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🦋 lady ⬩ yoongi day 🎂

🦋 lady ⬩ yoongi day 🎂

Sep 9, 2022
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“Telepathy” — yoonmin au Having a one-night stand in a foreign country with a handsome stranger seems like the best way to end Jimin's vacation before accepting his new job offer. Unexpectedly, Jimin meets him again and learns that the man happens to be his boss and... soulmate?

Tags: • boss yg x employee jm • soulmates in this au share abilities/senses that manifest in different ways • ym can read each other's thoughts • fluff • sexual tension, flirting • explicit sexual content 🔞 • aftercare ♡ • side: taekook, namjin • little angst? hmm...
This is a commissioned AU. The commissioner provided the prompt so I can continue writing the story. A birthday gift for Bri :) from Lea ♡
Are you ready for some office action? How much spice do you want? 🌶
Jimin isn’t exactly sure how things ended up this way. Well, he is, actually. He approached the man with a /very/ impure thought in his rotten mind, his courage spiked by alcohol as the booming bass, fake smoke, and strobe lights fill in the room.
The guy is Korean; he’s sure of that. He speaks to Jimin in Korean, looks and dresses up like Korean. What is a Korean guy doing all the way here in Paris?
Jimin is one to talk though. He practically splurged his resignation pay and a few months of savings just to fly over here to a foreign country and leave everything behind for a week.
And now, on his last night in the City of Love — alone, a bit wasted, and very much aroused — it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun, right?
And now, on his last night in the City of Love — alone, a bit wasted, and very much aroused — it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun, right? “You have a nice room,” Jimin mutters as the guy’s lips press to his neck, crowding him against the door the moment it closed behind him.
They’re on the 41st floor of a five-star hotel just in front of the club that Jimin had been to. The guy must be a hotshot if he’s able to afford such expensive accommodation but that is the least of Jimin’s concerns at the moment. As they say, ‘Let the dick speak for himself.’
The man hums and slides his hands under Jimin’s shirt. “Bed?” Jimin hears another hum before the guy pulls back to kiss him on the mouth, licking the cherry gloss off Jimin’s plump lips. God, this Korean guy kisses good.
Soon, clothes are strewn all over the carpeted floor and Jimin finds himself pushed back against the softest and most comfortable mattress he’s ever touched in his life. “How do we do this?” the man asks.
Jimin blinks, his fizzled brain failing to catch the guy’s words for a second before everything clicks into place. “Ah, I prefer bottoming but I can switch.” Jimin raises a brow. “I mean, if you’re a bottom, too?”
The man snorts lightly and hovers over Jimin, looking down at him with dark mischief in his eyes. “Do I look like a bottom to you?” Jimin tries not to moan at the guy’s low and raspy voice.
He shrugs. “Wouldn’t hurt to ask. You can be like Hulk but prefer to bottom.” “Hulk.” The guy chuckles and captures his lips again. “Fair enough.”
Jimin has kissed a lot of guys before but there’s something inexplicably good about kissing the man. He can feel an itch at the back of his head, like a thought tugging at the back of his mind but is too vague to comprehend.
Jimin can barely feel the slight sting of pain as the man stretches him open, kissing him breathless until Jimin is hard and leaking. As the man rolls the condom down his shaft, Jimin takes a moment to openly stare at how long, thick, and veiny the guy’s cock is.
His balls are hanging between his thighs, full and heavy, as he strokes himself a few more times before aligning the tip to Jimin’s hole. Jimin bites his kiss-swollen lip when the head pushes past his rim. Fuck, will he be able to catch his flight tomorrow if he can’t walk?
“Oh, shit—” Jimin gasps. “You good?” the man rasps as he plants one hand beside Jimin’s waist, the other stroking his thigh comfortingly. “I’m still halfway.” “You’re big.” Jimin winces as the pressure inside him grows. The man lets out a low chuckle. “Uh, thanks?”
Jimin huffs and hits the guy’s lower back with his left heel. “Size doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to use it,” he challenges. “Prove it to me.”
The man huffs out an amused sound before sliding completely into him. “You’re funny, aren’t you?” he says in a mocking tone, smirking when Jimin gasps and arches his back from the bed.
Stifling a moan, Jimin’s eyes slipped shut at the tremendous pressure inside him, pushing against his clenching walls until Jimin feels utterly /full/. “Fuck,” he breathes out. “Ngh…”
“You haven’t told me your name.” The guy begins to move slowly, keeping an intense gaze on Jimin’s expression under him. “Does it matter?” Jimin rasps. They won’t see each other again anyway so why bother knowing each other’s names? They’re just both in for a fun night after all
“No.” The guy leans down to brush his lips against Jimin’s jaw. Yet… and yet… It’s okay to let out everything tonight, right? The guy is a stranger — a handsome and fucking sexy stranger — and Jimin is in a foreign country where nobody knows him.
It’s okay to do something reckless once in a while, yeah?
“Ji–min.” Jimin moans when the man begins picking up his pace. “Just Jimin.” “Jimin,” the man whispers and snaps his hips sharply, eliciting a breathy moan out of Jimin’s throat. “Pretty name.” Jimin preens at the praise.
“Hm? You like that?” The guy smirks at the deep blush on his cheeks. “You like being called ‘pretty’?” “I do,” Jimin confesses and hooks his arms around the other’s neck, squeezing his hips with his thighs. “What’s your name?”
The man huffs out a heavy breath as he thrusts hard into Jimin. “Yoongi,” he rasps with a lopsided smile. “Just Yoongi.” Jimin laughs. He can’t believe the gall of this guy.
It didn’t occur to Jimin that all the lights in the room are turned off until his head pushes past the edge of the bed, his whole body bucking with the force of the guy’s thrusts until he becomes a moaning mess under him.
With the curtains wide open and as the white and blue glows of the night pass through the huge glass windows, Jimin’s lashes flutter at the majestic night view of the Eiffel Tower from up here. Everything’s upside down but it’s beautiful nonetheless.
He can see their faint reflection on the glass, with Jimin’s legs wrapped around Yoongi’s hips as the man pants above him with brows furrowed, sweat gliding down his temples and neck, the muscles in his arms flexing with every thrust of his hips.
Damn, Jimin wants to get fucked against those glass windows— “You’re gonna fall.” Jimin gasps softly when Yoongi places a hand under his head to pull him up.
Instinctively, Jimin clings to him until the man pulls them back to the center of the bed, laying Jimin’s head on the mattress with a kind of gentleness that isn’t really a requisite for wild one-night stands.
“You’re a sweet guy, aren’t you?” Jimin jokes with a smile. “Your future partner will be lucky to have you.” At that, Yoongi snorts lightly. “I’m not sure about that. I can be a handful at times.” “Me either,” Jimin replies with a small giggle.
It’s not long before Jimin feels that familiar tightness in his gut. It coils inside him until the knots become too tight to hold back any longer.
“A-Ah!” He comes with a loud moan against Yoongi’s lips, his thighs squeezing together as his whole body trembles with the force of his orgasm. The guy comes not long after, groaning against Jimin’s neck as he continues to ride out his orgasm inside him.
It’s the best climax Jimin has had in a while, and the electrifying pleasure thrums under his skin in pleasant tingles. The next one brings Jimin to his hands and knees, moaning against the sheets with his thighs shaking until his arms give up under him.
He isn’t sure how or when it ended because the night seemed like it was fucking /endless/. He’s not complaining though. It’s the best lay he’s had in a long while, not even comparable to his ex and his small dick.
The morning light slips between Jimin’s lids as his lashes flutter open. He turns to look over his shoulder and sees the guy — Yoongi — sleeping behind him with one arm draped over his waist.
Jimin lets out an amused breath. The guy looks like a sleeping little kitten, a lot different from the wild one who fucked him ‘til the edge of his life last night.
Carefully, Jimin extracts himself away from the man so as not to wake him up. Standing up from bed, Jimin winces at the pleasant burn on his backside and proceeds to collect his rumpled clothes from the carpet.
After buttoning up his pants and shrugging on his shirt, Jimin turns to look around for a piece of paper where he can write down a note for the sleeping guy. He’s not a jerk, okay? He won’t just leave without thanking him.
Patting around his pants, Jimin grins when he manages to fish out a folded receipt from his back pocket. He walks to the nightstand and grabs the pen from the holder. ‘Thanks for a fun night, little kitty ;)’ — J
Jimin bites his bottom lip to suppress a smile. Yoongi will probably give him shit for calling him ‘little kitty.’ He seems like the type to get annoyed about it.
Jimin leaves the little note on the nightstand, securing it under a glass ashtray so the wind won’t misplace it or whatever. He won’t be seeing Yoongi anymore so might as well say a proper goodbye.
(...Hungry.) Jimin’s footsteps halt on the carpeted floor. He looks over his shoulder to see if Yoongi woke up and spoke to him or something but the guy is still very much asleep under the covers.
God, just how /tired/ is he? With a little shake of his head, Jimin turns around to walk out the door. He should probably grab something to eat at the airport because he’s fucking starving that he’s starting to hear things. ☕
Jimin jolts behind a tall stack of papers planted on his desk just five minutes after he entered the office. "Read these, Mr. Park. Those are requests from our clients. I expect a sample poster of one of the projects by five in the afternoon," Mr. Kang, the department head, says.
"Yes, sir." Jimin gives him the widest smile until the strict, middle-aged man pushes the pair of glasses up the bridge of his nose and turns around without another word. Wonderful. Barely five minutes into his new job and Jimin can already feel the hell he's signed up to.
"Jiminie!" Jimin turns to look at the young man approaching him who's wearing a light blue shirt and a pair of dark trousers, his shaggy brown hair falling past his eyebrows and most likely a few days past cutting. "Taehyung," Jimin whines and pulls the guy to hug him.
"You've barely started and you're already complaining?" Taehyung snorts, patting his head as Jimin squishes his cheek against his best friend's tummy. "I said but one 'Good morning' to my colleagues before Mr. Kang gave me a shitload of paperwork. Where's the justice in that?"
"To make you feel better—" Another man, younger than both of them, walks toward Jimin's cubicle holding a steaming instant ramyeon. "When I first started here, Mr. Kang made me do a report for the department heads' meeting." He blows at the cup. "D'you know how scared I was?"
"You pissed your pants," Taehyung teases with a smirk. "Hey, I did not!" Jungkook huffs and probes the noodles inside the cup with wooden chopsticks. "But, yeah, that happened to me so don't feel so bad about it. That old man's like that with everyone."
Wincing, Jimin turns around to start sorting out the neat pile in front of him. "I miss Paris." "I'm sure you do." Taehyung rests an arm on top of the divider. "You probably had a /wonderful/ stay in the City of Love, you hoe."
Jimin lets out a snort. "I had a very fun night." "Can we stop talking about dicks and assholes at eight in the morning?" Jungkook complains, chewing his noodles.
"The only asshole I can see here is /you/." Taehyung kicks Jungkook's leg with a frown. "Hey!" "You added another pack of spice to your ramyeon, did you?" Taehyung sticks out his tongue with a rough, disgusted sound. "Fucking spicy, Kook." "Oops. Sorry." Jungkook chuckles.
Jimin remembered the first time Taehyung introduced Jungkook to him. They met at work two years ago and who would've thought that the doe-eyed handsome guy would happen to be Taehyung's soulmate? Just how rare is it to find your other half among 7 billion people in the world?
"Uh, I hate this soulmate bond," Taehyung gruffs before snatching the water bottle on Jimin's desk. "Hey—" Jimin begins to protest but Taehyung already tosses his head back to gulp down the drink.
Wiping excess water off his lips with the back of his hand, Taehyung points at Jungkook and declares, "I'm breaking up with you. You have weird taste in food!" "I don't. You just don't have any taste at all." Jungkook snorts. "As if breaking up will break our soulmate bond."
Taehyung lets out a heavy sigh — defeated. "Jimin, don't /ever/ get a soulmate. It's annoying to share your tastebuds with another guy." "Well..." Jungkook shrugs. "It's not a fun experience to taste your own cum through another guy's mouth." "Jungkook!" Taehyung shouts.
"Shh!" one of their colleagues hushes them. Jimin bites his lip to stifle a laugh when Taehyung and Jungkook bow to them with awkward smiles on their stupid faces. "Soulmates aren't candies, Tae," Jimin utters. "You don't 'get' them. You're blessed with them."
Taehyung hums. "Yeah, yeah, right." He waves a dismissive hand. "Destiny and all that bullshit." "You think I'm bullshit?" Jungkook raises a brow. At that, Taehyung makes an amused sound and pinches the younger's cheek. "Not bullshit. Just a little shit." Jungkook grins.
Jimin doesn't know how it feels like to have a special ability or share one of his senses with someone. It must be a pain in the ass most of the time, and really, Jimin can do without it. He doesn't have to have a soulmate to be happy. He's doing just fine right now.
But there's a little part of him that has always envied Taehyung and Jungkook. They're soulmates, each other's half. They found each other in this vast and chaotic world. It's as if they were destined to meet, like magnetic poles pulling at each other no matter how far they are.
Jimin kind of... wants to have something like that. Something constant and solid in this world but without the burden of sharing the other half of his soul with someone. What if his soulmate breaks his heart? Forever and a broken heart don't sound too appealing to Jimin's list.
"We're gonna grab a cup of coffee, Jiminie." Taehyung tilts his head a little in inquiry. "Wanna come?" "Sure." Jimin leaves the pile on his desk. "I'm not touching those papers without caffeine in my blood."
Taehyung chuckles and hooks an arm around Jimin's elbow, walking him out of the office with Jungkook trailing behind them. "The coffee shop on the ground floor is good," his best friend tells him. "A little expensive but good." "Employees have a discount." Jungkook winks.
Riding the elevator down to the ground floor, Jimin says, "Ah, yeah. I saw it on the way to the office." "I'm so glad you're here, Jiminie." Taehyung rests his head on his shoulder. "It's my dream to be workmates with my best friend."
"You should have resigned from your old company a lot earlier," Jungkook tells him with a small frown. "Especially with that asshole ex of yours lingering about." "It's not that easy, Kook." The elevator doors open. "But yeah, I'm glad I'm finally here," Jimin adds with a smile.
The coffee shop on the ground floor is neat and cozy. Taehyung's right, the price is a little higher than the coffee shops across the street but the location is convenient and the coffee itself is tasty. "Want a cinnamon bun?" asks Taehyung.
"I'm good, thanks." Jimin takes a sip of his cold latte. On their way out of the shop, Jimin notices the brigade of employees rushing towards the company entrance, lining up as if royalty will come and visit them or something. "What's happening?" Jimin asks curiously.
"Oh, shit. It's today?" Jungkook looks down at his wristwatch. "What is?" "Director Min's arrival," Taehyung explains as they all walk to the crowd. "He was out of town for two months for a business trip."
Jimin hums and looks at the valet opening the door of a fucking black limousine parked outside the company. There are bodyguards dressed in black suits and wearing an earpiece, all of them bowing to the presence of the man going out of the vehicle.
The first thing that Jimin sees is a small guy. Well, not really. Probably as tall as him but still small for his standards. He's wearing a dark suit tailored perfectly for him, his black hair parted to the side and his pale face neatly shaved.
The moment the man steps on the polished, marble floor of the company, all the employees bow and greet him, "Welcome back, Director Min." Jimin blinks twice before lowering his head. But unlike everyone else, Jimin keeps his eyes on the approaching man.
He looks... familiar. "Yoongi!" A man dressed in a grey suit meets the director halfway. "Welcome back, little brother." Director Min gives him a faint smile. "I won't say it's good to be back but I'm happy to see you, too, brother."
Yoon... gi? Jimin frowns. Did he hear that right? And when the director angles his face to the left, his features appearing more pronounced and clearer to Jimin's eyes, Jimin can't help a gasp of shock from coming out of his mouth. Those little, kitten-like eyes—
Jimin's poor coffee hits the hard floor.
"Oh my God!" The woman beside him exclaims when the splattered drink messes up her shoes. Panic begins to rise in Jimin's system. Fuck, he's causing a scene— "I-I'm sorry!" Jimin bows deeply to her before turning around to flee the crime scene.
"Jiminie!" Taehyung calls after him but his best friend could try to skin him alive and Jimin wouldn't go back there. No. Not with the director standing right fucking there. With Yoongi— the stranger he— Oh, God. First day at his new job and Jimin is already royally fucked. ☕
"Okay, let me get this straight," Jungkook muses as he and Taehyung wait for Jimin to pack up his stuff. "You had a one-night stand with a guy in Paris." "Yeah." Taehyung nods. "And that guy happens to be none other than Director Min." "Bull's eye." Another nod.
"And if Director Min is one of the bigshots in this company..." Jungkook snaps his fingers. "Then, it means—" "Jiminie fucked his boss," Taehyung ends for him, and Jimin buries his face in his hands with a helpless groan.
"Can we— I don't know, /not/ talk about this while at the office? Please? What if someone hears you?!" Jimin complains as he harshly zips up his sling bag. "It's 8 PM, Jiminie. We're the only ones remaining on this floor," Jungkook tells him.
Walking out of the room, Jimin sighs and says, "I need to get wasted." "Well, we can help you with that." Taehyung laughs and hooks an arm around Jimin's shoulders. "If you're gonna get your ass fired soon, might as well get fired with alcohol in your tummy."
"Jimin's not gonna get fired." Jungkook clicks the down button of the elevator. "We don't even know if Director Min still remembers him." "It's only been a week, Kook," Jimin supplies. "Yoongi doesn't have a pea-sized brain."
"So you call him by his name, huh?" Taehyung teases with a knowing smirk. "I mean Director Min." Jimin rolls his eyes. "But anyway, I hope the director had fucked his way all across Paris so he won't recognize someone inconspicuous like me."
"For someone inconspicuous like you, you can be pretty conspicuous when you're trying to flirt, Jiminie." Taehyung snorts. "Yeah, you have the face and the ass. I won't be surprised if the director remembers you after all." Jungkook snickers.
Jimin lets out a frustrated sound and jabs his friends lightly on the side. "Uh! Just /stop/, okay? You're not helping! I'm freaking out here because I'm gonna fucking lose my job!" The sound of the elevator door opening cuts off Taehyung and Jungkook's laughter.
And really, Jimin didn't know what gods he'd offended in his past life but there inside the elevator, standing with his hands in his pockets is none other than the man Jimin has been trying to avoid the entire day. "Director Min!" Jungkook and Taehyung hastily bow to the man.
"No need for that," the director's companion says with a laugh. "You can ride down with us." "No, Mr. Jung. It's okay!" Taehyung smiles politely. "We'll catch the next one."
Jimin keeps his face lowered and turned to the side, avoiding anything remotely close to eye contact with the director. And when he hears the elevator doors beginning to shut close again, Jimin's tensed shoulders sag in relief. Good, he won't get fired for another day—
Jimin hears his friends make a surprised noise and his gaze automatically lifts to the hand keeping the elevator doors apart, preventing them from closing until the doors pull apart again. Jimin's wide eyes meet the director's dark and piercing ones.
"You." Jimin's breath catches in his throat at the sound of that familiar deep and low voice. "What's your name?" Jimin gasps and bows deeply to the director. "Good evening, director! I-I'll take the stairs! Good bye!" he stammers out before turning around to run away.
"What? Jim—hmmmm!" "Have a good evening, director! Mr. Jung!" Taehyung fakes a wide smile as he hooks an arm around Jungkook's neck, covering his mouth with a firm hand before quickly dragging his soulmate away from the elevators.
Jimin managed to run down three flights of stairs before his friends found him. "Jiminie, stop! The director's gone!" Taehyung calls. Catching his breath, Jimin halts and presses his back against the wall. "This is the fucking /worst/, Tae."
"Yeah, well, you just made it too obvious back there," Jungkook points out, earning him a pitiful groan from Jimin. "I fucking hate my life!" Jimin whines as he wipes the beads of sweat off his forehead. "The universe hates me."
"It does." Taehyung elbows Jungkook's side. "Ow." The youngest winces, rubbing the sore spot on his ribs. Sniffling, Jimin stands up properly and says, "Come on. I need a stronger liquor for this shame."
"That's the spirit!" Taehyung utters happily. "Don't let the director have the satisfaction of making your life miserable." "Yeah, if life fucks you in the ass, fuck it twice over!" Jungkook guffaws.
Shaking his head at his stupid friends' advice, Jimin feels a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as the three of them descend the stairs leading to the twentieth floor where they can catch another elevator ride. Hopefully, without a certain Director Min in it this time.
And apart from 'unknowingly' fucking his boss in a foreign city, Jimin had practically disrespected Director Min earlier when he ran away without answering the man's question. "Oh my God," he mutters with his eyes closed. Jimin really needs to get shitfaced tonight. ☕
“Ngh…” Jimin tosses his head back on the office chair, feeling a shitty headache pounding in his temples. With his eyes closed, Jimin presses the bridge of his nose with his fingers, the spot right between his eyes, and sighs.
It’s a goddamn stupid idea to get shitfaced on a weekday. “I’m dying.” Taehyung groans on his work desk. “Water?” Jungkook offers a bottle of water to his boyfriend, wincing at the throbbing pain in his temple.
When they woke up at the soulmates’ apartment this morning, all three of them had a very, /very/ bad hangover and Jimin could swear that he could feel his entire brain pounding with a terrible headache.
He was able to borrow clothes from Taehyung, although the sweatshirt is a bit too big for him. A few people stared at them on the way to the company but Jimin couldn’t give two fucks about them.
Not when he was trying to nurse a shitty hangover that cost him a good night’s sleep and his dignity. Yeah, Jimin might have /aggressively/ flirted with a random guy and vomited thrice at the bar’s toilet last night…
“You three.” Jimin turns to look at a tall and handsome guy walking toward them with an amused quirk of his eyebrow. “Jin,” Jungkook groans. “What’s with that greeting, brat? Respect your elder,” Jin huffs at the youngest. “What kind of person drinks on a Tuesday night?”
“A stupid one,” Jimin replies. Honestly, it’s all the director’s fault. Jin laughs. “It’s your second day at work, and you’re already causing troubles, Jimin. I like you.”
Jimin groans and glides a hand down his face. Getting caught in this mess is the last thing he’d ever wanted. “Getting shitfaced last night wasn’t really in my plans when I went to work yesterday, Mr. Kim,” he says, standing up from his seat.
He should get something to drink to wash down the lingering alcohol in his gut. “Just call me Jin. You’re these two idiots’ friend.” Jin smacks the back of Taehyung and Jungkook’s heads lightly. “Ow!” the other two complain.
“Right, Jin.” Jimin smiles at him. Kim Seokjin is a good friend of Taehyung and Jungkook. The older guy has been working in the company longer than the three of them so it’s not a surprise if Jin already secured the position of assistant manager in the sales department.
“I’ll get coffee downstairs.” “Let me go with you.” Taehyung stands to his feet and kicks Jungkook’s leg gently. “Baby, do you want anything?”
“The same one you’re getting.” Taehyung snorts. “I’m gonna buy one cup then,” he teases as he follows Jimin out of the office. “Hey, I don't wanna taste your spit! I want my own coffee!” Jungkook calls after them, and Jimin hears his best friend laughing beside him.
“Does it get tiring?” asks Jimin. “What, teasing my soulmate? Never.” Taehyung chortles. “I mean– sharing your tastebuds.”
As they both ride the elevator down to the ground floor, Taehyung hums thoughtfully for a second before saying, “Not really. Sure, it can get annoying sometimes when I’m eating jajangmyeon while Kook’s devouring a pack of chocolate. But other than that, no.” He grins.
“It’s pretty much amusing if I must say.” “You mentioned before that your soulmate bond doesn’t always activate, right?” “Yeah.”
Jimin slides his hands into his pockets, following his best friend out of the elevator. “Jungkook and I have to be three feet apart at most to have the bond take effect,” Taehyung explains to him. ‘Well, at least that’s a breather,’ Jimin thinks.
There’s no queue at the coffee shop so Jimin and Taehyung are able to place their orders without a hitch. “Thanks.” Jimin smiles at the barista and takes the receipt before walking to the claiming area.
“We have a company event next week,” Taehyung tells him. “What event?” “Sort of like a party. The president will be there too.” Jimin hums. He’s curious about what the president looks like.
A mere employee like him crawling at the bottom of the hierarchy rarely gets the chance to be in the same room as the big shots so it’ll be a great opportunity to see them. That is, apart from that /person/, of course. Jimin can do well without his presence, thank you very much.
“Speaking of the president…” Taehyung smirks. “His grandson is here.” A crease appears between Jimin’s brows as his gaze turns in the direction of the man entering the shop with a horde of assistants trailing behind him.
“Fuck!” Jimin spits out before spinning around quickly to hide his face. “What is /he/ doing here?” he whispers to Taehyung beside him. “It’s his family’s company; what do you mean?” Taehyung laughs, utterly enjoying Jimin’s misery.
“Take my coffee.” Jimin shoves the receipt to his friend. “I’ll go first.” “But–“ Then, Jimin is already moving to the back of the room without sparing a glance at the director, unlike the other employees who all bowed and greeted him a good morning.
A few pairs of eyes are looking at Jimin curiously, perhaps wondering why he’s hiding behind the pillar like an idiot in a fucking coffee shop at nine in the morning. “Stupid!” Jimin mutters with a sigh. He should’ve gone to the coffee shop across the street instead.
With the director’s broad back turned to him, Jimin eyes the exit for a second before stealthily making his way to the glass door while the director’s busy ordering his drink.
It’s one step away from freedom, and Jimin is almost relieved to see himself out of the coffee shop without any unnecessary confrontation between him and Director Min. Almost. “You there.”
Jimin’s hand freezes on the handle of the glass door. Maybe, the director’s calling one of his assistants and not Jimin– “The one holding the door.” Shit.
Letting out a shuddering breath, Jimin gulps and slowly turns around with his head hanging low. “Good morning, Director Min.” “Come closer,” he hears the man say, and Jimin’s heart bangs against his ribs. He doesn’t want to!
Begrudgingly, Jimin steps closer to the man with his shoulders hunched and his face turned to the side. As his fingers fidget together, Jimin becomes completely aware of the director’s gaze on him, heavy and measuring.
“You’re remarkably familiar,” Director Min utters, and Jimin almost runs away again right then and there. “You must be mistaking me for someone else, Director.” Jimin chuckles nervously. “Look at me.” Jimin’s clasped hands tighten together. “Director, I–”
“The director asked you to look at him, sir,” one of the assistants tells him. Pressing his lips together, Jimin slowly lifts his face to gaze at Director Min who’s already staring at him with dark, knowing eyes.
Strangely, Jimin feels that familiar tug again in his chest as if there’s an invisible rope pulling him towards the man like the first time they met in Paris. There’s an indescribable itch at the back of his mind, swirling with formless thoughts and words. What the hell is that?
“What’s your name?” Director Min asks for the second time. Jimin has an inkling that the director already knows who he is but the man still insists to hear it from Jimin’s own mouth. “I-I’m…” he stammers out. “My name is Ji—”
The director is waiting for him patiently with both hands tucked in his pockets. His stature is strikingly familiar, and Jimin’s mind can’t help but flash a memory of the man standing under the bright, colorful lights of the club, +
+ holding a glass of whiskey and humming to the tune of the blasting party music. “I’m Ji—” Jimin swallows thickly. Here it goes.
“Ji– Jungkook!” Jimin forces a smile. “I’m Park Jungkook, sir.”
Director Min raises an eyebrow. “Jungkook,” he repeats the name. “Yes, sir. Jungkook— my name. I mean, yes. That’s me. I'm Jungkook.” Oh my God. Did Jimin just lie through his teeth in front of his boss?
“Ah, there you are, sir.” Jimin blinks and turns to look at the barista smiling at him. “Here’s your coffee,” the lady says, offering the drink to him. “One caramel macchiato for Mr. Park Jimin.” Oh… …Fuck.
“U-Uh…” Jimin takes the offered drink with a nervous chuckle, looking everywhere but at the director who’s blatantly staring at him. “T-Thanks?” The lady blinks and gives Jimin an awkward smile before returning to her work.
“I, uh, should go now, sir.” Jimin bows deeply to Director Min. He must get out of here. Maybe, the universe picked this moment to play games on him because before he could turn on his heels, Jimin hears a low voice saying, “Come to my office after your work hours.”
Jimin gasps and stares at the director with wide eyes, watching the man take his coffee from the counter. “Oh, poor him,” one of the director’s assistants whispers. “He’s gonna get fired, isn’t he?”
Jimin should be terrified. Actually, he is, but not over the prospect of getting fired but because of the mysterious smile tugging at the corners of Director Min’s mouth.
“I’ll see you later,” his boss utters as Jimin takes a whiff of the man’s perfume when he walked past him. “Mr. /Jungkook/.” ☕
If Jimin had a mannerism of biting his fingernails whenever he’s nervous, then he’d probably have consumed all of his nails by now including the ones on his toes. “Ah, Mr. Park!” the ever-so-gleeful secretary, Mr. Jung, greets him. “I’m glad you didn’t get lost on your way here.”
Jimin chuckles awkwardly as the man stands up from his seat and rounds his desk. “Almost, Mr. Jung.” Mr. Jung hums and lifts a hand to cover the side of his mouth, leaning in to whisper, “The director’s kind of in a bad mood.”
“Oh.” Jimin blinks. Great. As if this day could get any worse. “One of the board of directors challenged him earlier at the meeting. Director Min hates that old guy.” Mr. Jung smiles. “But don’t worry. The director seems to like you so you’ll get out of there alive.”
Jimin can’t help but laugh at that. “I don’t think so, Mr. Jung,” he answers, rubbing a hand on his neck. “I honestly think I’ll get fired after what I did.”
At the mention of Jimin’s embarrassing scene earlier that day, Mr. Jung cackles and pats him on the shoulder. “That was entertaining, Mr. Park. You’re a funny guy.” Jimin wants to wrap himself up in a blanket and get tucked away in the closet until he disintegrates. God.
Then, the secretary knocks twice and opens the door with a smile. “Director, Mr. Park is here to see you.” Jimin bites his bottom lip, feeling another bout of anxiety settling in his gut. “Bring him in,” comes a deep voice from inside the office.
Mr. Jung looks at him and steps away from the doorway, giving Jimin an encouraging smile. Taking a deep breath, Jimin steps into the office with so much reluctance he probably needs someone to drag him inside.
When the door closes behind him, Jimin’s eyes briefly wander around the spacious office before landing on the man sitting behind a polished, mahogany desk. Jimin stands awkwardly by the door, debating whether to run off again or wait for the man to finish whatever he’s doing.
“Are you planning to stand there all night?” Jimin gasps softly and slowly walks toward the desk, ignoring the beautiful city view through the huge glass window behind the man. “G-Good evening, director. You wanted to see me?”
Director Min affixes his signature to the document before placing the paper on top of the stack on the right side of his desk. Putting the cap back on his fountain pen, the man leans back on his dark leather office chair and folds his arms over his chest.
The director is wearing his usual black suit, although the white undershirt is loose until the second button; it’s a lot different from the casual getup he wore at the club back in Paris. “I do,” Director Min replies with a little smirk on his lips. “Mr. /Jungkook/.”
Jimin stifles a groan at that, and he immediately bows to his boss in apology. “I’m really, /really/ sorry about that, sir. I was just— actually, I’m…”
When Jimin fails to come up with an excuse, the director huffs out an amused sound and says, “I have thousands of employees in this company.” He flicks his tongue over his lips. “Meaning I have thousands of ways to know who you are.”
A crease appears between Jimin’s eyebrows. “If you already knew who I was, then why did you—” ‘Keep asking me about my name?’ Those are the words Jimin would like to say but he cuts himself off as realization hits him.
Judging from the small smile curving the corners of the director’s mouth, Jimin realizes that the man knew what he was doing, that he was completely aware of Jimin's predicament. Director Min was playing with him.
Jimin gulps and stands up properly, keeping his gaze fixed on the desk. “I apologize, director. If— if you want to fire me…” Jimin doesn’t want to get fired.
The pay in this company is much better than his last one, and it wouldn’t help his career to get his CV messed up by something like this. Shit. “Do you want me to fire you?”
“No!” Jimin’s head whips up at that and his sudden response makes the director’s brow raise. “I– what I mean to say, sir, is that—” He sighs. “Please don’t fire me.”
Director Min regards him for a moment, examining him under a scrutinizing gaze, and really, Jimin is starting to feel a little lightheaded at how fast his heart is beating. “I won’t fire you,” Director Min tells him. Jimin’s eyes blow wide in shock.
“Sir, that’s—” “But you have to repay me somehow.” Jimin blinks. “Sir?” Director Min stands up from his seat, sliding his hands into his pockets before rounding the office desk to stand in front of Jimin, leaning back against the edge of the table.
“You ran away and lied to me, Mr. Park,” the man says as an embarrassed flush paints Jimin’s cheeks. “Is that how a good employee should act in front of his boss?” Jimin’s lashes flutter. “N-No, sir.”
Director Min nods. “Let me ask you a question.” Jimin lifts his gaze to the man, hating how his heart skips a little in his chest at the handsome features of the director. God, he shouldn’t be lusting over his boss like this!
The director tilts his head slightly to the side, narrowing his sharp eyes at Jimin. “Do you really think I’ll forget the face of the guy who called me ‘little kitty’?”
The younger gasps and curls his fingers tightly on his pants. “I– sir, that’s… I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t know who you were—” “Even if you knew or not, you still managed to annoy me.” Director Min takes his hands out of his pockets and steps closer to Jimin.
His mouth parts at the sheer closeness of his boss, suddenly remembering the way how Yoongi backed him up against the door of the man's hotel room that one fateful night in the City of Love. “Sir,” he breathes out when Director Min lifts his chin with his fingers.
“I thought I told you my name is Yoongi. Just Yoongi,” the man whispers as his eyes land on the younger’s lips. “Jimin.”
The way his own name rolls off Yoongi’s tongue sends pleasant shivers down Jimin’s spine, causing his breath to hitch in his throat as his pulse quickens to a maddening pace. Yoongi’s warm breath is hitting his face, and he feels himself getting hypnotized by the other’s stare.
(Fuck.) The director freezes in front of him, suddenly flicking his gaze up to meet Jimin’s eyes. “Did you just…?” (Oh my God. Fuck, fuck, fuck—) Yoongi frowns and retrieves his hand, looking at Jimin as if the younger has grown two heads or something.
“Director?” Jimin asks, watching the man in confusion. Yoongi takes a few steps away, placing his hands on his hips as he paces back and forth. Then, after a while, the director stops and turns to look in Jimin’s direction. (Can you hear me?)
Jimin yelps and staggers back a step, both of his hands flying to cover his ears as the initial shock of the director’s voice ringing clearly inside his head makes his whole body stiffen up. “Oh my God,” he says, looking back at Yoongi with his eyes blown wide.
“I can’t believe this.” Yoongi laughs humorlessly as he rubs a hand down his face. “Of all the abilities I can share with someone, why does it have to be telepathy?” “What?” Jimin flutters his lashes as the director’s words confuse him. “What do you mean?”
“I can hear your thoughts, Jimin,” Director Min tells him, sporting an unamused expression on his pale, handsome face. “And you can hear mine.” Jimin blinks dumbly at his boss for full ten seconds, unable to form words as all of his thoughts leave him.
“But that’s—” Jimin shakes his head violently as if attempting to wake himself up from this terrible nightmare. God, please tell him he’s just dreaming. “You’re not dreaming,” Yoongi tells him, making Jimin visibly flinch. Director Min… heard his thoughts.
Jimin lets out an awkward laugh, saying, “Director, I’m sorry but that can’t be real. If we can hear each other’s thoughts then that would mean we’re… that we are…” (Soulmates.)
Jimin freezes when Yoongi’s voice enters his mind naturally and unprompted like he’s hearing every word directly from the director’s mouth. “Oh my God,” he breathes out as the connection strangely tugs at Jimin’s chest once again.
So it is /that/. It explains that annoying itch at the back of Jimin's head when he first met Yoongi, that strange tug between his ribs pulling him toward the man like a magnet. Jimin has a soulmate, and they can both read each other’s minds.
But of all the bad lucks that can happen to him and out of all the seven billion people in the world, why does it have to be his /boss/?
After the shock settles down, Director Min licks his lips and says,“You’re going to have dinner with me tomorrow.” Jimin’s mouth gapes. “Sorry?” “That’s my condition for not firing you.” Jimin's hands on his thighs curl tighter. Really, could this day be any worse for him? ☕
“What do you mean Director Min’s your soulmate?” Taehyung whispers to him over the table. “I mean it as literally as I can.” Jimin looks around the cafeteria, cautious of prying eyes and gossipy ears. “We can hear each other’s thoughts.”
Jungkook snorts over his bowl of ramyeon. “This is gonna be so fucking entertaining.” “You’re not listening to me! This is an emergency, people!” Jimin snaps his fingers at his friends. “How am I supposed to work at this company now?”
“You’re being dramatic, Chim.” Taehyung takes a sip of his pineapple juice. “So what if that hotshot is your soulmate? It doesn’t mean he /has/ to be your boyfriend.”
“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees. “But he did ask you out on a date so...” “It’s not a date,” Jimin clarifies with a heavy sigh. “The director just asked me to have dinner with him.”
“It’s a fucking date, you idiot,” Taehyung tells him with an eye roll. “I’ve wondered why that guy was so keen on tormenting you these past two days but now I’m pretty sure it's because he’s interested in you.”
Jungkook smirks as he snatches a piece of fishcake from Jimin’s plate. “Your booty hooked you up with a rich guy. Lucky you.” “Okay, listen.” Jimin throws his hands up in exasperation as a blush spreads across his face. He has to make his friends understand.
“For one: I’m not a gold digger. I get my stuff through honest work—” Jungkook hums. “Well, fucking Director Min was honest work—” “Two: Having a soulmate is a pain in the ass.” “Well, if your soulmate is pounding you in the ass—”
“Jungkook, can you please /shut up/ for one second?” Jimin snaps before taking a deep breath. “Okay, three: I’m not interested in him.” “Now, that’s the biggest fat lie of the century, everyone.” Taehyung snorts.
“Jiminie, you slept with him in Paris because you are attracted to him. I know your ass is very much interested to get that rich dick up your hole again.” Jimin gapes in disbelief. “Oh my God, can you /not/ put it that way? Besides, he’s not even /that/ good in bed.”
“So you’re admitting that Director Min is indeed good in bed?” Taehyung asks with one eyebrow raised. “Well, if we’re talking about modesty…” Jimin perches his thigh on top of the other. “He’s adequate.”
“Adequate,” Jungkook mocks him. “With that intimidating aura around him, I’m pretty sure the director destroyed your ass that night—ow!” Jimin huffs as he not-so-gently kicks Jungkook’s leg under the table. “I’m going to make you eat that ramyeon through your asshole, dickhead.”
“Please don’t,” Taehyung groans. “That’ll be fucking disgusting to me.” Jungkook lets out an affronted noise. “As if you haven’t eaten /my/ asshole before—” “Oh my God, Jeon Jungkook! Shut. Up.” Jimin stands up from his seat, collecting his bag.
“I’ll go first. See you in the office, shitheads.” “Bye, hoe.” Taehyung waves playfully at him, earning the guy a majestic eye roll from Jimin. He’s gonna have a fucking aneurysm because of his friends soon.
And for the love of God and all that is holy, Jimin, unfortunately, bumps into Mr. Jung on his way to the elevator. “Mr. Jung.” He fakes a smile. “Hi, good afternoon.” “Hello, Mr. Park.” The secretary returns the friendly smile. “I was just on my way to your office.”
“Oh.” “I was hoping to talk to you,” Mr. Jung tells him. “The director asked me to remind you about your dinner tonight.” Oh, shit.
“A-Ah, yes.” Jimin chuckles awkwardly. “Actually, I’m feeling a little sick right now,” he says and feigns a cough into his fist. “Can you please tell the director that I might not be able to join him for dinner tonight?”
“I see.” Mr. Jung looks at him with a worried expression on his face. “I’m sure Director Min will understand. Don’t worry; I’ll let him know.” “Thank you, Mr. Jung.” Jimin bows to the man, wincing at the feeling of guilt in his chest.
Mr. Jung seems like a good guy, and Jimin feels bad for lying to him. The rest of the day goes by without any unfortunate encounters with the director, and as the clock strikes six in the evening, Jimin lets out a tired sigh and stretches his arms over his head.
He can’t wait to go home and have a nice warm bath. “Jiminie,” Taehyung chirps beside him. “So, are you off now to that dinner with Director Min?”
“Nope.” Jimin ends the word with a loud pop of his lips, grinning at the confused expression on his best friend's face. “I told Mr. Jung I’m sick.” “You—what?” Taehyung snickers and smacks his shoulder. “You little devil!”
“And what if the director finds out you’re lying.” Jungkook emphasizes, “Again.” “He won’t.” Jimin stands to his feet and starts collecting his stuff from his desk, shoving them into his bag. “He’s high up there, Kook.” Jimin points at the ceiling.
“I doubt the director’s gonna go all the way down here to see an employee like me—” A sudden commotion catches everyone’s attention, including Jimin who’s currently in the middle of taking the sticky notes off the edge of his computer monitor.
“Director Min,” Mr. Kang, the art department head says with a polite bow of his head. Jimin freezes on his spot. “Now, look who’s here.” Jungkook smirks and folds his arms together. Jimin turns to look over his shoulder before quickly ducking under his desk with a loud gasp.
His heart bangs against his ribs at the sight of Director Min standing there in their office for whatever fucking reason, looking so perfectly handsome in his dark suit and ridiculously expensive steel wristwatch. “Oh God, this is not happening,” Jimin tries to convince himself.
Taehyung nudges his thigh under the table with his shoe. “What the fuck are you doing there?” “Shh!” Jimin hushes him. “Don’t tell the director I’m here.” “But—”
Jimin doesn’t wait for his friend’s reply before crawling out from under his desk and creeping behind the cubicles on all fours until he reaches the bathroom.
From where Jimin is, he can hear Yoongi’s low voice talking to Mr. Kang and for a second, he thought he’d be able to escape under the director’s nose when— “Mr. Park?” Mr. Kang’s voice stops Jimin’s movements. “Where’s Mr. Park?”
Taehyung answers for him. “I don’t know, sir. Probably off /crawling/ somewhere.” Jimin closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip, wincing. He fucking hates Kim Taehyung.
“Mr. Park.” The director’s deep and commanding voice sends shivers down Jimin’s spine. The entire room falls silent after that, and really, Jimin wants the ground to split up and swallow him whole so he could be saved from this embarrassment.
Gulping, Jimin grabs a pen from his pocket and stands up to his feet, slowly turning around to meet the director’s inquisitive stare. “Good evening, director.” He chuckles nervously, pointing at the pen in his hand. “I was just looking for my pen. I thought I lost it.”
A loud snort comes from his right side, and Jimin has to stifle the urge to kick Jungkook and Taehyung in the balls when his friends move to hide their poorly suppressed chuckles and cover the amused smirks on their idiotic faces with their hands.
“Pen.” Director Min tongues the inside of his cheek. Jimin swallows thickly. Yoongi isn’t buying his excuse. Then, the director jerks his head to the door and says ‘Out’ before turning around to walk out of the office with Mr. Jung.
“Oh my God,” Jimin mutters to himself as he buries his face into his hands. All of his co-workers are looking at him with bewildered faces but Jimin couldn’t care to give two fucks about them, not when he’s wallowing in his own embarrassment and misery.
“I guess you’re going to that dinner date after all, Chim,” Taehyung teases with a light bump to Jimin’s hip as Jungkook cackles loudly behind him. ☕
The elevator ride to the ground floor is full of tension. Or Jimin should say, filled with mortification as he practically shrinks on himself and avoids any eye contact as the director stands beside him with both hands slid into his pockets. “You told Hoseok you were sick.”
Jimin resists the urge to slither through the gap of the elevator doors just to get out of this situation. He makes a face before letting out a fake cough. “Yes, sir. A bit.” He coughs again. A light snort comes from the director. “I can fake a cough better than you, Mr. Park.”
Jimin freezes mid-cough and turns his face away from the elder with a horrible wince that makes his facial muscles spasm. Busted.
Glancing behind him, Jimin gives Mr. Jung a placating and apologetic smile, watching as the secretary presses his lips together to stifle an amused laugh. Great. Even Mr. Jung now thinks he’s an idiot. (Ugh, I hate this.)
Director Min turns his head to the side to look at him, and for a split second, Jimin wonders why but then he remembers that this guy can actually hear his thoughts. (Oh, shit.) Director Min lets out an amused breath through his nose. “Sir, I mean—”
Jimin tries to come up with an excuse but the man stops him with a casually uttered, “Stop thinking.” And Jimin huffs quietly. (As if it’s that easy—) The younger shakes his head to vacate his mind of any thoughts right now.
He can’t have his boss knowing about his annoyed and ill-mannered musings about him. He should get used to this weird situation fast because he still wants to keep his job, thank you very much.
When the elevator doors slide open, Jimin tries his best to walk a few steps behind the director, lowering his head and concealing his face as much as he can from the curious and prying eyes of the employees in the lobby.
It must be weird to see a mere employee like him from the art department walking together with one of the top executives in the company. Jimin doesn’t even belong in Yoongi’s social circle! (What are you doing?)
Jimin yelps and holds his head when Director Min’s voice directly speaks to his mind. Ugh, really. He should get used to it /soon/.
Lifting his head, he sees Yoongi standing at the center of the lobby, both of his arms crossed and with an eyebrow raised questioningly in Jimin’s direction.
“Director?” Mr. Jung appears bewildered as to why Yoongi suddenly stopped walking and is now looking back at Jimin with a funny expression on his face. Jimin blinks. (I—Sorry?)
(Come here.) Yoongi sighs and takes a step toward him, completely catching the younger off guard when he suddenly reaches out for Jimin’s wrist, pulling him closer until he’s standing beside him. The murmurs around them intensify.
(Walk beside me), Yoongi speaks to his mind, and Jimin feels a light squeeze on his arm before the warmth of the director’s touch vanishes when the man retracts his hand.
His traitorous heart skips a beat, and for five long seconds, Jimin seems unable to avert his eyes from the director’s gaze. “Okay,” he mutters.
Mr. Jung looks confused but Jimin decides to ignore the urge to explain about the current situation between him and Yoongi in favor of following the director toward the exit. Once outside of the company, Director Min’s chauffeur bows to him and opens the door for the executive.
Jimin has roughly 0.5 second to digest what he’s seeing in front of him — a luxury, sleek black limo — before the director raises a brow at him, saying, (Get in.)
Jimin swallows thickly before hopping into the vehicle without another word. This is the first time that Jimin got inside a limo and holy fuck, the plush leather seat feels so great under his great ass. Just two great things coming together. Perfect.
Director Min follows shortly and sits by the window while Jimin situated himself in the frontmost seat. When the door shuts closed, Yoongi frowns at him and asks, “What are you doing there?”
“Um…” Jimin puts his thighs together, his fingers fidgeting on a loose thread on his pants. “I’m more comfortable sitting here, sir.” A brief pause. “Where’s Mr. Jung?” “In front of the car.”
Jimin falls silent. Even if he hasn’t witnessed it before, he knows that Mr. Jung, as the director’s secretary, should have been seated there with them. But for some odd reason, the guy is now sitting in the passenger seat, and Jimin—
Jimin kinda knows why.
Licking his lips, Jimin looks over his shoulder at the black divider completely rolled up to give them some privacy. And really, he isn’t really sure if being stuck inside a limousine with Director Min is good for his receding sanity. “You’re too far.”
The director’s words catch Jimin’s attention. For a second, he doesn’t speak, and then, he tries speaking to the man’s mind, (Director?) Yoongi doesn’t answer. (Can you hear me?)
“Why are you looking at me like that?” asks Yoongi with a slight frown. ‘Oh,’ Jimin thinks. So this telepathy thing between them has a limit, huh. Just like Taehyung and Jungkook’s shared ability.
“Sorry, sir.” Jimin scratches the side of his neck, chuckling awkwardly. “I’m not really comfortable sitting too close to you.” “Why?” Folding his thigh over the other and crossing his arms together, Yoongi asks, “Because I can hear your thoughts?”
“Yes.” Jimin gestures to the amount of space between them. “This is a safe distance, sir. We won’t be able to hear each other’s thoughts if we’re this far apart. At least, that’s what I think.”
He further explains, “Two of my friends, who also happened to be s-soulmates—” He stutters a little at the word. “Share their tastebuds so they can taste each other’s food within three feet. But farther than that, the bond deactivates.”
Yoongi stays quiet as he comprehends Jimin’s explanation. “So ours is the same.” “I think so, yeah.” The younger chews his bottom lip, mulling over a certain thought. “But I think our connection is more limited, sir. Instead of three feet, the proximity must be much closer.”
“An arm’s length?” Jimin nods. “Okay,” Yoongi utters, shifting lighty in his seat. “If that’s the case, then it won’t be a problem if you sit closer to me.”
At the director’s suggestion, Jimin feels his cheeks burn, and he tells the other man, “Thank you, director. But I would have to decline.” “I don’t know what gave you the idea that it’s a request, but no…” Yoongi tilts his head slightly to the side.
“It’s an order from your boss, Mr. Park.”
Jimin takes a deep breath and tries to stomp down the hint of annoyance he felt at his boss’s authoritative ass. He doesn’t like being ordered around; Jimin would’ve snapped at him if he weren’t his boss.
And so, without another word, Jimin moves to relocate himself beside Director Min far enough to give their thoughts some peace and privacy.
“You sure have a lot of trouble being in the same space as me,” Yoongi notices. “You move as far away from me as possible but I explicitly recall you climbing onto my lap without any problem just a week ago.”
Jimin gasps out loud as a furious blush spreads across his face down to his neck. “T-That’s— oh my God, sir. Please, can we not talk about it?” “Then stop calling me ‘sir.’” Yoongi sighs. “I told you to call me Yoongi twice. Don’t make me repeat it for the third time, Mr. Park.”
“How could I ever call you that?” Jimin whines. “You’re my boss.” “So? That’s only within the company grounds. We’re outside now. I’m not your boss unless I invite you to a business meeting.”
“Isn’t it what this is: a business meeting? Otherwise, you won’t ask me out to dinner, sir,” Jimin says even though Taehyung’s annoying voice keeps replaying in his head. ‘It’s a fucking date, you idiot,’ his best friend told him earlier that day.
“You think this is a business meeting?” Yoongi inquires, his dark eyes sharp and calculating. “Is it not, sir?” Silence.
Jimin grows restless in his seat the longer Yoongi stares at him. “You really want me to say it, Mr. Park?” the man utters in a low voice, and Jimin feels something in his gut stir pleasantly.
The air inside the limo shifts, and it’s not the kind of tension that will make Jimin run for his life. No. It’s the same tension he felt at the club when he was in Paris more than a week ago. He can feel the dull thrums of electricity humming under his skin.
“Jimin.” A faint crease appears between Director Min’s brows. Licking his lips and lifting his gaze to the director, Jimin tells him, “I thought I told you, too, to call me ‘Jimin.’ Just Jimin.” The director’s mouth parts a little, and the younger mutters, “Yoongi.”
Perhaps, it’s the lights on the mini-bar inside the limo or the flickering street lights outside but Jimin’s breath hitches in his throat when a dark glint flashes across the director’s eyes as the man lifts a hand to loosen his tie.
“Come closer,” Director Min utters in a low and gravelly voice.
Jimin gulps as he feels a sudden tug in his chest, pulling him right toward the man like a magnet. And before his mind can form a single thought, Jimin finds himself moving closer to Yoongi until they’re merely an inch away from each other.
It feels so natural drifting to one another like this. When Jimin approached him, the director’s body immediately turned to him as if something was pulling them together like two boulders priming for collision.
The air inside Jimin's lungs gets trapped in his throat when he feels the tips of Director Min's fingers brushing against his left cheek. The touch is ghostly, almost too light to feel but the contact is enough to make Jimin's heart flutter incessantly inside his chest.
(Say it again.) Jimin gasps softly when Yoongi's voice intrudes his thoughts. As Director Min's gaze falls on Jimin's lips, he hears the man's voice saying, (Call me by my name.)
Jimin's lashes flutter as his pulse quickens, his fingers curling on his thighs as desire simmers deep in his gut. (Yoongi), he communicates back, the name pulling at his consciousness until it revolves around that single word: Yoongi.
Through his daze, Jimin thinks he saw Yoongi swallow as if the man is just as affected by this strange connection between them as he is. (You're starting to learn—) Director Min's thumb grazes against his cheek, the touch a little firmer than before. (Jimin.)
Hearing his name through Yoongi's low and deep voice coils something inexplicable inside Jimin's stomach. The pleasant sensation travels from his chest down to his gut until his abdomen clenches and his knees rub together anxiously.
It's unsettling just how melted Jimin feels by a mere utterance of his name. There are no thoughts in his mind at the moment as Yoongi's palm slides down to the side of his neck, his dark gaze never once leaving Jimin's lips. (Close your eyes), Yoongi's voice says.
And when Jimin does, his heart bangs painfully against his ribs, as he feels the director's warm and soft breath hitting his skin. Closer. Yoongi is moving closer. After a moment, Jimin lets out a soft and quiet gasp when the tip of Yoongi's nose brushes against his cheek.
(I—) (Shh), Director Min hushes him as he gently tips Jimin's chin up with his thumb, his palm resting on the side of the younger's neck— hot and burning. (Don't think.) With both of his eyes closed, Jimin's lips part a little when he feels Yoongi's face moving closer.
Beep. Beep. Jimin's eyes flew open at the sound, and he jolts back from the director's touch with a sharp gasp. As his heart races loudly in his chest and the reality of this.... absurd situation slaps him right in the face, Jimin sees Director Min scowling at the intercom +
+ beside the mini-bar, and the man pulls at his collar for a second before clicking the answer button. "What?" his voice sounds a bit annoyed but Jimin's mind fails to register anything as he keeps a safe distance between them again. God, that was— That was fucking close.
"Sir." The chauffeur's voice through the intercom sounds a little unsure at first, probably gauging his boss's sudden sour mood but then, he continues, "We're almost at the restaurant." Yoongi's eyes slip shut, and he takes a deep breath as if trying to calm himself.
"Okay. Thank you." Then, he turns the intercom off. Both of them know it's too late to salvage whatever was about to happen between them a few seconds ago; not that it's perfectly fine in the first place because no, that moment shouldn't have happened /at all/.
As the tension abruptly dissipates and gets replaced with awkward silence, Jimin resorts to clearing his throat and asks, "Which restaurant are you taking me, sir?"
Yoongi looks kinda displeased when Jimin addressed him so formally again but the man just sighs and folds his arms over his chest. "Italian." "Ah." He forces a chuckle. "I'm not sure if I've eaten italian before."
Yoongi remains silent with that little irritated frown on his face, and Jimin kinda wants to throw himself out of the window because fuck, it's so awkward. When the limo finally pulls up, Jimin lets out the breath he's been holding in and waits for the chauffeur to open the door.
The façade of the italian restaurant is magnificent, and Jimin already knows how expensive the food will be just by staring at the establishment. Well, since he's already here, might as well enjoy the free food, right?
Walking by Yoongi's side feels strange especially when the hostess greets them and asked Yoongi's name for the reservation. The big chandeliers on top of Jimin's head give away how high class this place is and as he roams his eyes around to see a couple of customers +
+ dining in and wearing suits and dresses as if there's a formal occasion that Jimin wasn't informed about. God, he feels ridiculously underdressed. "I-I didn't know where heading to a fine dining restaurant." Jimin chuckles anxiously.
"You should've told me, sir. I would've dressed properly." Yoongi gives his black coat to the host. "You're fine." "This way, sir," the host says with a smile and ushers him and Yoongi to their table.
Jimin settles on his seat awkwardly, and really, he's kinda thankful that Yoongi's more than an arm's length away across from him. At least, he'll be able to enjoy the food in peace. "Here's the menu, sir." "Thank you." Jimin smiles at the host.
"We'll get the best set of dishes." Jimin lifts his face to look at Yoongi. "I'll let the chef decide which ones to include," the director simply says. The host bows to him. "Certainly, sir."
Yoongi turns to meet Jimin's gaze. "You can order anything you like," he says, and Jimin hums to look down at the menu in his hand. Mushroom Risotto ₩ 243,000 Jimin gawks at the insane price.
"You should go easy on the extra dishes though." Jimin raises his wide eyes to Yoongi, noticing the little smirk curving the corners of his lips. Director Min tells him, "It's your treat." "WHAT?!"
The sound of clinking plates and wares suddenly deafens into silence as Jimin's voice booms across the room. As the initial shock dies down, Jimin blushes furiously and bows his head to the guests in apology for his behavior. Can he just melt into a puddle now? For fuck's sake.
"B-But, director..." Jimin swallows dryly. "I deserve a compensation for your lies, don't I, Mr. Park?" Yoongi lifts a brow at him, amused. "You're lucky I didn't fire you for lying to me twice."
Jimin takes a shuddering breath as his poor soul shivers at the outrageous prices written all over the menu. He's gonna have to kiss his savings and a month's worth of pay good bye for this. "Can we go to another restaurant, please?" he whispers over the table.
He risks a glance at the host standing near their table. "Somewhere a little cheaper?" Yoongi leans back on his seat. "I've already ordered the food." Jimin winces and stares down at the menu again, lamenting his poor savings for the second time.
"Anything you would like to add, sir?" the host asks him. Jimin pretends to look over the menu before giving it back to the man. "No, it's fine. Just water please." Yoongi coughs to hide the amused tilt of his lips behind his fist, undoubtedly enjoying the younger's misery.
Jimin is going to fucking strangle him.
"Of course, sir. Please wait for your food." "Um, excuse but—" Jimin stops the host before he could walk away. "Yes, sir?" "I was just wondering..." Jimin fidgets on the table napkin, unsure whether to bury himself deeper into the hole of shame.
Swallowing thickly, Jimin asks, "Does this restaurant... accept installments?" The host blinks at his question. "S-Sorry? Installments?" The flush on Jimin's cheeks grows redder. "Yes. Like, 3 months payment?" He chuckles. God, kill him now.
The host looks confused, and really, Jimin wants nothing but to fling himself over a cliff right now to save him from this embarrassment. "Sorry, forget that." Jimin laughs again as he feels cold sweat dampening the back of his neck. "It's okay. Thank you."
"Serve every kind of dessert you have here." Jimin's gaze shifts to the man sitting in front of him. "Of course, sir." The host bows to Yoongi again before finally ridding them of his presence.
"Every kind of dessert?" Jimin whines. "Director, do you want me to beg in the streets—" "I'm paying." Director Min takes a sip of his wine. "I was just teasing you." Jimin's jaw drops to the floor. "You—!"
Jimin has to do a double take before he could spout nonsense in front of the director. "You're so mean!" Director Min lets out an amused sound through his nose. "Teasing you is fun."
Jimin huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. "I hate you." "I know." Yoongi touches the rim of the wine glass with a finger, looking at the red liqour inside. "You're not the only one who does." Jimin opens his mouth to retort but the man's reply renders him silent.
Before Jimin could ask what Yoongi meant by that, the director gives him a faint smile that is casual enough to almost fool Jimin into thinking that there's nothing wrong with what he said just a few seconds ago, that there wasn't more to it than what he lets on.
"I'm— Director, I was just joking." Yoongi hums. "Just have dinner with me tonight." A small pause. "After that, you can go and do whatever you want, Mr. Park."
Jimin isn't sure what to say in return so he keeps quiet. The silence is not uncomfortable or awkward but there's a certain heaviness in it that pulls at Jimin's curiousity, heavy enough to let the director's words linger in his mind for quite some time.
As the food starts to come in one by one, Jimin watches the director thank the waiters and grab his utensils like nothing happened. It almost seems like Yoongi's own words don't bother him. Like he's used to it.
"Aren't you gonna eat?" Yoongi's voice snaps Jimin back to life, and he reaches out for his spoon and fork on the table. "I will. Sorry." He chuckles, although he can't bring himself to be genuinely happy for some reason.
"You can order more if you want. Don't think about the bill; I'll take care of it," Yoongi says without lifting his eyes, cutting the meat neatly with his knife. "Thank you, director," Jimin utters with a friendly smile.
Yoongi acknowledges him with a soft hum. "You're welcome." And then, they both eat in silence. ☕️
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Jimin brainlessly taps on the arrow keys of his keyboard as the blocks in the tetris game he's playing on his desk computer begins to accumulate at a fast rate. He's gonna lose for the 5th time to this shitty game but it's not like he minds it or something. "He's at it again."
Jimin ignores his best friend's voice beside him, staring blankly at the computer screen with his chin resting on a palm. "He's drifting away," Taehyung says. "Yeah. I can see his soul floating out of his body," Jungkook answers, munching on a donut.
It's been three days since that dinner, uh, 'date' with Director Min but his boss's words still bother him up to this moment. He probably shouldn't be thinking too much about it. Yoongi said he can do whatever he wanted after anyway so, really, Jimin should stop being like this.
But he can't. "He said the dinner went fine, yeah?" Jungkook hums. "Yeah. But he's been like this since that date with Director Min. Do you think he got rejected?" "Maybe." Taehyung rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Or, what if Jiminie dumped the director?"
"If Jimin was the one who dumped him then he wouldn't look like as if someone died." "You know what? You're right. You have a brain sometimes." Taehyung hums, thinking. "What if Jiminie got blue-balled by Director Min?" "That's a valid theory." Jungkook licks his fingers clean.
"He's been brooding in the office for three days, Kook. Help your friend," Taehyung complains with a kick to his soulmate's leg. "He's your friend, too, dumbass," Jungkook groans.
"Ugh, I can't stand that expression on his face." "Yeah, he's ugly." "He is." "You know you're both sitting beside me, and I can completely hear your bullshit, right?" Jimin rolls his eyes at them.
Taehyung scoots his office chair closer and asks, "What happened in that dinner date, Chim?" Jimin curses under his breath when the word 'Game Over' flashes on his computer screen in big, red letters. Closing the tab, he says, "Nothing in particular. It was fine."
"But you look like something's on your mind," Jungkook reasons out. "Did Director Min do or say something weird to you?" "Not really. But it's over now." Jimin stands up from his seat, picking up his phone and wallet. "The dinner was just a one-time thing."
His friends follow him out of the office and down to the ground floor. Jimin wants to try that banana milkshake that Jungkook has been yapping about two blocks away from his workplace. It's lunchtime anyway so it's not like Jimin is slacking off.
On their way to the exit, Jimin sees a group of people coming out of the elevator just beside the one they took. To his surprise, Director Min is at the head of the bunch, dressed in black suit as always and walking with both hands tucked in his pockets. Jimin's heart skips.
Mr. Jung is speaking to him as the secretary tries to match the director's pace. Jimin isn't sure if Yoongi can see him but the group is walking to their direction, probably heading to the exit too. "Chim." Taehyung holds Jimin's arm to pull him back to make way for the group.
Both of his friends and several employees around the area all bow to the director in respect, and Jimin almost forgot to do the same if it weren't for Taehyung's hand squeezing his arm. "You have a meeting with Chairman Joo at 2 PM," Jimin hears Mr. Jung saying as they approach.
Jimin shouldn't do it but as Director Min walks closer to them, his head turns to the side sneak a peek of the man's face. It's been three days since he last saw him, and oddly, Jimin feels uneasy at the thought of not catching a quick glimpse of the man even from afar.
Yoongi's schedule must have been packed with business meetings and other things that require his attendance and attention. Jimin sometimes forget how busy and tiring the life of an executive director can get no matter how unaffected or prim they look on the outside.
Jimin's gaze never leaves Yoongi's face as the man draws near but the thing is, the director doesn't look at all in his direction and just passes by them as if Jimin isn't there, standing merely an arm's length away from him.
The connection is instant, like a quick brush of hair against skin. Because before Jimin could stop himself, a thought forms in his mind and the word comes tumbling out. (Yoongi?) Director Min's footsteps halt on the marble floor.
"Director?" Mr. Jung inquires, stopping short in his tracks at Yoongi's sudden lack of movement. Jimin lets out a slightly trembling breath as he stares at the back of the director's head. He doesn't know what he's expecting but maybe a little 'hi' is fine? Or is it not?
"Is there something wrong?" the secretary asks. Jimin watches as Yoongi slides a hand out of his pocket to loosen the collar around his neck a bit. He hears the director say, "Nothing." Then, the man proceeds to walk toward the exit without glancing back. Jimin's heart sinks.
"" "Chim!" Jimin jolts when Taehyung's voice snaps him back to life. "Yeah?" "You have a weird look on your face," Taehyung comments with a frown. "Are you really losing your mind? Don't murder usss." Jungkook laughs and drapes an arm around Jimin's shoulders.
Jimin huffs and elbows the youngest's side to shove him away from him. "I'm fine. Come on, I'm dying to get that banana milkshake." Yoongi's car has already driven away before the three of them emerged from the lobby. Out in the streets, Jimin can't help but think.
Does Director Min hate him? Maybe, but no. He probably doesn't. Yoongi is just... putting things back the way they were. The way they /should/ be. It's just that. Nothing more, nothing less. With sigh, Jimin frowns and kicks a stray pebble on his way to the dessert shop. ☕️
The next day, Jimin rushes through the lobby and speeds past a bunch of employees to get to the elevators because it's 10 minutes past 8 in the morning, and HE. IS. FUCKING. LATE. Jimin wants to smack his face for forgetting to set his alarm last night.
Jimin murders the elevator button with his index finger until the damn thing starts moving down and for heaven's sake, if it takes another stop on its way down, Jimin is gonna pull all of his hair out. "Faster," he mutters impatiently as he tries to catch his breath.
"Finally!" he exclaims once the elevator dings and the doors slide open. "Oh, Mr. Park," Secretary Jung greets him with a sunny smile behind a tall stack of gift boxes. "Good morning, Mr. Jung." Jimin quickly bows to him.
"I won't keep you; you're probably late— oh shit!" Jimin gasps and reflexively catches one of the boxes when it fell from the very top of the stack. "Are you okay, Mr. Jung?" he asks, suddenly concerned at the secretary's apparent struggle. "Do you want me to help you?"
"I'm fine; I can handle it. Can you just put the box on top?" As Jimin does what he was told, he hears the man sighing heavily, and then he tells Jimin, "I've been taking a lot of boxes out of the director's office for 4 days. It's tiring but don't tell on me." He laughs.
"If I may ask, what are these for?" Jimin inquires, staring at the gift boxes with names of high-end luxury brands printed on the carton. "Gifts from Director Min's business partners." The secretary sighs defeatedly. "But he always asks me to take them or throw everything away."
Jimin chuckles. "The director probably has everything, that's why." "Not really." Mr. Jung shrugs. "I've known him for 7 years, and Director Min only buys the things he needs. He's not the type to brag around his wads of cash."
"Ah." Jimin licks his lips as he remembers that moment when Director Min ordered every kind of dessert available in that italian restaurant. If he's not the type to waste his money on things he doesn't need, then maybe, he's the type to indulge himself with good food?
"He makes exceptions on special occasions though." Mr. Jung chuckles. "I'm pretty sure you were surprised when Director Min ordered almost every dish in that italian restaurant, right?" Jimin chuckles awkwardly. "Yeah. I was taken aback a bit."
To this, Mr. Jung lets out a smile. "His grandfather and older brother are both in Busan for an expo, so I thought the director would celebrate his birthday alone again this year but I was shocked when he suddenly asked you to come with him." Jimin freezes on his spot. "What?"
The secretary blinks and tilts his head to the side. "What do you mean 'what'? Didn't Director Min tell you it was his birthday?" "I— no. He didn't." Jimin's gaze falls to the floor, still trying to digest this shocking fact. "He didn't mention anything."
As a brief moment of silence passes by between them, Secretary Jung lets out an understanding hum and tells Jimin, "It's fine, Mr. Park. It's not your fault. Director Min doesn't really talk much about himself."
Jimin knows Mr. Jung is right but he can't help but feel guilty for acting like an ass to Yoongi on his special day. He even tried to dodge their dinner! "Oh my God," Jimin whispers as he rubs his temple. "I'm such a jerk."
"Hey, don't blame yourself! How could you have known?" Mr. Jung smiles at him. "It's okay. I'm sure the director didn't mind. He's a nice guy. A little scary sometimes, but a nice guy." Jimin pouts. "Thank you, Mr. Jung."
"No problem." The secretary chuckles. "I should go and take all of these to my car. I'll see you around?" "Take care, Mr. Jung." Jimin waves at him as Hoseok walks away with the boxes of gifts clutched safely in his arms.
Any form of urgency that Jimin felt earlier that morning suddenly leaves him, and now he's left wondering about what could have happened differently if he only knew that it was the director's birthday that day.
/ "Just have dinner with me tonight." A small pause. "After that, you can go and do whatever you want, Mr. Park." / Jimin lets out a breath as he waits for the elevator to stop on his floor. Shit, he should have prepared something for the director.
"That's it!" Jimin exclaims with a snap of his fingers, feeling something similar to a 'eureka' moment. It's been 4 days so anything he does now would probably look weird but it's better late than never, right?
As Jimin steps out of the elevator with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips, he finally starts to feel lighter. Glancing at his wristwatch, Jimin notes his clock out time today and mentally enumerates some of the shops he knows in Myeongdong.
That's right. Jimin is going to buy a birthday gift for Director Min. ☕️
- lady's note - If you have a birthday gift in mind, can you quote them here? I wanna see your ideas! ^^
The thing is Jimin doesn't have so much money with him right now especially when he wasted more than half of his savings just to get to Paris and now, just about a week into his new job, his first payroll is yet to be given to him on the 15th of the month.
So to say, Jimin has ₩40,000 and a dream to spend for Yoongi's birthday gift. "He probably has everything he needs though," he mutters with a pout as he looks through the window of a flower shop. Should he give him a bouquet? What kind of flower does the director like?
"Or maybe, something practical?" Jimin rubs his chin in thought. A pen? Nah, Yoongi probably has a luxury pen. A tie? That's nice. Although he can only afford a cheap one; what if Yoongi's employees mock him for wearing an easily worn-out tie?
"He can tie me with it though," Jimin snickers and sneakily looks around him for a bit to see if anyone heard him. Okay, that's a bit out of line. Director Min is hot but he can't go around having a boner for his boss! That's not an ingredient for a peaceful office life.
"Oh, hi." Jimin jolts when he hears a young lady's voice. "Ah, hello," he answers with a smile. The lady returns the gesture and opens the door of the flower shop wider. "You've been standing in front of our window for 10 minutes, sir. Do you want to have a look inside?"
Jimin chuckles apologetically and rubs the back of his neck. "Sorry if I seemed like a creep. But sure, I'll have a look at your flowers. Thank you." "There are also a variety of plants at the back of the room," the lady says, ushering him to the potted flowers first.
"This is pretty." Jimin touches the petal of a pink tulip. "Do you need a bouquet, sir? For what occasion?" "Not a bouquet. Just... a little something for someone's birthday." "Ah, if you're looking for a cute gift, I know something that might interest you."
Jimin follows the lady to the back of the room where little potted plants are placed on top of the racks. "These are called succulents, sir. It's pretty famous for home or office display apart from requiring minimal maintenance." Jimin hums appreciatively. They look adorable.
"This one looks cool." Jimin points at the spiky little succulent. "Oh, haworthia. Nice pick, sir. I love that plant too." The lady picks up the pot. "Anything else?" "Just that one in the meantime. I'm not even sure if the person I'm giving it to is into plants." He laughs.
"I think anyone would love a little bit of nature in their life. We're living in a city so it's kinda hard to appreciate nature from here," the lady says with a good-natured hum as she walks toward the counter.
"You can pick a pot for your succulent, sir. You can browse through that shelf over there." Jimin follows her instruction and goes to the shelf where several pots of different shapes and sizes are all displayed for the customers to see. After half a minute, Jimin utters, "Ah."
A playful smile tugs at the corners of his lips when he picks up a white kitty pot with its eyes shut closed as if the animal was sleeping. A fond memory suddenly plays in Jimin's mind where he sees Yoongi's kitten-like eyes fluttered shut under the bright morning light.
An amused breath comes out of Jimin's mouth before he walks back to the counter with the kitty pot in hand. "I'll get this one," he tells the florist. "You can design your own pot, sir! Do you want to add anything?"
After a moment of deliberating with himself, Jimin smiles at the lady and asks, "Do you have a little Eiffel Tower to come with the plant?" "Oh, yes! I think I have one here." After rummaging behind the counter, she stands up and places a steel miniature tower on the counter.
"That looks perfect." Jimin chuckles at the miniature Eiffel Tower, trying not to reminisce too much of his worthwhile and /wild/ adventure in the City of Love in front of the pretty lady. "Do you need a card and a box, sir?" He nods. "Yes, please." Jimin's gift is perfect.
Jimin shifts restlessly on his feet as he rides the elevator up to the 31st floor, fiddling with the ribbon of the small box containing his precious gift for the director. What would Yoongi say when he sees it? Will he like it? Or get disappointed? Fuck, Jimin is nervous.
When the elevator dings open, Jimin takes a deep breath and walks on the short corridor leading to Secretary Jung's reception desk. "Good morning, Mr. Jung," he greets Hoseok with a wide smile. "Oh, Mr. Park! What brings you here? Do you have an appointment with the director?"
When Hoseok motions to grab the director's schedule book, probably wondering if he missed out on any appointment for him, Jimin immediately tells, "No! I'm just here to give Director Min this." He shows the box to the secretary, blushing when he adds, "For his birthday."
At this, Hoseok lets out a bright chuckle. "You're so thoughtful, Mr. Park." "Director Min treated me to dinner on his birthday so... I'm giving this gift as a thank you." He puckers his lips a bit. "I'm not sure if he'll like it."
"I'm sure he will," Mr. Jung assures him with a kind smile. "Although, you would have to wait for a while. Director Min is currently busy entertaining the Vice President in his office." "Oh." Jimin looks at the closed double doors. Director Min's older brother is there with him?
"Um, will I be able to catch the director sometime this afternoon?" "Hmm, let me check." Mr. Jung opens the schedule book, flipping through the pages. "Director Min's schedule is fully booked today so I'm afraid not, Mr. Park," he utters apologetically.
"I see." Jimin tries not to look disappointed even though he kinda wants to knock on the door and see the director. That would be rude though, and he'll probably get his ass fired by Vice President Min if he does.
Crestfallen, Jimin places the box on the secretary's desk. "Mr. Jung, can you give this for me please?" "I can but are you sure?" Hoseok's eyebrows furrow. "Don't you want to give it yourself?" "It's okay. It can't wait." The plant might die if it stays in the box for too long.
There's a hint of sympathy in the secretary's eyes when he says, "I understand. I'll be sure to give this to the director once he finishes his meeting with Vice President Min." "Thank you, Mr. Jung." He bows to the secretary. "And, oh, please call me Jimin."
The secretary laughs. "Okay. Jimin." The younger returns the smile and bows his head again, glancing at the closed doors one last time with a sigh before turning around to take the elevator down to his office. He still has work to do. ☕️
"I have a gift for you, brother," Yoongi hears Junki say from the black leather couch as he flips through the documents that he'll need for today's meeting with an important client. "Ceramics from Busan." "Thanks, just leave them there," Yoongi utters — apathetic.
"Just act a little bit happy, will you?" Vice President Min chuckles. "You wound me, little brother." "I'm busy. If you have nothing to say, I'll meet you at the estate next week." Yoongi takes his pen and affixes his signature to the bottom part of the paper.
Junki huffs and rests his arm on the backrest of the couch, staring at his little brother behind the desk. "You've been a bit uptight since you came back from Paris. Did something happen?" Yoongi's hand on the pages pauses. "What do you mean?" he asks, finally glancing up.
"You tell me." The vice president snorts. Then, his expression morphs into genuine concern. "What's wrong, Yoongi?" Director Min looks down at the papers in his hands, contemplating for a moment. "Do you..." he begins. "Believe in soulmates?"
His brother seems surprised at the choice of topic. "What brought this on?" he asks. "But, yeah, I do." "It's just..." Yoongi sighs and places the document down on his desk, clasping his hands together under his chin. "I found my soulmate." "What?!" Junki exclaims in shock.
"I think I've always believed in soulmates but I just didn't have faith in it." Director Min licks his lips, his mind suddenly plagued by the images of a certain man with golden skin, dark brown eyes, and plump rosy lips. "It feels weird finding the supposed other half of me."
As the initial shock does down, Junki lets out a hum as he settles back on the couch. "What are you gonna do about it?" "Nothing." A small frown appears on Yoongi's face. "Should I be doing something?"
His brother shrugs. "I don't know; it's up to you. My wife and I aren't soulmates but we learned to love each other. I just want the same happiness for you, little brother." At this, Yoongi's gaze falls on his desk. Then, he utters, "I don't think he wants me to do anything."
"How did you know? Did he tell you not to?" Yoongi shakes his head. "He didn't but he doesn't like being around me." "Maybe, he's just as confused as you are. Give him time. After all, finding your soulmate changes your life forever."
Standing up from the couch and fixing the button of his coat, Vice President Min tells him, "I know you, brother. You're wise. You know how to handle things like this." He grins. "And while you're at it, I demand to meet him once things are settled between the two of you."
Yoongi huffs as he watches his brother walking toward the door. "Ah, I almost forgot." Junki's hand on the handle pauses. "Your presence is need at the company's party this Saturday. No excuses." Director Min groans as his brother exits the room with an amused smirk.
Yoongi hates company parties. "Director?" Mr. Jung enters the room with a small box in his hand. "There's a gift for you." Sighing, Yoongi takes another set of papers and says, "You can have it." When will their business partners stop sending him gifts?
It's already been 5 days since his birthday for God's sake. "I think you might want this one, sir." His secretary's suggestion causes Yoongi's eyes to travel up, noticing the mysterious smile on the man's lips. "Who is it from?"
Placing the little box on his office desk, Secretary Jung tells him, "From Mr. Park Jimin." Yoongi's lashes flutter as his mouth gapes open at the mention of his soulmate's name. "What?"
Hoseok chortles. "I'll leave you to it director. We'll head to your next meeting in 15 minutes." When the door closes behind the secretary, leaving Yoongi entirely alone in the office, the director grabs the box and pulls the ribbon without a word.
What could this be? Why would Jimin even give him something— Yoongi's brows go up to his hairline when he sees a little succulent plant inside the box. "This..." he mutters and notices a little greeting card beside the pot.
As he takes all of the contents of the box out, an amused chuckle comes out of Yoongi's mouth when he sees the kitty pot and the miniature Eiffel Tower that comes along with the succulent. "What is this?" he laughs, the corners of his eyes crinkling happily.
Yoongi opens the card next and almost splits his face in half right there from smiling too wide as he reads the short note scribbled in neat handwriting: 'A little something to accompany you at work. Happy birthday :)' — J
Placing the card down, Yoongi reaches out to touch the succulent with his fingers, still chuckling at the kitty pot that Jimin chose for the plant. "That and Eiffel Tower, huh," he mutters with a smile. "You really wanna play like this, Park Jimin?"
Then, after placing the succulent and miniature on his desk, Yoongi looks at it fondly one last time before ringing the telephone to his secretary. "Director?" Mr. Jung answers. "What's my schedule at 5 PM?"
"You have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Dalmajung Appliances." "Cancel it." "What? B-But director—" "I need to go somewhere. You're coming with me." "I—" Mr. Jung sighs in defeat. "Okay. I'll inform the organizer." "You're the best, Hoseok." Yoongi smiles and hangs up. ☕️
Jimin spends the last 10 hours worrying about the succulent. What if Mr. Jung forgot to give it to the director? What if Yoongi hated it? What if his boss got offended by the kitty pot and the Eiffel Tower? Was Jimin too bold for doing that?
"Argh!" Jimin ruffles his hair in frustration on his way to the office. There's no point in worrying about that now. "Chim!" Taehyung calls for him with a wave of his hand, his best friend already seated behind his work desk. "There's something here for you."
"What?" Jimin utters grumpily as he dumps his bag on his table. He barely has three hours of sleep because of excessively worrying about— what is that? "Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Jungkook teases him.
Frowning at the box on his table, he asks, "What's this?" "Uh, I don't know? Did you have something delivered to the office?" Taehyung inquires. "No." Jimin's frown deepens as he opens the lid of the box. Who placed this thing here—
"Oh, no. That's so cute." Taehyung laughs as Jimin's jaw drops at the white kitty mug inside. Taking the accompanying card, Jimin opens it and reads the note: 'For your morning coffee. I have the black one. Thanks for the succulent' — Y
"Oh hooo." Jungkook elbows Jimin on the side, looking at him with a knowing smirk. "'Y' as in the first name of Director Min?" "Hoe, you didn't tell us you're already banging him," Taehyung says with one eyebrow riased. "I'm not!" Jimin huffs. "I— I didn't expect this."
"What's that?" Jungkook points at something lying at the bottom of the box. Still recovering from the shock, Jimin takes the 'thing' out of the box and hears a simultaneous gasp come out of his friends' mouths. "Is that...?" Jungkook begins.
"A premiere movie ticket," Taehyung finishes for him, looking over Jimin's shoulder to read the title of the movie, time, and place. "Oh my God, it's at Megabox!" "What?! That's fucking expensive!" Jungkook gapes at the ticket.
"I-I—" Jimin stammers out. Oh my God, he doesn't know what's happening. "The director's asking you out." Taehyung giggles. "Here's your chance, Jiminie." "Yeah, go get that rich dick!" Jungkook guffaws at him.
As Jimin's mind tries to wrap around the fact that Director Min liked his gift so much that the man went to the trouble of giving a gift back to him, Jimin swallows and licks his lips as the ticket in his hands tremble a bit, feeling his heart galloping wildly in his chest.
Even though Jimin's mind tried to find another explanation for this, he knows it'll only be a futile one. Because there's only one evident reason for this ticket in his hands, and it's glaring right at his face: Director Min has asked Jimin out on a movie date tonight. ☕️
Jimin found himself sitting in Director Min's limo for the second time in a span of one week, and he wasn't sure if it was a good idea to spend so much... extracurricular time like this with his boss after working hours.
On their way to the car, Jimin tried not to mind the curious eyes pointed in their direction as Mr. Jung personally fetched him from the office and ushered him out of the building where the limo was parked. Yoongi was already inside the vehicle when the chauffeur opened the door.
At the sight of the man's pale and handsome face, Jimin felt his heart stutter inside his chest, and he said, "H-Hi." "Hm." Yoongi acknowledged him with a nod and a slight tilt of the left corner of his lips. Jimin blushed.
Sitting on the plush seat, a 'safe' and polite distance from the man, Jimin says, "Thank you for the mug and movie ticket—" He catches the word 'director' before it rolls out of his tongue. Instead, he utters, "Yoongi." The smile on Director Min's mouth grows.
"Thank you for your gift, too." Jimin chuckles. "You already thanked me on your note." "I know. But I want to personally tell it to you." Yoongi holds his gaze. "Thank you, Jimin." Jimin bites his bottom lip. His name sounds much better when Yoongi says it.
"Did you like the mug?" The younger nods with a smile. "Yeah. How did you know I usually get my morning coffee?" Oddly, Director Min just shrugs and looks out the window. "Just a guess." Jimin raises a curious brow. A guess, huh.
Jimin has never been to The Boutique Private; he's seen pictures on the internet but actually witnessing the place firsthand with his own two eyes is a whole lot different than the fancy pictures posted on Naver. Needless to say, it's nothing short of luxurious.
There are only eight seats in total in the private viewing, and as Jimin follows Yoongi to their seat in front of the screen, he looks around the place with a baffled expression on his face. "Where's everybody?"
Yoongi sits down on the left center seat. "We're the only ones here." Jimin blinks at the director. "But... aren't the seats of a private viewing like this supposed to be taken?" "Yes," Yoongi says as he opens the bottle of champagne. "I reserved all of them."
Okay. Jimin doesn't get the mindset of rich people sometimes. Letting the matter go, Jimin traverses the small aisle and places his bag on the right center seat. "Why are you there?" he hears Yoongi ask.
"Uh..." Is Jimin not supposed to seat there? "Sit beside me." Director Min indicates the empty seat to his side with a light jerk of his head. "I don't bite," he teases with a little smirk. Jimin huffs amusedly at that and resists the urge to roll his eyes at his boss.
As Jimin takes his bag, two cinema staffs come into the room carrying trays of food in their hands. Placing the food on the end table between their seats, one of the ladies says with an amiable smile, "Please ring us if you need anything, sir."
"Thank you," Yoongi tells her with a nod. As the ladies proceed to walk out of the room, Jimin lets out a sigh at the comfortable cushion pressing against the sore muscles of his back. It's tiring to sit behind his work desk all day.
(I wish my desk chair was like this.) Yoongi turns to look at him. "What's wrong with your desk chair?" The younger jolts a little at the sudden response. Shit. Right, Yoongi can hear his thoughts from this close.
"Um, the backrest is a bit stiff. But it's fine." Jimin takes the offered champagne glass with a 'thank you.' Yoongi hums and swirls his glass, watching the effervescence inside. "You can put a request for replacement," he tells Jimin. "I'll approve it."
Jimin's eyes widen. "Ah, no! It's fine, really." He lets out an awkward chuckle. "It's no big deal. Please don't bother yourself with a trivial problem like that." "You can have back pains with a defective chair," Yoongi reasons out. "And it can interfere with your work."
Jimin doesn't really know what to answer to that so when he remains silent, Yoongi nods with finality and utters, "I'll have someone deliver another chair to the art department tomorrow morning."
"I—" Jimin's lips touch the rim of the champagne glass, feeling the heat on his cheeks burning hotter. "Thank you, sir." "Don't call me 'sir' when we're alone like this," Yoongi chides him lightly.
Letting out an amused breath through his nose, Jimin takes a sip of the champagne and says, "Sorry. You sounded like a real boss earlier." "I am a real boss." Yoongi lifts a brow. "Yeah." Jimin licks the bitter taste off his lips. "Your authority is... compelling."
Yoongi takes a moment to digest the last word. "Compelling — in what way?" There's a subtle shift in the air, and Jimin knows Yoongi can feel it too. "In a good kind of way." Yoongi's rises are glinting in the cinema lights. "Would you care to elaborate, Mr. Park?"
There's a teasing tone in the director's voice, one that makes Jimin shift a bit restlessly in his seat, and Yoongi notices it. If the smug upturn of the corners of his lips was any indication. "When you talk..." Jimin begins. "You sound sure and decisive." Yoongi waits.
Jimin's knees rub together under the blanket, and then, he speaks into the director's mind with a bright flush on his face, (It's hot.)
A low chuckle scratches the base of Director Min's throat. (You think I'm hot?) Jimin grabs the stem of the glass with his other hand, clutching the thing steadily on his lap. He's trembling, and the place suddenly feels warm despite the AC on full blast. (Yes.)
Director Min keeps his gaze trained on Jimin's face beside him, wordlessly staring at him for quite some time before he says, (If you had been honest like this right from the start, then things would have been much simpler.)
Jimin's lashes flutter at the man's words, and he sees something strange swimming in the other's eyes. He can't quite put a finger on it but there's power and intensity lurking behind that emotion in Yoongi's dark eyes. (Jimin, can we—) The lights all turn off.
Jimin's head turns to the big screen in front of him, and whatever Yoongi was about to say gets swallowed by the sound of the movie blasting through the high-quality speakers mounted on the walls around them.
He hears a soft sigh from the director before the man settles back on his seat without another word. It's a superhero movie, an international one. Jimin has read a few articles about it and originally, he was planning to ask Taehyung and Jungkook to watch the film with him.
Well, that was until Director Min gave him that surprise gift together with a premiere ticket of the said film. However, halfway into the movie, Jimin starts to doze off.
It has been a busy day at the office, and with the comfortable cushion behind him together with a steady supply of good food and champagne, Jimin couldn't help but feel sleepy despite the exploding cars and buildings on the screen in front of him.
When Jimin's head slips off the edge of the seat for the fourth time, he feels a gentle hand touching the side of his head, pulling him close until his temple rests on a firm shoulder. (You're gonna fall.) Jimin gasps at the sense of familiarity that those words evoke in him.
/ “You’re gonna fall.” Jimin gasps softly when Yoongi places a hand under his head to pull him up. /
/ Instinctively, Jimin clings to him until the man pulls them back to the center of the bed, laying Jimin’s head on the mattress with a kind of gentleness that isn’t really a requisite for wild one-night stands. /
/ “You’re a sweet guy, aren’t you?” Jimin jokes with a smile. “Your future partner will be lucky to have you.” / Because of the sudden replay of that certain memory, Jimin lets out an amused breath and says, "You're really a sweet guy."
He hears a low hum beside him. "I'm sure my future partner will be lucky to have me." Jimin has to bite his bottom lip to suppress the laugh that was threatening to burst out of his mouth. Yoongi remembered.
"I'm not sure about that. You can be a handful at times," Jimin tells him. A quiet chuckle. "So are you." Then, Jimin feels the director's hand reaching out for him, twining their fingers together on the armrest between them. (Sleep), Yoongi says. (I'll keep you from falling).
Yoongi's fingers are longer than his, and the skin of his palm is soft and warm. Jimin can't hear anything but the loud pounding of his heart despite the chaos happening on the screen. And when he feels the director lightly squeezing his hand, Jimin squeezes back.
'I'll keep you from falling,' he remembers Yoongi telling him. But as his lashes flutter closed and all the sounds around him become muted to his ears, Jimin wonders. Despite Director Min's firm hold on his hand, why does Jimin feel like he's still falling? ☕
Director Min & Mr. Park 🎬 #TelepathyAU
Jimin has been standing in front of their office for 5 minutes now, fiddling on the strap of his waist bag and worrying his bottom lip with his teeth. He kinda doesn't want to enter. "Jimin!" a high-spirited voice greets him in the corridor. "Good morning."
Jimin returns the greeting with a smile. "Hi, good morning." Jin drapes his arm over the younger's shoulders. "Why are you standing here outside? Come with me; I have to give something to your manager anyway." "Jin—" The elder grabs his wrist and opens the office door.
Walking through the short corridor leading to the art department, Jin pats his shoulder before going to Manager Kang's office, leaving Jimin in the presence of his colleagues who are all giving him odd glances and side-looks. "Jiminie!" Taehyung beams at him.
"We have new chairs!" Jimin watches as his best friend spins his chair around happily while his soulmate, Jungkook, is lounging on the chair with both arms under his head. "Did all of these come this morning?" Jimin asks, shocked. "Yeah," answers Jungkook.
Then, Taehyung glances at their officemates for a second before placing a hand beside his mouth, leaning in to whisper to Jimin, "Someone mentioned that the chairs were funded by Director Min's office." Jimin lets out an awkward laugh. "Were they?"
"Yeah." His best friend smirks and pats his back. "Whatever you're doing with Director Min, keep doing it, Chim." "We're benefiting from your sugar daddy, too," Jungkook unabashedly proclaims with a laugh. "Oh my God, he's not my— don't call him that!" Jimin blushes furiously.
"So?" Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, adopting his 'tell-me-what-I-wanna-know-now' pose with a slight raise of his left eyebrow. "What happened with your movie date?" Plopping on his seat, Jimin sighs and says, "It was nice." "Define nice."
The flush on Jimin's cheeks deepens at the memory of the events last night. He would be lying if he says he hadn't laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling for two hours, thinking about the director's long fingers linked with his, his broad shoulder offered to him for support.
"Director Min reserved the entire place to ourselves but I got sleepy halfway through the movie and... he let me lean on his shoulder." Jimin feels something stir in his chest. "He held my hand and waited for me to wake up before taking me back home."
"Wow." Taehyung blinks at him, sharing a weird glance with Jungkook over his shoulder. "Are you dating?" Jungkook asks, upfront. "No." "But does Director Min like you?" "I—" Jimin crinkles his nose. "I don't know. He didn't say anything."
"I'm gonna bet Taehyung's left kidney that the man likes you." Taehyung lets out an unimpressed noise. "Then, I'm betting both of Jungkook's balls that Director Min wants to fuck you." "Shh!" Jimin hushes them frantically. "Can you two be any /louder/?"
To his horror, Taehyung shouts, "HE WANTS TO FUCK Y—HMMMMM!" "AAHHH!" Jimin lunges at his best friend to cover his fucking big mouth with both hands. "H-Ha ha ha." He laughs as he bows apologetically to the other employees in the office.
Glaring at his best friend, Jimin pinches his cheeks /hard/. "Ow ow ow!" Taehyung complains, tapping Jimin's arm until he releases his face. With a huff, Jimin tells both of them, "No one can know, okay? What if Director Min gets in trouble because of me?"
"The only one who's gonna get in trouble—if there'll be any—is you, Jimin," Jungkook responds. "Director Min could care less about his reputation in this company. But you..." He points at Jimin. "You could get fired because you're just an employee."
"Kook's right." Taehyung sighs. "Stop worrying about others and start worrying about yourself. You're too kind sometimes." Jimin winces at the undeniable truth in his friends' words. Yoongi can do everything he wants because he's one of the bosses of this company. But Jimin...
Jimin doesn't have that kind of privilege.
"Hey, what's the tea?" Jimin sees the assistant manager of the sales department, Jin, aproaching them. "Don't leave me out!" "We're just talking about Jimin's wonderful love life," Taehyung tells him. "Wonderful isn't the right word." Jungkook smirks. "But luxurious."
"I hate you both, you know that right?" "We do," his friends answer in unison, making Jimin roll his eyes. "Is this about Director Min?" Jimin feels his whole body freeze. "Where did you get that idea?" It was Taehyung who asked.
"You know that people like gossips, yeah?" Jin shrugs. "Corporate life is terribly monotonous, and when people get bored, they find something to talk about." Resting an arm on top of Jimin's chair, Jin gives him a knowing smirk. "Besides, Director Min isn't being subtle at all."
"I fully agree." Jungkook nods repeatedly. "I heard rumors that the enigmatic and unapproachable Director Min went to your office to see an employee," Jin tells them. "They said that he and said employee hopped into the director's limo and rode off somewhere after work hours."
Jimin sinks a little into his brand new work chair. "I don't judge." Jin laughs and pats Jimin's shoulder. "If you're both happy, then it's alright, yes?" "We're not together," Jimin utters through a pout. "Why is everyone assuming we're together?"
"Because you're clearly interested in each other besides the fact that you're soulmates," Taehyung answers matter-of-factly. "You're what?!" Jin exclaims in surprise. "Wow, that's— congratulations on finding your soulmate, I guess?"
"It's a pain in the ass." Jimin grimaces. "I'm talking about the shared ability." "They can hear each other's thoughts," Jungkook clarifies for Seokjin. "Huh, that's interesting." Jin rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Can you hear everything?""
"What do you mean?" Jimin asks. "Like," Jin waves his hand in the air. "Can you hear what he thinks about? Can you hear his feelings?" "No." Jimin shakes his head. "Only the spoken thoughts, I think." To this, the assistant manager hums. "Fair enough."
Jimin has always wondered when their soulmate telepathy 'switched on.' He distinctly remembers Taehyung telling him that his 'soulmate switch' with Jungkook turned on after they shared a very spicy meal at a restaurant. As for him and Yoongi, well... / (Hungry.) / Jimin gasps.
Was it that moment? When he heard Yoongi's voice in his head the next morning after their one-night stand? If that's the case, then the trigger for their soulmate switch was... sex?
"Mr. Park Jimin?" Jimin turns to look at the guy standing on the doorway of their office. "Yes?" he says as he walks toward the man. "Do you need anything?" "A delivery for you, sir." The man offers a box to him. "From Scarlet Treats."
"Scarlet— huh?" Jimin's lashes flutter in confusion, looking down at the box of... something in his hands. "Enjoy your treats, sir!" Then, the guy turns on his heels to walk away, probably off to go back to work.
"What's that?" Jungkook asks as Jimin settles on his chair again, placing the mysterious box on top of his work desk. "Did you order food?" Taehyung asks.
"No, but..." Jimin opens the cover and sees 6 adorable cupcakes inside, all looking tasty and freshly-made. There's a little yellow sticky note on the box, and Jimin takes it off to read the neat handwriting inked on the surface: 'Good morning' - Y
"Whoa!" Taehyung grins. "Chim, can I have the one with the white bear?" "A box of cupcakes and a handwritten 'Good morning' note from Daddy Y." Jungkook snorts amusedly. "That's so sweet I'm having dental caries."
Jimin would have said a retort to that but his cheeks are currently busy fanning the flames on his face especially when he turns the note over and sees the same handwriting inked on the back of the paper. A snicker comes out of Jin's mouth. "Not subtle at all," he utters.
With butterflies fluttering inside his stomach, Jimin feels his heart jump a thousand mile upon seeing the 11 figures scribbled on the note. Not a business card, but a handwritten note. A. Hand. Written. Note. "Oh," Jimin whispers. Yoongi wrote down his number for him. ☕️
- lady's note - Hi! Here's a special chapter about Director Min and Mr. Park's first encounter in Paris. You can read it if you want ^^
“Okay, listen up!” Jimin turns his head to Manager Kang as the man claps twice to catch their attention. His boss says, “I want you all to be on your best behavior at the company party tonight. We might finally get that elusive ‘Best Department Award.’ Who knows?”
Taehyung grunts beside him. “Our department is performing well this year; even Director Min recognizes our hard work.” Mr. Kang gestures to the brand-new chairs in their office as if telling them that they wouldn’t get such special treatment +
+ if their department didn’t win the big boss’s favor. At that, a few curious eyes sneak a glance in Jimin’s direction. “If only Mr. Kang knew why,” Taehyung snorts.
Jimin tuts and turns back to his computer to continue editing the advertisement poster he’s been doing for the past two and a half hours. “Don’t start.” “Have you texted him?” “No.” “Eh? Why?”
“Why would I?” Jimin sighs and rests his chin on a palm while his right hand keeps clicking on the computer mouse. “I don’t have anything to say.” “You’re cute for playing hard to get.” Taehyung smirks at him.
“That’s a cool move and all but if you do that so much, you might lose Daddy Y.” “Okay, first of all, don’t call him that,” Jimin begins with a frown. “Second of all, I don’t want to get in trouble with the higher-ups.”
“But he /is/ one of the higher-ups.” “/One/ of them,” Jimin clarifies. “What about the rest? I’m pretty sure the chairman won’t be happy to see me hanging out with his precious grandson.” At this, Taehyung raises a questioning brow. “How do you know?”
“I know.” Jimin’s finger pauses above the button. “You know what happened last time.” Because of the sudden shift in Jimin’s mood, Taehyung rolls his office chair closer and places his chin on his best friend’s shoulder, offering his silent support.
“Hey, it’s not your fault, hm? Sanwoo’s just an asshole.” “He is.” Jimin lets out an annoyed huff. “What kind of dick breaks up with their boyfriend for a promotion?” “A small one.” Taehyung pulls back with a roll of his eyes.
“He was threatened once by his uncle, and the guy immediately dropped his tail between his legs. What a sore loser.” “Sanwoo’s always been an ambitious guy. I’m not surprised when he chose his job over me.”
Sanwoo used to be his manager in his former company; Jimin was skeptical to date him at first but foolishness took over him, and he got swayed by his ex’s flowery words.
They dated for a year before Sanwoo’s uncle, one of the stockholders of the company, offered him a higher position on one condition: Sanwoo had to work overseas for six months and date the daughter of his uncle’s friend.
Jimin had called bullshit, of course. Who even does that in the 21st century? Yet again, Jimin wasn’t born rich. He comes from a modest family in Busan, and he had to work his way through everything because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
He can never understand what it’s like to choose between power and happiness. He has always put a good amount of effort into the latter but sometimes, the idea feels too farfetched even for a hopeless romantic like him. Things were so fucking messy back then.
Jimin looks at the half-empty box of bread on his desk. Another delivery was sent to their office this morning and Jimin would be lying if he says he didn’t find it cute but the thing is, he thinks people are already starting to notice.
With an internal sigh, Jimin closes his eyes. Why is this happening to him again? ☕
Yoongi’s pen pauses on the document as the director throws a swift glance at his phone for the tenth time in a span of two hours. The screen is dark, and it hasn’t received any new messages since yesterday apart from Hoseok and his older brother’s random texts.
His call log remains as stale as it is but it’s not like he’s waiting for someone to call him. Except that, in all honesty, he is. What if Jimin didn’t see his number on the card?
Putting his pen down, Yoongi leans back on the black leather chair with a sigh. With his eyes closed, the director reaches up to squeeze the bridge of his nose. He hasn’t had his morning dose of caffeine yet, and he can feel another bout of headache coming.
He stayed up late last night to finish up a few backlogs and now, he’s starting to regret that decision because he hasn’t had enough sleep to get him through the day. Maybe, he could get an hour of sleep before the company party tonight? “Director.”
Yoongi’s eyes flutter open at the sound of his secretary’s voice. “I got the calling card you asked for,” Hoseok says and places the white card on the desk. “Thanks.” Yoongi takes it and types the number on his phone.
“You look tired,” his friend comments with a worried frown. “Did you stay up late again last night?” Yoongi hums and saves the contact number in his directory for future use. “Had to finish up some files.” “Do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?” “Yes, please.”
With a nod, Hoseok walks to the other side of the room where the coffee machine is. As the secretary prepares coffee for him, Yoongi clicks the green button on his phone and presses the screen to his right ear.
After a moment or two, the call picks up. “Hello, good morning. Welcome to Purple Side Cafe.” “Good morning. Do you do one-week deliveries?” Yoongi inquires. “Yes, sir. We have different sets of pastries and drinks each day. Would you like to see our menu?”
“It’s fine. I’ll leave it up to you.” “Of course. It’s our pleasure, sir!” the lady answers sweetly. “Please send us an email of your order.” “Okay. Thank you.” “Thank you for trusting us. Have a nice day!”
As Yoongi ends the call, Hoseok walks back to him and places the mug of coffee on the desk. “Director, you know I can do that for you.” Yoongi reaches out for his drink and suppresses the urge to smile upon seeing the black kitty mug, +
+ wondering for a moment if the other pair is being used well. Has Jimin taken his morning coffee yet? “I know but I want to do it myself,” he tells his secretary as he stirs the steaming coffee.
With an understanding nod, Hoseok smiles. “You’ve never done this for anyone before. Is Mr. Park special?” Director Min freezes for a split second before taking the spoon out and lifting the mug to inhale the rich aroma. “I guess,” he says and takes a sip of the bitter coffee.
“Oh?” Mr. Jung tilts his head slightly. “I’m curious.” Licking his lips, Yoongi puts the mug down on the saucer. “He’s my soulmate.” A look of utter surprise crosses the secretary’s face. “Really? I— oh my God, director. That’s… congratulations.”
Yoongi snorts lightly. “Why are you congratulating me?” “Why not? It’s not everyday someone gets to meet their soulmate in their lifetime. You’re fortunate to meet yours, sir.” Mr. Jung smiles widely at him. “I’m happy for you both.”
Yoongi touches the rim of the mug with his finger, suddenly submerging in his thoughts as a lot of things come up in his mind at once. “Do you think it’ll work out?” he utters uncertainly. “With Jimin?”
“I don’t see any reason why things won’t work out between the two of you.” Hoseok chuckles as if knowing a little secret that he can’t say to Yoongi. “Why are you laughing?” “Nothing.” Hoseok bows to him. “I’ll go back to work, director.”
“Ya, Hoseok,” Yoongi calls after him but the secretary just laughs and bows one more time before closing the door to his office. With a disbelieving sigh, Yoongi steals a glance at his phone one more time before taking the pen again to start filling up the rest of the documents.
He knows he can easily have Hoseok pull out Jimin’s file again to get his number but that won’t be a really smart move on his part. He’s not a creep, and he doesn’t want to do anything that will make Jimin hate him.
Yoongi likes teasing him, yes, but getting his number that way doesn’t sound like the best way to earn Jimin’s favor. “Shit,” Yoongi mutters under his breath. Figuring out Park Jimin is harder than preparing an annual report for the board of directors.
Through his periphery, Yoongi catches sight of the little succulent plant and mini-Eiffel Tower displayed on the left side of his desk. He watered the plant yesterday so it won’t need tending to anytime soon.
Yoongi’s left hand reaches out for the plant, letting his fingers touch the hard, rubbery leaves gently as a soft look settles in his eyes. Somehow, he finds himself touching the plant whenever he feels stressed.
The action develops into something like an ‘instinct’ as if it’s Yoongi’s coping mechanism when things get too rough at work. It hasn’t been long since he got the plant but somehow, Director Min has started growing a certain kind of fondness and attachment to it.
Whenever he enters the office each morning, the succulent is always the first thing he searches for.
It’s like a break from his daily routine, and that short moment of repose when he stares at the succulent plant like this without having to think of his tight schedule or the pile of papers on his desk brings Yoongi a sense of tranquility he hasn’t felt in years.
‘A little something to accompany you at work,’ he remembers Jimin writing on the note with a little smiley face at the end. Yoongi lets out an amused breath as the corners of his mouth twitch up.
“I kinda want to see you,” he whispers as his fingers touch the tiny succulent plant, letting the green little thing light up the otherwise dull and lifeless room. ☕
Jimin’s first party at his new company is much grander than his former one. Probably because it’s a larger corporation that’s renowned in the business world and one of the top influential companies in South Korea.
He didn’t know what stroke of luck he managed to pull out of his ass to get accepted to this firm. It’s not like he had anyone to back him up on his application. Yoongi certainly didn’t know he existed when his application got accepted.
So really, what kind of luck did he conjure up for this? As Jimin looks up at the grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, he tells his friends beside him, “Now, I understand why you didn’t wanna hang out with me when you got a company party.”
Jungkook snorts as he picks up a glass from the buffet table. “I ain’t gonna give up free food for anything.” “Are you saying you’re gonna give me up?” Taehyung raises an affronted brow.
Pouring himself a drink from the punch bowl, Jungkook answers, “If the quality and price are right, why not?” “Ya!” Taehyung huffs at his soulmate. “Do you want me to break up with you?”
“You won’t.” Jungkook smirks over the rim of his glass. “My charm is too much for you to resist.” Blushing, Taehyung rolls his eyes and turns to look at Jimin. “See that? I fucking hate his guts.”
Laughing, the youngest reaches out to hold Taehyung’s hand. “Let’s go to our table,” he says before dragging his annoyed but blushing soulmate away with him.
Left behind, Jimin grabs an empty glass and proceeds to pour himself a drink, humming delightedly at the bittersweet mixture of alcohol and citrus fruit on his tongue. “Jimin!” An arm goes around his shoulders. “It’s nice to see you here.”
“Jin,” Jimin smiles at the elder. “Hi.” “Where’s the annoying couple?” the elder asks, craning his neck over the tables to search for Taehyung and Jungkook. “They’re already seated at our table. Wanna join us?”
“Nah, I should go to my department. Who knows, we might win the award again this year,” Jin utters with a playful wink. “Our manager said the art department has been performing well this year so we might snatch the trophy from you,” Jimin answers teasingly.
Jin snorts. “You wish. Our manager might be clumsy but he’s an intelligent and hard-working guy.” “I am?”
Jimin watches in amusement as Jin’s face turns from confused to horrified to embarrassed all in a span of two seconds when a tall and lean man approaches them with a dimpled smile on his face. “Hi, I’m Kim Namjoon. The sales department’s manager.” He offers a hand to Jimin.
“Hello.” He shakes the guy’s hand, smiling. “I’m Park Jimin from the art department.” “Ya.” Jin huffs at the man. “You shouldn’t be sneaking behind other people’s backs! That's rude.”
“I’m not.” Namjoon offers a glass of wine to Jin, who takes it with a light huff through his nose. “You’re just loud.” Jin lets out a funny and offended noise that draws a chuckle out of Jimin’s throat. This is the first time he’s seeing Jin so flustered like this. Interesting.
Rolling his eyes, Jin says, “I’m going to my table.” “Hey.” Namjoon reaches out to hold Jin’s arm but the latter pulls his limb free quickly, flushing a deep shade of red upon contact.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” Jin exclaims before turning around to scurry away to his table. “Mr. Kim, you’re his boss, right?” Jimin asks, laughing at his co-workers’ funny exchange.
“Yeah, but he’s never treated me as such. It’s hilarious.” Namjoon smiles again, showing off his pretty dimples. Jimin hums. “If you were my manager, then things might be more fun at work.”
After a moment, Jimin realizes what he just said, and he whips his face to the side to look at the manager apologetically. “I-I’m sorry. Please, pretend you didn’t hear that.” Jimin and his big mouth. Ugh.
Namjoon laughs and takes a sip of his wine. “Manager Kang isn’t the funniest person around, even among us department heads. I understand where you’re coming from, Mr. Park.” The younger gives him a bright smile. “Please, call me ‘Jimin.’”
“Oh.” Namjoon chuckles. “Sure. Then, call me ‘Namjoon.’” “Wha— no, how could I?” “You’re Jin’s friend so you’re not just an employee to me now.” Jimin blinks at him. “Sorry?” Namjoon smiles shyly as his gaze drops to the drink in his hand. “I’m courting Seokjin.”
“Court—” As the information sinks in, Jimin blinks twice before letting out a shocked gasp. Jin is being wooed by his boss? “I—oh my God, really?” “Yeah.” Namjoon flicks his stare up, his eyes disappearing into tiny crescents. “I’ve been chasing him for about two years now.”
‘Two years? Whoa,’ Jimin thinks in astonishment. Namjoon has a /lot/ of patience.
“I don’t recommend it though. I think I’m the only one who’s stubborn enough to do that,” Namjoon tells him with an amused huff. “If you have someone you like, be with them as soon as possible. Life is short to drag around things so much.”
The manager’s words surprise him, and Jimin feels like Namjoon has struck something deep inside him. He opens his mouth to convey a response but a man’s voice speaking into the microphone cuts him off.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Min Group’s annual recognition party, and I hope everyone is already having a good time.” “I’d better go to my table,” Namjoon says with one last smile. “It’s nice meeting you, Jimin. See you around.” “You too.”
As the manager walks away to join the rest of his department, Jimin makes his way toward their table and settles on the empty seat beside his best friend. “That’s Mr. Han,” Taehyung mutters near Jimin’s ear, staring at the man speaking into the mic.
“He’s one of the minor shareholders of the company.” "Ah," Jimin hums. After speaking a few more words, Mr. Han says, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the founding father of UpLift and the head of the Min Group, Chairman Min Yeong-soo.”
As the crowd fills the hall with a loud round of applause, Jimin watches with great curiosity as an old man goes up the stage with a cane thumping against the surface of the platform. “That’s Director Min’s grandfather,” Jungkook tells him.
Jimin’s lips part a little, staring at the old man who’s now standing behind the microphone with his hands perched on top of his cane, looking at his employees with an aura of power and authority enveloping him.
His grey hair is combed and parted to the side, standing in stark contrast against the black tuxedo he’s wearing. “Good evening,” he begins, and his voice reverberates inside the hall. “I’m glad to be here with all of you. +
+ Thank you for your hard work and contribution to our company. On behalf of the Min Group, I express my deepest gratitude to each and everyone in this hall. Let’s continue supporting each other, and I hope the upcoming year will be kind to all of us. +
+ Tonight, please indulge yourselves with drinks and good food because you deserve all of it. A pleasant evening to all of you.”
As another round of applause airs inside the hall, Jimin sees Yoongi’s older brother going up the stage to take his grandfather’s place, bowing to the elder for a moment before speaking into the microphone. “Let's proceed to the awarding ceremony.”
Jimin listens with one ear as he and his friends enjoy themselves with plates of sushi and other expensive dishes that he can’t eat on a daily basis. Really, Jimin doesn’t want to leave this company /ever/.
“Chim! Chim!” Taehyung elbows his side. “Ow! What the fuck?” Jimin rubs his sore ribs. “Your paramour,” he says with a teasing smirk, jerking his chin toward the stage.
At that, Jimin turns around to look at the handsome man going up the platform wearing a magnificent black suit that fits his lean physique quite admirably. His dark locks are curling under his ears and around his neck — a few days past cut but still beautiful nonetheless.
He’s carrying an acrylic plaque with him, and the way the spotlight shines on his face makes his pale skin glow warmer. Upon seeing him up there on stage, Jimin feels a tiny squish in his chest. Director Min looks so fucking good tonight.
“And the Best Department Award goes to…” Vice President Min pauses to let the tension drop. Then, he finally says, “The art department. Congratulations.” The first thing that Jimin hears is Mr. Kang’s shout followed by his colleagues’ loud and happy cheers.
Everyone in his department is hugging each other; even Taehyung and Jungkook are yelling and whistling before they both hug Jimin out of happiness. “We did it!” Taehyung exclaims with a wide, boxy smile. “We won! We fucking won!” Jungkook throws his head back with a loud laugh.
“Congratulations!” Jimin utters with an equally joyful smile. He hasn’t stayed in the company long enough to know how much this award meant to his friends and everyone in the art department but he’s happy for all of them. They deserve it.
“Kim! Park! Come with me!” Before Jimin can protest, Mr. Kang is already dragging him and Taehyung toward the stage as the manager bows to the people congratulating them on their way, wearing pride on his shoulders for winning the elusive award for his department.
As they climb up the stage, Hoseok extends his congratulations to them with a bow and a handshake. “Congrats,” he says, squeezing Jimin’s hand. “Thank you, Mr. Jung,” the younger answers, smiling.
Jimin stands awkwardly beside Taehyung, clapping his hands as Mr. Kang accepts the plaque from Director Min before proceeding to speak a few words into the microphone. When Jimin sees Mr. Jung approaching them, he immediately takes a step back to let the secretary take his place.
But then, to his surprise, Hoseok gives him a mysterious smile before grabbing him by the arm to gently push him toward the center of the stage. Taehyung sees what’s happening, and his best friend joins the fun by switching places with him.
The awkward smile on Jimin’s face twitches when he ends up standing beside Director Min in the center of the stage.
Yoongi has an amused smile on his face that he's trying to hide from the audience but Jimin can see the palpable humor in his eyes. Before Manager Kang reaches the end of his speech, Jimin stealthily takes a step back and quietly makes his way to the other side of the stage.
Situating himself beside Secretary Jung, Jimin turns around for a second to press the back of his hand against his lips, desperately trying to fight off the furious blush on his face because, fuck, what if everyone sees through his crush on Director Min?
Why did Mr. Jung and Taehyung even do that?! After taking a group photo, Jimin climbs down the stage and hurriedly excuses himself to go to the restroom. He has to calm himself down before he does something stupid in front of everybody.
Pushing the door open, Jimin turns the tap on and splashes his face with cold water. He stares at his reflection in the mirror and almost smacks himself in the face when he sees a prominent blush on his cheekbones.
“Fuck,” Jimin curses under his breath before splashing cold water again on his face twice. He has to calm the fuck down but his stubborn heart seems like it has another idea tonight.
Pulling a paper towel from the dispenser, Jimin dries off his face with a groan before throwing the crumpled paper into the bin. He can’t go out there in this state. Without a doubt, Mr. Jung knows that there’s something going on between him and Yoongi.
And it also doesn’t help that Jimin isn’t sure if the smile on the director’s face earlier was out of happiness or amusement. Yoongi told him that he liked teasing him so was it just him making fun of Jimin?
This ‘thing’ between them is dangerous. Jimin knows that. It’s like a fragile thread that’s on the verge of breaking everytime Jimin is in close proximity to Yoongi. Are they both sexually frustrated? Is it because of that?
The sound of the door swinging open catches Jimin’s attention, and he turns his face to the man walking toward him, surprise flashing across his features as he stammers out, “Y-Yoongi?”
“You ran off somewhere the moment you climbed down the stage,” Yoongi says with a worried crease between his brows. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” Jimin fixes his tie with trembling hands. “Thank you for your concern. I’ll go first.”
But when he moves to sidestep the director, Jimin lets out a soft gasp when Director Min suddenly blocks his path. “Yoongi?” Jimin lifts his eyes to the elder, his whole body freezing with tension.
(Do you really want to go out there in that state, Jimin?) The younger shivers upon hearing the director’s deep voice inside his head. (What?) Yoongi drops his gaze before flicking it up again to stare into Jimin’s eyes. (You’re hard.)
His instinct kicks in and Jimin’s hands fly down to cover his crotch, flushing from head to toe when he feels the prominent bulge under his pants. “Fuck,” he whispers under his breath as embarrassment seeps deeply into his bones.
Before he can utter another word, a hand darts out to grab his wrist, and then he’s getting pulled into one of the empty cubicles until his back hits the cold wall of the restroom. (What the—?) A hand slaps the wall beside his head. (Stop running away.)
Jimin’s breath turns labored under the intense gaze of Director Min. (I’m not.) (You are.) Yoongi moves closer, close enough for Jimin to feel the warmth of his breath against his face. (I know you want it, too.)
Jimin’s fingers curl on the fabric of his pants. (I don’t know what you’re talking about), he lies, swallowing thickly when he feels the tip of Yoongi’s nose brushing against his cheek.
(That affair we had in Paris…) Director Min places a hand on his hip. (I know you’ve been thinking about it as much as I do.)
The younger lets out a shuddering breath. (I—) He stifles a moan when he feels Yoongi’s hands opening the button of his trousers. (Yoongi…) (You’re just as affected as I am, Jimin. Stop denying it.) Yoongi nuzzles his jaw. (I know you want me.) Then it happens.
It feels as if all the walls around Jimin got knocked down and everything comes gushing out all at once. Jimin throws his arms around his boss’s neck and captures his lips with a furious kiss.
He hears a raspy groan come out of Yoongi’s lips before the man pushes his tongue into the younger’s mouth. Jimin’s dirty moan echoes a thousandfold inside the quiet and empty restroom.
As spit runs down the side of his mouth, Jimin feels Director Min pulling his zipper down before shoving a hand down his pants. “A-Ah,” Jimin moans brokenly against his lips when he feels Yoongi’s hand gripping the base of his cock. “Yoong—”
(Shh.) Yoongi attaches his mouth to Jimin’s neck. (Keep quiet.) Jimin presses a hand to his mouth to keep the moans from escaping his throat, feeling the knots in his gut pulling taut with each stroke and hard grip of his boss’s hand around his shaft.
And when he feels Yoongi’s tongue licking the back of his fingers, Jimin opens his eyes and pulls his hand away to welcome the man’s mouth once again. (Close.) Jimin’s breath hitches when Yoongi presses his thumb against the leaking head. Fuck, he’s going to come.
(Come), Yoongi says through his mind, taking Jimin’s lower lip between his teeth. (I wanna see you come again, Jimin.)
“Ngh!” Jimin lets out a breathy moan against his boss’s lips when his climax hits him. Yoongi catches his release with his hand, careful enough to not stain their clothes, as he kisses Jimin breathless until the younger comes down from his high.
Chest heaving, Jimin’s hand curls in Yoongi’s dark locks, feeling the soft strands between his fingers as a sudden strike of familiarity hits him like a freight train. He had stroked Yoongi’s hair like this before. Under the shadows and flickering nightlights of the City of Love.
(I messed up your hair), Jimin says with his eyes still half-shut, his lips red and glossy with spit. (Don’t worry about it.) Yoongi pecks him on the mouth again before wiping his hands with tissue paper.
Buttoning up his pants with a high flush on his cheeks, Jimin hears the director saying, (Come to my office on Monday.) “Sorry?” Jimin utters with wide, shocked eyes.
Yoongi turns to look at him, and Jimin's heart does a somersault in his chest when he sees the disheveled appearance of his boss, his collars creased and unkempt, his necktie messed up and crooked. Jimin did that. To him. Oh, God. (Come to me after your work hours.)
Jimin feels a funny stir in his gut, and he tenses under the director’s touch when Yoongi slowly slides a finger down his cheek, staring at him intensely with those dark, beautiful eyes. Jimin feels like melting under his gaze.
(I’ll see you on Monday.) Director Min presses the pad of his finger against his lips. (Jimin.)
His boss gets out of the cubicle first, leaving Jimin alone to quietly listen to the sound of running water as the younger struggles to keep his heart from beating out of his chest.
When the door to the restroom swings shut, Jimin drops his face to his palms and suppresses the scream brewing inside his throat. He just had sex in the company’s restroom. With his /boss/. Fuck. Jimin did it again. ☕
Jimin has been scrolling through the same portfolio for about an hour now, and one more click on the same goddamn file will definitely trigger his panic button for the third time that day. Flicking his eyes to the clock at the bottom of the screen, Jimin bites his lips anxiously.
Fuck, 2 minutes left. "Chim, let's grab fishcakes later," Taehyung utters with a yawn, scratching the back of his neck tiredly as he picks up his stuff from his cubicle. "Yeah. I wanna drink Soju," says Jungkook. "Uh, actually..." Jimin takes a deep breath.
"I– think I'm gonna work overtime today." "On a Monday?" his best friend asks with a tiny frown. "Yeah, well. Mr. Kang asked me to turn over a few portfolios within the week. I guess I'm burning a few calories for it." Jimin chuckles. It's not a lie per se. An excuse, maybe.
He /does/ have a lot on his plate right now, and honestly, he's not sure if their manager has some kind of bad blood with him or if Mr. Kang just likes making his life miserable because he has more work on his desk compared to others. Well, that's what he gets for being a newbie.
Taehyung scoffs. "Mr. Kang is overworking your ass." "You can overwork your ass in a different way but this one sucks." Jungkook makes a disgusted face. "Good luck." "Why don't you overwork your ass on Daddy Y's lap?" Taehyung teases him, and for the love of God, Jimin chokes.
"Can you /not/ call him that?" he says with his heart starting to beat rapidly in his chest. How can his friends be so stupidly prophetic sometimes? "If Jungkook had a multi-billion company, I'd call him 'daddy' too," Taehyung says with a playful jab to his soulmate's ribs.
Jungkook makes an irritated sound and reaches out to hold Taehyung's chin to pull him close, narrowing his eyes at his soulmate as he says, "I don't need a multi-billion company to make you call me 'daddy.'" He smirks, and Taehyung's face positively burns because of that.
"Oh my God, can you fucking get out?" Jimin kicks the back of Jungkook's knees. Laughing, Jungkook wraps an arm around Taehyung's waist and pats Jimin's shoulder with an annoyingly smug smirk on his face on their way out. "See you tomorrow!" he chirps. "Have fun with your OT!"
Groaning, Jimin glares at his computer screen for a good half a minute before seizing the small hygiene pouch from his bag. His colleagues are all signing out for the day as Jimin makes his way to the bathroom. He locks the door behind him before facing the mirror over the sink.
"Okay," he mutters and unzips the pouch to get his toothbrush and a pack of toothpaste. He almost flinches at the small bottle of lube sitting quietly at the bottom, suddenly remembering when he swung by the convenience store yesterday to get it for... emergency purposes.
Ignoring the glaring presence of that goddamn bottle in the pouch, Jimin brushes his teeth with more vigor than usual. Maybe, it's his nerves talking because Jimin doesn't usually do this much hygiene prep before going to battle.
He's pretty sanitary but for some reason, he's going out of his way to take some precautionary measures. After two minutes and three rounds of singing 'happy birthday' in his mind, Jimin gurgles and splashes water on his face, patting the skin dry with tissue paper afterward.
He spends another minute or two in the bathroom mentally preparing himself before finally swinging the door open to fetch his bag and walk out of the office with his heart stuck in his throat.
The elevator ride is agonizing and /endless/ when in fact, he arrives at the right floor in less than 30 seconds. "Oh, Jimin!" Mr. Jung greets him with a smile behind his desk. "Hi, Mr. Jung." Jimin returns the friendly gesture. "You're right on time." Jimin blinks. "Sorry?"
"I'm just about to clock out." The secretary stands up and takes the black briefcase from his desk. "Director Min informed me you're coming, and he said he didn't need service tonight so I guess he's gonna drive."
Before making his way to the elevator, Hoseok stops beside him. "My lips are sealed," he whispers and makes a zipping motion across his lips. "I– Mr. Jung, i-it's not–" Jimin stammers out and the furious blush on his face elicits a laugh out of the secretary.
"I'll get going now." Hoseok winks at him. "Have fun." "Mr. Jung!" Jimin whines as he stares at the secretary's retreating figure, hearing the guy's laugh echoing across the short hallway. Then, turning to look at the closed double doors, Jimin's grip on his bag tightens.
Without wasting another second, Jimin knocks on the door twice before saying, "Yoongi?" Silence. "T-This is Park Jimin. May I come in?" He knocks again but the other side of the room remains quiet.
When the handle clicks open, Jimin peeks through the small gap to look for the director but he can't see Yoongi's desk at all from this angle. And so, Jimin takes in a deep breath before pushing the door wider and stepping into the room.
As the door shuts carefully behind him, Jimin looks around the office for a second, bothered by its unusual silence, before his gaze lands on the figure sitting on the black leather seat behind the desk. "Yoongi?" he calls for him but the man didn't answer.
Halfway across the room, Jimin's heart skips a beat when he notices the director's eyes are fluttered shut with his head resting on the back of the chair a bit uncomfortably. 'Ah,' Jimin mentally notes. 'He's sleeping.'
Then, Jimin's gaze catches something on Director Min's table and his stubborn heart escalates a bit more when he sees the small succulent plant and miniature Eiffel Tower standing on the left side of the desk. 'He kept it,' Jimin thinks as he reaches out to touch the plant.
As if on cue, the corners of Jimin's lips curve up as he feels both of his cheeks warming up at the thought of Yoongi keeping his gift to him, and from the looks of it, judging from the succulent's green healthy leaves, the elder is taking good care of it.
There's an empty black mug on the table that resembles Jimin's kitty mug, and the sight of it coupled with Yoongi's sleeping face draws a quiet and amused chuckle out of the younger's mouth. Director Min really looks like a cat when he's sleeping.
"Director?" Jimin says as he approaches the man's sleeping form behind the desk. "Yoongi?" The elder probably fell asleep while staring through the huge glass window because his chair is turned halfway from his desk.
Staring at the director this close, Jimin notices the palpable exhaustion on his face aggravated by the dark skin under his eyes. Yoongi's lips are parted slightly as his chest rises and falls evenly, remaining deep in his sleep despite his uncomfortable position on the chair.
Yoongi's lashes are long, casting soft shadows on his pale cheeks as the gentle slope of his nose ends with a pretty bow that makes his rosy lips appear more tempting. Jimin probably lost his mind because he finds himself reaching out for the director's handsome face +
+ without a second thought, grazing his fingertips against the man's cheek before dipping lower to ghost over his thin, soft lips. Jimin can't believe he's kissed this same pair of lips more times than he should but for some reason, he can't find himself regretting any of them.
He knows he should, and he could. But Jimin doesn't want to. "Why are you so handsome?" Jimin whispers to himself, touching the man's lower lip lightly with his fingertips. "It's annoying me." (Does it?)
Jimin gasps loudly as his hand flinches away as if it touched a burning surface, staring at the director with wide, shocked eyes as Yoongi's lashes flutter open before the man's dark and piercing gaze settles on him. "Y-You're awake." Jimin clears his throat.
"You woke me up." Yoongi breathes and rubs the sore spot at the back of his neck. "It seems you don't have any trouble touching me when I'm asleep." "That's not true!" Jimin defends himself despite sporting an embarrassed flush on his cheeks.
Yoongi hums, completely ignoring his remark. "If you're going to wake me up, do it properly." Jimin stifles a gasp when Director Min grabs his wrist to pull him closer, settling him between his thighs. Then, he hears Yoongi's deep voice ringing clearly in his mind. (Kiss me.)
Jimin feels something warm traveling from his chest all the way up to his neck, pooling right in his cheeks as the urge to lean down claws at every fiber of his being. Pressing his lips together to swallow thickly, Jimin's trembling hands find the elder's face eventually.
Yoongi is looking up at him with patience in his eyes, letting Jimin decide for himself and giving him the space he needs if ever Jimin feels the impulse to back down. Then, pushing all thoughts away, Jimin closes his eyes and leans down to press his lips against Director Min's.
The kiss is featherlight and chaste, yet enough to make Jimin's heart run a marathon in his chest. Yoongi is the first one to move his lips, teasing Jimin with light brushes of his tongue and making the younger feel those funny little tingles in his stomach everytime he does it.
As their kisses turn firmer and the flames on Jimin's face burn brighter, Yoongi places his hands on the younger's hips and says through his mind, (Sit on my lap.) Impatient, Jimin climbs on the plush leather chair without breaking the kiss and hooks an arm around Yoongi's neck.
He feels the director's pleased hum on his lips, the man's long fingers digging into the tense muscles of his thighs as Jimin straddles his lap, licking the seams of the younger's lips as if requesting entry.
And when Jimin indulges him, Yoongi plunges his tongue inside without a second thought, licking and tasting every nook and surface in Jimin's mouth as if he's trying to suck the air out of his lungs. "Mhn..." Jimin whines against the elder's mouth.
Yoongi's hand slides down the curve of his ass, firmly squeezing the plump flesh through the thin layer of fabric. (Your ass is amazing.) Director Min's comment draws a chuckle out of Jimin's mouth. (I'm aware), he teases. (You're incredibly fixated.)
Another hard squeeze. (I appreciate good things in life). Jimin bursts into a fit of giggles. "Stop," he says, hitting the director lightly on the chest with a deep blush sitting high on his cheeks.
The younger's gleeful and airy laugh makes Yoongi's eyes disappear into tiny, happy crescents. (You taste sweet), Jimin comments, licking off the lingering wetness on his lips. (I had tangerines earlier.) (Ah.) (You taste like mint.) Jimin freezes on the director's lap.
Lifting a curious brow, Yoongi asks, (Did you brush your teeth?) (I didn't!) Jimin's lashes flutter. (You prepared for this meeting?) "I-I..." Jimin opens his mouth to say something but the words die in his mouth. An amused look lights up Director Min's eyes.
(You're funny, Park Jimin), Yoongi communicates before capturing his lips once again. Jimin should be annoyed but he can't process anything with Yoongi's searching lips stealing every breath out of his mouth.
Kissing Director Min is quickly becoming one of Jimin's top favorite things to do in the world, and he's keen on enjoying every second of it while the moment lasts. He doesn't know what can happen in the future but right here, right now, they're the only ones that matter.
(More.) Yoongi hums. (More?) The director's response surprises Jimin; he didn't mean to convey that thought out loud. (Yoongi–) (Hm?) Director Min's fingers open the button of Jimin's pants, causing the younger to suck in a sharp breath.
Gripping the director's coat, Jimin sinks his teeth into his bottom lip. (I want you to–) Groooooowl. Jimin's whole body seizes up on Director Min's lap as the man's crawling hand freezes halfway down his pants.
Pulling away, Yoongi flicks his gaze up to him, staring into Jimin's wide eyes for two seconds before letting out a low laugh. (Did you just...?) "Oh my God." Jimin buries his burning face into his hands and wishes for the ground to split open so it can swallow him whole.
Can Jimin's life be any more embarrassing, please? (Wanna grab dinner?) asks Yoongi, proceeding to button Jimin's pants again. Peeking through the gaps of his fingers, Jimin nods and says, (Sorry. I didn't eat lunch today.)
A small crease makes its way between the man's dark brows. (Why?) Jimin shrugs. (Too much stuff at work.) The frown on Yoongi's face grows, and the director says, (Is Mr. Kang overworking you?) (No, he's not.) Jimin pouts. (I'm a newbie, so I have to learn how things work.)
Yoongi regards him for a moment as if gauging if Jimin is telling the truth. "Is there any work imbalance in the departments? I can find a way to ease up the load for the art department–" "No! Please don't." Jimin shakes his head. "Everything's fine. Promise."
Yoongi tongues the inside of his cheek. (Okay. Just tell me if Manager Kang is being too harsh on you. He's known for being strict with his subordinates.) Blushing, Jimin nods and plays with the creased collar of Director Min's shirt. (You should take a rest from work.)
(Me?) "Mhn," Jimin hums, frowning at the dark circles around Yoongi's eyes. (You look like a dead man from the Corpse Bride.) Yoongi snorts. (Just ten minutes ago, you said I looked handsome.)
The younger huffs out a retort, "The most handsome dead man." After a short moment of pause, Jimin tells him seriously, "But kidding aside, you look very tired. I shouldn't have woken you up. Sorry." Yoongi smiles faintly. "It's fine. I wanted to see you."
Jimin's traitorous heart does a tiny flip in his chest. (I'll drive), Yoongi says and wraps his arms around the younger's waist. (Just let me nap for a bit.)
Their close proximity makes Jimin's head spin a little, and he hooks both arms around the other's neck when Yoongi dips forward to rest his head on Jimin's chest. (Wake me up in 10 minutes), Yoongi tells him.
(Okay.) Jimin rests his chin on top of Director Min's head. Yoongi is so warm, and this feels strangely domestic for two people who just met a couple of times Perhaps, it's their soul bond talking because Jimin finds that he actually doesn't mind.
Jimin hears a quiet hum as Yoongi's arms tighten around him, seemingly pulling him closer. (Thank you), he says before dropping a light kiss on Jimin's collarbone. Flushing red, he closes his eyes and buries his nose in Director Min's dark locks. Yeah. Jimin doesn't mind. ☕
Jimin didn't know how they ended up like this, with Yoongi pulling up the sleek, dark Porsche in front of a private building in Gangnam as Jimin hugs a box of takeout yangnyeom chicken in his lap. They were supposed to dine out at one of Yoongi's favorite restaurants +
+ but Jimin got worried when Director Min felt a sharp throb in his temple due to lack of sleep so he urged the man to turn in for the night with the promise of dining out together some other time. But the thing is, Director Min wasn't planning to let Jimin go just yet.
Hopping out of the posh sportscar, Jimin waits for Yoongi as the man rounds the vehicle to give his key to one of the valets waiting for him in the driveway. "Good evening, sir," the valet greets him with a polite bow. Director Min acknowledges him with a curt nod.
"Come on." Jimin blushes when he feels a huge hand settle on his lower back, ushering him gently toward the entrance of the building. If the façade already looks luxurious, then it pales in comparison to the posh interior of the private building.
"Wow," Jimin mutters as he stares in awe at the giant crystal chandelier hanging from the high ceiling of the lobby. This place looks like a fucking five-star hotel. "You'll trip if you don't look where you're going." Director Min snorts as he guides Jimin to the elevators.
Jimin juts his lips into a small pout as they wait for the elevator to stop on the ground floor. The younger is completely safe standing still with a box of chicken in his hands but Yoongi's hand remains on the small of his back as if supporting him or something.
But it's not that. Director Min knows exactly where his hand is, why he's not pulling away, and Jimin tries to keep his heart at bay by humming a soft tune to himself as he looks at the falling red numbers above the elevator doors.
Up until the elevator dings open, no one says anything about Director Min's hand placed on Jimin's lower back.
The elevator ride is charged, and Jimin can practically feel the electricity humming under his skin as Yoongi stays close to his side. His toes are fidgeting inside his shoes and Jimin has to swallow hard when he feels Director Min's lips ghosting over his temple.
(You're thinking too much), he hears the man's voice say in his head. (There's a lot going on here). (Stop reading my thoughts.) Jimin huffs and attempts to step away but Yoongi's hand tugs him back in place. (Sorry.) Director Min's low chuckle echoes inside the elevator.
Jimin doesn't know what he's expecting but it certainly isn't /this/. He knows Yoongi's place would be lavish but not to this extent. They're at the penthouse of probably one of the most expensive private residences in South Korea and standing in the middle of Director Min's +
+ living room in his undershirt, white socks, and cheap pair of pants makes Jimin stick out like a sore thumb. The place is neat and spacious and each furniture fits the luxurious ambience as if the place is straight out of a movie or owned by an indisputably rich monarch.
"Make yourself at home," Yoongi whispers to his ear before going to the kitchen counter to grab two wine glasses. "Are you a prince?" Jimin asks as he places the box of chicken on the marble coffee table. "No." Yoongi makes an amused face.
"Well, you look like one." When his ass mindlessly hits the couch, Jimin yelps before quickly pulling himself back on his feet. He grabs a piece of tissue paper from the table and proceeds to wipe the spot where his ass touched the plush seat.
"What are you doing?" Director Min asks with a confused expression on his face, watching Jimin pat away the imaginary dust on his pants. "I don't want to dirty your couch." Placing the glasses and a bottle of wine on the table, Yoongi tells him with a sigh, "Just sit down."
Reluctantly, Jimin sits down on the couch as his fingers fiddle together awkwardly. Oh my God, what the hell is this place? When Director Min tugs at his tie and motions to take off his coat, Jimin gasps and places his hands in front of him. "W-What are you doing?!"
Yoongi lifts a brow at him, throwing the black coat to the opposite couch. "Do you plan to have me wear that at home?" he says, rolling the sleeves of his white shirt up to the elbows. Blinking, Jimin flushes and mutters, "No. Sorry."
Yoongi pops the bottle open to pour wine for both of them. Receiving the offered glass with a shy 'thank you,' Jimin takes a sip and his face instantly lights up at the rich, bittersweet taste on his tongue. "Do you like it?" Director Min asks as he sits down beside the younger.
"Mhn." Jimin nods. "It's the best wine I've ever tasted." Yoongi hums and places the rim of the wine glass against his lips, taking a small sip. And of course, Jimin's stomach chooses this moment to betray him again. "God, I'm so sorry," he says. "You can eat if you want to."
"Well, I—" Jimin's stomach growls again. "Don't mind if I do..." There's a faint smile on Yoongi's lips as he watches Jimin take the bowl of takeout rice and poke two pieces of chicken with his chopsticks. "Hmmm," Jimin moans as he chews the food happily.
"Good?" Yoongi asks, resting his head on a palm as he swirls the wine glass with his body turned to Jimin to watch him eat. "Yes!" Jimin's eyes curve with delight. "You should try it." "Okay." Director Min tilts his head. "Feed me."
"Eh?" Jimin blinks at his handsome boss. Instead of answering, Yoongi opens his mouth and looks at the younger expectantly. "A-Alright." Jimin takes a small piece of boneless chicken with his chopsticks and places his left hand under it, turning to the waiting man carefully.
"Here." Yoongi leans forward to bite the chicken off, keeping his dark eyes trained on the younger as he chews the meat quietly. Jimin feels a funny stir in his gut when Director Min smiles at him. "It's good," his boss says.
It's annoying because Jimin's heart is beating fast just by staring at Director Min's handsome face like this. There's a little crooked smile on his lips telling him that the guy knows what he's doing to Jimin's poor heart. Yoongi is teasing him, and Jimin hates that he likes it.
Downing the rest of his wine, Yoongi places the empty glass on the coffee table and stands up to slide his hands into his pockets. "I'll take a shower." "Ah." Jimin takes a quick bite of the chicken before placing the half-empty takeout on the table. "Then, I'll go."
"You don't have to." "What?" "I have a spare toothbrush and I can lend you some of my clothes. You don't have to go." "B-But I–" Jimin blinks dumbly at Director Min. "No, Yoongi, I don't want to intrude. I'll take a bus home."
"You're not intruding." A faint smile tugs at the right corner of the director's mouth. "I'm inviting you to sleep over." Jimin blushes furiously because of that.
"I'll be back in a few. You can continue eating," Yoongi tells him casually before walking to the stairs leading to the second floor of the luxury penthouse. How can Jimin eat peacefully again after that? Fuck.
And because Jimin is the universe's most favorite child, his best friend, Taehyung, picks that exact moment to send him a video call request. "Oh my God." Jimin seizes his phone and peeks at the second floor to see if Director Min is already out of earshot.
Once deemed safe, Jimin stands up from the couch and sprints toward an empty wall to press his back against it, taking a deep breath before raising the phone in front of his face and clicking the green answer button. "Yo," Jimin greets his best friend. "Ey, Chim!"
"What's up?" "Jungkook and I were just thinking if you wanna grab breakfast at that eomuk house near your street before going to work tomorrow?" Taehyung suggests, shifting the camera to Jungkook's face beside him. "Yeah, I'm craving eomuk," the youngest says.
"Oh, um..." Jimin licks his lips as panic starts to rise in his chest. How can he tell his friends he won't be coming from his apartment tomorrow? "I'm not sure." "Eh?" Taehyung frowns at the camera. "Why not?" "Well, you see, uh.." Jimin tries to wrack his brain for an excuse.
"I won't be at home tomorrow morning." His response causes his friends' eyebrows to shoot up their hairlines. "Bitch, you're out having fun without telling us?" Taehyung exclaims with mock offense. Of course, Jungkook aggravates the situation by asking, "Who are you boning?"
"Oh my God, can you shut up?" Jimin wants to pull his hair out. Why is he friends with these two idiots again? "Is it a random guy? Are you at a club?" his best friend inquires, pulling the screen closer to his face as if trying to get a better look at where Jimin is.
"Or someone we know?" Then, Jungkook drops the bomb. "Director Min?" "No!" Jimin's hand flies to his mouth. A moment of pin-drop silence, and then he hears both of his friends saying with smug smirks on their ugly faces, "Director Min, huh." The flush on Jimin's face deepens.
"I'm not boning him." Well, not /yet/. "But you're going to." Jungkook lifts a curious brow. "Where are you anyway?" "Uh." Jimin briefly glances at the place. "Director Min's penthouse." "Penthouse?!" his friends exclaim in unison.
"A fucking penthouse. Of fucking course." Jungkook snorts. Taehyung adds, "I shouldn't be surprised because Daddy Y is rich as fuck–" "God, don't call him that–" "–But yes, I'm still surprised. I can't believe you've hit the jackpot here, you hoe."
"You've grown so much. We're so proud of you." Jungkook wipes fake tears from his eyes. "You're not my fucking parents." Jimin rolls his eyes at them.
"You're boning someone who belongs in the 'less than 1%' of the human species, Park Jimin," Taehyung says. "I say go and get that dick." "Yeah, Director Min seems interested in you too." Jungkook purses his lips in thought. "It's a mutual attraction. /And/ you're soulmates."
"I don't know." Jimin sighs. "I don't wanna create any misunderstanding." "We know." Taehyung looks at the camera seriously. "Kook and I have been teasing you about Director Min, yeah, but we both know you're not in for his money. You're not like that."
"Tae and I think the guy genuinely likes you. Well, apart from Director Min's obvious sexual attraction, of course. Have you seen how he stared at you at the company party?" Jungkook says, trying to drive a point. "He's totally into you, Jimin. You have a 100% chance with him ."
Jimin doesn't want to overthink because he does that often enough to warrant himself half a headache and half self-embarrassment. He doesn't care about Director Min's money; he's earning just fine on his own.
But there's this little seed of fear planted at the back of his mind telling him that what if people misunderstood? What if they think that Jimin is approaching Yoongi with bad intentions?
Looking at the luxurious penthouse in front of him, at the grand chandelier and posh furniture around him, that tiny seed in his mind grows a little more. Seeing Yoongi's home, the kind of life that he has, is kind of like a punch of reality to Jimin's face.
He and Yoongi are living completely different lives, and Jimin isn't sure if he even has a place in Director Min's life that he can fit in.
"Hey, Chim." Taehyung's voice snaps Jimin back to reality. "You okay?" his best friend asks, frowning at the camera with genuine concern on his face. "Yeah." Jimin lets out a fake chuckle. "I'm fine." "Do you want us to fetch you?" Jungkook offers.
"No, Yoongi's expecting me to sleep over. I'll be fine." "You sure?" Taehyung confirms. "Yeah." His best friend nods and flashes him a smile. "Tell us everything tomorrow, 'kay?" "Yeah, don't gatekeep anything." Jungkook winks at him, and this time, Jimin laughs for real.
"Fine, fine. Get out of here!" "Bye!" Taehyung kisses the screen as Jungkook says in the background, "See you tomorrow!" Laughing at his stupid friends' antics, Jimin ends the call and walks back to the couch to slide the phone back into his bag.
He doesn't have the appetite to continue eating so Jimin decides to have a look around the place. He tries to find any baby pictures that might be hanging in the living room but there are none.
It's a bit strange because Jimin is a sentimental person so he keeps his family's photo albums and has some of the pictures displayed on top of his cabinet for everyone to see. He surmises that Yoongi might be the kind of person who doesn't like hanging photos in his home.
That might be the case, he thinks. Director Min has a certain aura of seriousness around him sometimes. "Jimin." Jimin turns to look at the source of that low voice. "You can shower next," Yoongi tells him as he descends the stairs from the second floor.
Jimin's jaw drops at the sight that greeted him. Yoongi's dark hair is damp, with drops of water falling from his fringe as he continues to towel his hair dry. He's wearing a pair of grey sweats and a black tank top that showcases his broad chest and pale, muscled arms.
The waistband of Yoongi's sweats is hanging low around his hips, giving Jimin a teasing view of the black boxers hiding underneath as well as the soft trail of dark hair leading up to his navel. Jimin is gonna have a fucking aneurysm because of him.
Director Min stops in front of him. "Jimin?" "Oh my God." Yoongi raises a curious brow at him. "I-I mean–" Jimin shakes his head and slaps his cheeks twice as if trying to wake himself up from a drunken stupor. "Thanks. Uh, can you show me where the shower is, please?"
The pink blush on his cheeks gives him away because Director Min lets out a low and amused chuckle before flicking his eyes up to him. (Sure), he says through his mind with his dark eyes dancing with mirth. (Follow me.)
Every step that Jimin takes on the stairs echoes in his ears together with the rapid beating of his heart as he keeps his eyes trained on Yoongi's broad back in front of him. The second floor is just as neat and beautiful as the ground floor, +
+ and when Director Min rounds a corner to take Jimin to what appears like the master's bedroom, the younger's footsteps skid to a stop on the carpeted floor. "Where...?" "The bathroom here is more comfortable," Yoongi says as he walks into the room, opening the door for Jimin.
Following the elder inside, Jimin stares in awe at the huge bed placed in the middle of the room. He can only imagine how soft the mattress is and how comfortable it is to bury himself under the duvet as he waits for sleep to visit him.
Jimin's bed back in his apartment isn't the best out there but it's comfortable and he likes it because he's grown used to it. This one in Yoongi's penthouse though, it's like one of those luxury beds from the Korean dramas he watched on TV.
Jimin's fingers turn a little fidgety. He wants to lie down on that bed but it would be disrespectful to ask Yoongi that. He's here as a guest and would probably sleep in the guest room. But if things go right, then maybe, he will know what Yoongi's bed feels like.
Jimin wants to know what it feels like to fuck in that bed. (You do?) Yoongi's looming voice in his head makes Jimin jump on his feet but before he can turn away, Director Min's large hands hold him by the hips to keep him in place. (Do you really wanna know?)
(I–) Blushing, Jimin sucks in a breath when he feels his boss's nose nuzzling the back of his ear. Damn Jimin's dirty thoughts and this annoying telepathic connection.
(Come.) Yoongi grabs his wrist to lead him toward the bed, pushing Jimin on the mattress gently until the younger's back hits the soft duvet. He sighs at how comfortable the sheets feel under him, caressing his skin like feathers and soft clouds.
(Good?) Yoongi asks, noticing the satisfied look on Jimin's face. (Yeah), he replies. Humming, Director Min discards the towel to the floor and climbs up the bed to hover above him.
Jimin's breath hitches in his throat when Director Min grabs his wrists with one hand and pins them above his head. (You look good like this), Yoongi communicates, staring down at him with a small smirk on his lips. (Here, lying in my bed.) Jimin's dick twitches in his pants.
Then, after a while of staring into each other's eyes, Yoongi dips down to press a soft kiss on Jimin's mouth. The younger's eyes automatically flutter shut as he lets Yoongi kiss him just like the way he did in his office earlier that day.
Director Min groans softly when Jimin flicks his tongue against his lips, tasting the elder's mouth and basking in the fresh scent of shampoo and scented soap on his skin. Yoongi smells so good, and it's making Jimin's head spin with want.
"Yoongi–" The younger lets out a harsh breath when he feels the director's hand crawling under his shirt. "Yoongi, wait." Director Min stops at once, pulling back to look Jimin in the eye. "Let me just..." Jimin swallows hard. "Let me shower first."
(You don't have to.) Director Min dips down again to kiss his jaw. (You're fine.) "No, I came from work." Jimin retrieves his hands from the other's grip and places them on Yoongi's arms. "I'll be quick."
Seeing that there's no chance of changing the younger's mind, Director Min relents with a sigh and pulls away to lie down on the other side of the bed. The small crease between the elder's brows draws a light snort out of Jimin's nose. Yoongi is sulking like a little kid.
"Can I borrow your clothes?" Jimin asks, standing up from the bed. "I put a change of clothes on the rack. You can use the spare toothbrush on the sink." Jimin nods and looks at the man lying on the bed with one arm under his head. "I'll be back," he tells him.
Every room in this penthouse makes Jimin feel like he's walking into another world and the bathroom where he's currently stripping his clothes off isn't any different. The grey walls add to the chic aesthetic of the place as well as the dark tub placed in one corner of the room.
Walking into the shower, Jimin stares at five different valves and buttons under the showerhead. "How the fuck do I turn this thing on?" he says as he randomly presses the buttons until the biblically accurate shower drops warm water on his head.
Jimin can't understand the need for these so many buttons for a fucking shower. The LED lights make the ambiance in the shower more refreshing and, if he chooses to give it more attention, the slow, flashing red light gives the room a more sensual feel to it.
Jimin wonders what it would be like to have Yoongi press him up against the fogged glass and– No. No no no no. Jimin isn't about to go there. No.
Jimin washes up as best as he can, practically scrubbing his skin raw but he can only do as much before he feels like he's taking too much time in the shower. Turning the shower off, Jimin pats himself dry with a towel and proceeds to take the spare clothes from the rack.
He steps into a pair of dark boxers and shrugs on a plain white shirt that is two sizes bigger than his usual fit, making the sleeves hang past his elbows and the wide neckline show a teasing view of his sharp collarbones.
There are no pants or sweats left for him and as that realization hits him, that Yoongi perhaps had intentionally omitted that piece of clothing for his own benefit, Jimin flushes red from head to toe as he stares at his reflection in the mirror.
"That guy," Jimin mutters under his breath before seizing the spare toothbrush from the sink. He brushes his teeth for a good one and a half minutes before finally having the courage to go out of the bathroom.
With his pulses beating quickly under his skin, Jimin walks back into the bedroom. "Yoongi?" he calls the man lying on the bed. When he gets no response, Jimin stops by the foot of the bed and stares at Yoongi's limp form on the mattress. 'Oh,' he thinks. Yoongi is sleeping.
Okay, this is the second time that Jimin got blue-balled in a span of four hours and it's frustrating as hell if anyone were to ask him. But the thing is, as Jimin stares at Yoongi's calm and sleeping face, devoid of any hard lines from work, +
+ he thinks that getting blue-balled another time or two won't really be so bad. Yoongi needs to rest, and Jimin is more than happy to give it to him. "Annoying little kitty," he says fondly, snickering to himself before crawling on the bed to lie down on the other half.
Resting his head on the soft pillow, Jimin stares at the director's sleeping face silently. The bruised skin under Yoongi's eyes look so bad that Jimin wonders for a moment how he managed to drive them both to the penthouse without nodding off halfway.
"You look so tired," Jimin whispers as he feels a little pinch in his chest. Yoongi already has a lot on his plate but he still somehow found time to send Jimin those pastries and ask the younger out on a date. Although he doesn't frequently say it, Jimin appreciates all of it.
With Director Min's even and soft breaths filling the narrow space between them, Jimin scoots closer to tuck his head under the man's chin and drape an arm over his waist, slipping his left foot between the elder's legs until their bodies are flushed together from head to toe.
Cuddling with the director still feels a bit strange but with Yoongi wearing his bedroom clothes and sleeping comfortably in his bed like this, the idea that Director Min is in fact /his boss/ seems fleeting to Jimin's mind.
"Poor kitty," Jimin whispers with a soft smile. "Sleep as much as you want tonight." Tucked within the walls of Yoongi's penthouse and basking in the warm glows of the nightlamp and the magestic view of the flickering city lights, Jimin flutters his eyes shut with a soft sigh.
Right now, at this moment, with Jimin cuddling him close, Yoongi isn't his boss, and they're both just two ordinary people with their hearts beating as one. ☕️
- lady's note - hiii, here's a special chapter about the aftermath of director min and mr. park's encounter in the restroom :) thank you for your continuous support! i'll see you in the next update ♡
A light bump against his leg wakes Jimin up the next morning. The sun is still starting to peek through the horizon when Jimin's lashes flutter opened, yawning as he rubs remnants of sleep off his eyes. He feels unusually warm, and there's a heavy weight draped over his waist.
Turning to look over his shoulder, Jimin's heart jumps in his chest when Yoongi's handsome face greets him, still slack and calm with sleep. They must have switched positions somewhere in the middle of night for them to end up like this.
Biting his lip, Jimin carefully extracts Director Min's arm from him, the blush on his cheeks burning hotter when he feels something hard /poking/ his ass. God, why does he have to feel his boss's morning wood while tangled up like this?
Quietly, Jimin sits up and swings his legs over the edge of the bed, looking over his shoulder for a moment to watch Director Min's sleeping face. A fond smile makes its way up to Jimin's lips and he reaches out to tap the man's nose with his index finger.
The younger snickers when Yoongi's brows twitch in his sleep, watching as the elder wrinkles his nose once before turning around to face the other side. How can someone be so handsome and adorable at the same time?
Taking note of the time displayed on the table clock in Yoongi's room, Jimin sighs in relief as he stands up from the most comfortable bed he's ever slept in. He wants to laze around all day in that bed but he can't because he has to get up and get ready for work in three hours.
He doesn't have the privilege that Yoongi has so Jimin has to suck it up and comply with the company's rules. Closing the door quietly behind him, Jimin makes his way down the stairs and stops by the kitchen to whip up a quick breakfast for him and Yoongi.
Maybe, French toast? Plus bacon and eggs? That sounds about right. There's a lot of tools in the kitchen that Jimin has only seen for the first time in his life as well as a set of kitchen knives that could easily belong to a famous chef or renowned restaurateur.
Luckily, Jimin was able to cook the eggs and frozen bacon from Yoongi's fridge without getting eaten alive by the hi-tech stove that, apparently, operates with voice command. Jimin had to search for a manual online just to heat up the goddamn stove.
Jimin is busy lathering the first batch of French toast with butter when he hears light footsteps descending the stairs to the first floor. He turns around to have a quick look and his heart does a funny little flip in his chest when he sees Yoongi approaching him.
Director Min's hair is tousled and there's a faint pillow crease on the left side of his face. It's the most... domestic look that Jimin has ever seen on his boss and honestly, witnessing this kind of thing in the early morning puts a squishy feeling in the younger's tummy.
"Hi," Jimin greets him, blushing at the way Director Min ruffles his dark hair. "Good morning," the man utters in a deep and raspy voice. "That smells nice." "Mhn." Jimin turns back to the French toast on the counter. "I made breakfast but don't expect too much."
Then, to his surprise, Jimin feels something warm and solid pressing up to his back as a soft gasp falls from his mouth when Director Min hooks his chin on his shoulder. "Sorry, I fell asleep last night," the elder says as he places his hands on Jimin's hips.
"I-It's fine." Jimin's hand around the bread knife trembles a little. Yoongi's presence is making it hard for him to concentrate on anything. "You needed some rest." To this, Director Min hums and whispers in a gruff voice, "I'll make it up to you next time."
Next time. Jimin tries to mull over the words despite Yoongi's nose nuzzling the back of his ear and attempting to take away all the thoughts from his mind. (Next time?) he asks. (Mhn.) (Am I...) Jimin licks his lips anxiously. (Welcome here?)
The palpable hesitation in Jimin's voice reaches Yoongi's mind and one of Director Min's hands reaches out to take the bread knife from his hand, placing it down on the plate before flipping the younger around to make him look at him in the eyes.
(You are), Yoongi tells him seriously without a shred of doubt. (You can come over whenever you want.) Blushing, Jimin averts his eyes from the man to take a moment to breathe.
Yoongi's stare is intense and with Jimin's back pressed up against the edge of the counter, he's beginning to think that there won't be a single moment in the future anymore when his won't beat so fast like this for Yoongi. He's down bad now; he knows it.
Jimin is falling for Director Min.
(Jimin.) Jimin flicks his eyes to meet Yoongi's gaze. (Can I thank you for the breakfast?) He doesn't know what the elder meant by that and so when Jimin nods to his request, a small smile creeps into the director's lips before walking Jimin to the opposite counter.
"Yoon—" A startled yelp cuts him off when Director Min hikes him up on the counter and slides his hips right between the younger's thighs. Smiling up at Jimin with crescent eyes, Yoongi tells him, (Let me kiss you.)
How can Jimin ever say no to that face? (I didn't know you like kissing very much), Jimin says, huffing an amused sound through his nose as he hooks both arms around the director's neck. Yoongi lets out a low chuckle. (Strangely, I seem to like it when it's with you.)
The man's response elicits an airy giggle out of Jimin's mouth. (You're a smooth talker, Director Min), he teases before leaning forward to mold their lips together. The kiss is languid just like the morning rays peeking through the blinds but it's perfect. Everything is.
If Jimin would be given the chance to stop time and relive one moment forever, perhaps, it is this one right here, with Yoongi's lips brushing against his teasingly and letting out breathy chuckles in between. Jimin couldn't ask for anything more perfect than this.
"I have to get ready for work," Jimin says breathily, putting a hand between their chest. "You don't have to work today." Director Min plants a kiss on his neck. "I have to." Jimin smiles. "Manager Kang will have my ass if I don't go to work today."
Yoongi wrinkles his nose in distaste. "Do you really have to go?" "Yes, and you too." Jimin pats Director Min's cheek. "I won't get my pay if my boss slacks around," he teases and hears a light groan come out of Yoongi's mouth. "Fine," Director Min relents with a sigh.
Hopping off the counter, Jimin stares into the director's eyes and says, "But don't push yourself too much at work, hm? Take some time to rest. You should take care of yourself." Smiling at the younger's concern, Yoongi says, "Alright."
"Will you be at the office until late at night?" Director Min hums, turning on the espresso machine to make coffee for both of them. "Can I, uh..." Jimin licks his bottom lip. "Go to you? I'll bring dinner."
The younger's suggestion puts a pleased smile on Yoongi's face. "Sure," he says and reaches out to tug Jimin closer, leaning down to whisper to his ear. "I'll look forward to it." Jimin shudders and curls his hands in Yoongi's shirt, pulling the elder close to kiss him again.
As Yoongi's low chuckle against his lips causes the hair on his arms and neck to stand up, Jimin huffs out an annoyed sound before deepening their kiss. He has to get ready for work but this goddamn guy is making things hard for him. Shit. Jimin is starting to lose it. ☕️
Jimin arrives first at the company, taking the closest train from Yoongi's residence and speeding past people entering the premises because he's going to be fucking late. It's Yoongi's fault. Well, Jimin’s sort of to blame for it, either.
They were all over each other this morning, with Jimin pressed up against the edge of the counter, holding a cup of espresso while Yoongi took his time ravishing his lips, tasting the bitterness of freshly brewed coffee in his mouth.
That was the thing. Yoongi refused to let him go until Jimin was laughing against his mouth and telling him that he had to go to work or else he'd get fired. "No one is firing you," the man told him as he peppered soft kisses along the line of the younger's jaw.
"You're under my direct supervision." Jimin smiled at that. "I'm pretty sure the chairman has more power than you." Director Min huffed. "You don't have to worry about my grandfather."
"Yoongiiii," Jimin whined when the man's hand slipped under his shirt, giggling at the ticklish sensation of the other’s fingertips on his skin. "Seriously, I have to go.” The director tutted before pulling away with a slight, displeased frown. “Let’s go together then.”
“No.” Jimin places the cup on top of the counter. “I’ll catch a train to work.” It was risky for them to come together to the company, not that people didn’t already have their suspicions because they weren’t exactly /subtle/ in the first place.
But Jimin wasn’t ready to talk to them about this– whatever this thing was between him and Yoongi. His last relationship with his manager ended badly and scarred his view about dating a superior from his workplace. He knew he had to come to terms with it one day. Just… not now.
Seeing the obvious reluctance on Jimin’s face, Director Min offered, “At least let my driver drive you to work.” “Who’s gonna drive for you?” “I’ll take one of the cars.” “Yoongi, no.” Jimin pouted. He couldn’t possibly let Yoongi drive on his own.
Despite having a ‘close’ relationship, it didn’t change the fact that the man in front of him was still one of the higher-ups in the company. “I’ll walk to the station. I’m pretty sure there’s one nearby.”
The crease between Director Min’s brows grew deeper. (I’ll go to your office after work, hm?) Jimin said through his mind, sliding a palm up the man’s arm to hopefully dismiss the topic.
One of the things that Jimin learned during the times he’d spent with the director was that Yoongi liked using telepathy when they were close to each other like this.
Something about being able to communicate privately through their minds, hearing each other’s thoughts without needing to speak and be heard by the people around them, was bizarrely intimate.
It stirred something deep inside Jimin’s chest whenever Yoongi’s voice filtered through his consciousness, as unprompted as it was sometimes. After a moment of contemplation, the elder relented with a soft sigh. (Fine), he said and squeezed Jimin’s waist. (I’ll see you later.)
The younger nodded with a smile. (See you.) Jimin had peeled himself away from the director’s grip before he could do anything stupid such as kissing Yoongi again for the nth time that morning.
Because if he did, Jimin was sure he would stay cooped up in that penthouse, say ‘fuck it,’ and ditch work entirely. For God's sake.
“You’re late!” Jimin flicks his eyes to the sound of that familiar voice coming from the back of the room. As he approaches his work desk, his best friend flashes a knowing smirk and says, “You took your sweet, sweet time, princess.”
“I was late for a minute,” Jimin countered, plopping down on his office chair. “On a scale of one to ten–” Jungkook placed an imaginary mic under Jimin’s chin. “How sore is your asshole today?”
“Quit it.” Jimin smacks the youngest’s hand away, rolling his eyes when Jungkook snickers behind him. “You promised you’ll give us all the details.” Taehyung pouts at him. “Tell, tell!” “Yeah.” Jungkook leans against Jimin’s desk and folds both arms over his chest– waiting.
“Nothing happened,” Jimin tells them. His best friend snorts. “Nothing is a broad term for ‘we did some nasty stuff.’ You have to be more specific.”
“We kissed.” Jimin licks his lips, savoring the lingering sensation of Yoongi’s mouth on his. “And slept in his bed. That’s all. Now, if you’ll kindly move your ugly ass off my desk–” “That’s it?” Jungkook lifts a brow. “You went to your paramour’s abode and did nothing?”
“Okay, firstly, stop speaking in archaic shit—” Taehyung interrupts Jimin with a dramatic wave of his hand over his forehead. “I didn’t raise you like this. You wound me, my child.” Jimin kicks his leg for that.
“Ow!” His best friend laughs, rubbing the sore spot on his leg where Jimin had kicked him. “Kidding aside, how were you and Director Min yesterday? Did you have fun? Not in that kind of way, but we’re not against anything, really.”
Jimin leans back against his chair. “Yeah, we had fun,” he utters, failing to suppress the smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “Huhhh,” Jungkook muses as he rubs his chin, flashing Jimin a cheeky grin. “I think someone’s on cloud nine.”
Jimin blushes and huffs lightly at his friend’s remark. “Yoongi fell asleep last night. He looked so tired, so I let him rest.” “Ah, yeah.” Taehyung purses his lips in thought.
“I heard the board members have been breathing down his neck for quite some time now. Not sure what all the fuss is about, but it’s definitely weighing Director Min down.” Jimin feels his chest constrict a bit for the director.
“Speaking of Director Min,” Jungkook begins before rounding Jimin’s chair to fetch something from Taehyung’s table. “This thing arrived earlier this morning.”
Taking the brown paper bag from his friend, Jimin peeks inside and flushes at the sight of a box of cinnamon rolls for him. “Daddy Y is so thoughtful,” Taehyung teases him. “Even though he’s exhausted as fuck, he’s still looking out for you. Lucky, Jiminie.”
Yoongi has been calling deliveries for him for a few weeks now, and although it flusters the hell out of him, Jimin still feels grateful for the director’s thoughtfulness. And so, placing the paper bag on his desk, Jimin wonders what food he should buy tonight for Director Min.
Does Yoongi like Japanese food? Or should Jimin go for Korean take-outs instead? But despite that dilemma, Jimin still feels a small smile curving the corners of his lips. He can’t wait to have dinner with Yoongi tonight. ☕
This is the first time that Jimin has gone to the sales department since he started working at the company. He was here to deliver some documents that Mr. Kang had asked him to, and honestly, it was the wrong time to have extra chores like this +
+ when Jimin was practically drowning in unfinished reports and half-edited posters. But he can’t exactly say no to his manager. He can’t risk his ass getting an incident report for insubordination when he’s still a newbie at this place.
“Jimin!” Seokjin calls him with a smile the moment Jimin steps into the office. “What brings you here?” “Hi.” Jimin returns the smile and shows the elder the folders in his arms. “Mr. Kang asked me to give these to Manager Kim.”
“Ah, the financial records he borrowed,” Jin says and moves to usher Jimin to the sales department’s manager when the man he’s looking for suddenly walks out of his office. “Manager Kim.” Jimin bows to the guy in greeting.
“Oh, Jimin.” Namjoon flashes him a dimpled smile. “What can I do for you?” “I’m here to return these files to you.” Accepting the folders from the younger, Namjoon hums and examines them briefly. “Thanks for bringing them back, Jimin.”
Jimin shakes his head. “It’s nothing.” Then, suddenly, he hears a cacophony of whispers coming from the cubicles behind him. “It’s him.” “Ah, that one.” “Pretty face…” “...Kinda plain.” “...From the art department.” Jimin tenses under the employees’ watchful gazes.
“Go back to work!” Namjoon’s voice booms across the room and the whispers die down and get replaced by the sound of fingers smashing on calculators and computer keyboards.
Noticing the utter look of discomfort on Jimin’s face, Namjoon gives him a consoling smile and utters, “Wanna have tea in my office?”
“Yeah, we could use a cup of tea and some privacy right now.” Jin huffs loudly, sparing a glance at his subordinates. “Seeing that a lot of people don’t know when not to stick their noses in another person’s business.”
“Ah, no. Please don’t let me bother you, Manager Kim,” Jimin replies with an awkward smile. “You’re not.” Namjoon opens the door to his office for him and Seokjin. “Come in.”
After Seokjin sits him down on the couch while waiting for Namjoon to pour tea for him, Jimin swallows thickly as a weird feeling of dread begins to creep into his chest. Those whispers... “Thank you,” Jimin utters when Manager Kim gives him a cup of tea.
Sitting across from Jimin with Jin by his side, Namjoon takes a moment to blow off the steam rising from his cup and have a little sip of his tea, afterwards letting a soft and satisfied sigh fall past his lips.
“I’ll cut to the chase,” Namjoon begins. “I’ve been hearing things about you and Director Min around the company. But whether there’s something going on between the two of you or not, it’s not any of our business.”
Jimin stiffens in his seat at that. “What…” He inhales deeply. “Are they saying about me and Yoo— Director Min?” It was a slip of the tongue, brought by familiarity with the director’s name but Manager Kim manages to catch it. Namjoon is a lot keener than he thought.
“They said someone from the art department is secretly dating one of the higher-ups.” “And you were seen a couple of times with Director Min outside the perimeter of the company,” Jin adds. “I— we’re not dating,” Jimin tells them, looking down at his cup.
At this, Manager Kim lets out a hum of understanding. “But you have a mutual understanding— both of you.” It’s not a question but an assumption, one that makes Jimin press his lips together.
“Yes,” he answers, and it feels kinda weird to admit it out loud. “I’m not entirely sure what we are but… I trust him.” He lifts his eyes to the manager. “Because Director Min is my soulmate.” “Oh.” Namjoon’s brows go up to his hairline in surprise. “That makes sense.”
“What is?” “Your natural attraction to each other.” Namjoon smiles at him. “I saw how you looked at each other at the company party; it felt like you were communicating in your own little way no matter how fleeting the connection was.”
‘The telepathy,’ Jimin thinks. Manager Kim was talking about their telepathic connection. “I can hear his thoughts,” the younger confesses. “And Yoongi can hear mine. Courtesy of our soulmate bond.” “Hmm…” Namjoon mulls over the information. “That’s pretty interesting.”
Placing the cup on the coffee table, Jimin asks, doubt heavy in his voice, “Do you think the rumors will stop soon?” “I can’t say for sure but people tend to make a big deal out of something if there’s a hint of truth in it.”
Namjoon’s words make Jimin a bit restless in his seat. What should he do? What if he’s jeopardizing Yoongi’s position by associating with him? What if Jimin gets fired?
“You’re not doing anything wrong, Jimin,” Seokjin assures him. “You’re soulmates. People would have to accept at some point that you and Yoongi will always have some kind of attraction towards each other.”
Jimin knows the elder is right. But still, the possibilities scare him. He doesn’t want to do anything that can endanger Yoongi and his career. He has an idea of how things work in the corporate field; his ex-boyfriend made sure of that.
He doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. But Yoongi is anything /but/ a mistake. He’s… a complication. But one that is welcome and something that Jimin is willing to overlook and accept wholeheartedly.
With a faint shudder, Jimin clasps his hands together on his lap. He’s in love with Director Min.
“Don’t worry too much, Jimin.” Namjoon gives him a sympathetic smile. “I know Director Min. He’s a great man, and he won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
“Yeah, they can talk all they want.” Seokjin snorts and waves a dismissive hand. “People talk about anything when they’re bored and because they want something to distract them from their shitty lives.”
Somehow, hearing the two of them say that causes the turmoil in Jimin’s chest to calm down a little. “Thank you,” he utters with a genuine smile. “I feel a bit better now.” ☕
Holding a paper bag of Korean take-out in his hands, containing two bowls of bulgogi and bibimbap that were deliciously prepared by one of his favorite restaurants, Jimin rides the elevator up to Director Min’s office.
All day, he tried to snuff out other people’s voices around him, and it helped that he had a lot of things to take care of at the office today that his mind got diverted from the issue at hand. Even for just a while.
Mr. Jung is sitting behind his desk as usual when Jimin arrives. But oddly, the man has a little frown on his face as he writes something down on the director’s schedule book. “Good evening, Mr. Jung,” Jimin greets him, and the man's head lifts at the sound of his voice.
“Jimin.” Secretary Jung’s eyes grow wide as if he’s surprised to see Jimin standing there. Did Yoongi forget to inform Hoseok about his visit tonight? “Um.” Jimin looks down at the paper bag. “I’m here for Director Min.”
“Ah, yes. Of course.” Hoseok stands up from his seat, glancing briefly at the closed double doors of the director’s office before rounding the table to tell the younger, “Jimin, you see—uh, it’s not the best time to visit the director.”
“Oh, but—” Jimin tilts his head curiously. “He told me to come tonight after work.” “Yeah, I’m sure he did. But…” Hoseok glances at the closed doors again. He looks nervous. “Director Min currently has visitors in his office. Maybe, I can give you a call when he’s free?”
Jimin is about to tell Secretary Jung that he doesn’t have his number when the doors leading to Director Min’s office swing open.
Two people walk out of the room: a taller and younger man who’s wearing a corporate suit, and another one, an old man with greying hair, wearing a tailored grey suit and holding a cane in one hand. Jimin sees Mr. Jung’s back straightening beside him. It’s Chairman Min.
“Sir.” Hoseok bows immediately to the old man as Jimin does the same, feeling his hands tremble around the paper bag as he keeps his head low for the highest authority in this company. What is Yoongi’s grandfather doing in his office?
“Mr. Jung.” Chairman Min’s cane thumps against the floor as the old man rests his hands on top of the golden handle. “Make sure my grandson attends his dinner meetings this week. He’s already canceled two of his appointments in the past two weeks.”
“Yes, sir,” Hoseok answers with his head still bowed. Then, to Jimin’s dismay, the old man’s piercing gaze shifts to him. “I don’t know you,” Chairman Min says. “What’s your name?” Jimin swallows thickly. “P-Park Jimin, sir.”
“Which department?” “From the art department, sir.” A low hum bubbles inside the old man’s throat. “And what are you doing here? This is an executive floor.” “I-I…” Jimin’s breath dies in his throat.
His hands are trembling; he knows they are despite gripping the paper bag hard enough for his knuckles to turn white. “D-Director Min…” Chairman Min’s brow lifts in curiosity. “What business do you have with my grandson, Mr. Park?”
“Sir.” It was Hoseok who answered. “Director Min asked Mr. Park to get dinner for him. He was on his way to deliver the food but I told him to wait until you were done talking to the director.”
A moment of silence. “My grandson asked an employee to fetch dinner for him when he could have asked you, his secretary, to do that for him.” Hoseok pales at the old man’s words as Jimin’s stomach churns unpleasantly.
“Grandfather,” the younger man interrupts. “Mr. Park is Yoongi’s friend. Let them be.” It’s Director Min’s older brother, Vice President Min Junki. “Friend.” Chairman Min narrows his eyes. “Since when did Yoongi have a friend in the art department?”
Junki shrugs. “I don’t know but it’s a good thing that my brother’s learning how to befriend other people. You know how stubborn and unapproachable he can be sometimes. Even our investors are scared of him.” Jimin hears a lighthearted laugh come out of Vice President Min’s mouth.
Jimin hears a lighthearted laugh come out of Vice President Min’s mouth. “We’d better go,” the man tells his grandfather. “Let’s not keep Mr. Choi waiting.” The old man grunts and turns to look at Hoseok one last time. “Tell me if my grandson is giving you any trouble.”
“Yes, sir,” Secretary Jung replies with his fists closed tightly on his sides. When the old man moves to walk ahead, Jimin sees Yoongi’s older brother staring at him with a mysterious smile on his lips.
“It’s nice meeting you, Mr. Park,” he says, sliding his hands into his pockets. “Let’s grab dinner with my brother next time.” “I— sir, that’s…” Jimin stammers out, unable to process the vice president’s words. What is he saying?
Junki chuckles at the utter look of shock and confusion on Jimin’s face. “Go on.” He tilts his head to Yoongi’s office. “My brother’s waiting for you. We’ll meet again soon.”
And with that, Junki turns around to follow his grandfather to the elevators, leaving Jimin with hundreds of questions in his mind. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Jimin wills his heartbeat to calm down. Does he know who Jimin is? Did Yoongi tell his brother about him?
"I'm so sorry about that, Jimin." Hoseok rubs his fingers against his left temple. "I should've warned you the chairman would be here but..." "The director forgot to tell?" Secretary Jung nods. "He was held up all day by business meetings. I wouldn't blame him."
Looking down at the paper bag in his hands, Jimin asks, "Is it still okay to visit him?" "Of course." Hoseok smiles before walking toward the door to knock twice. Opening it, he looks at someone inside and says, "I'll be going first, director." He glances at Jimin briefly.
"Mr. Park is here to see you." Hoseok steps aside to let Jimin enter the room. Quietly thanking the secretary, the younger waits for him to close the door before slowly lifting his eyes in front of him. He sees a figure standing near the huge glass windows.
The man's head is turned to the opposite side, looking through the window with his hands tucked inside his pants' pockets. His black suit stands in stark contrast with the city lights in the background, lifting him from the view like a well-chiseled sculpture.
And when his eyes turn to Jimin, fixing those dark, beautiful eyes at him, the younger feels an excited shudder run down his spine as he opens his mouth to say, "Hi." The earlier tension on the man's face dissipates. "Jimin," Yoongi utters with a slight curve of his mouth.
Jimin's feet move before he can process a thought in his mind, walking closer to where the director is standing as if there's a magnet pulling him to the man. "Are you okay?" he asks with worry painting his features. "I... saw your brother and grandfather."
Director Min's shoulders tense up again. "Did grandfather talk to you?" When Jimin nods stiffly, he further asks, "What did he say?" "He asked my name and department. Your brother told him we're friends." "Friends." Yoongi lets out a miserable chuckle. "I don't have friends."
"That's not true." Jimin pouts a little. "What do you call Mr. Jung? He's not just your secretary. He sees you as a friend, Yoongi." Director Min hums to this but the man seems like he isn't convinced yet.
If Jimin has to drill that fact into Yoongi over and over again to make him realize he's not alone, then he'll do so as many times as he can. He has Jimin, too, after all.
"I brought dinner." Jimin attempts to lighten the situation by showing Yoongi the paper bag in his hands. "I hope you're eating bulgogi and bibimbap?" It seems to work because the tiny crease between Director Min's brows fades. "I am." "Great!" Jimin smiles at him.
Placing the paper bag on the desk, Jimin glances at the succulent plant and miniature Eiffel towel before reaching out to touch the plant's leaves. "Hello there," he mutters like a little greeting. He really loves how vibrant and adorable it looks on the director's office table.
"Jimin." "Hm?" The younger lifts his face to the director, his gaze dropping to the man's outstretched hand. "Can you come here for a sec?" Jimin's lips part slightly at the request, feeling his cheeks going warmer the longer he stares at the handsome man in front of him.
Without a word, Jimin closes the distance between them and settles merely a foot away from Director Min, waiting for the man to move or say something. Then, after a moment, Jimin gasps softly when Director Min envelops him in a warm hug. "Y-Yoongi?" Jimin asks, blushing.
"I've had a long day." Director Min lets out a weary sigh. "Let me recharge for a bit." The man's words turn the flames on Jimin's cheeks into a raging wildfire, and as his heartbeat escalates with each second that passes by, Jimin lifts his hands to rest them on Yoongi's back.
"Okay," he mutters on the director's shoulder, basking in the other's warmth and closeness. After three minutes of standing there by the window, hugging each other wordlessly as if it's the most natural thing in the world, Jimin asks through his mind, (Want to eat dinner?)
Director Min hums and hugs Jimin a little tighter. (Are you gonna feed me?) Jimin lets out a light snort at that. (Don't push your luck, director.) A low and amused chuckle brews inside the man's throat. (You're very strict, Mr. Park.)
Jimin pulls back to give Yoongi an indignant huff and when he does, the director's eyes curve adorably into tiny crescents before he leans forward to drop a swift kiss on Jimin's mouth, leaving the younger stunned with a furious blush on his cheeks.
As the man chuckles at the dumb and surprised look on his face, Jimin's mind drifts to their conversation at the Italian restaurant a few months ago. /Jimin huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. "I hate you."/
/"I know." Yoongi touches the rim of the wine glass with a finger, looking at the red liquor inside. "You're not the only one who does."/ Jimin presses his lips together. /"Friends." Yoongi lets out a miserable chuckle. "I don't have friends."/
(You're zoning out again.) The director's voice snaps Jimin back to reality, and he clears his throat to say, "Sorry." He licks his lips. "You surprised me." As Director Min's airy chuckle filters through Jimin's ears, he starts to wonder. How could anyone ever hate Yoongi? ☕
The whispers became louder. Every day when he goes to work, Jimin can hear them in every corner of the building: the offices, hallways, cafeteria, and lounge area. They're everywhere. And it's starting to grate on Jimin's nerves.
He's eating lunch at the cafeteria with Taehyung and Jungkook when he hears people talking at a nearby table. "Yeah, that's him." "...Saw him approaching the director two days ago." "They looked close." "Heh, so it's true then?" "Yeah, probably."
Taehyung throws a worried at Jimin. "Hey, Chim. You okay?" Taking in a deep breath, Jimin nods once and tries not to listen to the annoying gossip but their voices are anything but subtle despite knowing that Jimin is there and can hear every bullshit coming out of their mouths.
"No wonder why the art department won the award." A mocking snort. "That guy pulled some strings. Knew it. There's no way that shitty department could have won that." "Yeah, can't believe someone in the company's fucking Director Min."
Jimin's hands ball into tight fists when he hears them snicker. "The director's a hot and rich guy but I don't like him. He doesn't smile, and he's scary as fuck." 'That's not true,' Jimin thinks; Yoongi has the most beautiful smile in the world. He wants to scream at them.
"Me too. Have you heard? Director Min rejected the appeals from Yanhae and Kwon yesterday?" "You mean their appeal to not get fired?" "Yeah. They were crying at the office yesterday. It's fucking awful."
"Don't mind them," Jungkook tells him when he sees the rigid look on Jimin's face. "Their lives are miserable so they don't have anything better to talk about." But Jimin does. He can stand other people talking shit about him; he's been through that before.
But what he can't stomach is hearing other people say bad stuff and assume the worst things about Yoongi when they don't know the first thing about him. Jimin hates it. He hates it down to his very core. "God, really?" someone exclaims. "Director Min is a heartless bastard."
Jimin's had enough.
"Chim?" Taehyung's eyes widen in surprise as Jimin's chair creaks loudly against the tiles when he stands abruptly from his seat. The conversation stops among the gossipmongers when Jimin approaches their table with a frown. "What's your problem?" he snaps.
One of them, a woman, lifts a brow at Jimin. "Excuse me? You're the one going to other people's table to pick a fight. What's /your/ problem?" Jimin feels his blood boiling.
"You're purposefully letting me hear your bullshit. If you wanna say something, then don't gossip behind my back and say it right to my face," he spits out. As they gain attention in the cafeteria, a man gives him a mocking grin before standing up, "Alright."
Jimin levels him a glare. "Since it appears no one is saying anything directly to you, then I will." "Wait, Jowon." One of the gossipmongers holds the man's arm but the guy pulls himself free. "The whole company thinks you're fucking Director Min." Jimin clenches his jaw.
"You have a lot of free time. Don't you have anything better to do?" Taehyung hisses through gritted teeth, standing beside Jimin with Jungkook. "Yeah, apart from spreading shitty rumors about your co-workers," Jungkook adds with a frown, folding his arms over his chest.
"We aren't spreading anything." The woman earlier stands beside the guy, staring down at the three of them. "And they're not rumors if they're true." Jimin's fists clench tighter on his sides. "You can call me names and spread lies about me but leave Director Min out of this."
"Heh, what's this?" The woman smirks. "Everyone thinks you're a social climber and gold-digger but I guess there's more to it." "What the fuck did you say?" Taehyung asks, clearly infuriated by her words.
"I have a friend who's a former colleague of yours in your old company, Mr. Park," the man tells him. "He told me about your messy history with your former manager." Jimin feels like an ice bucket has spilled all over him. "...What?" he breathes out.
Both of his friends tense up beside him. "I can't believe you're doing the same thing here with the executive director. You have a lot of balls to mess up with the Min Group." He snorts. "How desperate can you be?"
"Oh, hell no. That's it, you fucker–" Taehyung takes a step forward and clutches the man's collar. Letting out a loud gasp, Jimin wraps his arms around Taehyung's waist to pull him back. "Taehyung!" He hears a few people shout in surprise at the commotion.
When the man motions to punch Taehyung, Jungkook steps forward and puts an arm between them, shoving the guy back against the table. "Don't you fucking dare," he growls. Breathing harshly, Taehyung tells them, "We're reporting you to HR. You motherfuckers are gonna get fired."
Panic rises in Jimin's system and he pulls Taehyung away from the cafeteria with Jungkook following their heels as Jimin violently pushes the glass door open. "I wanna wring their fucking necks!" Taehyung blurts out once they're out of earshot.
"Those fuckers think they can just say whatever they want." Jungkook scowls. "Wait 'til HR hears about this–" "No." Jimin looks at his friends. "We're not reporting this to HR." "What? Why not?" Taehyung asks. "They were fucking harassing you back there!"
"Yeah, Taehyung's right," Jungkook backs his soulmate up. "We should report this–" "No one is reporting anything," Jimin raises his voice, and his friends' mouths clack shut. As silence drops above their heads for a few seconds, Jimin swallows thickly and looks away.
"You know this happened before," he tells them. "If we report them to HR, then Yoongi's name will float around the issue. The higher-ups will get involved. Chairman Min–" Jimin lets out a trembling breath. "I don't want this issue to reach him."
"But he probably knows about it already," Jungkook reasons. "He'll know one way or another if this doesn't stop." "If we keep our silence, this issue will pass soon." "Don't be stupid!" Taehyung exclaims. "We have to address this as soon as possible."
"You know how addressing stuff like this played out for me at my old company," Jimin says, trying not to relive those traumatic days in his life. "I reported people to HR for spreading horrible rumors about me but guess what?" He laughs bitterly.
"I got fired because my relationship with my boss got dug up by the higher-ups." Jimin got fired for defending himself. He didn't only lose his job; he lost a relationship too. And that was what hurt him the most.
"I'm scared the same thing will happen again, Tae." He feels tears burning behind his eyes. "I'll think about what to do but... I can't do this right now." Jimin drops his gaze to his feet, feeling the first wave of tears glossing over his eyes. "I don't wanna lose Yoongi."
Anger leaves Taehyung's eyes and gets replaced by something akin to sympathy and understanding. Taking a step toward his friend, Taehyung hugs Jimin tightly. "Alright," he utters. "But you should at least talk to Director Min about this."
A drop of tear falls down Jimin's face. "I don't know how," he whispers and his voice sounds so weak and frightened to his ears. Why is this happening to him again? Can't he just be happy for once?
"You don't have to say anything now," Taehyung assures him, patting his back. "It's alright to be afraid, Chim." "Yeah, but don't let that fear take you down. You have to overcome it someday." Jungkook joins the group hug and somehow, it makes Jimin feel a little better.
Additional tags: – past trauma / breakup
After that messy encounter at the cafeteria, Jimin falls unbearably silent at work. He still does his tasks and talks to Taehyung and Jungkook but the three of them know that something's wrong with him, that Jimin isn't being his usual self.
He functions like clockwork in the next few days, waking up at 6 in the morning, diligently doing what is given to him by Mr. Kang at the office, and finishing up the day with a brief farewell to his friends.
He's still yet to talk to Yoongi but the mere thought of facing the director right now makes Jimin sick to his stomach. He's anxious and afraid. He's been thinking about it all day, even at night before sleep consumes him, but he still can't find the courage to face his problem.
The thing about having a past traumatic experience is that it creeps on you like a shadow. It breathes down your neck the second it senses weakness in you. It slithers its way into everything that remotely resembles that past situation, making you unable to take a step forward.
It's not like Jimin isn't fighting it; he's trying but he feels like his effort isn't enough. He's trying to look at the brighter side but sometimes, in moments when he's alone at his apartment or zoning out at work, he can't help but remember it.
/ "I love you, Jimin." / Sanwoo's voice echoes in his mind. / "I won't leave you." / / "I'll fight for you. I won't let them harm you." / / "I'm... thinking about the promotion." / / "I won't take it. You're more important." / / "Let's break up." /
Jimin fought for him. He fought for his love but it wasn't enough. The litany of assurances and sweet promises that his ex had told him– they all crumbled into dust. His trust was broken. His heart was shattered to pieces. Everything was so painful back then.
He pushed everyone away so he could have room to heal. It wasn't healthy; Jimin was aware of that because he knew he had to reach out to someone at some point before grief could swallow him. Taehyung and Jungkook were there; they've always been there for him.
Weeks after breaking up with his ex, he went to Paris to escape from everything. Now, as Jimin feels the anxiety and frustration settling deep in his bones again like a bottle filling up to the brim, he lets out a weary sigh as he stares up at the dull ceiling of his bedroom.
And so on the seventh day, when everything felt too much, Jimin called in sick to work. ☕️
It's been a week– an entire week of no contact at all. It must have been his busy schedule or Jimin's work routine but Yoongi hasn't had a glimpse of the other for a whole damn week.
Jimin hasn't come to his office, too, even after his work hours and lately, Yoongi feels like the whole universe is keen on keeping them apart. Looking down at the scribbled numbers on a piece of paper that Hoseok gave him that morning, Yoongi taps his finger on the table.
It's Jimin's number, and he tried calling it thrice but the call always went to voicemail. He went down to the art department earlier that day to look for Jimin but Manager Kang informed him that the younger called in sick.
He talked to Jimin's friends, Taehyung and Jungkook, but the way they averted their eyes when Yoongi asked them how Jimin was made him think that they were hiding something, that something was happening right under his nose that involved Jimin in some way.
Director Min is always away for business meetings so he's not aware of everything that's happening among his subordinates. His interaction with them is limited to a professional level, hence he doesn't really talk to them unless he has to.
After all, he has Hoseok and several others under him to do that for him. Yoongi knows where Jimin lives; he's taken him back home to his apartment when they watched a movie together but when he said to Jimin's friends he was planning to check on him, Taehyung shook his head.
"I know I'm out of line for telling you this, sir. But Jimin is my friend," the employee tells him with a resolute look in his eyes. "Please let him contact you first. He'll look for you when he's ready to talk to you." "I agree with Taehyung, Director Min." Jungkook nods.
"And even if you go to his apartment, Jimin won't probably answer you if he's not ready." Taehyung sighs as his gaze drops to the space between them. "We know it, sir. Because he's done that to me and Jungkook before."
"He'll come around," Jungkook says, sounding hopeful. "We've been messaging him, sir, so we can assure you he's safe in his apartment. Jimin just needs some time off work."
Yoongi has been more irritated than usual lately and every little thing, sound, or person strangely vexes him. Stress from work has been piling up and even his morning coffee can't alleviate that restless tic in his fingers. He's agitated, and he's getting pissed because of it.
The following morning when Hoseok goes to his office to remind him of the day's schedule, Yoongi stops him halfway to ask, "Any news about Jimin?" Secretary Jung's shoulders sag a little. "No, director. He didn't go to work today."
Stifling a frustrated sigh, Yoongi runs his fingers through his dark hair and looks at the tiny succulent plant glaring back at him. The restlessness inside Yoongi is dampening his mood and so with an irritated twitch of his brow, Yoongi turns to Hoseok.
"I want you to do something for me." Secretary Jung lifts his brows curiously. "What is it?" Touching the Rolex watch around his wrist, Yoongi ignores the tic in his fingers and says, "I want you to find out what happened." He's done waiting. ☕
Jimin goes back to work after three days. Lazing around his apartment made him feel a bit better. He had time to think a few things over, especially about his overdue talk with Yoongi. Just thinking about it makes him anxious but he /has/ to face him one way or another.
He enters the building with his eyes on the floor, walking in fast strides to the flight of stairs beside the elevators in fear of accidentally bumping into Yoongi or Secretary Jung if he rides the elevator to his office.
He'd rather take this morning exercise than be in an awkward situation with the director. In the past three days, Jimin tried playing different scenarios in his head once the chairman finds out about his entanglement with the director, and most of them were freaking bad.
Maybe, it's Jimin's demon eating him away from the inside but he's not yet ready to let go of Yoongi. The longer they don't talk, the longer he gets to keep this 'thing' between them. Jimin is not yet ready but he's getting there. He has to.
Jimin had several ideas about what could have greeted him the moment he stepped foot into the office: curious stares, snide remarks, or sympathetic talks. But it certainly wasn't /this/.
"What's happening?" he asks Taehyung, putting his bag on the desk while staring at the slight commotion among his colleagues. "Chim! Hey, how are you feeling?" "I feel better." He smiles at his friend briefly before looking in Mr. Kang's direction.
The manager appears composed as he talks to his subordinates who're all in a state of mild panic but Jimin doesn't miss the look of alarm in the older man's eyes as he explains whatever the hell is happening to the others. What's going on?
It was Jungkook who spoke. "There was a mass firing of employees yesterday in the other departments." "One came from our department," Taehyung adds with a mild expression of discomfort on his face.
"What?" Jimin mutters in disbelief. A mass firing? "They said around 40 employees were fired so the hiring team has to do extra hours of work in the next two weeks to fill in the vacancies," Jungkook says with a slight frown on his face.
Taehyung sighs. "The reason wasn't divulged to the public but there had been speculations," he explains. "Since... the people involved were instructed to report to the executive director's office yesterday." Jimin's breath catches in his throat as his jaw drops. It was Yoongi?
"But, 40 people..." Jimin sits down in his seat, still digesting the situation. "That's a lot of employees fired within a day." "I know. There will be repercussions and the company may suffer a bit but I think they deserved it." His best friend scoffs. "They had it coming."
"Those fuckers think they could mess up with you." Jungkook snorts. "As long as Director Min is here, no one can touch you, Jimin." "Yeah," Taehyung agrees. "They technically harmed the director's reputation, too, by engaging in those rumors."
Jimin doesn't know what to think. What Yoongi did can either extinguish the flames or fan the fire. He's grateful because the rumors may stop or tone down to a minimum level but... What if the director gets reprimanded by the board members for what he did for Jimin?
The current situation is like a double-edged sword for Director Min. "Mr. Park." Jimin lifts his gaze to the group of employees approaching him. They all look awkward and restless as they stand in front of him. "We would like to apologize," one of them says.
"We heard about the rumors but we didn't talk to you about it," another one adds. "Yeah, we're sorry for that." "The executive director did the right thing but we're just afraid that we might get dragged into the issue."
Jimin presses his lips together and nods. "I accept your apology." Then, Taehyung folds his arms together and says, "You might want to be careful with engaging in rumors about other people from now on."
A guilty look flashes across their colleague's features. "Yeah, we will." As the group disperses to go back to their desks, Jungkook whistles and tells both of them, "Director Min should be crowned king for this. Firing 40 people isn't a joke."
"He has a lot of balls to do that." Taehyung grins knowingly. "He literally said 'Fuck it, no one can say shit about my soulmate.'" "Ya." Jimin blushes. "It could raise problems with the board members but I believe Director Min got it under control." The youngest shrugs.
Jimin's lashes flutter as his gaze drops in concern. Yoongi might have the legal power to decide on this matter but the board of directors still has the authority to question his decision. That's how things work in the corporate world, and Jimin knows that.
As his eyes shift to his desk, Jimin's heart sinks a little. There are no pastries or deliveries for him today which means that Yoongi either deliberately stopped calling for them or he's already in trouble with the higher-ups.
"Yoongi," Jimin whispers as he feels his chest constrict. He's worried about Director Min. ☕
Yoongi doesn't flinch when Mr. Han, the second major stockholder of the company, bangs his fist on the table. "This is madness," he hisses through gritted teeth. "What do you think you're doing, Director Min?" Yoongi knew this would happen.
The board of directors called for an emergency meeting today when the news about the mass firing spread like wildfire. His brother and grandfather are out of town for business matters so Yoongi will have to bear the brunt of his actions alone.
"What I did was necessary." Director Min clasps his hands together on the table. "I couldn't let conniving people roam free under my watch." "But firing 40 employees in a day?" A middle-aged man tuts. "You know how this will affect the workforce of the company, right?"
"The efficiency of transactions and production will suffer for the next few weeks." Mr. Han glares at him. "Do you know how much money the company will lose?" "Millions," Director Min answers, looking at the old man with a blank expression on his face. "I'm aware of that."
"If you are, then you should also know that what you did was rash and unethical." "Unethical?" Yoongi lets out a mocking noise. "What's unethical about firing a bunch of people who spread damaging rumors around the company?"
"You should have let HR handle the situation," Mrs. Yu tells him. "Disputes happen in any workplace but this issue could have been settled with internal arrangements. There was no need to take a great leap such as firing 15% of our employees."
Hoseok shifts beside him, standing with his hands clasped behind his back as he accompanies Yoongi to this meeting. He knows his secretary long enough to know that he's nervous. He should be because what Mrs. Yu told them was true.
Taking off 15% of the company's workforce isn't a light matter and Yoongi is perfectly aware of the repercussions that might arise out of the executive decision that he made. And yet... Yet... "I will stand by my decision," he tells them.
Another board member, Mr. Lee, sighs. "You're stubborn just like your grandfather." "What those former employees did was wrong and a violation of the company's core values," Yoongi counters. "This place won't thrive with people like them employed under the corporation's name."
"All of this havoc–" Director Min's gaze shifts to Mr. Han, who is staring back at him with an unpredictable look in his eyes. "–Happened because of mere rumors." A moment of silence settles around them before the old man asks, "But are those rumors true, Director Min?"
"We've heard bits and pieces," another board member announces, looking at the people seated at the conference table. "But we want to hear the whole truth from you," he says as he fixes his gaze on Yoongi. Director Min feels another tic in his fingers.
Hoseok seems restless beside him, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he desperately keeps his eyes in front of him. Yoongi takes in a few deep breaths with his lips pressed lightly against his clasped hands. He thinks and lets silence consume them for a moment.
Then, after a while of contemplation, Director Min lifts his eyes to the awaiting board members and says, "They're true." "Director," Hoseok says with wide eyes but Yoongi cuts him off. "I'm involved with the employee in question." Hushed conversations air inside the room.
"So you mean to say, director," Mrs. Yu clarifies. "You fired 40 people on the grounds of malicious rumors to protect a single employee who happens to be your romantic interest?" "Yes," Yoongi answers simply with finality.
"The employee in question was being harassed by those rumors," the third largest investor, a lady in her forties named Mrs. Ki, defends him. "Romantic interest or not, foul behaviors like that shouldn't be permitted on the company's premises."
A brief expression of shock crosses Yoongi's features upon hearing someone from the board of directors defend him for the first time. As the initial surprise subsides as quickly as it came, Yoongi stands up from his seat and plants his hands on the table.
"If we can't defend a single employee, then how can we fight for the rights of hundreds of others?" he begins, looking around the table with utter seriousness. "This board exists not just for the technical, practical, and financial aspects of the corporation +
+ but also to uphold and protect the rights and dignity of our employees. If we can't do such basic human acts toward them as their employers, then we're not worthy of gaining anything from their years of hard-earned labor and service."
Conversations stir up among the board members. Yoongi doesn't even try to listen to what they're saying because he had already conveyed his part, and he meant every word he said. He wouldn't let matters like that slide.
Especially if it involves Jimin. A hand thumping against the table silences everyone. Yoongi follows Mr. Han's movements as he slowly stands from his seat, worn out by age. "Director Min," he begins and turns to look at the director. Yoongi firmly holds the old man's gaze.
"Your family, the Min Group, founded this great corporation. Your grandfather owns the largest share of this company, and you and your older brother are both stockholders as well," Mr. Han tells him. "However, I am sure that you're completely aware that this company +
+ wouldn't exist if it weren't for us, the board of directors who bought shares to facilitate the company's operations. In the end, we are all here for a primary reason." He levels Yoongi a stare. "Business."
"And what you did has cost us financial loss that might be detrimental to the company's future." Some of the members around the table nod to the old man's words. Yoongi clenches his jaw.
Then, Mr. Han looks at the powerful people seated around the table. "The board members are the ones who granted you that position, Director Min. Without our support, you won't have the authority you're exercising now."
As the tension rises to its peak, Mr. Han announces to the members, "With seven of us here and Director Min as the representative of the Min group, I hereby invoke my right to vote to remove Director Min from his executive position." Hoseok takes in a sharp breath beside Yoongi.
Director Min knew it could come to this if things got out of hand. He knew Mr. Han would grab the opportunity to remove him from his position. The old man has been aiming to take over the company for years but because of Yoongi's intercession in the company's transactions, +
+closing business deals and proposing and approving projects that were remarkably successful, the Min Group has been steadily profiting off his hard work, hence stabilizing their shares in the corporation. He knew Mr. Han would call for a vote to turn this situation in his favor.
"Before the voting starts, I believe I should remind everyone at this table of a few things." Director Min looks at them. "My office has greatly contributed to the 2.1% increase in the net income of the company this year. +
+ I managed to persuade more investors to invest their money in the corporation, and proposed projects maximizing the efficiency of production and profit at minimum costs." He pauses to let the fact sink in. Then, without further ado, Yoongi declares, "This company needs me."
Yoongi's statement renders the board members silent. "Anyone with half a brain in business management can achieve the same goals as you, director." Mr. Han lets out a mocking snort. "You are not as smart as you think you are, boy."
"That's enough," Mrs. Yu interrupts them. "Everyone, please sit down. We're about to start voting." Clenching his jaw, Director Min sits back in his seat as he watches the old man do the same. The clock starts ticking.
"We will go with a majority vote as always. For those who are in favor of Director Min's removal from his office, please raise your right hand," Mrs. Yu utters and waits for the members' vote. Apart from Mr. Han, two other members lift their hands.
"And for those who vote against Director Min's removal from his office, please raise your left hand." As a moment of hesitation passes by among the other members, Yoongi feels his hands closing into tight fists.
If anyone abstains, then he's going to get in deep trouble. After a few seconds of waiting, three members raise their left hand to vote. A tie.
Yoongi presses his lips together, trying not to let any emotion slip through his carefully crafted mask, and raises his gaze to the middle-aged lady sitting on her seat with her hands tucked primly in her lap.
She casts a brief glance at Mr. Han across from her before shifting her eyes to Director Min seated at the head of the table. "As young as he is, we cannot deny that Director Min is a valuable and irreplaceable asset to the company," she says and lets a moment of silence drop.
Then, without another word, Mrs. Yu raises her left hand.
Hoseok lets out the breath he's been holding since the voting started and places a hand on top of his chest to express his relief. "That concludes the session," Mrs. Yu announces. "Thank you for coming to this meeting."
Mr. Han appears extremely displeased by the outcome but before he can say another bullshit to the director, Yoongi stands from his seat and fixes the button of his coat. "Have a good day," he utters with a curt nod before turning around to walk out of the room with long strides.
"Director," Hoseok calls after him as he follows Yoongi to the empty hallway far away from the conference hall. "Director Min!" Yoongi halts in his tracks and lets the anger crawl out of his system.
He's breathing heavily as the urge to punch something or someone creeps into his mind. His restless fingers flex and open on his sides as he wills himself to calm down. He fucking hates attending meetings with the board of directors.
"Director." Hoseok settles beside him, worry contorting every line on his face. "Are you okay? Do you want me to get you something?" "No." Yoongi shakes his head and closes his eyes with a harsh sigh. "I'm fine."
Running his fingers through his dark locks, Yoongi licks his lips and turns his head to the side to look through the glass window. That was a close call. He knew this thing could happen but he did it anyway. For /his/ sake.
"Fuck," Yoongi curses under his breath as his fingers twitch again, anxious and restless. He wants to see Jimin. ☕
The news about Director Min's near dismissal circulates around the company faster than the speed of light. And so when it reaches Jimin at three in the afternoon, the food in his mouth suddenly turns bland as guilt starts to slither its way into his chest.
"That's fucked up," Jungkook comments, wide-eyed and unbelieving. "Why would they want to fire the director for defending his employee?" "Fuck, I'm messing things up again." Jimin buries his face into his hands. "Chim, no." Taehyung places a comforting hand on his shoulder.
"The same thing happened with Sanwoo, Tae. He was threatened and bribed. Because of me, his position was put at risk, and now Yoongi–" Jimin lets out a frustrated sound. "Fucking hell, I'm so mad right now." He's mad at the people who spread those rumors about him and Yoongi.
He's mad at the board of directors for attempting to remove the director from his position. And he's mad at himself for letting history repeat itself. Jimin wants to cry. He wants to fucking scream.
"Chim?" Taehyung says when Jimin abruptly stands up from his seat. "Chim, hey! Where are you going?" But Jimin's pace doesn't stop. Since everyone in the company probably knows that the rumors between him and Yoongi are true, what else is there to hide?
Jimin is going to see Yoongi, and no damn soul in this goddamn company can stop him.
He taps his foot restlessly on the floor as the elevator ride takes /forever/ to take him to his destination. After a while, Jimin is out of the elevator in a blink of an eye as his adrenaline pushes him to walk bravely to where Secretary Jung is currently seated behind the desk.
"Mr. Jung," he calls him, not bothering for a polite nod or greeting. "Is the director in his office?" "Jimin." Surprise flashes across Hoseok's face. "Yes, he's inside. The director– Jimin?" Jimin turns to the door without waiting for the secretary to finish his sentence.
He knocks twice, harsher than he intended to, before swinging the door open and stepping into the room without waiting for Yoongi to grant him permission. He could get fired for this but his goddamn job is the last thing he cares about at this moment.
Jimin locks the door behind him, keen on preventing anything or anyone from interrupting them because he has to set things straight once and for all. He's done hiding from his problems.
"Jimin." The younger's eyes lift to the man sitting behind the mahogany desk, noticing the look of surprise gracing his handsome features as Jimin walks closer to him. "You're back," he hears him say once Jimin is standing across from him. "Yoongi." Jimin's heart skips a beat.
God, it's been more than a week since he last saw Yoongi. "I heard about what happened," Jimin tells him, and as if on cue, the director's face turns grim and he averts his eyes from the younger. "You didn't have to do that for me." Director Min scoffs. "I knew you'd say that."
The elder's attitude ticks Jimin off. "Ya." He frowns. "I can take care of myself. I don't need you to do unnecessary things for me." God, what is he saying? He's here to talk /calmly/ and apologize to Yoongi. Why is he getting mad at him?
"'Unnecessary'?" Director Min's brow twitches in irritation. "I risked my position for /you/ because what those people did was wrong, and you call that 'unnecessary'?"
"But you didn't have to risk /anything/!" Jimin bursts out, finally letting all of the frustrations and fears from the past week pour out of him. "You didn't have to do that for me." Jimin's hands curl into tight fists.
He doesn't want Yoongi to lose his position, his life's work, because of him. As the turmoil in Jimin's chest grows, he mutters, "We shouldn't see each other anymore." Director Min's jaw clenches as a scowl settles on his face. "We should stop this– whatever this is."
"'Whatever this is'?" Director Min stands up from his office chair, never once breaking gazes with Jimin. "You know exactly what this goddamn thing is, Jimin." "I don't," he lies. Jimin knows. He has always known but he keeps denying it. And now, everything is pouring out.
"For both our sakes, it's better if we don't know." Director Min bangs a fist on his desk. Flinching at the loud sound, the younger sees the dark expression that settles in the man's eyes when he flicks his gaze up to him. Jimin swallows thickly. Yoongi is furious.
"I've had enough of you saying that." Director Min rounds the table to come closer to Jimin but the younger steps back to keep the other an arm's length away from him. "Don't," Jimin stops him. "You're afraid because I'll be able to read your thoughts?"
Jimin shakes his head but Director Min pushes on, "Because I'll know what you really think about me." "No," Jimin lies again. "You're my boss. Nothing more." "You're not fooling anyone." Yoongi takes a step forward.
"Yoon— don't. Stop." Jimin feels tears of frustration burning behind his eyes as his feet automatically take a step back. He can't let Yoongi near him. He refuses to let the director read his mind—
Yoongi yanks his arm before Jimin could react and there's a momentary feeling of shock and confusion that crosses Jimin's mind when he suddenly finds himself shoved against the mahogany desk with Director Min hovering on top of him. "Yoongi," he breathes out.
Director Min is firmly holding both of his arms, pinning them down on the table and refusing to give the younger any form of escape. "You're selfish–" he utters in a low voice, frowning at Jimin under him. "And a fucking liar, Park Jimin." Yoongi crashes his mouth against his.
A loud gasp escapes from Jimin's lips when he suddenly feels the man's tongue pushing inside his mouth, harshly licking each nook and crevice, tasting every bittersweet lie and denial that the younger had told him. (Yoongi–) A breathy moan gets ripped out of Jimin's throat.
Director Min rasps against his mouth, "I risked everything for you." His hands travel down Jimin's lower half to unbuckle his belt, his movements messy and impatient. "Stop running away." Jimin shudders when Yoongi unzips his pants and shoves a hand down to touch him.
The younger's fingers claw at the director's back when the man continues to stroke him, faster and faster until his back is arching from the desk in pleasure. But then, just as when Jimin thought he's gonna come like that, Director Min pulls his hand away.
"No–" Jimin whines and clutches his fingers tighter on Yoongi's shirt. A light and amused huff comes from the man before Jimin hears Yoongi unbuckling his belt, unzipping his trousers until his erection presses up against Jimin's own. "A-Ah," the younger moans brokenly.
Yoongi wraps Jimin's legs around his waist before thrusting hard against him, again and again until Jimin feels the pleasure inside him building up to a breaking point. Director Min's mouth is on Jimin's neck as his movements become messier– more desperate than before.
The desk is creaking under their combined weight as stacks of papers start falling from the tabletop the more Yoongi grinds against him. (Fuck), Jimin licks his lips. (S-So good...) "Hm." Yoongi hums against his neck, speeding up his thrusts.
"Close," Jimin voices out. (God, I can't– ah...) Yoongi lets out a harsh breath before claiming the younger's lips once again, drinking all of his grunts and moans until Jimin is crying out in pleasure against his mouth.
And when Jimin hits his high and trembles under the director, he feels Yoongi's erratic thrusts going faster until the man is groaning against his lips as his climax crashes down on him.
Yoongi's voice sounds so low and gruff, stricken with undeniable pleasure as he rides his orgasm until both of them become too sensitive for any form of stimulation. With his heart still beating wildly in his chest, Jimin lifts his hands to cup the director's face. (Yoongi.)
Pressing their foreheads together, Yoongi communicates with his eyes closed, (Don't push me away, Jimin.) A pause. (Please.) Fluttering his eyes shut, Jimin inhales a sharp breath before pressing a firm kiss on the director's mouth. Yoongi knows his answer.
As the kiss grows into something deep and languid, Yoongi says through his mind, (Let's go to my place.) Jimin cracks his eyes open when Director Min pulls away a bit to stare down at him, his thumb lightly brushing the younger's cheek. (You have no choice.)
(What?) Jimin gives him an indignant little huff. A small smile tugs at the corners of Director Min's mouth. (No matter what happens), he says and takes a teasing bite of the younger's lower lip. (I'm not letting you go home tonight, Jimin.) ☕
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Maybe, it's a good thing that Yoongi opted to drive both of them back to his penthouse because if they had gone to the limo with the director's personal driver to do the chore for them, then Jimin was sure he would be taken right then and there inside the vehicle.
It's not like he's against it; he would be lying if he says he hasn't imagined that scenario before. It's one of his guilty thoughts in the middle of the night when he's lying alone in bed, thinking about Yoongi and all the ways that the director could /tame/ him. God.
Director Min's grip on the steering wheel is tight, and the collars of his shirt and the tie around his neck are ruffled and unkempt. Jimin runs his hands on them every time the stoplight turns red, and Yoongi pulls the car to a stop, +
+ reaching out for Jimin across the console every chance he gets to kiss him hard on the mouth. Jimin is achingly hard in his pants and one more teasing kiss from Yoongi would certainly make him cry in frustration. He wants to ride Director Min right there in the driver's seat.
When the stoplight turns green, Jimin pulls away from the kiss and pats the director's chest to stop him. "You need to drive," he breathes out, head still feeling a little dizzy. Director Min lets out a muffled curse and steps on the gas to drive away.
"Eyes on the road," Jimin teases him with a light chuckle, and that remark earns him a heavy sigh from Yoongi. "I swear, this fucking road is endless," Director Min says with a frown as he runs an impatient hand through his dark hair.
Jimin can't wait to have his hands all over him.
When they arrive in front of Yoongi's building, Director Min immediately takes the key and hops out of the driver's seat to circle around the hood, opening the door of the passenger seat to grab Jimin's hand and guide him out of the car.
"I'll leave my car to you," Director Min tells the valet and throws the key to him without glancing at the guy. Jimin bows his head briefly in greeting before getting dragged into the lobby by the director.
The elder's grip on his hand is firm as he ushers Jimin to the elevators. The way Yoongi's hand feels against his palm puts a light blush on Jimin's cheeks – the difference in their hand size, the director's long and bony fingers, and his pale, flawless skin.
As the elevator doors open, Jimin follows him inside and watches Yoongi pull a keycard out of his breast pocket and tap the card on a sensor on top of the floor buttons. When the sign above the doors turns into a red horizontal line, Jimin asks, "What did you do?"
"It's an executive keycard," Yoongi tells him as he backs Jimin against the wall. "No one can bother us now." The younger gasps when Yoongi claims his lips again, licking and biting the rosy flesh teasingly as the elevator takes them up to the highest floor of the building.
"Is this place–" Jimin moans softly when Yoongi slides a leg between his thighs. "Owned by the Min Group?" "No," Director Min whispers against his lips, squeezing Jimin's hips. "This building was constructed out of my own pocket." He smirks. "I own it."
Something about the director's words ticks the right boxes on Jimin's list, and he lets out a low moan in response to the man's undeniable prowess in the business industry. Director Min is so fucking sexy when he's being smug about his work and achievements like this.
(Fuck.) Jimin throws his arms around the director's neck to pull him as close as he can, pushing his tongue into the other's mouth deepen their kiss. (Own me too–) Jimin freezes as his eyes fly open in muted horror. Oh, God. Did his thoughts just–?
(What did you say?) Director Min lets out a breathy chuckle against the younger's lips. Pulling back with a furious blush painting his entire face, Jimin explains, "Sorry, that's not– I didn't mean that!" (You have a lot of dirty thoughts, Mr. Park.) Yoongi smirks at him.
Before Jimin can answer to defend the last trace of dignity he has left in his body, the elevator doors open to the highest floor of the building, and Yoongi is already tugging him out of the lift by the hand until they're standing in front of the man's billion-won penthouse.
After punching in the keycode, Director Min opens the door and pulls Jimin inside without uttering a single word. The younger bites his bottom lip when Yoongi shuts the door behind him and backs Jimin against the wall to bury his face in his neck.
They haven't even reached the bedroom yet but they've already kissed a lot of times and one second away from clawing each other's clothes off. Kissing his way back to Jimin's mouth, Director Min fumbles on the buttons of his coat before shrugging it off his shoulders, +
+ letting the fabric fall to the floor as his hands slide down Jimin's back to get a firm grip of his ass. Moaning against the elder's mouth, Jimin grips the front of the director's white shirt and utters through his mind, (Bed.)
Director Min lets out a low hum on his lips before reaching down to lift the younger up in his arms. A loud, surprised gasp escapes Jimin's mouth at the sudden action as his legs instinctively wrap around Yoongi's hips. "Yoongi!" he whines, grabbing on the man's shoulders.
Yoongi chuckles and continues kissing his jawline, whispering "Hold tight" to Jimin's ear, as he carries him to the second floor where the director's bedroom is. Jimin has his arms around the other's neck the entire time, nibbling Yoongi's earlobe to tease him a bit on their way.
Cursing under his breath when Director Min accidentally bumps into a small cabinet, Jimin lets out an airy giggle and captures Yoongi's lips to erase the annoyed frown on his face. (You were the one who insisted on carrying me.) Director Min huffs and bites Jimin's bottom lip.
It doesn't take long before Jimin's back hits the soft and heavenly mattress of Yoongi's bed, which he might or might not have missed these past two weeks. The warm dim light paints Yoongi's skin as he crawls on top of him, gazing at Jimin with palpable /desire/ in his dark eyes.
Jimin's hand reaches out to hold the director's tie. (Don't fall asleep this time.) (I won't.) Director Min slides a palm under the younger's shirt, caressing his bare side. (I have a lot of pent-up anger and frustration to fall asleep tonight.)
Feeling his gut clench at the director's promising words, Jimin tugs at the man's tie until the tips of their noses touch. (Then, what are you waiting for?) he says, parting his thighs wider for the director. (Fuck me hard like last time, Yoongi.)
Yoongi lets out a coarse and harsh breath before diving down to devour Jimin's lips with a hunger that the latter hasn't seen before. Reminding Director Min about their secret affair in Paris somehow fires him up and fuels him to strip Jimin up to the last fiber of his being.
And that's exactly what Jimin wants. To be devoured. To be claimed. To be unraveled until he goes mad with blinding pleasure. He wants Director Min to fuck him until he's coming and desperately gasping for air.
Jimin wants Yoongi to wreck him.
"Ah–" The younger utters a soft moan when he feels the director's thumb rubbing his left nipple but before he can beg for more, Yoongi is already pushing his shirt up until Jimin is lying under him with his bare torso glistening with a light sheen of sweat.
(Beautiful.) Yoongi dips down to kiss the flushed skin of Jimin's chest before taking a dusky nub into his mouth. "Yoongi," Jimin breathes out as the blush on his face intensifies with each twirl of the director's tongue and teasing pinch of his fingers on the younger's nipples.
When Jimin's nipples turn sensitive, the nubs rubbed and bitten raw and wet with his spit, Director Min lets out a satisfied hum before trailing kisses down his stomach, taking a brief moment to dip his tongue into Jimin's navel before proceeding to unbutton his pants.
Jimin's fingers curl on the sheets as Director Min slides his pants and boxers off his legs, leaving him utterly naked in front of the director who's still fully clothed and staring down at him with a dangerous glint in his eyes.
"You look good like this," Yoongi tells him as he starts to unbutton his shirt, teasing Jimin with every piece of pale skin being revealed right in front of his eyes. "Flushed and naked." Director Min shrugs off his shirt, exposing his broad chest and toned abdomen. "On my bed."
Jimin stifles a moan at that and reaches down to cover his hard erection with his hands. God, he's suddenly feeling self-conscious even though Yoongi had already seen every inch of his body before. Perhaps, it's the way how the director looks at him as if he wants to eat him up,+
+ or the way how his words make Jimin's gut clench so tightly that he can feel the wave of arousal forming inside him until his flushed, sweaty skin is thrumming with want and excitement. Director Min has that effect on him, and Jimin thinks he has the same effect on Yoongi, too.
"I... didn't bring any lube." "I have one," Yoongi tells him before sliding out of the bed to get an unused bottle of lube and a pack of condoms from the drawer. As Yoongi crawls back to kneel between his parted things, Jimin asks, "Do you..." He hesitates.
"Hm?" "Bring other people home?" His question makes the director lift a brow at him. "I mean–" Jimin clarifies, suddenly embarrassed for asking such a thing, but he /wants/ to know. "It's fine; it's not like it's my business or anything. It's... it's fine."
"Your face tells me it's not." Director Min tosses the lube on the mattress before hovering on top of him, looking into Jimin's eyes seriously. (If you're curious about the lube, I bought it after you slept in my penthouse because I was hoping you'd come back again.)
Yoongi gently brushes his thumb across the younger's bottom lip. (I don't like other people invading my personal space. I can count on my fingers the number of times my brother has visited this place.) Then, leaning closer, he says, (You're the first one I brought home, Jimin.)
Feeling all sorts of emotions because of Yoongi's confession, Jimin presses his lips together as heat spreads across his face, causing his stubborn heart to pace faster in his chest. (I don't know why but...), he utters and takes a deep breath. (I'm happy.)
A small smile tugs at the corners of Yoongi's mouth before the director dips down to press a kiss on his lips. Then, pulling away, Yoongi moves lower to kiss the junction between Jimin's body and thigh, flicking out the tip of his tongue to teasingly taste his soft, golden skin.
Jimin sucks in a sharp breath when the director hooks his arms around his thighs and suddenly lifts his hips without warning. "Yoongi!" he exclaims, his eyes blown wide in shock. "I'll eat you out," Director Min says and presses the flat of his tongue against Jimin's entrance.
The younger blushes furiously at the feeling of the man's tongue on his most sensitive part. "No! T-That's dirty!" Yoongi chuckles. "Nothing about you is dirty, Park Jimin," he tells him. "If you're just shy, then close your eyes." Jimin wants to pull all of his hair out.
With his upper back serving as support on the mattress, Jimin lets out a low moan as Director Min continues to swirl his tongue around his rim, sometimes stopping to suck hard on his hole and making Jimin's back arch on the bed.
No one has eaten him out before, but he's always been curious about how it feels. Taehyung told him it felt good and extremely intimate, and somehow, Jimin thinks he can understand his best friend's words now. "F-Fuck," he moans when he feels Yoongi's tongue breaching his hole.
"Oh my God." Jimin covers his burning face with his hands and squirms on the bed as Yoongi continues to eat him out, thrusting his tongue in and out of him until his aching erection is leaking out beads of precum. It's so fucking hot and the sensation is overwhelming him.
Jimin thinks he could come like this. "S-Stop," he breathes out as he reaches between his thighs to curl his fingers in Yoongi's hair. "I'll come if you keep doing that." The director pulls his tongue out to lick the underside of his balls instead. "You can come if you want."
"No," Jimin rasps. "I... want to come with you inside me." Director Min gives him a pleased smile and drops a kiss on his left inner thigh before placing Jimin's hips down on the bed again. "Okay," he says and grabs the bottle of lube beside him.
Pouring a liberal amount on his fingers, Yoongi lathers the sticky substance on Jimin's spit-slicked rim before attempting to push a finger inside him. The slide is smooth because of what the director did earlier but his finger is considerably /longer/ than his tongue.
And so when the digit reaches deep inside him, Jimin whimpers a little at the intrusion and waits for the man to stretch him out. "Okay?" Director Min asks as he slides the finger in and out slowly. "Yeah." Jimin nods. "Put another one."
With a hum, Yoongi momentarily pulls his finger out to lay down beside Jimin, placing an arm under his neck to tug him closer and hiking the younger's left leg over his hip. (I wanna see your face while I open you up.) Jimin blushes at their close proximity.
Placing a hand on Director Min's pale chest, Jimin lets out a soft moan when two fingers enter him at the same time, scissoring inside him slowly until he's stretched enough to accommodate a third finger.
As the pressure gets too much, Jimin's nails dig into the director's chest as breathy moans continue to spill out of his mouth. Yoongi is touching his sweet spot the way he likes it and every rub of the man's fingertips against the swollen gland takes Jimin closer to the edge.
Director Min is closely watching every expression fleeting across his face, the crease between his eyebrows, the way his lashes flutter, each time that Jimin bites his bottom lip, or the way his jaw drops in pleasure whenever Yoongi's fingers touch him so perfectly.
"I-I can't," Jimin utters breathily against the director's lips. "I'm gonna come if you don't—" Yoongi rubs his sweet spot harder. "S-Shit, ngh! I... want you. Please." Jimin claws at the man's chest desperately.
Dropping a firm kiss on his lips, Yoongi pulls his fingers out of Jimin's hole before snatching the pack of condoms beside them. As the man pulls his zipper down, Jimin watches with parted lips as Yoongi rolls the condom down his hard length.
It's the second time Jimin saw it but the surprise that flares inside him feels just like the first time. Director Min is biggest one he's ever had and he couldn't believe that that 'thing' managed to fit inside him way back in Paris.
(He's so big.) Director Min laughs. (Am I?) Jimin wants to smack his face for letting the thought slip out of his mind. "I– uh..." He averts his gaze from the director's shaft, blushing. "...Yes."
(Is that a good thing?) The younger swallows hard. (Yes.) (I'm glad I can please you.) Yoongi drops a kiss on his forehead before pulling himself up to kneel between Jimin's thighs, aligning his erection with his hole.
The kiss was chaste and simple, but it didn't fail to make Jimin's heart feel like it was about to leap out of his chest. What has Director Min done to him? "I'm pushing in," Yoongi tells him before sliding the head in slowly.
"Oh, my–" Jimin gasps when he feels the director's shaft sliding in halfway, stretching him out to the limit as his hands grip the sheets tightly to ground himself. The pressure is inexplicable, but the familiar sensation of having Yoongi inside him feels strangely natural +
+ as if his body recognizes him even at first contact. The way he drifts toward the man as if a strong magnetic attraction exists between them, makes Jimin feel like being with Yoongi is as natural as breathing. And perhaps, it really is. They are soulmates after all.
"Y-Yoongi." When Jimin reaches out for him with a trembling hand, Yoongi immediately links their fingers together and bends down to press a soothing kiss on his knuckles. (I'm here), Yoongi utters as a soft look flickers in his eyes. (I'm here, Jimin.)
Jimin's heart skips a beat, and he tugs the man closer so he can lay on top of him. (Move), he says, placing his hands on the director's sweaty back as Jimin wraps his legs around his hips. (Fuck me hard, Yoongi.) And Director Min did. God, he fucking did.
It takes Jimin five minutes to feel the knots in his gut pulling unbearably tight as if something is on the verge of exploding inside him. His nails occasionally draw red lines on the director's back with every hard thrust the man gives him.
He can hear Yoongi groaning on top of him, his face contorted with pleasure as he ceaselessly thrusts into Jimin. There's desperation and frustration in his thrusts as if he's kept all of these pent-up emotions inside him for a long time.
"W-Wait." Jimin places a hand on Yoongi's chest to stop his movements. Pushing himself up with his hands, the younger pulls away to kneel on the bed on all fours. Then, throwing a knowing look over his shoulder, Jimin utters, "Fuck me like this."
He sees Director Min's lashes flutter for a second before the man rubs a hand down his face with a heavy sigh. "You–" His fingers rake through his dark locks. "You have no idea what you're doing to me, Park Jimin," he says, throwing the younger a dark and piercing look.
Jimin's amused chuckle gets cut off when Yoongi suddenly grips his hips and slides his erection inside him with a sharp thrust forward. "A-Ah!" the younger shouts as the intrusion knocks the air out of his lungs.
Without another word, Director Min starts fucking him with a newfound vigor that makes Jimin whimper helplessly on the bed, fisting the sheets tightly as his whole body trembles whenever Yoongi hits that sensitive spot inside him.
"Oh, my God. Fuck me," Jimin groans with his cheek pressed on the mattress. "God, fuck me harder!" A low and coarse sound comes out of the director's mouth as he plants a foot on the bed to support his thrusts. "Fuck," Yoongi mutters as he throws his head back in pleasure.
Jimin is being pushed forward on the mattress with every hard thrust and loud smack of the director's hips against his ass. As the bed creaks under them, Jimin's arms hook over the edge of the bed to keep himself from falling down to the floor.
As the sound of skin slapping against skin, Jimin's loud moans, and the director's grunts and groans fill the air inside the bedroom, Jimin's dazed eyes lift in front of him until he sees the sparkling city lights through the huge glass windows.
He suddenly remembered the Parisian night view a few months ago, wherein he and Yoongi were in the same situation as now, fucking each other like there was no tomorrow and basking in the blue glows of the night and bright city lights.
A strong sense of nostalgia hits Jimin, and the word is out before he can stop it. "Window." "Hm?" Yoongi drapes himself over the younger's back, leaning down to kiss the skin between Jimin's shoulder blades. "Fuck me against the window." Director Min's thrusts halt to a stop.
A moment of silence passes between them before he hears Yoongi ask, (The window? Are you serious?) (Yes.) Jimin clenches around his cock, and the act elicits a quiet groan from the director's mouth. (I've always wanted to get fucked against the window since Paris.)
A low and amused laugh scratches the base of Yoongi's throat. (You're impossible.) Jimin wiggles his ass impatiently. (Are you gonna do it or not?) Grinding against his backside languidly, Yoongi teases him, (What if I don't?)
Jimin knows the director is testing his patience, edging him until he begs for it, but Jimin knows Yoongi well enough to have a grasp on how to play his game. And so, with a light scoff, Jimin tells him, (Then, I will find someone who will.) Yoongi's eye twitches at that.
(There's no need for that.) Jimin gasps in surprise when Director Min suddenly pulls him up until his back hits the man's torso. Wrapping an arm around Jimin's neck, Yoongi says, (Because I'll give it to you so good you won't need anyone else for the rest of your life.)
Jimin positively moans at that as he feels his leaking erection twitch between his thighs. "Yes," Jimin hisses through gritted teeth, holding the man's arm tightly. "Give it to me, Yoongi." Director Min lets out a harsh breath before picking Jimin up in his arms.
Traversing the short distance from the bed to the glass windows, Jimin's heart keeps beating erratically inside his chest even after Yoongi lets him down to crowd him into the window. He takes a sharp breath when his heated skin presses against the cold, hard glass.
He's been fantasizing about this for several months now and finally getting it from Director Min, the handsome man who's been the subject of all of his sexual frustration and fantasies since they slept together in the City of Love, feels utterly gratifying for him.
"You want this?" Yoongi whispers in his ear. When Jimin gives him nothing but a shaky nod, the man squeezes his hips tightly to reprimand him. "Say it." Jimin's fingers curl on the cold glass. "I–" He sucks in a sharp breath when he feels Yoongi's shaft slowly entering him.
"I want it." "Want what?" Swallowing thickly, Jimin closes his eyes. "Want you to fuck me against the window." (I'm fucking you now), Director Min slowly thrusts in and out of him. "Noooo, not like that," Jimin whines. "Harder."
(Beg for it.) At that, Jimin throws a nasty glare at him over his shoulder. (Don't push your luck, director.) Yoongi lets out a low chuckle. (You're fun to tease.)
As an impatient sigh escapes Jimin's mouth, he says, "If you're not gonna do it, then I'd better go–" Yoongi snaps his hips forward, and the action jolts Jimin further up the window. (You're not going anywhere), Yoongi tells him before fucking Jimin the way he wanted him to.
Jimin's face and chest are pressed on the hard window as the director's hips keep smacking against his backside, thrusting into him repeatedly until Jimin feels his knees buckling under him. "F-Fuck," the younger pants as his warm breath fogs up the cold glass.
They're on the highest floor of the building, so the roads, cars, and streetlights below them appear so small in Jimin's eyes. The city lights all look like glittering dust in front of him, and that thought coupled with the tremendous pleasure burning inside him +
+ makes Jimin's body tremble with satisfaction and excitement. "Oh, God. Yoongi!" he moans loudly when the director grinds against him, feeling the head of the elder's erection rubbing hard against his sweet spot. Jimin is going to fucking come.
(You frustrate me.) Director Min plants a hand on the window beside his head, dipping down to suck a bruise on the side of Jimin's neck. (You vex me.) "A-Ah..." Jimin's lashes flutter shut. (You make me lose control over myself.) "Y-Yoongi."
Director Min grunts on his shoulder. (I'm losing my fucking mind because of you, Jimin.) Jimin lets out a loud moan before his knees give up under him, his hands sliding down the window and leaving trails of sweat on the cold glass.
"I-I can't," Jimin breathes out as Yoongi catches him before he can collapse on the carpeted floor. "I'm coming– ah!" Letting him kneel down on the floor, Yoongi continues to thrust into him until Jimin feels his teeth gritting together.
(Come.) Yoongi plants a hand on the window on top of his. (Come for me, Jimin.) Jimin lets out an obscene moan when his high suddenly hits him, making his whole body tremble as he spurts his release on the floor beneath him.
"Ohh–" he whines as Yoongi continues fucking him through his orgasm, dragging the pleasure as much as he can until Jimin is begging for him to come. "Fuck, come." He feels tears burning behind his eyes at the mixture of slight pain and pleasure.
God, it hurts, but it hurts so fucking good. "I can't– ahh!" Jimin feels his poor cock spurting out drops of cum under him. "Ngh." Director Min comes with a low groan on Jimin's nape, breathing harshly against the flushed, sweaty skin as he spills his release inside the younger.
Jimin takes a moment to catch his breath and waits for Yoongi to do the same. He can feel the man's fast heartbeat on his back, thumping hard against his ribcage as the afterglow of his orgasm leaves him sated and breathless.
(Are you alright?) The director's deep voice causes Jimin's lashes to flutter open. (Yes.) Humming softly, Yoongi drops a kiss on his shoulder before pulling out slowly to let the younger rest. (Wanna take a shower?)
(Mhn. But you have to carry me), Jimin demands. Chuckling, Yoongi runs a hand up and down his side, massaging the tension out of his muscles. (Sure. Your wish is my command, my prince.) "You're so annoying." Jimin huffs with a small pout.
Smiling, Yoongi moves to lift Jimin in his arms and walks across the room to go to the adjacent bathroom. With his arms around the director's neck, Jimin tells him, (No funny business in the shower.)
Director Min lifts a brow at that. (I wasn't thinking about anything inappropriate, but I guess you've thought about getting fucked in the shower, too, huh?) "Hey, that's not true!" Jimin slaps the grinning man on the chest. "Isn't it?" "Well, I..." Jimin blushes furiously.
Chuckling, Yoongi nuzzles his nose in Jimin's hair. (If you stop being a tease, then I won't jump you in the shower.) (You're the one who keeps teasing me.) Jimin wrinkles his nose. (I can't deny that.) Director Min shrugs. (But you know exactly how to rile me up.)
As Jimin's soles hit the cold tiles of the bathroom, he bites his bottom lip to mull over something. (On second thought...) Yoongi flicks his gaze at him. Lifting his face to stare at the director's eyes, he utters, (Let me suck off in the shower.)
Director Min's eyes grow wide for a moment before an amused and bright chuckle bubbles inside his throat. Looking at Jimin with crescent eyes and a gummy smile, he tells him, "Really..." Director Min tugs Jimin closer by the hips. "You're impossible, Park Jimin." ☕
An artwork for the story by yours truly :) Director Min and Mr. Park's secret affair in the City of Love 🔞
- lady's note - The shower scene has to wait for another time 🙈 In the meantime, here's the 3rd special chapter for those who want to read it. Your continuous support means a lot to me and pushes me to continue doing what I love – writing. Tysm🙇‍♀️ ☕…
Jimin has always wondered what the director would feel like in his mouth. From the moment he saw Yoongi stark naked in his hotel room in Paris, the thought has never left his mind despite the possibility of never seeing the man again after their one-night stand.
He regretted not going for it before, but his curiosity sparked anew when he saw the director again two weeks after that eventful night. It was hilarious how the universe played with him, and it gave Jimin a headache when he learned that Yoongi was his fucking boss.
'Fucking boss. Yeah,' Jimin thinks with an amused snort. He's now fucking his boss.
(You have a kink for that?) Jimin's jaw drops as his lashes flutter rapidly. Really, he should put a leash on his dirty thoughts when he's with Yoongi. (/Everyone/ has a kink for that), he counters. Director Min hums as he puts Jimin down in the shower.
(That's a strange kink.) Jimin snorts lightly as he watches Yoongi slide the glass door close. "It's because you've been a boss your whole life. You won't understand." "Maybe." Walking back under the shower, Yoongi turns the valve on. "But it seems pretty superficial to me."
"Because that's what it's all about." The younger shudders a little when running water pours all over him. "There's... a certain 'thrill' in fucking your boss and being the only one allowed to do so." The corners of Director Min's mouth twitch up. "Is that so?"
"Mhn." Jimin runs his palms up the director's firm chest, watching drops of water stream down his pale skin. (But we're not just fucking–) He hesitates before lifting his gaze. (Are we?) A soft look settles in Yoongi's eyes, and he tugs Jimin closer by the hips. (No, we're not.)
As the LED lights on the ceiling change color every now and then, Jimin flicks his tongue across his bottom lip before leaning closer to kiss the spot under the director's jaw, pressing his torso against the other and squeezing the man's arms with his hands. (I'm hard), he says.
Yoongi huffs an amused breath through his nose. (Wanna do it again?) he asks, caressing Jimin's sides. (I wanna taste you first.) As drops of water fall down his dark lashes, Jimin nuzzles the director's right cheek and says, (Let me suck you off.)
A slow and heavy breath escapes the director's mouth as his hands slide down to cup the younger's bare ass, squeezing the mounds firmly and eliciting a light gasp out of Jimin's mouth. (Get on with it then), Yoongi tells him, his voice deep and commanding. (On your knees, Jimin.)
The power and dominance laced with the director's words make Jimin shudder, and he attaches his lips to the man's chest as he works his way down his lean body, kissing and licking the expanse of skin that his mouth can reach until he's finally kneeling on the tiled floor.
In the darkest and filthiest corner of his mind, Jimin has always dreamt of taking Director Min into his mouth. And now, as he kneels face to face with the elder's half-hard erection, Jimin swallows thickly before lifting a hand to grip the base.
He hears the director sigh softly above him, and the man's positive reaction spurs Jimin to flick out his tongue and lick the sensitive skin under the head. "Shit," Director Min mutters as his fingers stroke Jimin's wet, dark hair. "Keep going."
Jimin is more than happy to indulge him. Holding the shaft, Jimin presses a kiss on the base before licking his way up to the top, flattening his tongue on the throbbing vein before swirling the tip around the head. God, Director Min tastes so good.
"Stop teasing." Yoongi's voice is gruff. "Suck." A pleased smirk curves the younger's lips when he feels a slight sense of victory for making the director restless and impatient. Without wasting another second, Jimin opens his jaw and takes Yoongi halfway into his mouth.
The girth of the shaft makes Jimin's jaw throb a little, and from the looks of it, he would probably need a bit of time and practice to take Director Min whole into his mouth. He strokes the remaining half with his hand as he bobs his head up and down, +
+ sometimes pulling off to suckle the head and press the tip of his tongue against the slit. Every time he did that, Director Min would let out a pleasured groan, and his fingers would tug at Jimin's locks more firmly.
He can taste the director's precum on his tongue, and that thought alone makes Jimin moan as he continues to suck the other off until he can feel exhaustion seeping into his jaws. (You're doing good, Jimin), Director Min praises as he stares down at him with dark, lustful eyes.
Preening at the praise, Jimin pulls off the shaft to lick the director's balls, taking them into his mouth one at a time as he continues to stroke the shaft with a firm grip, occasionally squeezing around the head just the way Director Min likes it.
And when Jimin sucks hard on his balls, Yoongi lets out a breathy groan as his head tosses back under the shower, his feline-like eyes fluttered shut with his lips parted open in pleasure, basking under the red LED lights as water streams down his pale and sexy body.
Jimin feels himself throb hard between his thighs at the utterly explicit sight.
(So hot.) Jimin licks the skin under the director's navel. (You're so hot, Yoongi.) Director Min licks his lips before reaching down to hold Jimin's face, running his right thumb across the younger's glossy and swollen bottom lip, saying, (Let me clean you up.)
Standing up to his feet, Jimin lets the elder maneuver him until he's facing the shower glass with his hands planted on it to support his weight. After dropping a kiss on his shoulder, Director Min crouches behind him and slides his thumbs between his cheeks to spread him open.
Jimin blushes a furious red for being exposed so much like this, but all thoughts vanish from his mind when he feels the director's tongue licking his fluttering entrance. "Yoongi," he whines, as he presses his forehead against the fogged glass.
"Does it hurt?" Yoongi asks upon seeing his slightly swollen rim. "No." "Remind me to buy cream for you later, hm?" "It's really fine. You can buy it tomorrow," Jimin says as he squirms a little under the director's touch. He doesn't want Yoongi to go anywhere tonight.
An amused chuckle airs inside the shower room. "Okay." Yoongi takes a teasing bite of the younger's cheek. "We'll get that cream tomorrow morning." Satisfied with the elder's response, Jimin wiggles his butt a little to tease him, saying through a pout, "Come on. Clean me up."
Director Min slaps his butt weakly. "You're such a tease." He adds with a grin, "And a demanding brat." Letting out a huff, Jimin wrinkles the bridge of his nose and whispers, "Am not a brat."
Yoongi hums and inserts two fingers into Jimin's hole, cleaning as much lube as he can off his walls. Jimin's toes curl on the wet floor when he feels the digits dragging teasingly on his prostate. "Mhn," he moans with his lips pressed together.
Director Min continues brushing the pads of his fingers against that sensitive spot until Jimin's erection grows to full hardness. "Oh, my God. I want to come," he mutters as he presses his forehead on his arm. The director pulls his fingers out and stands up to his feet.
When a solid body presses against his back, Jimin pushes his ass back against the director's hard erection and throws his head over his shoulder. (I don't have condoms with me.) (It's fine; I'm clean.)
(Me too.) Yoongi nuzzles the shell of his ear. (Does that mean we can skip the condoms from now on?) 'From now on.' The words made Jimin's heart pound loudly in his chest. It sounds like a sweet promise to his ears – a commitment. Something that Jimin has been searching for.
(Yeah.) Jimin licks his lips when he feels Yoongi's hands caressing his flat stomach. (I wanna feel all of you.) (Don't blame me if you can't sit properly tomorrow), he hears Yoongi say, and Jimin lets out a laugh.
(Bold of you to assume you can completely wreck me, director), Jimin teases the other man. Director Min takes the bait and slides his cock inside in one swift motion, causing the younger to suck in a sharp breath. (Too many words), Yoongi says. (I'll show you.)
A dazed smirk tugs at the corners of Jimin's lips. (You're gonna have to clean me up again after we're done.) Director Min hums and starts to thrust slowly. (I'll lick you clean later.)
With warm water raining down on them, Jimin's nails scratch against the fogged glass as Yoongi's hips slap against his ass again and again, thrusting in and out while pinning Jimin on the shower glass.
Pressed against the shower, Jimin sees the wet prints he's leaving on the moist glass as the LED lights make this whole, filthy scene so much better. He can feel the director's cock poking right into his sweet spot when the man changes the angle of his thrusts.
He's moaning against the shower glass, and his knees are knocking together as layers upon layers of pleasure run along his entire body with each movement of the director's hips behind him. "Oh, fuck–" Jimin moans loudly when Director Min grinds against his backside.
Planting a hand on the shower glass, Yoongi kisses the side of Jimin's neck as he continues to pleasure the lithe body in front of him. "So fucking perfect." Jimin keens at Director Min's words, feeling his rim tighten instinctively around the hard shaft. "So fucking beautiful."
"Y-Yoongi," Jimin moans out the director's name. "Tell me how much you want it," Director Min whispers to his ear, his voice sounding so deep and husky. "Want it– want it so much. Ngh..." "Do you wanna come?" "Oh, my God. Yes, I–" Jimin closes his eyes tightly.
A hum of satisfaction. "Tell me to fuck you hard." "Fuck me hard." Jimin bites his lip as the head of the director's shaft continues to rub against his sweet spot. He can't take it anymore. "God, Yoongi. Fuck me hard 'til I'm screaming–!" Director Min thrusts in sharply.
As his skin rubs against the wet glass with every hard thrust of the man's hips, Jimin desperately clings to the shower glass to take everything that Director Min is giving him. He's moaning and whimpering, almost on the verge of crying because of the tremendous pleasure +
+ shooting up his spine, but Yoongi holds him up through all of it. His knees buckle under him twice, but the man is always there to pull him back up. It's all too much, so when Jimin feels like he's on the edge of another orgasm, he lets it go with a loud and wanton moan.
His release hits the fogged glass and the wet floor under him, shaking uncontrollably as his high causes his flushed skin to thrum pleasantly. When Director Min's thrusts turn erratic and more desperate, he says through his mind, (Inside. Come inside me.)
"Fuck." Yoongi's hand goes up his neck, gripping his chin to turn his face to the side. Wordlessly, Jimin feels the man's mouth crash against his as Yoongi's orgasm hits him, fucking into him repeatedly to spill all of his release inside him.
Jimin moans at the sensation of the director's warm seed coating his clenching walls, flushing red from head to toe as Yoongi abandons his wild thrusts to grind lazily behind him. "Mhn," Jimin hums pleasantly as he noses the man's sharp jawline. "T'was awesome." Yoongi chuckles.
Blinking blearily at the director, Jimin mumbles, "M'tired." "I'll clean you up, then we can go to bed." "M'kay."
Director Min didn't lick him clean after that because Jimin was too tired to even move a muscle, but the way the man's fingers moved inside him still managed to elicit weak and breathy moans out of Jimin's mouth. "Stop moaning," Director Min tells him with a chuckle.
"I can't help it!" the younger counters with a sulky pout. After drying off with a towel, Jimin follows Director Min to the bedroom and waits for the man to give him some spare clothes. But when Yoongi tosses a lone oversized shirt at him, Jimin lifts a brow and asks, "Pants?"
"You're fine," Director Min tells him as he snugs the waistband of his sweatpants around his hips. Then, he smirks at the younger. "Want your lower half bare on my bed." "Ya!" Jimin chides him, blushing. "I know you've been thinking about that." Yoongi snorts. "Don't deny it."
The words die on Jimin's tongue. He fucking hates Director Min because he's right...
Muttering curses under his breath as he petulantly wears the shirt on, Jimin says, "I have to wake up early tomorrow." "Why?" Director Min asks as his bare torso hits the left side of the bed, tucking an arm under his head.
"What do you mean 'why'?" Jimin huffs as he pulls down the hem of the white shirt, letting the fabric fall below the upper half of his thighs. "I have work, sir." "Don't go to work tomorrow." Sighing, Jimin climbs onto the bed. "I'm not like you. You know I can't."
He feels a sudden sting in his ass when his backside hits the mattress, so he opts to lie on his side to face the handsome, awaiting man beside him. "Why not?" Director Min asks, shifting on the bed to pull Jimin closer. "Your boss is telling you not to go to work tomorrow."
Laying a hand on the director's pale chest, Jimin purses his lips and says, "I don't want to let other people think I'm using your authority to slack off. Besides..." His gaze drops. "I'm already on everyone's bad side. I don't wanna make things worse than it already is."
At the mention of the scandalous issue circulating around the company, Director Min's expression darkens, and he says, "Tell me if they're still giving you a hard time." His jaw clenches. "If they dare touch you, they would have to answer to me."
As heat pools in his cheeks, Jimin takes a deep breath and utters, "I know you can fire people whenever you want, but... I wish you didn't do it for me. Forty people were too much." He presses his lips together. "You put yourself at risk for me."
"I would put myself at risk over and over again for you." Yoongi places a finger under Jimin's chin to lift his face, staring right into the younger's eyes with a solemn and resolute look in his dark irises. "I would do anything for you, Jimin."
As his heart begins to pound louder in his chest, Jimin swallows hard as his lashes flutter with a myriad of emotions fleeting across his face. "Why?" he asks breathily. "Why would you do that for me?"
Director Min stays calm as his gaze drops to Jimin's lips, caressing the younger's cheek with his thumb so gently that it puts a pleasant ache in Jimin's heart. "Because of what I feel for you." His gaze lifts to stare at him, and Jimin holds his breath.
Then, Director Min utters in a calm and low voice, "I'm in love with you, Jimin."
Jimin's hands tremble as his heart threatens to beat out of his chest. He can feel a hailstorm of emotions trying to consume him from the inside as Yoongi's words seep into every pore on his body, filling him with overwhelming warmth and happiness.
As tears gloss over his vision, Jimin gasps and throws his arms around the director's neck. "Oh, my God. I–" He finally lets the tears fall down his face. "Yoongi. Fuck, I–" He's crying. "Shh." Director Min chuckles and wipes the tears on Jimin's cheek with his thumb.
"Why are you crying?" Jimin suddenly plants his hands on the bed to frown at Yoongi, but the pathetic glare on his face only makes him look stupid, what with all those tears on his flushed cheeks. "Because–!"
Jimin sniffs loudly and wipes the snot off his nose with his left arm. "I'm in love with you, too, you idiot!" Director Min's eyes curve happily into tiny crescents as a gummy smile lifts the corners of his lips.
Flustered and annoyed by the director's reaction, Jimin huffs and buries his burning face in Yoongi's neck, slapping the man hard on the chest. "Oww," Director Min complains as he wraps his arms around Jimin. "Why are you angry at me?" "Because you're annoying!"
Jimin can feel the butterflies fluttering wildly in his stomach. Oh, God. He's losing his mind. Chuckling at the younger's outburst of emotion, Director Min presses a kiss on the crown of his head and says, "Thank you."
Jimin sniffs and stares up at the man. "What for?" As a soft and affectionate look engulfs his eyes, Director Min embraces the younger tightly and leans down to press a kiss on his forehead. (For loving me), he tells Jimin through his mind. (Thank you for loving me, Jimin.) ☕
Jimin feels unusually warm when he wakes up the following morning. The mattress under him feels extremely soft and comfortable like he’s drifting through the clouds, his limbs nestled in the white sheets and engulfed by a strong pair of arms that adamantly pulls him close +
+ as if refusing to let him go even in his sleep. A sleepy smile curves the corners of his mouth when he tips his head back to stare at the sleeping man in front of him. Yoongi’s face looks as handsome as ever, with his dark brows free from knots, +
his long lashes touching his cheeks, and his thin rosy lips slightly parted with even breaths. Slowly, Jimin reaches out to slide a finger down the slope of Director Min’s nose, his fingertip carefully brushing the bow of the elder’s lips before pressing against the flesh gently.
Yoongi has pretty pink lips, and the urge to kiss him suddenly sparks inside Jimin’s chest. /“I’m in love with you, Jimin.”/ The memory of last night’s confession puts a faint blush on Jimin's cheeks as warmth spreads across his chest. "I love you," he whispers, smiling.
As the seed of overwhelming affection grows its roots in his heart, Jimin leans forward to press a kiss on Yoongi's slightly parted mouth. When he feels the man shift on the bed, as if rousing from sleep, he pulls away to greet Director Min's sleepy gaze. (Cute.) Jimin snickers.
Yoongi blinks a few more times to chase the blurriness away. (I barely woke up, and you're already telling me I'm 'cute.') Jimin snorts lightly and noses the other's jaw, letting out a satisfied sigh as the man's warmth seeps into his skin. (Good morning, little kitty.)
Director Min squeezes his hip, narrowing his eyes at him. (Someone's getting brave.) (You can punish me.) Jimin bites his lip to keep the smile from splitting his face in half and hikes a leg over Yoongi to straddle him, feeling the man's hands sliding over his backside.
(You'd like that, wouldn't you?) Director Min says with an amused huff, and Jimin stifles a moan when Yoongi's hands squeeze his bare cheeks firmly. The director smirks. (I like this.) Jimin rolls his eyes. (I'm sure you do), he utters and plants a quick kiss on Yoongi's lips.
When Yoongi flips them around to bury his face in Jimin's neck, he laughs and taps the elder's back, saying, "Wait, Yoongi–" Director Min sucks the skin on the junction between his neck and left shoulder, humming contentedly at the blooming bruise he made. "I have to go to work."
"Five minutes." "I can't." Jimin chuckles, feeling his erection grow half-hard as it rubs against the director's thigh. They have to stop, or Jimin will be late. "Three minutes," Yoongi bargains, sliding a hand underneath Jimin's shirt. "Really, I have to get up now."
"Two." "Yoongi!" "One." Jimin tosses his head back against the pillow, laughing heartily. "I can't believe you!" Director Min chuckles breathily against his neck before kissing his throat. "Fine." He pulls back a little. "The offer still stands. You can take the day off."
"I know, but I won't." Jimin pecks Yoongi on the lips. "Now, get off before I get hard." Director Min hums. "I won't be against that–" "Oh, what's that behind you?" Jimin points behind the director.
And when Yoongi pushes off the bed to look at whatever the younger was pointing at, Jimin grins and takes the opportunity to slide his legs over the edge of the bed to slip away from Yoongi's hold, catching the man off guard. "Really?" Director Min tells him with a pointed look.
"Sorry. I'll be late for work if you keep cuddling me, /director/," Jimin teases him before walking toward the door with a playful sway of his hips. He really loves riling the other man up; it's fun. "I'll prepare breakfast. Do you want coffee?" "Yes, please."
When Director Min plops down the bed with a slight groan, Jimin snickers and turns around to descend the stairs leading to the ground floor where the high-end kitchen is. Opening the fridge, Jimin takes account of the available food inside and thinks that he can +
+ whip up bacon and eggs and French toast for a quick breakfast. "It's almost empty," Jimin notes as he takes out a tray of eggs. There isn't much left in Yoongi's fridge, and he doubts that the man can keep it stocked with how busy he is at the company.
'Should I bring groceries next time?' Jimin thinks as he places the pan and turns the stove on. Next time. Right. He can go here whenever he wants from now on because they're boyfriends now. "Boyfriends," Jimin whispers as heat pools in his cheeks, smiling at the thought.
Director Min is his boyfriend now.
Hearing a pair of footsteps approaching him, Jimin turns his head to look at Yoongi who's wearing a plain white shirt and dark denim pants that look too casual than Jimin is used to. "I'll go to the drugstore across the street," he hears the man say.
"Okay." Jimin smiles at him. That's right. Yoongi had insisted on buying a soothing cream for him last night. Honestly, Jimin felt sore down there when he woke up earlier in bed but it's the kind of ache that is welcome and pleasant to his senses. Actually, he loves it.
"Smells nice," Yoongi comments as he wraps his arms around Jimin's waist, hugging him from the back and burying his nose in the younger's hair. "Me or the bacon?" Jimin jokes. "Hmm. Both." Jimin laughs at that. "Who knew that Director Min is a sweet-talker?"
"Am not." Yoongi takes a teasing bite of his left earlobe, making Jimin blush hotly on his spot. "Only for you." "Ya, stop it!" Jimin chortles and raises his shoulder when the director's breath tickles his ear. "Go get that cream. I'll be done with breakfast in ten minutes."
Yoongi lets out an amused breath and kisses the back of Jimin's neck before pulling away with a lopsided smile. He knows exactly what he's doing. "I'll be back." "Mhn." Jimin watches the man disappear around a corner before turning his full attention to the stove.
As the slices of bacon sizzle on the frying pan, Jimin's mind wanders off to that paranoid side of his mind again. What will the whole company say when they learn that the rumors are true? That he and Yoongi have a relationship, especially now that they're officially together?
"Fuck it," Jimin says under his breath. He should stop caring about those things. He's not a saint, so he won't be able to please everyone. Those people can have their nasty opinions and shove them up their asses.
Jimin is genuinely happy for the first time in a long while, and he's resolved to protect and cling to that happiness as much as he can. He loves Director Min with all his heart, and he is ready to fight tooth and nail for that love.
No matter what happens, no matter what it costs him, Jimin will love Yoongi truthfully and unconditionally. ☕️
Jimin was supposed to take the train as usual, but Director Min stopped him and offered to drive them both to work. If it were a week ago, then Jimin would have refused. But things were different now, so when the younger nodded without any protest, Yoongi gave him a fond smile.
They're both in this together. As Yoongi pulls up in front of the corporate building, Jimin hears him say 'Wait here' and watches as the man goes out of the car to walk toward his side, raising a hand to the valet who's approaching the passenger seat to open Jimin's door.
Without a word, the valet steps aside with a bow and lets Yoongi open the door for Jimin. The younger blushes when the director smiles, staring at him with undeniable adoration and affection in his eyes. Jimin feels the wild fluttering of butterflies in his stomach.
As expected, all pairs of eyes land on both of them when they enter the company. Jimin thought he had prepared himself enough for this, but he was proven wrong when he felt a sense of dread creeping into his chest for being the subject of unwanted attention.
His footsteps falter beside the director as the man walks into the lobby with his hands tucked in his trousers, exuding confidence and authority with every step he takes. Sensing the lack of presence on his side, Director Min halts and turns to look back at the younger. "Jimin?"
Swallowing thickly, Jimin raises his eyes to the elder and says, "Sorry, I was just–" He presses his lips together– skeptical. As understanding dawns on Yoongi's face, his features soften, and he takes a step toward Jimin to reach for his hand.
Twining their fingers together, Director Min coaxes gently, "Come on. You're going to be late." Jimin hears gasps of surprise around him as he lets the director guide him to the elevators. He will surely hear a new set of rumors going around the company before the day ends.
The elevator ride is quiet and comfortable, with only Jimin's rapidly beating heart as the sole source of noise and the director's hand as the primary ground of support against Jimin's doubts and concerns.
When the elevator doors open to the fourth floor with a bunch of cackling employees waiting on the other side, the group halts and immediately bows their heads upon seeing Director Min. "Good morning, sir!" all of them speak in unison.
"Good morning." Yoongi nods once with a blank look on his face, far from the fond and affectionate expression he's given Jimin a lot of times before. "Take the next ride." "Y-Yes, sir!" the bunch utters before the elevator doors close again to take them to Jimin's office.
Jimin feels bad for the employees, but he's also grateful that he wouldn't have to deal with awkward side glances if the group were to ride the elevator with them. "Really, you didn't have to walk me to the office," the younger says with his hand around the door handle.
"It's fine." Director Min shrugs lightly and gives him a crooked smile. "The exercise was worth it." Jimin shakes his head and chuckles in disbelief. Blushing, he says, "I'll... see you later?" "Mhn," the director hums with a small nod.
Opening the office door, Jimin is greeted by the booming voice of his manager shouting across the room. “Where’s Mr. Park?” Mr. Kang asks, exasperated. “He’s 15 minutes late!” “I’ll try to contact him,” Jungkook tells the furious manager before grabbing the phone from his desk.
“Maybe, something happened on the way, Mr. Kang,” Taehyung says with a barely controlled frown on his face. “Let’s wait for him. He didn’t say anything about not going to work today.”
The manager lets out a frustrated sigh. “Really, that kid.” He flicks a hand at the documents in his grip. “I need him to do this compilation for the next department meeting.”
“With all due respect, sir.” Taehyung finally loses his cool. “You’ve been working his ass off because he’s a newbie. If you could just let him /breathe/ for a second, then it would be very much appreciated.”
Jimin gasps loudly at his best friend’s outburst, and he immediately steps into the office to diffuse the situation. “Mr. Kang!” he calls the manager, bowing to the older man when his gaze shifts in his direction. “I’m sorry for being late. It won’t happen again.”
Mr. Kang huffs and strides across the room to reach him. “It’d better be,” he utters as he glares daggers at Jimin’s skull. “Or else, I will–” “Or else– you’ll what?”
Mr. Kang falls silent as everyone in the office gasps and stands up from their seat to bow to the man entering the room. With his eyes wide in utter shock, the manager bows deeply to Director Min and stammers out, “D-Director! I didn’t– I wasn’t informed you’re coming today.”
Jimin holds his breath as Yoongi lifts a finger to motion at the manager to raise his head up. “You were saying something earlier.” Jimin sees menace and annoyance in the director’s eyes. “I want to hear the entire thing.”
Mr. Kang blinks dumbly at the man as his face pales a few shades from his normal skin color. “Director,” Jimin interrupts before things get out of hand. “Everything’s fine. I’ll talk to Manager Kang, so, uhm...” He licks his lips nervously.
Yoongi looks like he doesn’t want to let the matter go, but when Jimin looks at him with a pleading expression in his eyes, the director lets out a defeated sigh before hooking a finger on his collar to tug at it lightly.
“Alright,” Director Min utters. “I was the reason why Mr. Park was late today, Manager Kang, so I would appreciate it if you watch your mouth around him from now on.” “O-Of course, sir! My apologies.”
After casting one last warning look at the man, Yoongi’s gaze shifts to Jimin, and his expression instantly softens upon seeing him. “Later,” the director says before reaching out to hold the younger’s arm.
Jimin’s breath ceases in his throat when Director Min suddenly leans forward to press a kiss on his lips. Right there. In front of Manager Kang and Jimin’s colleagues. For everyone to see.
“Oh, fuck–” “Goddamn–” Jimin thinks he heard Jungkook and Taehyung’s voices somewhere in the office, but he isn’t sure. Because at the moment, the only thing he can hear is his rising heartbeat and the wild fluttering butterflies in his stomach.
Pulling back slowly, Director Min stares into Jimin’s shocked and wide eyes before flashing a small smile and turning around to walk out of the office, rendering everyone in the room speechless and gaping after the director.
Pressing the back of his hand against his lips, Jimin blushes hotly as the lingering sensation of the director’s soft lips on his makes his heart bang painfully hard against his ribs.
Yoongi, he… He kissed Jimin in front of the public eye and confirmed the rumors about their relationship.
As excruciating silence permeates the air of the office, Jimin stiffly lifts his gaze to Manager Kang and suppresses the urge to wince at the unreadable expression on the older man's face. Then, after what seems like a lifetime, Mr. Kang clears his throat.
"You can go back to work, Mr. Park," he says in a calm voice, tucking the document in his left arm before turning on his heels to go back to his office. Jimin gnaws on his bottom lip on his way to his desk where Jungkook and Taehyung are both waiting for him with knowing smirks.
"Okay, sexy. /What/ was that?" his best friend asks even before Jimin could plop down on his chair. "Spill. Spill." Jungkook rolls his chair over to Jimin's other side. Taking a deep breath, Jimin blushes and confesses, "I... spent the night at the director's place."
"And?" Both of his friends urge him on. "Yoongi—" Jimin purses his lips for a moment and rubs the back of his neck. "He confessed to me." "I knew it!" Taehyung throws his fist in the air as Jungkook whistles suggestively. "Fucking knew it like the mole on Jungkook's balls."
"Okay, that's completely unnecessary." The youngest rolls his eyes at his soulmate. "I can live without that information, you little shit." Jimin sighs with a shake of his head, laughing at his best friend's chaotic remark. 'Really, these two,' he thinks fondly.
Jimin shifts uncomfortably in his chair, wincing faintly at the slight throb of pain in his backside. He can still feel Yoongi's fingers on his rim when he applied the soothing cream on him earlier that morning, +
+ when he took care of Jimin in more ways than one that Jimin met his high while splayed across the director's lap. His quick display of discomfort didn't go unnoticed by Taehyung's hawk-like eyes, and his best friend exclaims with a loud gasp, "You got the Big D?!"
"Are you even capable of shutting up?" Jimin reaches out to pinch his best friend's side, who dodges his attack with a hearty cackle. "I'm surprised you can still walk." Jungkook snorts. "Well, I almost tripped over myself earlier." Jimin blushes.
Director Min did him so hard last night that Jimin's legs felt like jelly when he woke up this morning. God, he can still feel Yoongi inside him with every shift and movement of his body. "So, you're boyfriends now?" Taehyung asks, resting his chin on a palm.
Jimin nods shyly. "Mhn." It still feels surreal acknowledging that fact out loud. Taehyung lets out a boxy smile and reaches out to wrap his arms around Jimin's neck, pressing their cheeks together. "I'm so happy for you, Chim."
"Hey, don't leave me out." Jungkook huffs and moves closer to hug his waist, playfully hitting Jimin's temple with his forehead as the three of them smile and laugh together. "I'm happy," Jimin tells them with a relieved and dreamy sigh. "Yoongi makes me happy."
"Well, he should!" Taehyung huffs and crosses his arms defiantly. "I don't care if he's my boss. I'll kick his balls if he hurts you." "Yeah. I got the best right hook in the city." Jungkook adopts a boxer pose and throws a jab at the air to prove his point.
"Alright, alright. Quit it already!" Jimin laughs as he shoves his friends' grinning faces away from him. "Mr. Park." The three of them freeze in their seats when Manager Kang's voice comes from behind them. Jimin stands up quickly and answers, "Yes, Mr. Kang?"
The manager looks at him for a second before giving Jimin a yellow folder with the title of Jimin's project proposal printed on the front which he submitted two weeks ago. Jimin takes it with a confused frown on his face. "Sir?"
"You will present your proposal in the next inter-department meeting with Director Min," Manager Kang tells him. "I'll let the resource department and tech team know about this change." "I-I..." Jimin bows to him deeply. "Thank you, Mr. Kang. I won't let our department down."
The older mam merely grunts before turning around to return to his office. "Would you look at that," Taehyung utters with an amused snort. "I honestly didn't expect for my proposal to get picked," Jimin says, still overwhelmed and surprised, as he sits down on his chair.
"Your proposal was perfect," Jungkook supplies. "It's just that you're a newbie, so Mr. Kang was turning a blind eye on your skills to torment you." "Congratulations, Jimin!" "Congrats!" Jimin smiles and bows shyly to his colleagues. "Thank you."
Taehyung laughs as mirth lights up his eyes. "It only takes one Director Min to turn your whole life in this company around. I'm enjoying this." "Those nasty rumors about you will stop soon." Jungkook grins, patting Jimin's shoulder. "No one can go against Director Min's lover."
With heated cheeks, Jimin stares down at the folder in his hands. "Some people will still talk," he says. "And some might even say that I got this opportunity through connections, but—" His grip on the folder tightens as determination flickers in his eyes.
"I'll prove to them that I can stand on my own in this company with my skills and effort," he utters. "I'll show them." Right. Jimin will show those people that he's capable and deserving of every achievement that he will make in this company. He will make Yoongi proud. ☕️
"You're different today, director." Yoongi lowers the black kitty mug from his lips as his gaze shifts from the little succulent plant to meet his secretary's curious gaze. "What do you mean?" Yoongi asks, placing the steaming cup of coffee on the saucer.
"You usually dive into paperworks the moment you step foot into your office. But today, your documents have been sitting on the right side of your desk all morning," Secretary Jung relays his observation to him. "You're sipping your coffee as usual, but..."
Hoseok smiles. "You've been smiling a lot this morning, director. Did something happen?" Yoongi blinks and lets out a soft sigh as he rubs a finger once under his nose, clearing his throat awkwardly at his secretary's remark. "Yes," he says. "It's about Jimin."
"Oh. Are you finally together?" A surprised look crosses Yoongi's features but the expression vanishes as fast as it came. Then, Director Min drops his head in defeat. "Was it obvious?" he asks with a low chuckle.
"You wear your feelings for him on your sleeve, director. And Mr. Park looks smitten every time his eyes land on you. It's only a matter of time before the two of you get together," Hoseok says as the smile on his lips grow wider.
Yoongi lets out a low laugh. "He's everything, Hoseok." His gaze flicks to the succulent plant on his desk, admiring the green leaves thriving under the sunlight shining through the glass windows in his office. "Jimin makes me happy."
"I'm glad to hear that," Secretary Jung utters before a worried crease appears between his brows. "But what about the chairman?" His grandfather and older brother are still out of town for an important business trip, but there's no doubt that they've already heard +
+ about the board meeting that happened last week where Yoongi had jeopardized his position and caused financial loss to the company. "I'll deal with grandfather," he utters solemnly. "If you need help, you can always call me, director." Yoongi nods. "Thank you, Hoseok."
As Secretary Jung turns around to leave his office, Yoongi's phone rings with an incoming message and he curiously grabs the device to look at the text notification on the screen. With parted lips, Director Min feels his heart leap up to his throat.
Yoongi hadn't mentioned to the younger yet that he already had his number saved on his phone. For months, ever since he wrote his number down on the little note that came along with the box of pastries he ordered for Jimin, Yoongi has waited for him to text him.
And now, after finally getting what he had been waiting for, Yoongi licks his lips and swipes on the screen to type down his reply. <Re:> Hi, Jimin <Fr: Park Jimin> I'm going down to the cafeteria with Taehyung and Jungkook. Do you want something?
The younger's thoughtfulness puts a smile on the director's lips. <Re:> I'm alright, thanks. I'm having another cup of coffee at the office <Fr: Park Jimin> Okay. Don't drink too much <Re:> You're starting to sound like my hyung
<Fr: Park Jimin> Ya, I'm worried about your health >:( Yoongi chuckles as he settles back in his seat, staring at Jimin's reply. He didn't know that exchanging messages with someone other than work-related matters would be fun. <Re:> I'll watch my caffeine intake from now on
<Fr: Park Jimin> :) My project proposal got selected for the next inter-department meeting! I'm excited and nervous One corner of Yoongi's mouth twitches up. <Re:> Congratulations. I know you'll do great on your presentation
Director Min is pretty sure that the manager of the resource department had mentioned a different project proposal a few days ago, one that was made by Manager Kang himself. But now, reading Jimin's message, it looks like the tables have turned for the art department.
It's probably because of Yoongi's public declaration of his relationship with Jimin. But despite that, he has seen several works of the younger in passing, and Yoongi knows pure talent when he sees one. Jimin just needs the right push and recognition for his craft to shine.
<Fr: Park Jimin> You'll facilitate the meeting, right? <Re:> Yes <Fr: Park Jimin> Don't shout at me if I stutter 🥺 Yoongi chuckles and decides to tease his lover a little. <Re:> I'll ask you a minimum of 50 questions <Fr: Park Jimin> WHAT
<Re:> I'll deduct ₩10,000 from your pay with every wrong answer you make <Fr: Park Jimin> YOONGIII 😭 Director Min presses the back of his hand against his mouth, chuckling at Jimin's message. It's just been two hours, but Yoongi already misses him.
<Re:> I'll give you a reward if you do well His phone lights up with two consecutive messages. <Fr: Park Jimin> !!! <Fr: Park Jimin> Will you kiss me? 🥺
Yoongi flicks his tongue across his bottom lip before biting the pink flesh and typing down his reply. <Re:> I'll give you more than that <Fr: Park Jimin> 😳 Director Min decides to push a bit more. <Re:> I miss you
After five seconds, Yoongi's phone rings with an incoming call. Smirking, Director Min taps the green button before pressing the phone to his right ear. "Hello?" "You're doing it on purpose." Yoongi hears the palpable pout in Jimin's voice.
"I don't know what you're talking about." An adorable huff comes from the other side of the line. Smiling, Yoongi taps the tip of the miniature Eiffel Tower with his finger and says, "I'm filing a day off on Wednesday."
"That's nice." Jimin perks up at that. "You need time to rest." Yoongi hums. "Do you have work on Wednesday?" "Mhn." "Do you know anyone you could exchange shifts with?" "Um, I think Taehyung can cover for me." Jimin asks, "Why?"
Director Min's eyes brighten at that, and he utters with a pleasant smile playing across his lips, "Do you want to go on a date with me?" ☕️
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Jimin fiddles with the hems of his white sweatshirt for the fifth time in a span of 30 seconds. Running his hands through his dark brown hair in front of the full body mirror, Jimin sighs and fixes the strap of his bag slung across his body, +
+ pressing his lips together to smear the cherry gloss better across the soft flesh. He shouldn't feel anxious and fidgety today because they already went on a date before— at the movie theatre. But the thing is, this is the first time that Yoongi had formally asked him out.
To make things simple, today would be the first time that Jimin and Yoongi would go out on a date as an official couple. "Okay." Jimin puffs a breath. "You look good, Park Jimin. You can do it—" The sound of a car honking outside of his apartment makes Jimin jump on his feet.
After one last glance at himself in the mirror, Jimin turns around and half-walks, half-sprints toward the door. As the heels of his boots clack against the wooden floor, the younger reaches for the knob to fling the door open, wincing a little at the brightness that greets him.
When his vision recovers, it takes every ounce of Jimin's self-restraint to not let his jaw drop to the ground because right there, parked in front of his cheap apartment, is a sleek black Ferrari that probably costs more than Jimin's past, present, and future payslip.
And standing on the side of the luxury car and leaning against the door of the driver's seat is a man dressed in dark pants and unbuttoned black coat to make his get-up less formal. But the way he carries himself, his posture and gait, gives away his opulent upbringing.
His dark hair is curling under his ears and on the sides of his neck, glistening under the sunlight as his pale face lights up when he sees Jimin descending the small flight stairs from the narrow porch. "Hi." "Hi." Director Min smiles, and Jimin blushes a pretty shade of pink.
(Oh, fuck. He looks so good.) When the other man chuckles, Jimin's cheeks flush brighter in embarrassment. "I mean— well." He clears his throat. "It's true. You look good today, Yoongi."
The corners of Yoongi's eyes pinch together as the smile on his handsome face grows. "Thank you." The butterflies in Jimin's stomach flutter wildly when Director Min's hand calmly reaches out to touch his heated cheek. Then, the man tells him, "You look beautiful, Jimin."
The younger hides his shyness with a light, stubborn huff. "But I look the same as usual." Yoongi shrugs, letting out a low laugh. "Then, it means you already look beautiful in front of my eyes," he utters as an affectionate expression crosses his face. "Everyday. Every second."
"God. Stop flattering me!" Jimin flushes hotly as he erupts into a fit of giggles. "We've barely started our date!" A deep chuckle comes out of the the director's mouth as he lifts Jimin's hand to press a kiss on the back of his fingers.
"I wouldn't be opposed to spending the day with you at home but Hoseok already booked tickets for us, and I don't want to hear him complaining to me about giving you a lousy first date." As Yoongi accompanies him to the passenger seat, Jimin asks, "Where are we going?"
With a lopsided smile, Director Min tells him, "You'll find out when we get there." Then, he closes Jimin's door before rounding the car to slide into the driver's seat. "This feels like a dream to me," Jimin says as he touches the glove compartment in front of him.
"The date, or the car?" Director Min teases as he pulls up the handbrake. Jimin places a finger on his chin, feigning a thought. "Hmm. Depending on my mood, I can tell you an appropriate answer." His playful answer elicits an amused breath from the elder. "You're insufferable."
Fastening his seatbelt, Jimin laughs and eases against his seat as Yoongi drives away with a pleasant tilt on the corners of his mouth. He doesn't know where the elder is taking him or what those reserved tickets mean because no matter how much +
+ Jimin tries to catch the tiniest slip of a tongue from Yoongi, the other man remains steadfast, for he seems to know what Jimin is up to. "Come on, just a little hint?" Jimin bats his lashes angelically at Yoongi when the car pulls up to a red light.
"No," Director Min replies with a low chuckle. "I'm curious! Give me a little spoiler?" "You won't get anything from me." Jimin pouts and attempts to level up his teasing game a bit more.
Biting his bottom lip, the younger reaches across the console to lay a palm on Yoongi's right thigh. "Nothing?" he says, watching Yoongi's gaze drop to his hand. "Nothing at all?" He sensually slides his hand over to squeeze the inner side of the elder's thigh.
Then, Director Min lifts his gaze and raises a brow at him. "Behave, Jimin." The younger then erupts into laughter as he snatches his hand back from Yoongi's thigh. "I'm messing with you," he utters, grinning widely.
With a light snort, Director Min reaches out to grip the back of Jimin's neck, tugging him close to press a firm kiss on his mouth before biting his lower lip hard. "You're particularly cheeky today," Yoongi says in a deep voice that clenches Jimin's gut.
As Director Min flicks his tongue across his lips to taste the smear of lipgloss on them, Jimin's cheeks warm up when the man's eyes glint with interest and faint mischief. "Cherry," he mutters. (I like cherries.) Jimin stifles a gasp, and the traffic light turns green.
After a twenty-minute drive, Director Min pulls up at a parking lot of a large botanical park. "I haven't been here," Jimin tells him as Yoongi links their fingers together. "That's good to hear." Director Min smiles as he walks Jimin to the entrance gate.
After giving their ticket reservation number to the guard, Yoongi ushers him inside and says, "The owner of this place is an old friend of my brother." Jimin hums and looks around in awe at the lush foliage and colorful flowers around him.
Apart from them, several people are exploring the place, with couples and families strolling along the brick pavement to take pictures as the midafternoon sun shines on them through the hard glass windows of the botanical garden.
Director Min rubs a hand on the back of his neck. "I'm not sure if you enjoy places like this, but Hoseok told me they got fresh plants and flowers this month, so I thought about bringing you here to see them."
Seoul is basically an urban city made up of cemented roads and high-rise buildings, so seeing a place like this filled with green and bright colors feels like a breath of fresh air for Jimin. "I love it," he tells Yoongi with a huge smile and a reassuring squeeze of his hand.
The director looks relieved at Jimin's response, and that brief moment of uncertainty by the other man makes Jimin's stomach flip a little. Yoongi always appears sure of himself at work when he makes firm decisions and throws executive orders at his subordinates.
So seeing the man anxious and uncertain about his choice for today's date makes Jimin feel a little giddy inside. They stroll around the park hand-in-hand as Jimin occasionally stops to take pictures of the plants and trees that catch his interest. "Let's take a picture here!"
"I don't usually take pictures of myself." "Well, you have no choice but to take one with me now." Jimin grins and drags Yoongi under a beautiful flower arch before asking a random visitor to take the picture for them.
Walking back to the director's side, Jimin lifts his right hand for a 'peace sign' and waits for the lady to snap a picture of them. "Um, can you move a bit closer?" the woman asks, eyeing the awkward little space between him and Yoongi.
"You're too stiff," Jimin whispers to the director, who got both of his hands tucked in his pockets. "Sorry, I'm not used to taking pictures." Director Min sighs softly. Jimin chuckles at that. "It's fine. You can... put your arm around me?"
Without a word, the director pulls his right hand from his pocket and drapes an arm around Jimin's shoulders to pull him close. As a blush spreads across the younger's face, Yoongi gives him a crooked smile and says, "Wrap your arms around me."
Jimin's lashes flutter as he keeps his gaze fixed on Yoongi, lost in his stare as he swallows hard to calm down his pounding heart. And when his arms wind around the man's waist wordlessly, Jimin jolts a bit in surprise when the sound of the camera shutter suddenly snaps at them.
"Perfect!" the lady says with a bright giggle. "One more shot." Blushing, the younger averts his gaze from Yoongi and tries to smile at the camera. "Okay! One, two, three–" Jimin feels a pair of soft lips pressing against his temple as his phone camera snaps another shot.
"Oh, my." The lady puts a hand on her lips, smiling and giggling at the picture as she returns the phone to Jimin. "Thank you so much." Jimin bows to her. "Don't mention it. Enjoy your date!" The lady waves at them before walking away to join her friends.
"What's with that?" Jimin pouts as he looks at their adorable picture on the phone screen. Director Min shrugs. "I suddenly felt the urge to kiss you." And when the younger huffs, Yoongi points at the screen and says, "Can you send them to me later?"
"Sure." Jimin chuckles. "Would you like an email, sir?" Director Min snorts and grabs his hand again. "Yes, and write a 5,000-word letter declaring your feelings for me," he retaliates. "I want it sent to my email by 8 AM tomorrow, Mr. Park."
"Ya!" Jimin slaps the elder's arm, laughing. "That's not fair!" "I'm always fair with my employees." Yoongi leans closer to flash Jimin a teasing smile. "But since you're my top employee, the email remains negotiable."
Jimin wrinkles the bridge of his nose and darts forward to plant a quick kiss on the director's cheek. "How about five of that for the 'negotiable' part?" Yoongi hums, pretending to mull over Jimin's proposal. "Alright. I'll reconsider," he says as they both laugh in unison.
After crossing the tiny bridge leading to the other side of the garden, Yoongi takes him to a quaint shop selling potted plants and flowers as souvenirs. "Pick anything you want," Director Min tells him. "I want to give you something in return for the succulent plant."
With a high blush painting his cheekbones, Jimin nods and looks around the shop until a certain flower catches his attention. It's a bunch of white daisies planted in a small pot and the way their petals shine so brightly under the sun puts a warm and fond smile on Jimin's mouth.
"They're pretty," Director Min comments as he settles beside the younger. "Would you like to have that one?" "Mhn." Jimin touches a white petal. "I'd love to put it near my bedroom window, so it's the first thing I'll see in the morning."
A soft expression flickers in the director's eyes, and he dips down to press a kiss on Jimin's cheek. "Okay," he utters. "I'll be right back." As Yoongi walks toward the counter to talk to the florist, Jimin's fingers lift up to touch the spot where the elder kissed his cheek.
Yoongi has been quite open with his affections lately, and Jimin doesn't know if he'll be able to survive if the director decides to show him more of his soft and affectionate side to him. It's a stark contrast with the cold and stoic demeanor that Yoongi shows at work.
Perhaps, as a higher-up, it was expected of him. Or it was something that Yoongi got used to after years of experience in the company and corporate field because as an executive director, he has to exercise power and authority if he wants to thrive in the business industry.
Hence, witnessing this side of Director Min that rarely or maybe, no one has seen before gives Jimin a certain kind of feeling that makes his heart flutter. "They'll have the daisies delivered to your apartment tomorrow," Yoongi tells him once he got back to his side.
"We won't be bringing it with us now?" "No. It might wither in the car on our way to the harbor." "Harbor?" Jimin tilts his head in curiosity. "Are we riding a boat?" Is Yoongi taking him to Nami island, or—?
"Not a boat." A lopsided smile tugs at Director Min's lips as he puts a hand on the younger's waist, leaning closer to whisper in Jimin's ear, "We'll spend the night in my private yacht." Jimin, honest to God, feels a heavy stir of arousal in his gut at that.
The drive to the harbor is quiet but not uncomfortable. If Jimin were to describe it, he thinks the air around him and Yoongi seems a little charged. Walking along the dock, a man wearing a neat black suit greets Yoongi with a bow. “Welcome, Mr. Min.”
Director Min nods at him briefly. “Was everything taken care of?” “Yes, sir. We did everything you said.” “Thank you.” The man bows again before walking away to leave them alone. “Wow,” Jimin mutters, staring in awe at the white yacht docked at the harbor.
“My grandfather’s yacht is much bigger than this because he uses it to host social parties,” Director Min tells him. “But I prefer a smaller one for private use.” Boarding the vessel with Yoongi gripping his hand tightly, Jimin asks, “Who will drive this thing?” “I will.”
The younger’s brows rise to his hairline in surprise. “You can pilot a yacht?” “Yeah, I have a license.” “That’s awesome.” Jimin chuckles as Yoongi guides him to the second floor.
A cozy dinner table is waiting for them, with a small buffet table on the leftmost side served with three different dishes. Standing behind the helm, the director says, “Do you wanna go to the deck?”
“No, it’s fine. We can go together later.” Jimin smiles. “I wanna see you drive this sexy thing.” “Sexy thing.” Director Min huffs an amused breath as the engine fires up the propellers. “What about the captain?” he teases.
Jimin bites his bottom lip to keep a wide grin from splitting his face in half. Taking a step back, he winds his arms around the elder’s waist and rests his chin on his shoulder. “The captain is sexier.”
A low chuckle vibrates inside the man’s throat, and he turns his head to the side to press a brief kiss on Jimin’s cheek.
As the salty breeze hits his face, the younger closes his eyes and exhales a soft sigh. It feels nice to be here with Yoongi, with only the two of them in the open waters and away from the pressure and burdens of city life.
A few miles away from the docks, Yoongi stops the yacht and turns around to link his fingers with Jimin’s. “Let’s eat dinner?” “Mhn.” Jimin nods with a warm smile, letting Yoongi guide him to the buffet table and waiting for the man to light up the candles on their dinner table.
After putting food on their plates, Jimin sits across from Director Min and watches him pop a bottle of red wine for both of them. As the liquor fills his wine glass halfway, Jimin comments, “This is like my dream dinner date.”
One corner of Yoongi’s mouth twitches up. “Is it?” “Mhn.” The younger swirls his wine glass, staring down at the red liquid. “I only see stuff like this in movies and dramas.”
“Then, you’re living your dream now.” “I am.” A beautiful smile lights up Jimin’s face. “Thank you for giving me my dream dinner date, Yoongi.”
It must've been the warm flickers coming from the candles, but Jimin swears he can see a faint blush of pink dusting the director’s cheeks as he takes a sip of his red wine. It’s adorable how Yoongi turns shy after the littlest of heartfelt compliments and gratitude sometimes.
They talk about random things over the low candlelight as gentle music fills the air around them. The food is divine, and it’s probably the tastiest and best steak he’s ever had in his life. “I’m full,” Jimin says with a breathy chuckle.
Humming, Director Min reaches across the table to fill the gaps between Jimin’s fingers. “Do you wanna have a dip in the hot tub?” “Sure,” the younger replies as he feels a sudden flip in his stomach.
Standing beside the tub, Jimin reaches down to dip his hand into the warm, pumping water. "The temperature feels nice," he says. "Mhn." Yoongi places his hands on Jimin's hips and kisses the little mole on his nape. "Let me take your clothes off."
As heat creeps up his neck and settles on his cheeks, Jimin nods and waits patiently for Director Min to run his hands under his sweatshirt. With teasing fingers, Yoongi slides his hands under the fabric, caressing Jimin's sides before going higher to touch the younger's chest.
"Ngh..." Jimin moans softly when he feels the director's nails grazing his nubs lightly. Letting out a pleasant hum, Yoongi's soft lips brush against the skin of Jimin's neck as he utters in a deep voice, "I love hearing those pretty sounds falling from your lips, Jimin."
Nibbling on his bottom lip, Jimin lets Director Min toss the sweatshirt over his head. The cold breeze bites onto his skin like little teeth as goosebumps erupt on his arms and neck, shuddering a little when the man blows softly behind his ear. "Cold?" Yoongi whispers.
"Yeah." Then, Yoongi's hands slide down to fiddle with Jimin's belt buckle, littering kisses all over the younger's bare shoulder as he flicks the button of Jimin's pants open. Once devoid of his clothes, Jimin turns around in the director's arms to face him, saying, "Strip."
His bold move puts an amused smirk on the director's lips. (I like it when you get a little assertive.) Licking his lips, Jimin pushes the black coat off the elder's shoulders and proceeds to tug at his white undershirt. (You're making me impatient.)
After planting a firm kiss on Jimin's lips, Director Min pulls away for a moment to shrug off all of his clothes, leaving both of them stark naked under the vast starlit sky. Jimin settles into the tub with a contented sigh as Yoongi takes the space beside him.
Leaning his head against the side of the tub, Jimin opens his eyes to stare up at the sea stars shining down upon them. "I can stay like this forever," he utters. "Me too." "The stars look beautiful." "They are."
Turning his head to the side, Jimin feels his heart leap up to his throat when his gaze connects with Director Min's dark irises, staring at him solemnly. Then, he hears the man say in a low voice, "They're beautiful." Jimin feels the heat of the hot tub rising up to his cheeks.
Everytime Yoongi stares at him like this, as if Jimin is like a precious gem in his hands or like a god to be revered, the younger couldn't help but feel flustered and grateful for meeting someone like him in his lifetime.
Being with Yoongi is everything that Jimin has ever hoped for.
Breathing out a light chuckle, Jimin says in a lighthearted tone, "But you're not looking at the stars." "I am," Director Min insists, his gaze unyielding. "I used to count the stars in the sky." A small smile lifts the corners of his lips. "Now, I count the ones in your eyes."
As his heart threatens to beat out of his chest, Jimin reaches out to run his thumb along the flushed and wet skin on Yoongi's cheek. (Yoongi?) (Hm?) Jimin's gaze drops to the man's lips, his lashes fluttering with desire and affection. (Can I hold you?)
A passionate look flickers across the director's eyes as he reaches for Jimin's thighs to pull him up to his lap. Once astride, Jimin wraps his arms around Yoongi's neck and crashes his mouth against the other man's, +
+ breathing in all the air from Yoongi's lungs and tasting his overwhelming love for him. As their teeth and tongues dance between their mouths, pouring out all the love they have for each other, Jimin thinks that this, right here, is where he wants to be. Right in Yoongi's arms.
Is this what heaven feels like?
"Ah..." Jimin moans softly against the elder's lips when he feels their erections rub together underwater. Without a shred of thought in his mind, Jimin bucks his hips repeatedly until he hears their heavy breaths mingling with the cold air between their mouths.
"Yoongi," he mutters, silent as a whisper, as he feels hot tears burning behind his eyes at how much he's feeling for the other man. "Jimin." Wrapping his arms tightly around him, Director Min kisses him until Jimin runs out of air.
With the water splashing over the tub, Jimin picks up his pace until his thighs are screaming at him with exhaustion, grinding against Yoongi and drinking all the love the man is offering him. "I–" Jimin gasps against the other's lips when he feels a tight clench in his gut.
"Fuck," Director Min curses under his breath, his dark brows pulled together as he continues to ravage Jimin's mouth. It doesn't take long before Jimin's high hits him, and he's left shuddering right there on the director's lap as his release mixes with the hot water around him.
Yoongi comes shortly after that as Jimin stays on his lap with both arms around his neck. Pressing their foreheads together, Jimin takes a moment to catch his breath as they bask in the silence of the night with only the calm waves and gentle music as the sole sources of sound.
Sliding his right hand down the elder's chest as Yoongi's breaths start to even out, Jimin lays a palm above his boyfriend's heart to feel his heated skin and every heartbeat thumping against his ribs. "Your heart is beating so hard," he murmurs with closed eyes.
Director Min releases a soft sigh and squeezes the younger's hips. (It's your fault.) He smiles, his dark lashes touching his flushed cheeks. (You need to make it up to me.) Chuckling, Jimin says, (But it's your fault my heart is beating hard, too.)
Yoongi pulls back a little to stare into Jimin's eyes. (Then, I'll make it up to you.) (How?) Director Min lifts a hand to run his thumb across Jimin's bottom lip, gazing at the flesh solemnly. "I'll love you," he says before flicking his eyes to meet Jimin's gaze. "Forever."
Jimin's lashes flutter at Director Min's monumental confession. "Y-Yoongi, that's–" He lets out a trembling breath. "I don't know what to say." "You don't have to say anything." The tips of their noses touch. (All I need is for you to stay by my side, Jimin.)
Swallowing his brimming affection for the elder, Jimin says, "Forever is a long time." He presses his lips together. "Honestly, I'm a bit scared." (It's alright to be afraid), Director Min assures him. (I'll be here to walk this road with you.)
As Jimin feels tears accumulating in his eyes, he lets out a slow breath as the words fall freely from his mouth, the syllables wrapping around his tongue so naturally as if he was born to say them. "I love you, Yoongi." He repeats them. "I love you so much."
Director Min swallows and presses his lips firmly on the younger's mouth. "I love you, too," he whispers, uttering the words like a heartfelt prayer reserved for just the two of them. Then, he chuckles. "I'm helplessly and irrevocably in love with you, Park Jimin." ☕
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Fixing his tie, Jimin looks at his reflection in the mirror and hums the same tune his mom taught him when he was a kid for the fifth time that morning. The little song always helps relax his nerves; he used to hum it during his university days whenever he was tasked +
+ to present in class or defend his dissertation in front of scary professors. Somehow, the sweet melody always manages to calm him down, and in some way, he can hear his mother's loving voice humming the song in his head.
It takes him back to when he was seven years old and had horrible jitters minutes before his stage performance for a school event. His mother hummed the song to him while wiping the frightened tears from his eyes. "You can do it, little angel," she told him. "Make mom proud."
"I can do this," Jimin cheers in front of the mirror, smiling at himself before diverting his attention to the little plant mounted on the windowsill in his bedroom. He walks toward the daisies and reaches out to touch a petal, +
+ pleased by the healthy blossoms basking under the warm rays of sunlight. It was delivered to his doorstep just an hour ago, but he had already fallen in love with the beautiful flower, promising to take care of it so it would bloom for a long time.
"I'll make your giver proud today," he says, giggling when Director Min's handsome face suddenly flashes in his mind. "I'll do my best for the presentation, so cheer for me, okay?" Jimin closes his right hand. "Fighting!" he whispers, smiling.
The journey to the company is uneventful; thank God for Jimin. He can't afford any distraction right now, not when he's starting to feel the familiar pre-presentation jitters again as Manager Kang hands him a copy of today's inter-department meeting.
"You'll present first, Mr. Park," the older man says. "Then, the tech team will come after you." "Understood, sir." Jimin bows his head to the manager. Mr. Kang motions to turn around but stops himself at the last minute.
He looks at Jimin with an unreadable expression on his face for a second or two before reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder. The action elicits a simultaneous rise of curious brows from Taehyung and Jungkook behind Jimin. "Good luck, Mr. Park," Mr. Kang says, smiling.
Smiling. Damn. Manager Kang smiled at him. "Oh, uh..." Jimin opens and closes his mouth a few times, undeniably caught off guard by his manager's sudden display of amiability. "T-Thank you, sir."
"I've consistently recognized your talent. I'm sure you'll do well." Jimin freezes when he hears two loud snorts coming from behind him. Taehyung clears his throat and turns back to his computer while Jungkook fakes a cough and reaches for his mug to take a sip of his coffee.
Mr. Kang awkwardly retrieves his hand and brushes a speck of imaginary dust off his shoulder. Clearing his throat, he tells Jimin, "I'll meet you in the conference hall at 10 AM, Mr. Park. Don't be late." "Yes, sir." Jimin bows and waits for the manager to go out of the office.
"Consistently recognized your talent, my ass," Jungkook comments the moment Jimin's rear hits his seat. "The guy is sucking up to you now that everyone and their mothers know that you're banging Director Min." Taehyung clicks his tongue.
"Can you not phrase it like that?" Jimin rolls his eyes. His best friend snorts. "Am I wrong, though?" Licking his bottom lip, Jimin places the file on his desk and says with a playful grin, "Nope. I am totally banging our handsome executive director."
Taehyung throws his head back with a laugh and smacks Jimin's arm. "You little bitch. That's the spirit!" "We're happy for you and your ass." Jungkook smirks and jokes, "But if Director Min starts giving you food again, tell him to spare some for your wonderful best friends."
"Ya, don't you have any shame? What did I tell you?" Taehyung kicks his soulmate's leg. "If you're gonna ask for food, add a drink, too!" Jimin laughs and slaps his best friend's thigh. "You're fucking helpless. I hate you both." "We love you, too." Taehyung blows him a kiss.
Jimin texted Yoongi earlier that day, but the only reply he got was a swift "Good morning" even though he tried to strike up a conversation with the director. The other man must've been kept up with work the moment he stepped foot into the company.
Fifteen minutes before 10 AM, Jimin meets up with Mr. Kang in front of the conference hall. As the department heads and assistant managers take their seats behind the U-shaped conference table, Jimin fixes his tie one last time and starts gearing up his PowerPoint presentation.
When the clock strikes ten, the double doors of the conference hall swing open as the murmurs around the table die down. Jimin's hand tightens around the wireless pointer when he sees a lean figure entering the room with his hands tucked in his pants' pockets.
The man is wearing a black suit and silver tie, his dark hair slicked back and combed neatly to curl under his ears and around his neck, highlighting his pale skin and the handsome contours of his face. Trailing behind him is Secretary Jung, who's holding a clipboard in his arm.
Everyone around the table stands up and waits for the man to settle at the head of the conference table. "Good morning, Director Min," the employees greet him in unison as they bow their heads in respect to their boss.
"Good morning," Director Min answers and opens the button of his coat before sitting down on his seat. As each person settles down around the conference table, Jimin licks his parched lips and lifts his eyes to look at the most powerful person in the room.
Director Min is staring directly back at him with his dark, piercing eyes.
"A pleasant morning to everyone," Manager Kang begins. "The Art Department will present the proposed project for the global campaign today, and to begin the presentation, please welcome a talented junior of mine from the department, Mr. Park Jimin."
As a round of applause airs inside the conference hall, Jimin takes the microphone and bows to his seniors. "Good morning. I am Park Jimin, a junior graphic designer from the Art Department. Thank you for having me here."
When a sudden strike of nervousness shakes his hands and churns his stomach, Jimin takes a deep breath to calm himself down and briefly turns to the side to click the pointer at the projector screen.
There's one rule when it comes to public presentations: "You can let your hands and knees shake but never let your voice tremble." And so, without further ado, Jimin musters up every last bit of his courage and opens his mouth to speak into the microphone.
"As you can see on the screen, this is the promotional poster I came up with for the campaign. It has a minimalist design and a gentle palette, so it would appear pleasing to the public's eye, especially if we are going to market it as a software."
He clicks the pointer to proceed to the next slide. "And these are the logo and the icons that can be used by the tech team for the game. One virtual tree planted in-game will equate to one tree sapling that will be donated to the National Forestry and Nature Reserves."
"Mr. Park." The Finance Department head raises her hand. "How certain are you that the consumers will buy the virtual trees? What about the advertisements? Those are our primary sources of income, but a lot of consumers dislike in-game ads."
Jimin muses that the question posed to him is unfair. He's here as a graphic designer, not a game developer, a marketing director, or a finance analyst. He doesn't know if the lady is testing him, but the way how her eyes glint darkly tells him that she's up to no good.
She probably heard the news about Jimin's involvement with Director Min. No, scratch that. /Everyone/ in this room certainly knows about their relationship. There's no doubt about that.
"Thank you for that good question, ma'am." Jimin starts off with a polite smile. "I'm not an accountant, but I'm sure that the certainty of sales can be calculated through statistics. I'm not adept at mathematics and software engineering, but with my in-game design, +
+ I can confidently say that the application will do well in the market because of the visuals that my department will incorporate into the game." The lady presses her lips together upon hearing his answer. Then, with an irritated twitch of her brow, she says, "Mr. Park–"
"Ms. Song." The Finance Department manager's mouth clacks shut as she turns her head to the source of that deep voice. Director Min has his hands clasped on the table, his broad shoulders radiating composure as he regards the lady with a stoic expression.
"I believe your question should not be directed to Mr. Park but to the tech team and marketing department," he utters. "And as for your department, I want you to work with sales and promotions to calculate the total cost of the campaign."
Director Min settles back in his seat, crossing one leg over the other. "I want the report submitted to my office by 8 tomorrow morning." Ms. Song's lashes flutter in shock before she finally gathers herself and says, "Yes, director."
Jimin blinks and shifts his gaze to Director Min, who glances back briefly in his direction with a slight uptilt of his lips. Jimin blushes. Yoongi helped him escape the tight and awkward situation that Ms. Song had intentionally put him in. Director Min is looking out for him.
"Continue with your presentation, Mr. Park," Yoongi says afterward, effectively snapping Jimin out of his reverie as the room again falls silent to listen to him. After that, no further questions are asked, and Jimin ends his presentation with a smile and a polite bow.
Clapping his hands, Director Min nods at him with a faint smile but the way his eyes glimmer with a hint of pride and adoration is enough to make Jimin's heart soar up high. "Well done," Yoongi praises him. "Thank you, Director Min," Jimin answers a bit awkwardly, blushing.
He's used to calling the director by his name now, and Jimin can't wait for them to be left alone so he can kiss his boyfriend to his heart's content. With a relieved sigh, Jimin sits beside Manager Kang and earns a smile and a thumbs-up from the older man.
When the tech team takes the spotlight, Jimin relaxes in his seat and steals a glance in Yoongi's direction. The man has his arms crossed over his chest, his right hand rubbing his smooth chin as he listens attentively to whatever is being presented in front of him.
Director Min looks so hot and handsome while in his element, wearing that specially tailored black suit with a shiny, luxurious watch hugging his bony wrist. A faint crease appears between his dark brows every now and then as he focuses on the figures flashed on the screen.
Yoongi looks so serious, so clever and reputable that Jimin can't help but get a little cheeky. Biting his bottom lip as he completely blocks out the presentation, Jimin takes his phone out of his pocket and crosses his leg over the other to hide the device from prying eyes.
He sends a text message to Director Min. <To: Min Yoongi> You look hot when you're acting as the executive director
Stealthily glancing to the side, Jimin sees how Director Min's attention gets caught by the slight vibration of his phone placed on top of the conference table. Upon seeing his name – and probably his message, too – on the screen, Yoongi's brow rises a little.
Jimin bites his lower lip in anticipation. The director flicks his eyes in Jimin's direction for a second before picking up his phone from the table. After a while, the younger's phone vibrates with an incoming message. <Fr: Min Yoongi> I am the executive director
Jimin licks his lips to hide the smile that's threatening to appear on his face. <Re:> Hmm... so hot <Fr: Min Yoongi> Ya, listen to the presentation <Re:> Oddly, I like it when you scold me <Fr: Min Yoongi> Are you serious right now Prak Jmin "...Director Min?"
Jimin bows his head and presses his lips together to stop himself from laughing out loud. He wants to snicker at the typo in Yoongi's reply. The director undoubtedly sent that message in haste because the presenter suddenly called him.
"I'm sorry. Can you repeat the question?" Yoongi says, placing his phone /face down/ on the table this time. Jimin has to clear his throat to keep himself from completely losing it. God, teasing his boyfriend feels weirdly nice and satisfying.
After answering the presenter's query, Yoongi settles back in his seat with a soft sigh, but not without throwing a glare in Jimin's direction first. The younger retaliates with a noncommittal shrug and a teasing wink, earning him a narrowed look from the director.
"Alright. That concludes today's meeting. Thank you for a job well done, everyone. You're dismissed," Director Min announces as he stands up from his seat, buttoning his coat again before turning to walk toward the exit.
Everyone stands up and bows their heads, waiting for the director to leave the room first. But to everyone's surprise, Yoongi's footsteps halt halfway to the door, and the director turns around to look at the people at the conference table. At Jimin.
Wearing an expression honed by years of experience in the industry, Director Min utters, "Mr. Park." Jimin's back straightens as all pairs of eyes settle on him. "Yes–" He adds quickly, "Director Min?"
"Meet me in my office," Yoongi says and turns around without waiting for a reply. Secretary Jung glances at Jimin with an awkward smile before catching up to the director's pace, following him out of the conference hall.
Nibbling his bottom lip, Jimin winces as a healthy blush creeps into his cheeks. God, he shouldn't have provoked Yoongi like that while in the middle of a meeting. Now, his cheekiness is going to bite him in the ass. For fuck's sake. ☕
Jimin arrives at the executive floor with twitching fingers. There's a certain kind of thrill that's coiling deep in his gut, and even though Yoongi didn't explicitly say it in the conference hall, he's here to get reprimanded for his behavior in a way that /only/ Jimin can know.
Secretary Jung emerges from the executive director's office, holding a stack of files in his arms. "Oh, Jimin," Hoseok greets the younger with a bright smile when he sees Jimin approaching him. "Good job today! I was impressed." "Thank you." Jimin smiles back.
"Is Director Min in his office?" "Yeah. He told me to fix some documents in the archives. You may go inside if you want to." Secretary Jung bids him goodbye and walks toward the elevators, arranging the files in his arms to prevent the papers from falling to the floor.
Reaching for his tie, Jimin fixes it for a second and takes a deep breath behind the closed double doors before lifting a fist to knock on the wood. "Director Min," Jimin begins, and the fake formality puts a playful smile on his lips. "This is Park Jimin."
After waiting for a second or two, Jimin hears a familiar voice say from the other side of the room, "Come in." Licking his lips to wipe off the cheeky smile on his mouth, Jimin pushes the door open and steps into the office with a neutral expression on his face.
His vision immediately catches sight of the director sitting behind his office desk. The man has both hands clasped in front of him, quietly staring at Jimin as the latter approaches him. "You called for me?" the younger says. "I did."
"May I ask why?" Director Min raises a brow. "Are we playing a game now, Mr. Park?" "I don't know what you're talking about, sir." Jimin flutters his lashes and pouts a little, eliciting an amused chuckle from the elder.
Settling back in his black leather seat, Yoongi roams his dark, piercing eyes all over Jimin's body before lifting a finger to beckon him over. "C'mere," he says in a low and luscious voice that triggers a heavy stir of arousal inside Jimin's gut.
With his toes curling in his shoes, Jimin swallows as his heart hammers away with every step he takes, his whole body melting at the sheer intensity of the director's gaze as the man watches him walk closer. Once a foot away from Yoongi, Jimin asks, "Are you gonna scold me, sir?"
Director Min narrows his eyes at the apparent amusement tilting the corners of the younger's lips. "Why did you send me those messages during the meeting, Mr. Park?" Grinning, Jimin replies, "Sorry, sir. It was fun teasing you."
Director Min's brow twitches. "You know I can fire you for inappropriate workplace behavior, you know that, right?" "I know, sir." Then, Jimin boldly takes a step closer to straddle the director's lap, slowly crossing his wrists behind the other's neck. "But you won't do it."
Letting an amused breath through his nose, Yoongi slides his hands up Jimin's thighs until they settle on his slim waist. "You've got a lot of balls to say that to the executive director." Jimin giggles and plays with Yoongi's silver tie. "Did I do well in the presentation?"
"Yes," Yoongi replies. "I already said you did." "I know, but–" Jimin pouts, frowning a little. "I want to hear it from you again. In private, this time." Smiling, Director Min noses Jimin's jawline. "You're being needy again."
"Am always needy." "Miss me?" "Mhn." Jimin nods and presses a kiss on his cheek. "Come on, tell me I did well" With a breathy chuckle, Director Min pulls back to gaze at Jimin's eyes. "You did a good job," he says with a fond expression on his face. "You made me proud, Jimin."
A strong and warm sensation fills Jimin's chest, and he dives forward to capture his lover's lips with a deep and passionate kiss. Yoongi kisses like a soldier coming to war – steadfast and rushing with adrenaline.
He devours Jimin's mouth like a starving man, and the younger can't do anything but let him take everything he can. "Ngh," Jimin moans against the director's lips when the man slides his hands down to squeeze his ass, feeling up the plump flesh through a thin layer of fabric.
"Lube," Jimin breathes out in between heated kisses. Director Min suddenly freezes. "...I don't have one." "What about oil? Hand cream?" Yoongi shakes his head, wincing.
"Oh, my God." Jimin sighs in frustration as he bumps his forehead lightly against the director. "You should stock up. I feel like I'll be having a lot of trips to this place from now on." "Alright." Yoongi chuckles and bites Jimin's bottom lip. "What do you wanna do now?"
Sucking a bruise on the director's neck, just behind the collar where no one can see, Jimin mutters, "Let me blow you." His suggestion causes Yoongi's hands to grip his rear tighter. "Shit, okay."
Pleased by the elder's sudden lack of composure, Jimin plunges his tongue into Yoongi's mouth one last time to taste him before falling to his knees in front of the director. Blushing, Jimin impatiently unbuckles Yoongi's belt and unzips the fly of his pants.
Director Min is already hard when his hand grips the base; Jimin could only imagine how much his words had affected the elder during the meeting, but the thing is, Yoongi has good self-control. So even though he's aroused, the director can still maintain a good portion +
+ of his rationality and composure in front of other people. "Mhn..." Jimin hums when the director's precum smears across his tongue as he takes him into his mouth. He licks and suckles the head until he feels Yoongi's thighs tensing up against his palm.
"Jimin," Director Min utters breathily as a pink hue colors his pale cheeks, placing a hand under Jimin's chin to lift his face so he can clearly see how stretched the younger's lips are around him. "Fuck, your lips look so pretty like this."
Fueled by the praise, Jimin hums again and takes the shaft halfway down as his right hand grips the remaining length that his mouth can't reach. Director Min is quite big, and Jimin would have to practice a little bit more if he wants to take him whole–
Knock. Knock. "Director?" Jimin's eyes flew open as Director Min's whole body froze. Then, the familiar voice from the other side of the door announces, "It's Hoseok. I'm coming in."
As sheer panic coats every living cell in Jimin's body, he immediately pulls away and shoots himself under the wooden desk like a snake slithering into a fucking hole. "Fuck–!" he curses under his breath when he hits his poor head in the process.
Yoongi swiftly tucks himself back in without zipping up or buckling his belt again because the door swings open the moment he settles back in his seat. "Oh," Secretary Jung remarks as he walks closer to the desk. "I was hoping to see Jimin, but I guess he went away so soon?"
"Y-Yeah." Director Min fakes a cough on his fist. "He got out a few minutes ago." Secretary Jung hums and rubs his chin. "Weird. I didn't see him in the elevators." Jimin covers his mouth and shuts his eyes tightly. God, why is he in an utterly embarrassing situation /again/?
Why him?! Jimin wants to fucking scream. "But anyway..." Fortunately, the secretary lets it go and turns to look at the director. "I came back to let you know that your meeting with Yang Enterprise was rescheduled. Their secretary called me while I was in the archives."
"I see." Director Min hooks a finger on his tie to loosen it a bit. "Thank you for telling me, Hoseok. You can go back to work." But instead of turning around to return to the archives, Secretary Jung frowns and asks, "Are you okay, director? Your face is flushed."
Jimin becomes deathly still under the desk. "I'm fine," Yoongi answers, and from where he is, Jimin can see the subtle bobbing of the elder's Adam's apple as if he's trying hard to restrain or hide something.
"Do you have a fever?" Hoseok presses on. "Let me take you to the hospital." When Jimin hears the secretary's footsteps coming closer, his eyes bulge out of their sockets as he prepares himself for the fucking worst. Oh, my God. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck–
"Wait!" Director Min suddenly raises a hand to stop Hoseok, who blinks at him a couple of times in surprise. Clearing his throat, Yoongi runs a hand through his dark hair and says, "I'm completely fine. How about you get me coffee instead? I think I need caffeine right now."
"Oh." Secretary Jung nods. "Alright. Do you want the usual from the coffee shop downstairs?" "No, not the one in the lobby," Jimin hears Director Min say. "I want the Iced Americano from the coffee shop across the street."
Hoseok tilts his head to the side. "But their Iced Americano is the same as the one in the coffee shop downstairs." "It's not. Get me the one across the street," Yoongi insists, shifting a little bit restlessly in his seat. "I like their coffee better."
"Huh, I didn't know that." Secretary Jung shrugs. "Alright. I'll take that into consideration next time, director." He bows his head. "I'll get your coffee." When Jimin hears the secretary's footsteps heading toward the door, he lets out a quiet sigh of relief on his palm.
Jimin feels terrible for lying to Hoseok. The secretary is attentive to Yoongi's needs and takes his job seriously, so to do something so risky like this while at work... "He's gone," Director Min tells him. "You can come out now."
With a heavy breath, Jimin crawls out from under the desk and stands up to his feet, frowning. "That's it. I'm never sucking you off again." Director Min chuckles and tugs the younger by the hips. "I don't think that declaration would last long."
Jimin would love to say, "Try me" to provoke his boyfriend, but both of them know that the elder is right. Jimin wouldn't last long without the director's mighty dick. Fuck. And so, with a petulant huff, Jimin says through his mind, (I hate that you know how horny I am for you.)
His response draws a chuckle out of the director's mouth. And as Jimin slowly traces the slope of Yoongi's nose with his index finger, he reluctantly says, "I should go before Mr. Jung comes back."
Yoongi seems to not like the idea either, but it's not like they have any other choice at the moment. "I'll be busy the entire week, so I won't be able to see you outside of work," the elder informs him. "That's fine." Jimin taps the tip of his nose. "Just call me every night."
The corners of Director Min's mouth curve up. "Thank you for understanding, Jimin." Completely smitten with his boyfriend's affectionate and grateful expression, Jimin hooks his arms around the other's neck and says, "Sure, but I have one condition."
"What is it?" "Since you're gonna be busy the entire week, I want you to clear up Sunday. No dinner meetings. No work calls. Nothing." Director Min is a workaholic, so Jimin wants his boyfriend to lay back and rest that day.
"Deal." Yoongi's hand gently caresses his side. "I'll ask Hoseok to arrange my schedule." "Good, and while Mr. Jung is at it, can you tell him I'm going to snatch you away on Sunday?" "What?" Yoongi inquires with a raised brow. "You mean...?"
"Yeah." Jimin plays with the dark locks on the back of the elder's neck as he flashes Director Min a bright smile, bunching up his round cheeks and curving his eyes into adorable tiny crescents. Then, Jimin tells him, "I'm taking you out on a date." ☕
Jimin stands on tiptoes and cranes his neck to look for his companion in the middle of the bustling crowd in the train station. Muttering an apology to the lady that he accidentally bumped into, Jimin makes his way through the throng until he gets to the other entrance gate.
After a short while of searching, Jimin's face lights up at the familiar figure of a man standing by the stairs. "Yoongi!" he calls him, and the director's face turns to look in his direction. Upon seeing him, the corners of Yoongi's lips curve up.
"You're thirty minutes early!" Jimin laughs as he approaches the other man. "I had to run to the station when you texted me that you're already here." "Sorry," Yoongi apologizes with a light chuckle, tucking a stray lock of hair behind Jimin's ear. "I can't wait to see you."
Jimin's cheeks heat up because of how handsome his boyfriend looks today. Yoongi is wearing a white scarf dangling in front of an unbuttoned dark blazer that matches the color of his trousers. His black hair is slicked back and curling on the sides of his neck, +
+ brushing against the pale skin peeking from the neckline of his dark shirt underneath. Unlike Director Min, Jimin's getup is simpler and more casual: a soft, woolen brown shirt and black pants. But despite the simplicity, Jimin had taken extra time in dolling himself up.
To Jimin's surprise, Director Min suddenly leans forward to steal a fleeting kiss on his lips. "I–" He blinks dumbly at the director when the latter pulls back to grin at him. "Your lips look exceptionally beautiful today," Yoongi tells him. "I couldn't resist."
Tasting the cherry gloss on his lips that he knew Yoongi liked so much, Jimin pouts and lightly throws a fist against the director's chest. "Ya, people are watching," he mumbles, already feeling feverish because of Director Min's antics. They've barely started their date. God.
Grabbing the younger's fist on his chest, Yoongi dips down to press a kiss on the inside of Jimin's wrist. "Don't mind them," he says, brushing his lips against Jimin's fingers. The younger laughs, linking their fingers together. "How did you get here, by the way?"
"I asked Hoseok to drive me to the station." "I see. You really should give Mr. Jung a raise," Jimin suggests, chuckling. "Do you have a T-money card?" Director Min blinks at him before saying, "No."
With a hum, Jimin pulls the director to one of the ticketing machines and says, "I'll get you a loadable card. So, you only do single-journey tickets?" Director Min stays quiet for 5 seconds and attentively watches Jimin tap the screen. "I..." He hesitates. "Don't ride trains."
As the sound of the T-money card clangs against the bottom of the machine, Jimin's eyes blow wide in surprise upon hearing the director's confession. "You mean, you haven't been to a train before?" Director Min shakes his head. "No."
"Never? Not at all?" "No," Yoongi repeats with a soft sigh, looking a bit embarrassed. "I have cars and chauffeurs who drive me wherever I want." He scratches his neck with a finger. "So I don't see the need to ride a train."
Jimin has only seen this absurd situation in TV dramas, but apparently, most – if not all – extremely rich people do not ride public trains. Okay, now that's a bit of a shock to witness that in real life, but there's always a first time in everything, right?
"Well, you'll need to ride one now," he says, snatching the loadable card from the ticket machine and guiding Yoongi to the ticket gates. "Because I'm taking you to a lot of places that require public transport." He laughs.
Jimin doesn't let go of Yoongi's hand on their way to the platform. Director Min is looking around the place as if he's on a sightseeing trip, and that hint of innocence on his face makes Jimin giggle secretly. (He's so cute.) Yoongi turns to him with a raised brow. (Cute?)
"I— well..." Jimim clears his throat. Damn, telepathy shit. (Nothing. I'm just happy to be with you on your first-ever train ride.) Director Min huffs. (Are you making fun of me?) "Of course not!" Jimin laughs. The director snorts. "But you're laughing."
"I'm not. I mean, I did laugh but not at you." Jimin steps in front of his boyfriend to wrap his arms around him, ignoring the crowd around them as they wait for the train to arrive. (I'm just mindblown that there's something that the great Director Min hasn't done yet.)
Circling an arm around Jimin to keep their bodies flushed together, Director Min utters in a mellow voice, "You think too highly of me; I haven't done a lot of things." Jimin hums and buries his face into the director's neck, basking in the comfortable silence between them.
When the train arrives, Jimin reluctantly pulls himself away from Yoongi's warmth and proceeds to move along the queue without letting go of his boyfriend's hand. The train is packed with people, and there's barely any space for them to wriggle through.
With his spine pressed against someone's back, Jimin holds the steel bar to support himself as the train drives away along the rail tracks. "Sorry, many people ride the train in this part of the city," Jimin apologizes to his boyfriend. "It's fine," Director Min assures him.
"It would take us 4 hours to go to our destination if we went by car," the younger explains. "So, the train is a much more suitable option– ugh!" Jimin flings forward into the director's arms when someone bumps into him.
Holding the front of Yoongi's blazer, Jimin's lashes flutter when he feels the elder's arms wrapping around him protectively. With an annoyed click of his tongue, Director Min throws a glare at the reckless guy who jolted Jimin forward. "Hey. Watch it."
"Sorry." The man apologizes with a bow of his head, seemingly embarrassed by his careless movement. "It's fine," Jimin tells Yoongi, chuckling. "It happens a lot when the train is full." "It's not. What if you got hurt?" Director Min frowns.
"I'm not, so..." Jimin taps the director's chest repeatedly. "You can let me go now." Yoongi closes his eyes with a sigh, and just as when Jimin thinks that Director Min is already out of surprises, the man flips them around to switch their positions.
Jimin gasps softly when his back hits the wall of the train, staring at the other with wide eyes as Director Min plants his left hand beside Jimin's head while the other keeps a steady hold on the small of his back. "I'm more comfortable knowing you're out of harm's way."
Jimin blushes furiously because of Director Min's words.
After switching rail lines twice, Jimin ushers Yoongi to the port, where a ferry is currently loading passengers to be taken to Nami island on the other side of the river. After buying two tickets for them, Jimin takes the director to the deck where they can watch +
+ the beautiful and refreshing scenery during the short journey. "Have you been to Nami Island?" asks Jimin. "No." Director Min shakes his head, smiling. "Great! I went here once, but that was years ago." Jimin grins at his soulmate. "Let's ride a bike when we get there?"
Then, in the middle of his happy talk, a thought suddenly strikes Jimin. "Wait... You do know how to ride a bicycle, right?" Director Min wrinkles his nose. "What do you take me for?" "Hey, I'm just asking!" Jimin slaps his soulmate's arm, cackling.
Naminara Republic is a small and beautiful island located northeast of Seoul. It's early fall; hence, the trees and foliage are just starting to turn into deep shades of orange, red, and gold. The calm river is reflecting off the sun's rays, +
+ making the water appear like sparkling crystals around the island. After dropping by the small rental shop near the wharf and renting bicycles for both of them, Jimin cycles ahead of the director and yells behind him with a bright smile, "Come on, Yoongi!"
"Ya." Director Min laughs. "Slow down." As they cycle through a line of pine trees, Jimin throws his head back and closes his eyes to feel the cold breeze on his face. He kinda regrets not wearing something warmer, but the scenery is worth the risk of a frozen toe or two.
After cycling around the island and taking a picture on the bridge crossing the waterlily pond, Jimin takes Yoongi to a local café to have some snacks and refreshments. "Eat lightly," Jimin tells the director. "Because we're going to Myeongdong to eat lots of good food!"
"You seem excited," Director Min says, chuckling. "It's my go-to area when I want to spend some extra cash on food." Jimin takes a sip of his cold brew. "You can never go wrong with the food stalls in Myeongdong." With a fond smile, Yoongi says, "I'll take you up on that."
They arrive in Myeongdong just in time for the night market. It's not like Jimin goes here everyday, but one could say that he's been a frequent customer of some of these delicious food stalls ever since he landed a job here in the city.
The food is cheap, and there's a variety to choose from, making it the best selling point of the place, in Jimin's opinion. "I just got my paycheck, so I'm treating you tonight," the younger says as he drags Yoongi to a small tteok-bokki and fishcake stall.
"Auntie!" Jimin greets the old lady behind the stall. "Oh, my. If it isn't my cute little bean," the old lady laughs, her voice gruff with age. "You haven't been here in a while. Where did you run off to?" "Ah." Jimin rubs his head sheepishly. "I've been busy with work."
"Hmph." The old auntie points her cooking chopsticks at Jimin. "You should take care of your health, Minmin." "Minmin?" Yoongi says with an amused lift of his brow. Jimin blushes. "She likes calling me nicknames." "And who's this handsome gentleman with you?" asks the lady.
With his heart pounding a little louder in his chest, Jimin smiles at the stall owner and says, "My boyfriend." "Oh, dear me." She chuckles and pours a generous amount of tteok-bokki into a cup. "Here, have a taste, young man. Minmin's boyfriend is always welcome in my stall."
"Thank you." Taking the offered cup, Director Min pokes a hot rice cake with a toothpick and lifts the piece in front of his face. "What are you doing?" Jimin asks, laughing at the hilarious display.
Licking his lips, Director Min lowers the rice cake and turns to Jimin to say, "This is the first time I'm eating something with a toothpick." "No way. Are you serious?" Jimin blinks at him. "Aish, where did you come from, young man? Are you an alien?" the old auntie asks.
"She's not, auntie," the younger tells her with a polite chuckle. "Yoongi's not used to how things are done around here." "Well, I'm sure he'll learn quickly if you're the one to show him." The stall owner guffaws as she simmers a pan of spicy rice cakes. "Right, young man?"
"Yes." Director Min nods with a low chuckle, staring back at Jimin with a mirthful uptilt of his lips. "Actually, I'm learning a lot from this cute little bean." Blushing at the silly nickname, Jimin takes a bite of his tteok-bokki and mumbles, "Don't go around calling me that."
"Then..." Director Min leans his face closer, flashing Jimin a teasing smirk. "Should I call you 'Minmin' instead?" "Ya!" The younger tuts, mortified at the embarrassed flush covering his face. "I'll kick you in the balls if you call me that in the office."
"Okay. I won't call you that–" Yoongi grins. "Minmin." "Yoongiiiii!" Jimin's whine and pouty look elicit an amused chuckle out of the elder's mouth. "Look at these two love birds," the old lady utters with a dreamy sigh. "To be young and in love again."
Jimin takes Yoongi to various stalls after that, ranging from delicious skewers to sweet candied apples. By the time they reach the end of the street, Jimin's stomach is already teeming with food, and he pulls Yoongi to the side to let a cart carrying fresh fruits pass by.
"How was it?" "That was... a lot of food," Director Min utters, chuckling as he places a hand on his tummy. "I think I ate for five people tonight." "Right?" Jimin laughs. "Let's go back at the end of the month!" A soft look settles in the director's eyes. "Sure."
"We're not done yet," Jimin tells him, grinning as he grabs Yoongi's hand to walk toward the taxi stand. "Really?" Director Min huffs out an amused breath. "You're spoiling me today, Jimin." "Of course. I asked /you/ out on a date, so I'm being a thoughtful partner."
Jimin presses a kiss to the elder's cheek. Then, he whispers in a playful tone, "You can spoil me, too, when we get home." Yoongi takes the hint and slides a hand down the younger's back. (Yeah? Are you gonna stay over at my place?) Jimin smirks. (Yeah.)
But before he does anything drastic and reckless such as making out with Yoongi right there beside the road, Jimin hails a cab and asks the driver to take them to Namsan Park. After a short cable car ride to the mountain peak, Jimin holds Yoongi's hand and walks to the viewpoint.
He stands behind the railings to take in the shimmering city lights, scattered like golden dust under the cold, starry night. "You're shivering," Jimin hears his soulmate say. "Ah." He chuckles breathily. "Yeah, I should've brought a jacket."
"Don't forget things like that," Director Min chides him lightly before shrugging off his blazer and draping the fabric over Jimin's shoulders. "I–" A warm flush spreads across the younger's face. "You didn't have to do this. What about you?"
"I'm fine. I'm more tolerant of the cold than you." Director Min lets out an amused breath through his nose. Biting his bottom lip, Jimin grabs the blazer to pull it closer to his body. It's still warm, and the fabric smells faintly of Yoongi's cologne.
"I did a lot of new things today." The younger turns his head to look at his boyfriend's handsome side profile. A calm smile plays across his lips as the gentle breeze blows his dark locks against his cheeks, tickling the pale skin. Then, he hears the director say, "I had fun."
And when Yoongi shifts his khol eyes to him, his irises flickering with thousands of city lights, Jimin feels a familiar flutter in his chest as warmth engulfs his heart. "I had many firsts with you," Director Min tells him, his voice calm and low.
"And I'd love to keep doing that in the future." He takes Jimin's hand, brushing the younger's cold knuckles with a warm thumb. "If you'll allow me." Overwhelmed by love and sincerity, Jimin smiles and says, "I'd love that, too."
Jimin's response draws an affectionate smile out of Director Min, and the man raises the younger's hand to press a kiss on his knuckles. "Thank you, Jimin." With his heartbeat pounding loudly in his chest, Jimin says, "I'm just glad you're here with me."
Then, looking back at the bright city lights, he tells the director, "A wonderful night view and a majestic tower behind us." He gives Yoongi a knowing smile. "Don't they remind you of something?" Getting the hint, Director Min hangs his head with an amused smile. "They do."
With a breathy chuckle, Jimin rests his head on his soulmate's shoulder. (Let's go back to Paris sometime.) Wrapping an arm around him, Yoongi pulls him closer. (Sure), he communicates through telepathy. (Do you wanna go tomorrow? I can get us to my private jet."
Laughing at his soulmate's wild suggestion, Jimin says, "I have work tomorrow." "You can take the month off." "Yoongi!" Director Min laughs and presses a kiss on Jimin's temple. (I'm kidding.)
Basking in his soulmate's warm embrace, Jimin looks into the man's eyes and utters, "But, really. I wanna go back someday. I'll save up for it." "You don't have to. I can cover for both of us." "Nooo. I can't let you spend alone." Jimin huffs. "You're not my personal ATM."
Seeing that there's no point in debating this with Jimin, Director Min lets out a low chuckle before gently kissing the younger's forehead. (Okay), he says. (Whatever you want, angel.) (Are you calling me angel now?) Yoongi hums thoughtfully. (I like 'Mr. Park' more.)
(Just say you like teasing me.) (I do.) Jimin makes a face and retaliates by biting his soulmate's bottom lip. (Nasty Director Min.) (You bit my lip, and I'm the nasty one?) (Yes), Jimin stubbornly insists before wrapping his arms tighter around the director's neck.
Pressing their foreheads together, Jimin closes his eyes as he quietly listens to his rapidly beating heart, knowing full well that the heart of the man in front of him is just as erratic as his. "Let's go back to Paris?" he whispers.
Director Min hums and tightens his arms around Jimin's waist, eliminating any space between them to feel the younger's warmth. Jimin exhales a calm breath, letting a steady flow of adoration and contentment overwhelm his senses, his entire being screaming for Yoongi.
"Yes," Director Min mutters, his voice low and silent like an uttered secret. Letting the tips of their noses touch, he tells Jimin with a tender smile, "Let's go back to where it all began." ☕ End of Season 1 ☕
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