. /please/?”
There’s no winning with a brat. And Yg doesnt have the energy to drag it. So he gives in with a dramatic sigh. Jm giggles out a little ‘thank you’, acting like he’s such a good boy & Yg wants to scoff. He takes a selfie. & then another. & then a few more until he’s satisfied.
Its a few moments later when Jm speaks again. “’s ass tastes like…a five course meal..?” Wow, Yg thinks. There should be a limit to how self-obsessed one can be. Jm should be- Wait. WAIT. Did he forget to log out of his private account? Shit.
[excerpts from Yg’s pvt acc. For science, ofc]
“God put me on earth as a man but maybe i’m just a ho-” Yg lunges. Throws himself over Jm to get his phone back and salvage whatever dignity he can. Jm falls backward, Yg on top of him, with a one track mind to get his phone back.
Jm stretches his hand away from him, a shit-eating grin on his face. “Jm. Give it back,” Yg says firmly. “What if i dont?” Jm challenges. Yg tries to crawl forward, but Jm is quick to hold him by his shoulder. Yg glares, red and angry.
“I never knew you’d look so cute all flustered.” “Shut up. And give it back.” “Or what?” Jm quips. “You gonna kiss me?” “Jm. I swear to-” “I think a ‘please’ would work just fine.” Yg closes his eyes and sighs. “Please,” he whispers.
Its all too sudden. There one second and gone the next. A pair of soft, pillowy lips against his. Yg’s eyes fly open, a pair of wide eyes upon blushed cheeks staring back at him. He involuntarily runs his tongue over his lips. Cotton candy and strawberries.
He thinks he wouldn’t mind the taste again. ——
Three months later, on New Year’s, Yg receives a customised ‘worlds best ass-eater’ mug, as promised, and Jm receives a ring on his finger.
— fin. thank you for reading!!
Also, thanks to @Sanj⁷ | Wildflower 🌾🐨 for the prompt. Ily❤️❤️
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