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2) #Tavistock extensively studied hallucingens & brain relationship which was later channeled into MTV type classic oldies which would trigger emotional drug flashback state mirroring the drug reaction

Inthe 1950s, the Tavistock Institute, with fraternal Orders and the CIA, created Project MK ULTRA : the behavioural manipulation of Human Beings through drugs, hypnosis, abuse, sensory deprivation, torture...It was the beginning of their experiments : Bluebird (to be continued)

MKSEARCH, Artichoke, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN, Project Sunshine, Operation Green Star, Project Moonstruck , Operation Midnight Climax...are other projects associated with universities, hospitals and other Institutions...(to be continued)
Even the CIA which was involved, ended to release names such as Cornell University, the University of Michigan, Stanford University School of Medicine, Princeton University, Harvard University, MIT... (to be continued)
And Programming also occurred in Air Force bases, Millitary bunkers, Langley Research Center, Los Alamos National Lab... Tavistock Institute of course. The goal is to control the individuals, create alters to complete specific tasks. (to be continued)
In society, those brainwashed & traumatized people are undetected,keeping the secrets of their traumas. The method became part of what is named "Monarch Programming" (Designer Programming/Marionnette Syndrome) & has progressed as technology has progressed too (to be continued)
Monarch Programming involves the Intentional creation of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) through trauma, starting in childhood (in history, DID dates back to demonic possession )🕊️🌞


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