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Oct 25, 2022
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Just a silly nsfw🔞 #taekookau where camboykoo thought it would be funny but he never thought about the consequences

Who wouldn't agree when it's Massive, right? Cockslut Koo couldn't ignore it either. He ends up giving this Taehyung his address and he swears he does NOT regret at all when this Taehyung turns out to be the most handsome man in the world.
There's not an ounce of shame in any of them as they undress because they are supposed to take a 'bath' together. It makes Jungkook annoyed when Taehyung doesn't make any move other than just actually taking a bath. "What?" "Why aren't you doing anything?"
"I am bathing?" "You only came for a bath?" "Wasn't it the deal?" Jungkook groans because this Taehyung is fucking cocky with a shit eating grin on his face. Taehyung is teasing, he knows that. He hates that he knows but still it annoys him.
"Come here." Taehyung suddenly says, parting his legs and Jungkook regrets filling the tub with bubbles. He does as he's told, settling himself between Taehyung's legs. Fucking gasps when he feels how turned on Taehyung actually is.
"You have no idea how many nights I have spent dreaming about this moment." Each words pronounced hushed and with hands running up and down Jungkook's sides. Jungkook feels warmth in his abdomen. "Yeah? Tell me how much you want me." "
"That much where you will accidentally moan my name while thousands are watching while you pleasuring yourself." Heat coils in Jungkook's stomach. It's not the first time he's hooking up with someone. But Taehyung's words affect him like no other.
"There's no match between your words and your actions though." Taehyung snorts. Gently sliding his hand upwards to Jungkook's nipple and twists one, earning a sharp breath from him. "As much as I wanna split you open, I wanna feel you even more before that."
Not what Jungkook was expecting to hear. Most the time, people just fuck and roll over. He doesn't care about the intimacy. But this feels intimate. Maybe this is something Taehyung's into that turns him on. Spewing sweet nothings.
Jungkook turns, facing him as he settles on his lap. Thighs around Taehyung's hips as he wraps his hands around Taehyung's neck. "Do you feel me now?" Jungkook says as he grinds his asscheeks over his dick. Grinning as he watches Taehyung's face twist. "Yeah? Good?"
Taehyung's right hand stays on the nipple as his left goes to grab Jungkook's ass hard. Guiding him with his ministration. "You're so impatient for someone who was ready to lie his ass off a few minutes ago." "I didn't know you have such a big dick, did I?"
"What a cockslut." Taehyung says with a smack on his ass. Jungkook so shamelessly moans. Unsure if it's because of the spank or the name. He loves it both. "You could feel me even more when you're inside me, just a suggestion." Jungkook says as his hips roll faster.
"Just say you want my cock and go." "Fine, I want your cock." There's a reason why Taehyung has been a religious fan of Jungkook's channel. Jungkook is straightforward about what he wants. What he loves. He knows exactly how make people lose their sleep.
And it gets Taehyung so jealous when Jungkook takes someone's suggestions and does it on cam because he liked it. Taehyung slips his hand between his asscheeks suddenly. Pressing his thumb on his hole and makes Jungkook's head fall on his shoulder at the sudden act.
"I wish your followers could see this right now." Taehyung's tongue slips. He hadn't meant to say it but seeing the pleasured face Jungkook makes, so beautiful and wrecked just from his fingers, it just comes out. "Why? Wanna show them you're staking a claim?"
"Mhmmm" Taehyung bites down at his lips, eyes still on Jungkook's face as he inserts a second finger to stretch him open. "You earned that much. You /guessed/ my bath soap." Taehyung laughs. Breathy and amused. It was a wild fucking guess.
He search up 'soaps for babies' and sent the first picture that comes. His initial plan was to seduce his way to Jungkook's house. He just got lucky there.
Jungkook's fully hard and started to feel restless because fingers aren't working anymore. Taehyung's throbbing between his legs too but he just wanna take his sweet time watching the beautiful impatient face. "Taehyung— More. I need your cock, now."
"I don't wanna give it to you yet." "Don't you wanna let me know if you'll have the effect on me that I remember your cock that much where I moan it out while pleasuring myself?" Jungkook knows how to get what he wants. He isn't afraid to use it.
And Taehyung has been so weak for this that even if he wants to keep teasing a little more, this breaks his resolutions. Spreading Jungkook's asscheeks with both of his hand, Taehyung pushes the tip of his cock inside, it slides easily.
"Ah." Jungkook gasps, relaxes his body and urges Taehyung to go on. Taehyung does, one hard thrust to fully bottom out. "Fuck!" "How do you feel?" Taehyung asks. "Full." Is what Jungkook replies.
Taehyung fucks him like that. In the tub, water sloshing around as Jungkook pushes back against each thrust. It's been months since Jungkook actually got fucked by a real dick and not a dildo. It feels good. Euphoric.
Taehyung wraps a hand around Jungkook's cock when his own thrusts loses it's rhythm and Jungkook's breathing becomes labored as he trembles. Strokes him until Jungkook can't hold back anymore and he comes in Taehyung's hands. Dirtying the water but none of them care.
Taehyung comes just after some more thrusts. Inside his hole. Determined go keep Jungkook feel full. When Jungkook finally catches his breath, still a dick up his ass, he looks at Taehyung's face, "Remember my offer about giving you a free pass for the next live?"
Taehyung grins as he nods, running his hand up and down Jungkook's spine to soothe the aftershock of the orgasm. "You just got the premium Version of it. Joining me while I do the live." The implantation hit Taehyung like a truck. Maybe it's time he cancels his subscription.
Because he's no longer just going be a fan.
I wanted to write smut, I wrote smut. Thank you for reading. 🫶
the implication is, now they are going to be camboy couples lol


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