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how to unlock your life force energy this life force energy is inside of everyone of you. you can call upon it anytime you want and have it flow through you continuously. this energy makes you feel electric, powerful, more in love and aligned with the most high.

even though anyone can access it, most humans have no idea how to. have you noticed how drained you feel whenever you engage in something you don’t love? and how energized you feel when you are in the presence of someone you love?
wouldn’t you like to live life as if you are in love all the time? wouldn’t you like to stay in a constant state of hight? always aligned and connected with the cosmos, the Divine? this energy is readily available to you, but most humans have no idea how to harness it.
most humans have their life force blocked. if you look around you see depression, anxiety. you see exhausted humans who are basically dead internally. this is because they have their life force cut off and they have no idea how to channel it.
you block this energy by closing your heart. that is the literal reason. when you close up your heart, this energy is still there but it can’t get in. some people live with their hearts closed off forever, some close up their hearts constantly.
you close your heart up when you feel pain, when you are in situations you do not like. someone you dislike comes up to you, your heart instantly closes up. someone breaks your heart, you close it up. if you pay attention, you will feel the sensation of your heart closing up.
humans love to close their hearts up and stay in a state of numbness with all the energy drained out of them. but you can train yourself to β€˜forget’ how to close. you can train yourself to keep your heart open by transcending the tendency to close.
so when you are faced with a trigger or when a painful memory comes up, keep your heart open. it will be painful at first because you will be feeling all the pain you have been avoiding. but practicing this will take you to a state of peace you have never experienced before.
let life experiences come and pass through you, no matter what you go through, let all that energy flow through your heart. let it all go. don’t hold on. now your heart will be constantly open. an open heart will be more dominant in your life compared to a closed off heart.
your reward will be a life full of love. you will feel enthusiastic every moment. your energy levels will be phenomenal. imagine a time you felt loved and electric. you will feel like that all the time. your life force energy will keep you recharged forever.
read the untethered soul by michael singer if you want to learn more about how to keep your heart open to have this channeled life force flow through you.
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