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Nov 4, 2022
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i wanna write a silly little abo yoonmin where jimin has a crush on yoongi but yoongi is courting another omega (bc of his family, not his choice) and jimin does everything he can to make yoongi change his mind.

jm has observed yg his whole life. he knows it will never work out. yg's family is high born, they dont do love marriages. once yg is of age, he starts formally courting jeon jungkook, the most beautiful omega in their pack. so jm can't help but feel ugly feelings growing in him
jm sees yg waiting for jk outside the school gates, yg gives him a soft smile, it disappears when he makes eye contact with jk. jk frowns at yg as he finishes a conversation with tae.
jm ignores all social norms that dictate he should never talk to an alpha in public rudely. he walks right up to the love of his life and asks, "why are you here?" yg stutters, "uh-i'm...should i go?"
"youre not a student. any non students should stand behind the GATE." the omega shrieks
frantically the alpha exclaims, "i'm sorry, please don't be upset, i'll move!" jimin eyes him with suspicion, "did no one teach you the rules?" "jk-ah didnt say anything about-" "jk-ah??? why do you refer to him so informally! you're not married!!" jimin shrieked again
yg quickly pounced, hands on the omega's lips to muffle the sound, "jm-ah, please! stop yelling!" jm couldnt help but squirm away from the alpha. the alpha that called him jm-ahhh ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ˜‡ "have you no manners? you cant call me jm-ah!" jm squeaked softly, obeying alpha
"jm-ssi please i'm sorry im just waiting for jk-ssi." yg bowed and jm huffed out a breath. "someone needs to teach you manners clearly... he's no good to court if he doesnt correct your rudeness." jm mumbles
at this, yg loses his cool. trying to appease a screaming omega was one thing but jm mumbling under his breath heightened his instinct to dominate. he knew jm well - full lips, soft brown hair and perfect frame. he was easily the prettiest omega in their pack
but he was outgoing and friends with everyone - except yg. in fact most times yg made eye contact with him, the omega quickly turned away. this was probably the first time they talked since jm was a pup.... and he had certainly grown up..
yg's lip twitched at the omega's insolence, he took a step closer. jm studied the alpha's body move movement and immediately released a sweeter scent yg's chest tingled. he took a deep breath of the cinnamon filled air. it burned like fire going into his lungs
"'ou gonna teach me to behave omega?" yg whispered lowly. jm scrunched his face and pressed his lips to form a line, "you need to be taught more than just manners, alpha." yg's chest rumbled and once jm understood the sound to be sexual in nature, jm took a nervous step back
"what's wrong?" yg asserted, "if you're gonna do something you should stick to your word." jm looked past yg nervously and saw jk and th's eyes on his. jk was grinning. once th made eye contact he pulled jk to his waist and the walked in a different direction
"i'm true to my word, unlike the omega that promised to wait for you here." jm snickered. yg's chest rumbled again. this time the noise pleased jm's inner wolf endlessly.
jm took a deep breath in and whispered, "id never keep my alpha waiting on me." jm lifted his head to point in the direction of jk walking away with th. yoongi followed his eyes and then looked back at jm. his eyes narrowed with annoyance, "'m not his alpha."
"then why were you waiting here??" jm accused and the alpha laughed. he looked up at jm with a challenge in his eyes, "you're not one to give up, huh omega?" jm took a step closer, touching yg's chest with one finger, "its /you/ who wont want me to."
"i think you may be right jm-ah" the alpha smirked and it clouded jm's thoughts enough for yg to pat jm's head. with yg's hand in his hair, jm leaned into the touch and yg's hand touched jm's cheek. the omega didnt break eye contact. he wasn't shy at all. yg liked that.
"get over here right now JM-AHH" a voice screamed from across the school courtyard. jm turned around to see his worst nightmare.
before jm could say another word his omega parent marched over and pulled him away from yg "what were you doing talking to the min's alpha son??? rumors get started that way jm!!!"
jm fought back the tears welling up in his eyes. why was everything decided by stupid parents and arranged marriages! he hated it so much but he knew better than to argue. he would just make yg see that he belonged with him. that should be easy...right?
tags: ๐Ÿ’“short ๐Ÿ’“ abo dynamics ๐Ÿ’“hopeless romantic omega jm ๐Ÿ’“sassy but sweet alpha yg ๐Ÿ’“yoonmin endgame ๐Ÿ’“jealous jm ๐Ÿ’“single & sexyyy jk ๐Ÿ’“mentions of arranged marriages ๐Ÿ’“fluff
๐Ÿ’“ age gap...kinda? jm (20) - yg (29) - jk (19)
the next time jm saw yg it was at a pack bonfire for omegas. this was a chance for omegas to socialize and build better bonds. it was jm's mission to see if jk liked yg back. jk was young and silly. he and jm played together a lot as pups but not anymore
jm spotted him easily in the crowd of omegas bc he was huge. jk always dressed in all black and didnt talk much at these gatherings. other omegas usually fawned over him and complimented his beauty but he didnt have many friends.
jm took a cold beer to the omega - a peace offering of sorts. "hi jk-ah this is for you." jm handed him the beer quite awkwardly. jk looked up - quite taken aback by jm's sudden show of kindness. "oh thank you jm-ah"
jm looked at jk begin to drink and he had to admit - the omega in front of him was gorgeous. "is everything ok?" jk asked, well aware of jm-ah strong gaze "youre quite beautiful." jm remarked casually. "oh.. uh thank you.."
"i have a question for you pup. you have to answer honestly bc i'm your elder...." jk nodded solemnly. "do you like alpha min?" jk scrunched his nose and tilted his head, "he's ok, he doesnt talk a lot."
jimin asked with a high level of defensiveness, "what does that mean?" "its not a bad thing but i dont talk much... and we cant both be quiet people...." "thats what i'm saying!!! youre just not a good match for him pup"
jk eyed him with a deeper level of confusion, he leaned closer and sniffed jm. jm knew what he was doing. trying to sense his emotion. "you like him!!!" jk squealed with a jump.
bc jk was quite large, his jump made people turn to look at them. "jk!! please be meek!!" "jm-ah you like my alpha??" "he's NOT your alpha." jk revealed a toothy teasing smile, "my parents said he is."
"so who cares you dont even LIKE HIM." jm shot back jk laughed from the depths of his chest, throwing his body on jm's like a baby koala. "get off me youre my enemy!" "no im not!! im going to help you!!!"
jm narrowed his eyes, "and why would you do that?" "bc i dont wanna get mated any time soon and your phermones spike with arousal every time i say his name." jk wiggled his eyesbrows teasingly
"i dont need your help. im capable of getting any alpha to like me." jm puffed his chest and crossed his arms. "dont act so high and mighty, if you help me get out of this marriage by mating yg, youd be helping me more."
the plan was very simple. every week, yg invited jk out, due to his family's insistence. instead of jk showing up, jm would.
on sunday, yg invited jk out to a coffee date. jm watched him waiting on jk with two iced americanos. he stood outside the cafe and took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. yg was wearing a large sweater and all jm wanted to do was hug him.
jm was committed to proving to this alpha that he was perfect for him. jk told jm that yg liked the color blue so jm wore a baby blue v neck shirt, a newsboy hat and jeans that hugged him in all the right places. he put on blush and his favorite cherry red lipgloss
jm put on sunglasses and walked into the cafe, emitting happy phermones. he stood in line, ignoring the gorgeous alpha sitting alone. he felt the alphas eyes on him.
after he ordered, he glazed his eyes around the room. he pretended to be shocked to see yg. he lowered his sunglasses dramatically. yg gave him the brightest smile. jm wanted to run to him. instead he sauntered over slowly
jm took of his sunglasses and snickered, "that omega still keeping you waiting?" yg didnt seem bothered by the comment. instead he laughed. this was quite the surprise to a very hopelessly in love jm. yg's laugh was melodic...
yg continued to smile and shrugged his shoulders "stop waiting on him." jm replied cooly, smile nonexistent. jm took the second iced americano from the table and dumped it in the nearest trash can. his own drink was ready so he took it and plopped down next to yg.
after jm got comfortable in the seat, he looked over at yg carefully. he wanted to memorize his pretty face now that he was close. there's nothing about him he didnt like. he had a pretty little nose, kissable lips, smooth, soft skin..
his chest had to be strong bc his arms and shoulders were toned. "why are you looking at my chest?" yg asked, reminding jm that he was gawking at the alpha.
jm found yg's eyes, they were playful and sweet. jm gave him a smile and shook his head. "you seem to be everywhere i am these days." jm hummed, ignoring the alpha in hopes that he wouldnt figure out his plan so easily, after all this was their first date
"im just having my coffee here..." jm mumbled, taking a sip. now that he was here with yg he didnt actually kniw what else to do to make him fall in love. this was as far as he planned
yg sensed jm's nervousness and couldnt help but be endeared by jm's attempts to get close to him. "so whats the deal with you and jk?" jm's eyes held a knowing glare. why did yg feel like he was cheating on jm when they werent even together? his wolf began to panic
"we're courting" yg responded jm didnt flinch, "do you like him?" "uh- he's kind... and funny.." jm pushed onward, "but you don't like him?" "jm-ah, why are you asking me this?" "i like you and i dont want to share your heart with jk ... or anyone else"
yg's eyes widened and he scrunched his face, "you like me?" jm nodded, "that's what i just said." yg held jm's gaze for a while. his wolf felt a strange sense of longing.
yg's dates with jk were formulaic, they didn't talk much and jk's parents were always hovering over them. however, sitting at this coffee shop with jm felt different. yg didn't owe jm anything. jm wasn't showing interest bc of some external pressure. it felt...nice.
"you like me..." yg repeated the words back and jm leaned closer. "yes, i like you." a confused yg stuttered out, "why?"
jm's face held a look of disbelief, "if you're fishing for compliment, i'm not giving you any alpha." yg chuckled, "i just don't understand. i'm courting someone else." jm crossed his arms, "but not because you want to, right?"
"i mean...i guess not." jm smirked, "good because i'm going to show you that i'm the perfect mate for you." yg swallowed, "' me?"
jm nodded and smiled, "we're perfect for each other and i'll prove it." yg couldn't help but smile at the rosy cheeked omega. his lips held a tight pout. he was so young and innocent. yg wished he could run his fingers alongside the younger man's shoulders or pat his head.
"but my family, i can't go against them." yoongi remarked. jm took the last sip of his coffee and stood up, "i'm going to be your family too. i'll show you." yg stared in disbelief, "but how do you know i'll like you back?"
jm laughed, "alpha, if you didn't like me, why would you bring up your family rejecting me?" yg's lips formed a soft curve that slowly got larger until his teeth peeked out. jm mirrored his smile. "you're smooth." "you don't even know the half of it."
jm walked out of the coffee shop. he made sure to sway his hips a bit more slowly and dramatically, putting on a show for lingering eyes. the sweet smell that the alpha produced on jm's way out was enough confirmation that his plan was already working.
the next time jm and yg met up was the night of the ballet. jk was a huge fan of classical music so he asked yg to buy them tickets. little did he know that this was another chance for jm to meet up with yg instead
the best thing about the ballet was that jm could dress up and sit right next to yg. it took him a while to come to his seat but when he did, he slumped in the chair with a snicker, "what did you do to my date?"
jm turned to look at the alpha with a slow smile, "what are you talking about?" he batted his eyelashes to add to the drama.
"jk was supposed to meet me here but here you are. in his seat?"
jm smiled, "are you upset?" yg twisted his lip, "no...i'm actually kinda..i wanted to see you again." "good. you can buy me a drink at intermission." yg scoffed and the curtains pulled back to reveal the ballet
at the bar, yg studied every curve on jm's body. his suit hugged every curve so perfectly. his wolf was hyper aware of every eye that looked in jm's direction. he was stressed.
"what's wrong?" jm held the drink and leaned against a table. "nothing, are you finished?" yg eyed jm's lips on the glass. he was drinking so slowly that it was driving yg mad.
jm's lips caressed the rim of the glass so elegantly that yg was mesmerized. jm giggled when he made eye contact with yg. jm's lips moved against the glass with a pout and yg couldn't control his lust. he was teasing.
"jm- i know what you're doing." jm quirked his eye brows and moved the glass down, "is it working?" yg growled lowly, barely audible over the noise in the room. he took a step into jm's space.
a young alpha walked up to jm and stood in between him and yg. "hey, this alpha bothering you?" jm nodded with an adorable pout, "he's not being nice to me."
"jm-" yg started to say but the other alpha glared at him. in the span of just a few seconds yg pulled the alpha away and pulled jm by the waist close to him using his arm. yg growled, his chest vibrated over jm, making him soften under the elder
"why are you /lying/?" yg asks, annoyance laced in his words. "you're mean to me." jm snaps. "no im not! you're just ...a flirt." yg huffs. "i'm not allowed to flirt?" jm glares at the alpha.
yg takes a step back, remembering where he is. he could not allow himself to get caught up with jm, not in front of all of these people. "do whatever you want." yg replies
"ok, i'm gonna go flirt with that alpha then." jm turns on his heel to go back to talk to the alpha he was just snatched away from. he hears a growl and he spun around. reeling from the dizziness and flooded with the smell, his lips land on yg's
jm melted into him and let yg lead the kiss. he pulled away right when he felt yg starting to want more from the kiss. "what do you want from me alpha?" jm snarled. he tried to take a step back but yg's grasp didnt allow him.
jm watched yg carefully. his eyes were soft which was an improvement from the glare that he was giving him earlier that night. "i'm- drawn to you..."
"what does that have to do with me? you're not nice to me." jm crossed his arms and forcefully stepped away from yg. yg seemed hurt by his distance, "im courting someone else...i can't..." "yes you can. you are just choosing to go against your instinct." jm sighs.
yg reaches for jm's arm and rubs it "give me some time, ok? i'll figure things out." jm is pleased with the touch so his omega curls back in closer, "you like me?" yg chuckles, "i know i shouldnt but i do...a lot."
"ok i'll go flirt with that other alpha till you-" yg's growl shocks jm. yg grabs jm by the arm and walks him outside the venue, past the front door of the theatre and to a side entrance where he cages jm in with his arms.
"no flirting with other alphas." yg's lips land on jm's neck. desire flies out of yg like a firework show. "you don't seem serious about me," jm mumbles, panting into yg's ear. "i am." yg grunts, locking jm into a passionate kiss. jm cant help but moan into the kiss.
"prove it." jm whispers "i told you i will." yg's fingers caress jm's thigh which causes jm to close his legs in to fight off the burning desire. "yg.. please stop..." immediately yg pulls away. "i'm sorry baby.."
jm throws his arms over yg's neck and presses his body on yg. he's so turned on by yg calling him baby. he's so lovesick. "it's ok, i just want our first time to be perfect." yg nods, "you've thought about it?"
"ive been thinking about you since i was a pup." yg is stunned by the response, "your wolf?" jm nods and it finally makes sense to yg why his wolf was so protective of jm. their wolves chose each other.
yg had to work fast to prove to jm that he was serious about him. he met with his parents to explain that he needed to break off his courting with jk. his parents stared at him and laughed. "jk is perfect for you - it's been decided."
instead of listening to his parents - alpha yg growled at them. to this, his alpha parent took this as a sign of aggression. "sit /DOWN/ you ungrateful child." his omega parent screamed.
yg's eyes were red - the alpha completely taking over, "i will /NOT/ be courting jk. if you want to add him to your family, marry him yourself." the alpha walked off, narrowly avoiding the beating of a lifetime from his alpha parents because his omega parent prevented it.
"let him go, his eyes were red. you know what that means." his omega parent sighed. yg's other parent was fuming. of course everyone knew what that meant. yg had found his true mate and it wasn't jk.
jk had heard the news. jm was really something to be in awe of. not only did he seduce yg, but he was the reason rumors were swirling about their courting being broken off...even though jk hadn't heard anything from jm or yg.
a few days after the rumors first started, jm walked over to jk's house with tears in his eyes. jk met him by the front door and asked him to meet him in the backyard. he didn't want anyone to see them together. "jm-ah, what happened with you and yg?"
they were seated in jk's yard, away from the house so they wouldn't be heard. jm shook his head and sobbed out. "jk-ah, i failed." "what are you talking about?"
"yg...he said he was serious about me but it's been almost a week and he has been ignoring me." "what do you mean ignoring you? he hasn't talked to me at all either." jm stared, "you too?" jk nodded, "i haven't talked to him at all."
jm started to cry again, "oh jk, what if he's upset with both of us? what if i pushed him too hard?" "look jm, that's not true. there are rumors..." jk tried to think about where yg could possibly be. why didn't he officially break things off with him?
"what rumors?" jm took jk's hands and shook them, "jk, you have to tell me!" "i've heard the other families saying that yg is going to break up with me..." jm bit his lip with intensity, "but...has he?" jk shook his head.
jimin laid his entire body on the ground, "jk-ah, i'm so heartbroken, he said..he liked me" jk laid down on his back next to jm. the younger omega started to finger comb the elder's hair. "jm-ah, what did he say to you...exactly?"
"he told me to give him time to figure everything out. he said he was drawn to me..." jm nervously stared at jk, "do you think that means something...more?" jk shut his eyes and tried to think. "he wants time...but what does he need to figure out?"
jk was talking to himself but jm thought hard about what he was hearing. jm knew that yg was his true mate. jm confessed to him that he had liked him since he was a pup. jm's omega giggled, 'silly pup, the alpha already chose me. now he wants prove it to me'
jm felt his breathing increase in speed, his lungs filled at a frightening pace. it suddenly all made sense. yg disappeared and jm knew exactly where to find him- the woods.
jm stood up - nearly falling over. "jk-ah, i know where he is." jm yelled. "ok, let's go get him!" jk yelped, standing up as well. jm took a step closer to jk and sniffed him. a low growl came out and jk stepped back. "mine," jm snarled. jk's eyes nearly exploded in fear.
"ok, ok jm-ah... just be safe..ok?" jk stuttered. jk didn't know if he imagined this but the elder omega's eyes held a red tint. before his brain could process that sight, jm had vanished.
yg had been in the woods for 4 days, dealing with the sudden onset of his rut. after 4 days of suffering over the thought of jm being his true mate, and the possibility that they might not be together, yg knew he had to toughen up
the first time he pleasured himself to the thought of jm, he thought he would die from sadness. he thought of only his eyes and his smile. he cried in agony on the last night of his rut when he thought about another alpha touching him or holding him.
he was a victim to the overwhelming adoration he felt for jm and ashamed by the lust he suddenly discovered inside his heart. once his rut ended, he knew he had to present something to jm. he had no family to return to - just jm. and he couldn't go to him empty handed.
so he got to work - killing and tying up a deer took the better part of a day. his wolf was satisfied after cleaning up and preparing to leave the woods. he didn't even remember any part of the hunt. it was like he totally blacked out- letting his wolf take over.
jm tracked yg's scent easily. he didn't know what he was looking for when he first got to the woods but yg was so easy to smell. it was delicious. jm didn't know if yg had ever smelled as good as he did right now.
jm wondered, why was yg so happy in the woods. was there something jm would see that would upset him? his omega laughed, 'silly pup, he's your mate. he wouldn't do anything to upset you' jm didn't know where this blind trust was coming from but he decided to continue.
all of this would be worth it if he could see yg smiling. if they could talk. jm missed him so much the last few days.
yg's heart was the same. he started to pack up when the memory of jm turned into a smell. yg started walking towards the scent. at first he worried that he missed his mate so much that he was hallucinating. then, jm's scent became a tangible figure in the woods.
"jm-ah, is that you?" yg asked but he knew the answer. jm ran to him, stumbling a few times. yg held his heart in his hands, "be careful!!" yg yelled. the omega ignored his desperate plead and kept running. they were in each other's arms in mere seconds.
jm's lungs heaved for oxygen and his chest throbbed out tears. yg held him in a tight hug. "why are you here? why did you-leave me?" the omega wailed.
"jm-ah-i didn't leave..."yg pleaded but the omega ignored him. he continued to cry. yg pulled him back but jm moved his head greedily to yg's scent gland. he nosed into the most intimate part of yg's neck and froze, waiting for permission. "go ahead" yg breathed out
yg tried to brace himself for a wave of pleasure but nothing could have prepared him from the nearly orgasmic wave of desire that washed over him as jm's cold nose viciously rubbed against his neck. "pup, slow down, pup," yg whispered.
none of this had any impact on the frantic omega. after a few moments, finally unable to take any more, yg moved jm's head as gently as possible. jm whined and tears formed again. "i-need you, why can't you see that?"
"jm-ah, i need you more." yg whispered. jm stilled, his red eyes held a newly softened expression. "you're my true mate." yg said, taking advantage of jm's silence. "you knew that, didn't you pup?"
jm nodded and whined, "i'm perfect for you." yg smiled for the first time in days, "i know...and that's why i came here. because i wanna be perfect for you." jm leaned in, scent spiking with a desperation to kiss, mark, submit.
yg leaned away, "jm-ah, i have to-we have to court. take it serious." jm whined, "no, i can't be apart. not again." yg laughed, "apart? no, i didn't say apart.i have to present you with a courting gift. you deserve that much."
jm was a blushing mess. he didn't think he'd recover from this new development. yg was going to give him a courting gift. it was real. his omega had finally been chosen by the alpha of their dreams.


i wanna write a silly little abo yoonmin where jimin has a crush on yoongi but yoongi is courting another omega (bc of his family, not his choice) and jimin does everything he can to make yoongi change his mind.
more tags ๐ŸคŽmentions of hunting, making products out of animal hide ๐ŸคŽ estranged family members (i'm writing as i go so pls be mindful that i might forget to tag something)
yg took a few steps back, placing jm's hands at his own sides. it pained yg to separate but he had something in his bag that he wanted to show jm. he pulled up his large camping bag to reveal deerskin.
jm stared in awe, "you did this today?" when he looked at yg, his eyes sparkled with excitement. yg nodded with pride. "for you" he mumbled non chalant as possible but jm wasn't going to let him brush off this hard work "oh yoonie," jm pulled him into a hug
the suddeness of their close proximity made yg lean rigidly on the omega but after a moment of smelling jm's sweet floral scent, the alpha melted into the embrace. jm pulled away to gaze at yg. jm wanted to speak but yg interrupted him.
"i have yet to present something to you. could you wait until its ready? i promise it won't be long." jm was unable to speak from joy. to prevent himself from succumbing to his emotions, he simply nodded.
"let's head back?" yg asks and jm nods. the alpha allows jm to walk ahead of him, his overprotective senses demanding that he watches jm's back in case anything tries to harm him.
jm walks painfully slowly. he doesn't want to part once yg walks him back home. he also wants to walk closer together. he wants to hold his hand. yg's hand. his mate. yg is unaware of the reason behind jm's slow pace. he can't help but wonder if jm is hurt or regretful...
jm spots the frustration on yg's face but says nothing. once they arrive in town, jm's house is only a short walk away. yg and jm see other townspeople and packmates. their stares confuse him.
yg sees jk's mom about 10 meters away. she looks horrified. understanding strikes yg like a bolt of lightening. he and jm reek of each other and they just came out of the woods. where yg was just in rut. yg is still publicly courting jk.
"jm-ah, you should go-" yg mumbled. he made eye contact with jk's mom and he knew he had to talk with her. jm looks over at him, unable to follow yg's gaze. "why? you aren't taking me home?" the heartbreak was in jm's voice, it was in his that pulled at yg's.
yg turned to look at jm. he demanded to be seen and the tears in his eyes gave yg all the confidence he needed to reassure his omega that he would make things right. "i need to talk to someone and then i'll come straight to you...ok?"
jm felt uneasy but he didn't know why. he wanted to go back in the woods. back to a few moments ago when yg's grasp on his hand was tight and assured. yg used his hand to wipe one of jm's stray tears. "you promise?" jm whined out. yg smirked, "i promise, now get going."
jm didn't feel comfortable with parting from yg so soon. his brain was telling him to listen to his alpha and follow his instructions but his body longed to be as close as possible to him. jm hesitated for the span of a few seconds. yg read the anxiety in his eyes.
yg's alpha knew instinctually that jm needed more reassurance. "pup, go home and prepare your things, i'm going to come to you soon." those words were enough for jm to read between them. he had to prepare for his life with yg. that meant going home and gathering his things.
jm nodded and opened his arms for another embrace. yg obliged silently. "can i?" jm whispered in a low voice. he was too embarassed to further vocalize his request to scent yg again before he let him go. yg let out a low rumble from his belly, obliging the intimate gesture.
jk's mother observed as jm displayed exceptionally posessive behavior. she experienced the relaxed phermones that jm releated once the anxiety he felt over separated from his hyung was subdued. when the young omega walked away yg looked straight at her.
the glow in his eyes made it glaringly obvious that her son's intended mate had found his destiny. yg walked to her with his head lowered. "i am so sorry. i will take responsibility for everything." the young alpha lowered his head in a 90 degree angled bow.
he stood there unmoving as he waited for her to say something. yg was expecting to be scolded, hit, or verbally abused. he had dishonored the jeon family by openly embracing jimin. he was willing to accept anything if he could be with jm.
"you cannot apologize for fate. we must accept it. lift your head and follow me." yg obeyed and walked behind her like a shadow. he made a small prayer that this would be the beginning of his future with jm. the idea made him dizzy.
jk's mom walked him to his own house. yg was so nervous about going back home. he hadn't left their house on good terms after they insisted he continue courting jk. yg wanted to say something, anything to jk's mother, but he thought better of it. she likely had a plan...
she knocked on the door and yg's mother opened it, "oh mrs jeon!!!" she beamed when she saw yg behind her. "i see yg finally came to his sense." yg fought the urge to roll his eyes.
"may we come in? i'd like to have a talk." jk's mom was curt and serious. "why of course, come in, i'll make tea." "there's no need, we'll be quick." mrs jeon huffed, waving her off.
once they were seated, yg's mom seemed off-put by the scent of an omega on her son. an omega that most certainly was not jk. her face fell as jk's mother got straight to the point. "i'll not have your alpha court my jk-ah any longer"
"but-" yg's mother began to interrupt but jk's mother put her index finger up, silencing her with one motion. "your son has found his fated mate. my jk-ah deserves the same. if anyone asks, you say they were unsuitable." "mrs jeon-" she sighed, "do you not understand?"
"there is absolutely nothing to discuss. now lets both be civil and wish the boys well." to say yg was in awe would be an understatement. jk's mom was the coolest, strongest omega he'd ever met.
"this omega that yg is /lusting/ after has no rank amongst our pack. if he doesn't mate your son, he'll mate from another family. you won't tell me what to do."
"instead of resisting against heaven's choice, how about you use your position in our pack to set a good example or were the morals and etiquettes of the high born, just lessons in a book to you?"
yg's mom and yg himself were left absolutely speechless by jk's mothers words. having nothing to say in response, jk's mother sighed and announced she would be leaving. after she left, yg made eye contact with his mother for the first time in days
yg took a deep breath. he silently prayed for the strength not to cry. "mother, i've chosen jm. if you can accept that, i will bring him by to meet you. if you can't accept him, this is the last time you'll see me."
jm waited on yg for what felt like hours. he told his parents that there would be a visitor coming by. he kept it vague just so they wouldn't get worked up. their home was rather small, jm didn't have his own room, he shared with his younger omega siblings.
eager to please his alpha and follow his directions, jm got to work preparing a bag with all his most treasured belongings. he didn't know how long it would take him or where they would go but he was too nervous to think beyond the current moment.
once his bags were packed, he laid on his bed. it might be the last time in a while so he looked around the room. how many nights had he lulled himself to sleep with the thought of yoongi on his mind? it was impossible to know but he thanked the heavens that it was real...
jimin shut his eyes, hoping to rest for a little while. he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. he woke up to a scent, a very strong, lust filled scent. one the he would recognize even in the deepest of dreams. his alpha
when he opened his eyes, yg was smiling at him. teeth on full display. "good evening pup," yg said with a special kind of sweetness. "wh-what are you doing my room..?" jimin's voice was deep and croaky and he probably looked /awful/.
yg ignored his words and patted his hair, "you look sooo cute." unable to move but also unable to speak, jm just stared. if he was dreaming, he didn't want to wake up.
"to answer your question, your parents let me in." the words sobered jm, "they did.../what/?" yg let out a chuckle, "why are you so frazzled..?"
"why are you acting so...normal? what did my pare ts say?" jm forced himself to sit upright. "well... i introduced myself and asked to court you. i gave them your courting gift. they said to come talk to you. but you were napping so i watched you for a bit."
jm touched yg's cheek, "are you really here? i'm not dreaming anymore?" "no baby, unless i'm dreaming too..?" /baby/ he was yg's /baby/ the words made his stomach twist and turn like he was on a rollercoaster. but seeing yg smile for him was the best thrill of his life.
"i-i'm so...confused..." jm stuttered. "take your time baby, you just woke up." yoongi looked around jm's room. there were 3 other beds so it was a tight space. he spotted jm's luggage bag. he grinned, "all packed up, omega?"
jm wanted to fold into himself from embarassment. "you told me to ...." jm whined with a full pout and flush cheeks. yg squeezed his nose, "my /baby/ listens so well,"
jm whispered, leaning closer to yg, "i wanna be good to you, alpha." taking advantage of the closeness, yg stole a kiss, planting his lips right on jm's.
jm didn't know how to take the sudden show of affection... it wasn't the first time they kissed but it felt different. it felt like their true beginning.
"come on, your parents want to hug you goodbye," yg rapped, taking jm's hand in his and helping him off the bed. "they agreed?" "yes, i'm quite a big deal in this pack..."
"hyuuuung," jm whined and pulled the elders hand. yg chuckled, "im joking! lets say bye because my mom has agreed to give us her blessing as well.... then we can go home."
"home?" jm's eyes shot up in joyful confusion. yg used his other hand to pinch jm's cheek. "yes, home. we'll stay in my family's lake cabin until i build us the perfect home."
jm threw himself onto yg and held him in a tight hug. "oh you're the most perfect mate ever!" jm exclaimed. yg smiled so much his teeth were beginning to ache. he was so happy that jm chose him.
[the end]
i hope you enjoyed this silly idea


i wanna write a silly little abo yoonmin where jimin has a crush on yoongi but yoongi is courting another omega (bc of his family, not his choice) and jimin does everything he can to make yoongi change his mind.


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