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Without knowing Kellie-Jay Keen, I would not have had the confidence to lead a delegation of parents and journalists into the Tavistock in September 2019. This was but one of many straws applied to the back of the GIDS camel. But it was an important one. Thank you @SFW Kellie-Jay Keen #AdultHumanFemale

Somewhat incomplete minutes, but...
We told them as much in December... Note: The dodging of the question on #detransition 'mutual respect' refers to their cancelling our planned meeting because they did not like @Our Duty : parents challenging gender ideology media coverage.
I am more than happy to credit Posie Parker for her part in making this important holding to account happen. It did have an impact. It took at least a couple of blocks out of the GIDS Jenga tower.
Nobody can say that Kellie-Jay 'single-handedly' closed the Tavistock GIDS - but then, as I hope to have demonstrated above, nobody can say with confidence that she didn't. She was definitely an ingredient in the closure cake. Critics of @SFW Kellie-Jay Keen #AdultHumanFemale take note.
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