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Nov 6, 2022
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🔞🔞🔞 bunny jk likes to spend time at the border of wolf territory and one day witnesses something he shouldn't when the pack of wolves shows up unexpectedly

the scorching midsummer sun heats jk's naked body as he lazily floats in the river. his eyes are closed, fingers skimming over the surface of the water, and he hums a quiet tune under his breath.
jk shouldn't be here, he knows. the river separates his herd's territory from the wolf pack living nearby. but it's because no one's allowed to come here that jk loves this spot so much. it's quiet and peaceful, and jk has been escaping here since summer started.
but the peace ends today. jk's bunny ears twitch and he blinks his eyes open, blinded by the sun for a moment. the sound of paws hitting the ground, harsh breathing and growls echoing on the other side of the river reaches his ears.
instinctively, jk's heart starts racing in his ribcage. he flips over and swims towards a formation of rocks as quick as he can. the water is shallower here near the shore, only reaches up to jk's knees as he cowers behind a mossy boulder.
his clothes are several meters away, discarded in the grass. jk should probably make an escape now, just grab his clothes and run. but his curiosity wins over.
jk's never seen a wolf hybrid up close, let alone one in their shifted form. his herd keeps away from predators, or any other hybrids for that matter. jk can count the number of times he talked to a hybrid of a different species on one hand.
so when the six wolves come into view on the river bank, jk's jaw drops open. the hybrids are huge, probably twice the size of a normal wolf. the way their paws pound on the ground as they run betrays the raw power of their muscles.
two of the wolves get in a tussle behind the group as the others reach the edge of the river. they yip and growl at each other, biting at one another's vulnerable throats, and jk winces at the roughness. he doesn't think those two particularly like each other.
his wide eyes go to the other four who are now ankle deep in the river, lapping up the water greedily. jk silences his gasp with his hand that flies to his mouth when he sees the blood.
it's especially obvious on the snowy white wolf - his snout and throat painted dark red. as the wolf laps the water, it trickles down his fur, diluting the blood and turning his coat pink.
jk's gaze runs up and down the wolves but none of them seem to actually be hurt. they probably had a successful hunt, and jk shudders thinking about the poor animal that got unlucky enough to be the wolves' meal.
the two fighting wolves tumble past the other four, knocking into them, eliciting snarls of annoyance from them. the duo plunges into the water in a tangle of limbs, their growls echoing in the sudden stillness of the forest.
jk's eyebrows scrunch in confusion about how unbothered the pack looks when two of their own are fighting so viciously. from the stories jk was told, it wouldn't surprise him if the wolves just don't have that much care for one another.
after all, they are more beast than man, unlike bunny hybrids. but then laughter, bright as the midday sun above, rings out. it's contagious and loud, accompanied by splashing in the water.
"i so won!" one of the wolves, now in human form, shouts. he's waist deep in the water, droplets decorating his golden skin, and the wolf ears atop his head twitch. jk presses closer to the boulder he's hiding behind to get a better look.
he never thought a predator could be this handsome. from the stories about feral wolves jk expected him to look a lot different, but even with drenched curls sticking to his forehead, the wolf might be the most beautiful person jk's seen.
the other wolf's huff has jk's eyes turning to him. his features aren't as sharp as his pack mate's, lips plump and pouty, and the fur on his wolf ears matching his lighter hair. he's absolutely gorgeous too. "you didn't pin me once,"the other wolf argues. "you didn't win shit."
the two hybrids start pushing at each other's chests, grinning all the while, giggling as they try to splash water in each other's faces. jk watches them in confusion, head tilting to the side. weren't those two fighting just a second ago?
"hyung,"another voice catches jk's attention and he notices that the rest of the wolves have turned human too. the wolf who spoke, lean and muscular,his russet tail swishing from side to side, approaches another wolf, making this one step back, trapping him against a large rock.
"you got awfully bloody, yg-hyung," the wolf says, and even if jk can't see it, he can hear the grin in his voice. "let me help you clean up."
the wolf leans down, face pressed to the other's throat and does something that has this yg shuddering. jk licks his lips as he watches yg's pretty doll-like features scrunch in pleasure, cat eyes closing and lashes fluttering, his white wolf ears twitching.
"ah, hs-ah," yg chuckles, fingers going to the other wolf's hair and tangling there. "how the fuck do you guys even have the energy after taking down those deer?"
"i could definitely take down another deer," the handsome wolf from the river comments. he's now clinging onto his pack mate in a side hug, nibbling on his shoulder.
"you couldn't even take /me/ down, taetae," the wolf being nibbled on says with laughter. he gets a growl in response, and jk sees the wolf's canines flashing before he sinks them deeper into his pack mate's shoulder.
jk's heart lurches in his chest, expecting another fight to break out. but there's only laughter in the air. "you're still a teething little pup, aren't you, thgie?" the pretty wolf asks.
"you say that as if you're not one, jm-ah," another wolf says. jk near chokes on his next breath when he looks over this wolf. handsome is not good enough to describe him.
his shoulders are wide, chest gleaming with sweat in the sun, and his plump lips stretched into a smirk. his black wolf ears peek out of his fluffy hair only halfway through.
th whispers something into jm's ear, the two giggling between themselves. and then they run out of the water and towards that other wolf, knocking him to the ground and starting to bite at his naked body.
the squeaky laughter is surprising as the wolf tries to fight off his two pack mates. it's a half-hearted attempt at best because jk sees how the wolf bares his neck for th and jm to bite into, how his black tail thumps happily on the ground.
"yah, nj-ah," the wolf called hs says. "the puppies are taking care of sj-hyung, come help me take care of yg-hyung." he turns to the last wolf of the pack - a large muscular one - who has been sitting back so far, an endeared smile on his face as he watches his pack.
one word comes to jk's mind when he looks at the wolf - thighs. he sits in the grass, legs crisscrossed, and while what's between those legs is no less impressive and has jk's cheeks heating hard, jk has the sudden need to
sit on his large thighs; they just seem like such a comfortable place for jk to perch on. jk gulps down the saliva pooling in his mouth and tries to rein in his thoughts. it's neither time nor the occasion for such things.
he should really be leaving now. he saw the wolves in their shifted forms, what more could be holding him here? and yet, jk takes a quiet shuddery breath and keeps watching.
nj stands up and walks towards yg and hs. he ruffles jm's hair as he passes by the three wolf pile and elicits a little growl from the smaller wolf that makes a dimpled grin appear on nj's handsome face.
it's difficult for jk to decide which trio to focus on, all of them so mesmerizing to him. the way their bodies move, muscles so prominent, the way their fluffy tails compliment their skin tones, the way they growl and moan as they touch each other.
jk's breath hitches when he watches nj lift yg, pressing him into the boulder. yg's legs wrap around nj's waist easily, his head dropping back to give the other wolf full access to his throat.
hs stands to the side of them, partially turned away from jk. his hand pets down nj's back, his pretty lips whispering things into nj's ear. a wicked tilt to hs's mouth and the way nj's growl echoes makes jk wish he could hear what was said.
in the grass, th and jm have completely overpowered sj. the long line of sj's body is laid out for jk to see. jm is perched atop sj's face, his thick thighs and fluffy tail hiding sj's face from view. th is straddling sj's thighs, his hips already moving in little thrusts.
the summer day feels a lot hotter all of a sudden, and jk is sure the blush consumes his whole body. he bites his lip hard to keep his own breathy sounds under control.
his hand slips down his own body almost unconsciously, fingers wrapping around his half-hard cock loosely. he watches, enraptured, as jm and th kiss messily, drool glistening down their chins,
as jm's hand works between th's thighs to a slow torturous rhythm while th's hand between jm's thighs moves a lot faster, as sj's fingers dig deep into the voluptuous globes of jm's ass, spreading the cheeks further apart.
a slap rings loud and clear on the river bank, cutting through all the panting moans. jk startles, a little oing sound of surprise leaving him. his wide eyes are locked on where hs slapped nj's ass, leaving behind a pink imprint.
jk's heart thunders in his ears, fingers tightening around his precum leaking cock, when he sees hs do it again and again. jk flinches with every smack, sure that nj will growl at hs to stop any second now.
but jk is wrong. the slaps do draw out snarls out of nj, and he muffles them by biting yg's shoulder, making the other wolf snarl right back, but they also encourage nj to snap his hips harsher into yg.
it can't be comfortable at all, jk thinks as he watches the harsh way yg is jostled against the jagged surface of the rock. he's sure yg's back will be scraped and bruised if nj doesn't let up soon.
jk himself is used to soft and slow and gentle playtime. the bunnies who invite him to their beds have never done anything rougher than nibble on jk. there definitely weren't any slaps or bites hard enough to draw blood.
jk hasn't played with anyone outside of a bedroom either. definitely not in the woods where anyone could come upon them. so watching these wolves so wild and free and bold in taking pleasure wherever and however feels dangerous and improper to jk.
beads of slick slowly make their way down the insides of his thighs too, hole fluttering and clenching along with his tail as images of the wolves taking him so rough and raw swirl in his mind. jk whimpers and can't help thrusting into his own hand.
he will surely feel guilty later about how such thoughts make his cock twitch excitedly. laughter draws jk's attention to the other wolf trio. for a moment he thinks th is looking right at him, and adrenaline floods jk's system, freezing him in place, wide-eyed.
but th turns his head to grin at jm, who's giggling as he grinds down on sj's face. th's fingers go to jm's hair and he tugs roughly to tilt jm's head to the side before sinking his teeth into his neck.
jm gasps and moans, his tail swishes from side to side in excited bursts. jk's eyes trail down his body to see reddening scratch marks from sj's nails on jm's hips and ass. a droplet of blood ribbons down jm's chest, th's bared teeth stained red with it.
swears tumble out of jm's parted plump lips when th's hand returns between his thighs. it doesn't take long before jm throws his head back and an obscene loud moan is forced out of him.
the beautiful sound and sight of jm reaching peak pleasure has jk digging his fingers into the moss of the bolder as his hips rut quicker and quicker into his other hand. the copious amounts of his precum make the slide into the tunnel of his warm fist easy.
jm's chest is heaving and he whines, trying to get away from th's and sj's hands and mouths. he's let go soon after. sj nips jm's ass, making the other wolf yelp, and then he pushes jm to the side, letting him tumble into the grass, grinning at his giggles.
but then sj is on th, pinning him to the ground. sj's red spit-slick lips find th's as their crotches grind together. it's more biting and growling than actual kissing, though.
th struggles against sj's hold, but sj's got his wrists pinned hard. the ears atop th's head plaster against his skull and his tail thwacks the ground hard. but sj only laughs at him.
"know your place, pup," sj tells him before releasing one of th's wrists and forcing th's head back to bare his throat. having gained some freedom, th moves to push sj, but jm quickly makes sure that th in incapacitated again. both jm and sj smirk at th's disapproving grumbles.
now that jm is holding th down, sj licks and bites th's throat. his other hand goes between their bodies to undoubtedly grab their cocks and stroke them.
jk feels drool trailing down his chin but doesn't have it in himself to close his mouth. he matches the rhythm of his hips to the way sj thrusts against th, and little whiny ah-ah-ahs are punched out of him with every move.
the snarls from the other trio that steadily rise in volume draw jk's eyes to them. just like the other wolves, hs and yg kiss harshly, biting each other's lips and growling in each other's mouths.
nj has tiny wisps of blood trickling down his back from where yg's nails have scratched his shoulders. the cheeks of his ass are red and look painful, but his tail wags side to side, smacking hs's thigh with every swish.
yg's hand pushes at hs's chest, making the russet wolf stumble away, laughter ringing out. yg doesn't seem to care, only grabs nj by the hair and smashes their lips together.
another few thrusts from nj, and then both the wolves are trembling, moaning into the little space between their mouths.
hs hums as he cards through both of their hair, a lot gentler than jk would expect, considering what he's witnessed so far. he presses quick kisses to yg's slack mouth and then nj's before murmuring something to them that's too low even for jk's perfect hearing to catch.
another surprised gasp leaves jk when yg and nj drop to their knees in front of hs, tongues out and waiting. there's no hope for jk now.
jk can't tell if his own sounds of pleasure are getting louder through the rush of blood in his ears. his eyes are glued to where hs slides his cock over yg's tongue, just a quick in and out, then taps the cockhead on nj's cheeks, smearing precum on them.
the two wolves look like obedient puppies as they kneel for hs. jk wonders what it would feel like to be the one kneeling for him.
he sees the sharp glint in hs's eyes, demanding respect, sees the tug of a smirk on his lips, clearly enjoying the power he has over the other wolves. just his demeanor alone has a tingle of need to submit shiver down jk's spine.
hs teases his pack mates by giving them just the tip of his cock, not pushing in deeper. a whine rises in jk's throat at such treatment, hips kicking up harder into his hand. it feels like hs is teasing him too.
when jk can no longer contain his whimpers, hs laughs as if knowing about his desperation. he grabs nj's hair and plunges into his mouth in one quick move, making nj choke and gag. but he doesn't move away from hs.
hs's hips move in precise quick thrusts, drawing out the most lewd wet sounds out of nj's mouth. yg grumbles from next to them, demanding attention too. it elicits another giggle from hs, but he does feed his cock to yg next, letting him take control for a moment.
jk leans his free forearm onto the mossy boulder and fits his mouth around it. drool drips all over, just like slick has drenched jk's thighs, but it calms the urge to have something in his mouth since it can't be hs's pretty and thick cock.
nj joins yg in sucking hs off. he kisses yg's bulging cheek, making hs groan at the pressure on his cockhead, licks over the seam of yg's lips and then down the shaft of hs's cock that doesn't fit in yg's mouth.
the last straw, for both hs and jk, is the way nj's sharp canines graze over hs's dick, how yg curls his lips back in a silent snarl, his own canines pricking hs's sensitive cockhead.
jk's eyes fall closed, forehead falling onto his forearm. a high and needy whimper leaves him as cum spurts over his fist. he hears hs's accompanying groans and his breathy /good job, boys/ followed by a relieved chuckle. the praise, even not directed at jk,
makes jk mewl and his whole body tingle. breath comes in uneven short bursts into jk's lungs and his tail and bunny ears tremble at the intensity of what just happened. he swallows down the saliva that's pooled in his mouth and lifts his head back up slowly.
having focused on hs, yg, and nj, jk's completely missed the end of sj's and th's playtime. but that's the least of jk's worry now. jk's eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets as he realizes that all six wolves are looking at /him/.
sj is licking cum off his long fingers. jm and th lean on either side of him, blinking lazily at jk, mischievous smirks on their lips. nj has hs between his thighs as hs leans back against nj's broad chest while yg has his head in hs's lap, hs's fingers petting through his hair.
"did you enjoy the show, bunny?" yg is the one to ask in a lazy drawl with an arrogant quirk to his lips. th and jm giggle at the question as the other wolves grin, showing off their sharp teeth. jk startles at how clear and loud yg's voice suddenly is.
"sorry," he squeaks out at having been caught. strangely, embarrassment more than fear suffuses jk's whole being. his bunny ears fold back and he steps away from the boulder. incidentally, that action reveals more of him to the wolves.
a few whistles and more laughter echoes in the stillness of the midsummer day as jk inches towards his clothes, flushed from the tip of his bunny ears to his toes, hands on his crotch to preserve /some/ modesty.
"oh, he's a pretty one," th comments. "move those hands, baby, let us see all of you. it would only be fair," jm leers, eliciting more laughter.
out of the corner of his eye jk sees the wolves' hungry gazes sliding down his body. goosebumps break across jk's skin as their gazes feel almost like physical caresses. "look at all that slick dripping down his legs," sj teases. "got all wet for us, bun?"
jk thinks he might die from embarrassment. the fact that sj is completely right only heightens it. he snatches up his clothes and quickly eyes the best escape route so the wolves would see as little of him as possible.
"you shouldn't be thinking of running, bunny," nj calls out. "wolves like to chase their prey. our instincts might kick in." a spike of genuine fear churns jk's stomach and he whips around to stare wide-eyed at the wolves.
the river isn't that wide or deep, they would probably reach jk within seconds. it's hs who rolls his eyes and smacks nj's thigh. "no one's gonna chase you, bunny," he assures.
"aw, hyung, that's no fun. imagine tackling that gorgeous little thing and fucking him until he cries," th protests with a pout on his lips. "we could all share him until he's raw and sore." "and then fuck him some more," sj adds with a thoughtful hum, licking his lips.
jm lifts a hand and sits up straighter. "i second that idea." jk squeaks in fear, heart tripping over itself, when jm, th, and sj move to stand up. "sit down," hs orders, not harsh or anything, but his pack mates listen immediately.
then hs's sharp gaze is in jk, running down his trembling dorm. hs motions with his hand. "go," he allows jk. "but if we catch you here again, i'm not stopping them."
polite to his very core, jk bows and squeaks out a tiny thank you. he turns tail and runs as fast as he can then. peals of laughter and howls ring in jk's ears long after he reaches the safe haven of his home.
// should the bunny come back and make taejin's idea a reality? 😏
jk can't stop thinking about them. the wolves have somehow burrowed themselves in his brain and there's not an hour where a shudder doesn't run down jk's spine at the memory of them.
they visit him in his dreams, and jk wakes up hard, his bed drenched in slick. they're the ones he imagines when he closes his eyes as another bunny fucks him too slow and gentle.
even now their growls echo in his ears as he's trading soft pecks with heejin who came looking for him for some playtime. hs and yg kissing so roughly are the ones consuming jk's brain,though. his teeth graze heejin's bottom lip,then take it between them, increasing the pressure.
her lips are big and plump and soft, and jk thinks jm's and sj's inviting mouths would feel just like that too. thoughts filled with nothing but them, jk bites harder than intended, making heejin jerk back swiftly. "jk!" she protests, her eyes wide, hand going to her mouth.
jk himself is horrified as her fingers come away stained red with a couple droplets of blood. "i'm so sorry, noona," he says quickly, feeling awfully guilty and embarrassed, and dabs at her mouth with his sleeve.
heejin's eyebrows knit together as she looks jk over. her fingers wrap around his wrist and lower his hand, twining their fingers together.
"you've been acting very strange lately," she comments. then adds in a secretive whisper, even if they're the only one's in jk's room, "minjun said you asked him to hit you."
jk's cheeks flood with warmth, he's probably bright red now. "i-i didn't ask him to /hit/ me," he protests, voice too high and squeaky. "just spank me a little," he mumbles, ashamed.
all he wanted was a little tap on his ass to see what it would feel like. and maybe a tug on his tail or ears. minjun made a big deal out of it, though, and left jk unsatisfied in more than one sense.
but heejin would hardly understand that if jk tried to explain. he doesn't understand it /himself/, anyway.
and it would also spell nothing but trouble for him if he revealed that he got so close to the wolves. he definitely wouldn't be allowed to wander the woods anymore, at least not unaccompanied.
so jk doesn't meet her gaze, fiddles with her fingers where they're intertwined with his, and mumbles, "i just wanted to try something different. rougher."
heejin makes a concerned noise. when jk looks up, she has a deep frown on her face. "that's not normal, jk-ah," she says. "we're not some wild animals."
"sorry, noona," jk mutters, tears of shame and guilt stinging his eyes. he knows he shouldn't want things like that, but the wolves awakened something in him, and no matter how shameful it is, jk craves to let that animal side of himself loose.
heejin sighs and tugs on their intertwined hands. "come cuddle," she says. they wrap around each other, cozy and warm. jk's comforted by his noona's familiar scent and presence, but the nagging thoughts in the back of his brain don't shut up.
the hour is late and the moon is round and so bright in the inky blackness of the sky. as he gazes out his open window, jk thinks he hears /their/ howls faraway in the distance.
days pass and jk can't find the relief he so desperately needs with any other bunny. he's no longer satisfied with gentle and slow, he needs /more/ even if it's wrong.
when jk can't bear it anymore, he sneaks off to the river. his heart thunders all the way there, and he berates himself in his head, telling himself how dangerous and stupid this is, and that he should turn back around and return home. despite logic, jk walks on.
he reaches the river and approaches the river bank cautiously, nose twitching and catching all the scents in the air, ears standing at attention between his curls. every little rustle in the bushes makes him flinch.
but it's quiet otherwise. no pounding of paws in the distance, no dark musky predator scent in the air. jk is alone. so he sits on the river bank and waits. and waits. and waits.
when the sun is starting to dip down low, gold glittering on the surface of the water, jk's bunny ears droop and his bottom lip sticks out into a pout.
the wolves probably forgot about him, he thinks. what is another bunny to a pack of wolves? there's no reason for them to come and check if jk actually showed up.
jk huffs and rolls his eyes at himself. what a silly little rabbit he is, getting his hopes up and being excited for this when it was never a guarantee. he should forget about it and move on, seriously.
but jk doesn't forget about it and doesn't move on. he returns to the river every day, getting comfortable with being there again and enjoying his quiet time.
on this particular day, jk lazes in the grass after a good swim. the sun, beating down on him and making the water droplets on his skin evaporate, lulls him into a relaxed pleasant state. his fingertips graze over his belly with barely there touches, sliding lower and lower.
since meeting the wolves, there hasn't been a singular self-love session where jk /didn't/ imagine that it's them touching him. so this time isn't an exception. he cups himself with one hand, hips kicking up slightly into his hold.
jk digs the nails of his other hand into his thigh and a stuttery breath leaves him at the sting. it's not much, just a bit of pressure, enough to bite at his skin deliciously, nothing like how yg left bloody trails on nj.
he ruts up into his hand, squeezes his cock and tugs at it harsher than he would usually, trying to mimic how he saw th pleasuring jm. drool pools in jk's mouth as he remembers the stunning sight the two of them and sj made.
the sun beats down on him without mercy, and jk already feels a bit delirious. the images from that fateful day spin dizzyingly fast in his brain, working him up faster than usual.
he thinks he hears a howl in the distance but dismisses it as his imagination; his mind is so occupied with the wolves that it wouldn't surprise him if his brain played tricks on him.
so he continues the quick thrusts of his hips, panting both from the summer heat and the heat of lust pooling low in his belly. his ass is already wet with slick, the scent of it overpowering everything else around him,
and he slides his hand between his legs to press his fingers against his fluttering hole. but then a growl, so real and loud, startles jk and his hands quickly fall away from his body. his heart skips a painful and scared beat.
jk sits up as fast as he can, still breathless and woozy from his ministrations. jk's fingers grip the grass, fingernails digging into dirt, and he whimpers at the sight of the russet wolf on the other side of the river.
hs's sharp teeth are bared in a snarl as his dark eyes bore into jk. the wolf lifts his head and howls, calling to his pack mates.
in that moment jk is nothing more than his bunny instincts. he scrambles to get up, tripping over himself, graceless and rushed. this time it's definitely not his imagination that makes him hear the pounding of paws. despite nj's previous warning, jk runs.
he's fast, even for a bunny, and aided by the adrenaline rush he gets when he hears the wolves splashing in the water, coming to chase after him, he moves through the woods quickly.
jk can't help a glance back, breath catching in his throat at the literal beasts hot on his heels. it's absolutely terrifying how their canines drip saliva, how their claws tear up the ground, how their snarls make jk's heart tremble.
it's also the most exciting thing jk's ever experienced in his life.
but just as a smile starts curling the corner of his mouth, jk trips and unceremoniously tumbles to the ground. he groans at the way his knees and palms scrape over the rough surface, his ribs taking a not so gentle hit.
dirt and leaves stick to him as jk rolls onto his back, lifting himself on his elbows to see how much farther the wolves are. really fucking close is the answer, and jk watches them slow down as they easily catch up to him.
jk thinks it's sj who steps closer to him first, ears flat against his skull and eyes so hungry jk legitimately fears he'll get eaten instead of the other plans the wolves had for him.
but nj, the largest of the pack, snaps his teeth at sj, growling loudly. sj answers in kind, and the two tumble into a furious ball of teeth and claws.
fixated by the violent sight as he is, jk still sees out of the corner of his eye th creeping closer to him, so light and silent on his paws. he doesn't get close enough to jk though.
yg nips at th's tail, making the other wolf yip in surprise. jm's coughing wolfy laughter accompanies th's disgruntled noises.
but then hs growls, low and intimidating, and everyone falls silent. the sound has nj and sj separating immediately, panting in exertion. the other wolves make way for hs.
the russet wolf approaches jk slowly, eyes sliding over jk's body leisurely - a predator who knows he caught his prey. so big and dangerous looking, hs has jk scrambling back across the forest floor. not that he gets anywhere far.
between one blink and the next, hs turns human. he catches jk by his ankles, forcing a surprised squeak out of him, and drags the bunny across the ground towards himself, grinning all the while.
in this moment, jk truly realizes his inferior status. he's no match for six wolves. they can do whatever they want with him and jk wouldn't be able to fend them off. the thrill that jk feels at that is absolutely improper and has him blushing hard.
jk's slick and dirt covered ass meets hs's thighs, the bunny's legs kept open by the wolf's hold. heart racing faster than jk ever thought possible, he whimpers and whines, trying to cover himself from hs's hungry gaze.
"i warned you, bunny, and you still came back," hs says, voice overly sweet. he leans over jk, forcing his legs to spread wider to accommodate the wolf.
hs yanks jk's hands away from his crotch and presses his wrists to the ground. the hold is so tight that jk doesn't doubt he'll have bruises in the shape of hs's fingers. "now you're all ours for the taking," the words are accompanied by the briefest brush of their noses.
jk's breath catches thinking hs is going to kiss him and he yearns for it with his whole heart. but the wolf only bites jk's bottom lip, eliciting a surprised gasp out of the bunny, and then pulls back and away, exposing him for everyone to see.
"have at him," hs allows the others, a mean tilt to his beautiful mouth. "i want him crying and begging."
jk's eyes widen at the command. he doesn't even have time to protest, though, before the other five wolves descend upon him. there's hands and lips and teeth on jk in an instant, not even easing him into it.
nj's fingers dig into jk's cheeks, turning his head to the side so he could have access to jk's throat. the flat of his tongue licks from jk's collarbone all the way to his jaw, leaving saliva to cool and cause goosebumps to break across jk's skin.
with his head angled away, jk can't see who lifts his legs and bites harshly at his calves and thighs, can barely mumble, "wait wait," when someone else spreads his ass cheeks and makes him yelp as his hole is licked over and over again.
it's a lot more overwhelming a lot faster than jk expected. he doesn't even get a moment to breathe from all the touching and biting and licking, so jk squirms and tries to break away from their hold but it's a futile effort.
appearing in jk's eye line, jm laughs at him. "so cute and helpless," he comments. his fingers card through jk's hair almost gently before he grips the strands hard and forces his head back so both he and nj could suck bruises into jk's throat.
"fuck, oh my god, please just-" but whatever jk was going to beg for gets cut off by a whine when a tongue prods into his hole. "hyung, share," th's indignant voice demands.
the wolf between his legs gets jostled and growls against jk's ass. another squeak leaves jk when sharp teeth graze where he's most sensitive. his cock, already hard and leaking on his belly, jumps at the attention.
nj and jm move down to jk's collarbones, their teeth scraping and biting against his skin and making jk hiss. but at least now he can see yg lapping up jk's slick right from the source like he's starved of it. he can see th tugging on yg's white wolf ears and demanding access
to jk's ass. he can see sj sinking his canines into the meat of jk's thigh, eyes sparkling in mirth when jk flinches and yelps. he can also very clearly see the glee on hs's face, his grin wide and wolfish as he watches his pack devour jk.
"hyung, come on, he smells so good," th whines, and sj huffs an amused sound where he's working on another bruise to jk's thigh.
yg's rough tongue leaves jk's hole for the briefest of seconds. "oh, but his scent can't even compare to how he tastes, th-ah," he grins at th, slick literally dripping down his chin, and then dives down again.
jk's laughter is a shock to himself, but he can't keep it in, seeing th's offended and speechless expression. jm and hs join him, both tumbling into the grass.
th growls and tugs at yg hard, pulling him off jk. yg snarls right back and doesn't seem to have much trouble pinning th to the ground, hand on th's throat having the younger wolf struggle for breath.
"you want a taste that bad, puppy?" yg's low voice rasps. he leans down and kisses th, shoving his tongue into th's mouth, making th groan and cling onto him, seeking more.
jk's mouth is open wide as he watches them. he can't decide if he's more scared or turned on. his dick seems to vote for the latter. "mmm, now you're all mine," sj hums, fitting himself between jk's legs.
"not just yours," nj snorts in amusement. he has his large hand splayed on jk's sternum, keeping him pinned, and moves his other hand to grip jk's cock. jk gasps and thrusts into the hold immediately.
sj rolls his eyes before giving jk's ass a nice hard slap that rings in jk's ear. "at least his ass is all mine." the heat and sting of sj's slap leaves jk breathless. his whole body shudders at the unfamiliar sensation and his eyes roll back into his skull.
nj chuckles as jk's cock twitches and jerks in his hold. "ooh, the bunny liked that," jm comments, returning to run his hands all over jk's form, fingers flicking his sensitive nipples, making jk squirm.
sj gives jk's ass a lighter tap and grins at him. "i'll leave the spanking to hskie. you won't be able to sit down for days, bunny." jk gulps. he glances to hs who winks at him. "but now," sj continues, "let's get that pretty little hole of yours filled up, hm?"
sj's cockhead nudges jk's rim and he swirls it around, getting himself wet with jk's slick. jk's eyes widen. he's not just going to shove it in, right? jk can't take something so big without prep, he'll break.
"wait wait wait," jk hurries to say, eyes big as he looks as sj, pleading. "please stretch me first. it won't fit, it won't." the three wolves that are on him look at jk with matching predatory grins.
"hyung will make it fit, baby," sj assures but the wicked look on his face tells jk that he won't be taking jk's plea into consideration.
jk is proven right when sj simply pushes in, forcing his cock into jk's tight heat. the breath is punched out of jk, tears springing in his eyes, and he grabs onto jm and nj, not being able to let out a sound.
jk's saving grace is all that slick and yg's earlier prodding. it still burns, the stretch so immense because sj is by no means small. deliriously, jk thinks that at least it's not nj or th who are objectively absolutely massive and would split jk in two.
when sj's hips meet jk's ass, the wolf stops for a second, breathing harshly, a growl building in his chest. "have you fucking never taken a dick? shit, so tight," sj groans.
jm laughs where he's idly licking at jk's nipple. "don't say that. nj-hyung will go feral if he thinks we're the bunny's first."
nj, who's mercifully been steadily stroking jk's cock and providing some familiar pleasure, only rolls his eyes. "fuck you, jm," he says blandly. "oh, yeah?" jm challenges, wiggling his eyebrows. "come get me, big bad wolf."
jk whines when nj releases his dick in favor of grabbing jm and kissing him hard and demanding right above jk. but jk can't even savor the sight. his eyes scrunch shut tightly at the burn as sj pulls back nearly all the way and then slams back in.
there's nothing gentle or considerate about the way sj fucks him. he uses jk for his own pleasure, seemingly not concerned whether jk's enjoying it.
there are no soft murmurs of "is this okay?" or "do you like this?" that jk's used to. sj is more wolf than man, pounding into jk in search of his own release.
like yg and th, jm and nj stretch out on the grass, rutting against one another. the obscene sounds from the other wolves seem to spur sj on. his wolf ears press back against his skull and his canines show as he snarls.
now that he has room, sj's fingers dig into jk's thighs and he pushes them towards jk's chest as far as they can go, nails leaving stinging scratches behind. his eyes are locked where he fucks a space for himself inside jk.
hs comes to crouch beside them. he looks at jk, smirking at the way jk's nothing more than a fuck toy for sj, how jk can do nothing more than whine and whimper and grasp at the grass beneath him.
"doing so well, hyung," hs croons in a deliciously low voice. in a rare show of gentleness, he brushes sj's sweaty hair off his forehead. "isn't the pretty bunny so tight? you gonna fuck him open for us though, won't you?"
"yeah yeah yeah," sj chants, thrusting into jk harder and harder. jk's body slides over the ground at the force of it, and sj yanks him back against himself.
jk's back bows when sj finally hits that spot inside him, stars of pleasure appearing in jk's tear-blurred vision. he cries out and mumbles mindless pleas as he sobs.
hs laughs at him, bright and loud. "you're so easy to break, bunny. crying and begging already?" he mocks. "does your herd not fuck you well enough? it's a good thing we found you, huh?"
jk clutches at hs's arm, needing to hold onto something as the pain weaves itself with the pleasure, the two so interconnected that jk doesn't know which he craves more. it's the most intense amazing thing jk's experienced and he tips over the edge with no thought in his head.
for a couple of seconds sj still fucks into him, heightening jk's orgasm so that the scale tips to the painful side more, and jk shudders, welcoming it.
but then hs's harsh, "stop," has sj's hips stuttering and stilling. sj growls his frustration and displeasure even if he stays still obediently, but jk can only see hs's narrowed eyes. hs grips jk's face, fingers digging into his cheeks and making jk whimper in distress.
"because i'm nice, i'll let it slide this time," hs tells jk. "but you come without permission again, and i'll make you regret being so rude." jk blinks, confused and still too out of it. "permission?" he breathes out.
hs leans in closer, swipes his tongue over jk's pursed lips and open mouth. sj's cock twitches inside jk at that, and jk can't help but clench around him, having sj groan and dig his claws into jk. "you're ours now," hs tells the bunny. "you do what we say, when we say, got it?"
"alpha," sj near whines. his hips have started rocking into jk just the tiniest bit. hs chuckles but doesn't look back at sj. "just a second, baby. i'm teaching bunny how to be a good slut for us."
the degrading name burns down jk's body. and not in a pleasant way. he tries to shake his head, though isn't really successful with the way hs holds him. "i'm not a slut," he protests, serious as tears well in his eyes.
hs tilts his head to the side a tiny bit. surprisingly, his gaze softens and his grip on jk loosens. "alright, darling," hs agrees easier than jk would have thought. "gonna be our good little bunny then, won't you?" jk sniffles and nods. that he likes a lot better, he decides.
hs's lips press against the corner of jk's eye where a stray tear escapes. but then he's pulling back and sweeping a hand over jk. "continue," he allows.
sj is on jk the instant hs opens his mouth, and hs laughs at his pack mate. the wolf leans over jk, kisses him messily with too much teeth and tongue, palm splaying over jk's throat.
jk grunts into sj's mouth, can even barely kiss back with how sj is intent on seemingly eating him. the throb of sj's cock feels hot and insistent inside jk, the stretch already familiar and addicting.
it takes only a few more thrusts for sj to come inside jk. the bunny shudders at the sensation. it's one he's familiar with, but the wolf's load feels far bigger than a bunny's would, filling jk up to the brim.
now, jk thinks as his eyes fall closed and his chest still rises in labored breaths, now they'll let him rest for a bit, surely. but the wolves aren't nice like that.
sj pulls out and whistles. his fingers slide through all the cum and slick leaking out before he stuffs it back into jk's hole. jk whines. his hole needs a break, and he bats at sj's hand unsuccessfully, wrist getting caught and pinned to his thigh.
"you guys /have/ to try him out. such an amazing thing to fuck," sj tells the others. his fingers wiggle inside jk, and jk squirms, trying to get away.
sj's fingers leave him suddenly with a wet squelch, a huff and laughter following. jk blinks his eyes open blearily and only catches a glimpse of yg pushing sj to the side, having the other wolf tumble into hs's lap.
and then yg's rolling jk on his tummy and pulling him onto all fours. there's no asking if he can, or if jk doesn't mind, yg just shoves right in like jk truly belongs to them and is here for their pleasure only.
at the same time nj grabs jk's bunny ears and lifts his head before sliding his cock down jk's throat. filled from both ends so suddenly, jk chokes and freezes, muscles locking in place. his eyes fill with tears again, and he can barely see nj's dimpled grin through the blurr.
unlike sj, yg finds jk's spot in an instant, hitting it with deadly precision. it rushes pleasure all over jk's body, making him forget about the burn of his abused rim, about the ache of his scraped knees and palms, about the fact that
he can barely breathe with nj's big cock in his mouth. suddenly, jk realizes that it /was/ them easing him into it earlier. just one of them taking him at first apparently was a kindness because everything is even more overwhelming and too much now.
tears roll down jk's cheeks as he gags and drools around nj's dick. jk's not allowed much control, it's just nj keeping him where he wants him and fucking his face with abandon. "fuck, just look at him," nj groans with a huff of laughter. "knew you'd cry so pretty for us."
th appears over nj's shoulder. he looks a lot more flushed than before, eyes a little hazy. but he grins at jk all the same. "hyung's right, such a pretty bunny," th agrees. he reaches out a hand to stroke around the seal of jk's lips.
his fingers slide lower and fondle nj's balls, and the older wolf moans and throws his head back. "sj-hyung was right too," yg chuckles through his grunts as he fucks into jk. "the bunny has the tightest hole. nj will /break/ you, bunny." this time yg's laugh sounds almost evil.
jk whimpers because that's all he can do, caught between two wolves fucking him. he has no doubt that yg's right. just a few minutes of nj in his mouth has jk's jaw hurting from being open so wide, his ass won't be able to handle it.
jm joins them on nj's other side, chin on his shoulder. "do you think if we train him enough, he'd be able to take both thgie and nj-hyung at the same time?"
jk shivers just at the idea of it, his hole squeezing around yg. the wolf growls and thrusts into jk hard, forcing him more onto nj's cock. the action has jk choking and struggling to breathe, but nj is nice enough to pull back some and
allow jk a nice deep breath before feeding him his dick again. "i think," yg breathes out harshly, his hand grips jk's shoulder now to keep him from rocking too much,
"that we'd have to fuck him all day long. first with a dick. then with a dick and fingers. and keep adding more and more until this tight hole gapes open, begging to not be empty."
the twitch of nj's cock in his throat and the growls that all the other wolves let out tell jk that they approve of yg's idea. especially with the way jm's eyes narrow at him and his tail wags, jk knows the wolf would love to see jk broken down like that.
yg's hand slides down jk's spine, nails scratching. he reaches jk's cottontail that's been wiggling out of control this whole time. there's a flick to it that has jk tightening around yg's dick again, feeling the heat and throb of it far more intensely.
yg's hips stutter for a second before slamming back against jk. he flicks and tugs jk's tail, abusing it so jk would tighten up for him, so yg would have to use more force to fuck into him.
jk doesn't have much brainpower to even try to ask him to stop. he wouldn't be able to anyway. nj's dick fills his mouth fully, jk just drooling around it.
he lets the rhythmic fucking erase all thoughts from his brain. nj and yg work incredibly well together and reduce jk to a puddle of whimpering needy bunny.
when yg's thrusts become more erratic, nj pulls out of jk's mouth and releases him. the bunny instantly drops onto his elbows, forehead pressed to the ground, unable to keep himself up much.
yg leans over him, his sweaty hot body pressed close to jk's. "just like that, baby," yg murmurs in a low gravelly voice to jk. "aren't you such a good bunny? taking me so well, darling."
his fingers reach jk's neglected dick, taking it in a fist and squeezing tight. yg's teeth scrape over jk's shoulder before he sinks them into the meat of it.
jk sobs at the pain-pleasure mix, so exquisite and dizzying. yg's sweet praises superimposed with the harsh bite and the rough snap of his hips has jk shuddering through another orgasm, spilling all over yg's fist.
the wolf growls, thrusts into jk a couple more times, and then fills him up like sj did. in the position that he's in, jk sees perfectly how his belly bulges slightly with all that cum. "gonna have puppies instead of bunnies," jk mumbles deliriously and giggles to himself.
"hmm?" yg hums in question as he pulls jk up and into his lap, yg's dick still inside jk. the wolf licks at jk's neck, leaving tiny stinging bites in his wake, his arms protective around jk's middle. jk licks his lips and shakes his head. "nothing," he says.
being a male bunny of a lower designation means jk could carry kits in theory, but pregnancy for bunnies like him is extremely rare. years of being fucked by higher ranking bunnies did nothing, so it's safe to say that one frolic with the wolves won't change that.
jk's runaway thoughts of getting pupped up get interrupted by nj's palms on his cheeks. the wolf kisses him almost tenderly. he presses their mouths together, licks at jk's lips so they open up for him, and slides his tongue in slowly.
the breather is just what jk needed. nj's mouth on his own, his and yg's hands caressing jk's skin, it soothes something deep inside jk.
also, now jk can touch. he uses the opportunity to explore nj's broad shoulders, the tight flex of his biceps, the muscles of his abdomen. his fingertips brush nj's hard cock, having it jump at the attention while nj growls into jk's mouth.
jk pulls away from nj's lips and glances down. his fingers meet only barely around nj's girth. jk wonders if jm, with his tiny hands, has to use both of them to grip nj. "want it inside you, bunny?" nj asks, voice more of a rumble.
jk gulps, but nods anyway. he lifts his eyes to meet nj's, less feral than before but not less hungry. nj gives him one last peck before reaching down and lifting jk off yg's cock. cum and slick spills everywhere, and jk hides in nj's throat at the embarrassment that causes.
but the wolves only laugh at him as nj settles jk on his own lap. jk was right before, though. nj's large thighs /are/ the perfect place for him to sit.
jk expects nj to guide him onto his dick, if not gentle then at least insistent. but nj only lies back, hands behind his head, handsome smirk in place. jk is very confused. the bunny bites his lip and looks around.
hs is watching them idly, petting sj's hair with one hand and letting sj suck on the fingers of the other. th and jm are tangled together in the grass, eager eyes on jk and nj, tails swishing to the same rhythm.
yg, in wolf form now that he got what he wanted, stretches beside them before plopping into the grass. "so?" nj prompts and lifts an eyebrow at jk.
the bunny flushes hard. all this attention on him, expecting him to do something when they've been in control this whole time has a flutter of nerves twist in jk's belly.
at jk's inaction, nj slides his hands over jk's thighs, pressing at all the purpling bites and reddening scratches left over. jk shivers and lets out a tiny moan at the pulsing pain when nj digs his fingers into a particularly raw bite.
"you said you wanted it, honey," nj goads, a bit patronizing and mean. "why are you so shy now, hm? take what you want. give us a nice show." the wolf grips jk's hips and tugs, making the bunny slide further up nj's body, nj's cock now nestled between jk's cheeks.
jk can't meet anyone's eyes as he lifts to his bruised knees. there's a few whistles and laughter, and th straight up howls when jk takes nj's dick and breaches himself with the cockhead.
jk's fingers spasm where he's holding himself up with a hand on nj's chest. the tip of the cock already brings back the burn of the stretch from when sj first fucked him. so jk gives himself a second to get used to it, bouncing only on the tip.
"i think the bunny needs help, joon-ah," sj calls out. nj chuckles. "i think you're right," he says and then forces jk down, his whole cock filling the bunny up.
jk yelps and cries out, both hands grabbing onto nj. he trembles from the tips of his bunny ears to his toes. the ache of the burn fades into the background. all jk can think is that nj is so big that the outline of his dick is visible on jk's abdomen.
"you're-you're in my tummy," jk stutters out, fingers fluttering where he can see nj's cock. nj presses down on jk's hand, making him touch it. the breath leaves jk and he gasps for air at the absolutely overwhelming feeling of fullness.
"it's so nice, isn't it?" jm comments from the sidelines, and jk can only nod helplessly.
but then a slap on his ass startles jk, and he looks wide-eyed at hs, who's left sj to join jk and nj. "move, princess," hs chuckles. "we don't have all day for you to just sit on joonie's glorious cock."
"sorry," jk whispers. he uses nj's sturdy chest as leverage as he lifts his hips. the noises that leave jk are downright embarrassing and pitiful, but he can't keep them in, too consumed with feeling every inch of nj's cock with his poorly stretched walls.
jk can't manage more than the briefest lift before he plops down onto nj's slick covered thighs. "come on, again. earn it, bunny," hs tells him.
so jk tries and tries again, but he can't stop shaking. beads of sweat roll down his temples, mixing with the tears on his cheeks. the sun filtering through the canopy of trees above them doesn't help at all with how flushed jk's feeling.
"aigoo," nj laughs when jk can only manage a lift and a drop, no finesse that he usually has when riding someone, not to mention building up to a proper rhythm. "here, i'll help," nj offers.
his help involves keeping jk on his knees while nj pistons his hips right into jk, punching the breath out of him every time. nj is relentless below him, and all jk can do is grip his shoulders and bear it.
jk's breathless moans and cries get drowned out by nj's snarls. his grip on jk's hips is bruising, adding more to the collection of purple marks all over him.
it truly does feel like nj is trying to break him, thrusting and thrusting into jk like he expects to leave jk's hole permanently gaping for him.
a big rough tongue is not a sensation jk expects in this moment, and he makes a confused little oing before glancing over his shoulder. even nj's perfect rhythm stutters for a bit.
jk's eyes are wide when he sees yg's white fluffy form between nj's legs. the wolf's yellow eyes meet jk's as he leisurely licks where nj and jk are connected. nj even spreads jk's cheeks wider so yg could get at all the slick and cum dripping down.
"yg-hyung likes to taste us in any form," hs explains with a fond huff of a laugh.
jk doesn't consider how weird it is to have yg do this while in his shifted form. doesn't let himself even acknowledge the fact that /that's/ what has the lust in jk's belly tighten up, ready to explode. he only whimpers and hides his face in nj's throat.
a few more licks from yg, and nj's well-aimed thrusts have jk unraveling with unparalleled speed. he can taste the sweetness of euphoria on his tongue for the third time today and is fully ready to accept it.
a hand sneaks between nj's and jk's bodies, and jk thinks it's there to help. but just as jk is ready to crest over, the fingers squeeze around his base, keeping him from that lovely high. "why why why," jk genuinely sobs, tears hot on his even hotter cheeks.
his hazy eyes meet hs who grins at him, devilish and mean. "you didn't think i didn't notice you coming before, right?" hs asks. "rude bunnies don't get orgasm privileges."
it's difficult for jk to parse his words, the denied orgasm pulsing through him almost painfully and nj still driving into him, heightening the loss jk's suffered. but jk understands enough to mumble, "please please, i wanna come. please, hs-ssi."
but hs only laughs at him. "a little too late, precious. you're learning the lesson the hard way now." off to the side, sj snickers, mumbling /hard/. but jk doesn't find anything funny in this situation. he turns away from hs, sullen and angry, and cries into nj's shoulder.
when nj finally comes (and isn't that just so nice for him), he bites on jk's shoulder, making jk wince and hiss. nj keeps him close until his dick fully empties out inside him, and then his hips drop to the ground, chest heaving and lifting jk with every breath he takes.
jk thinks he might be too heavy for nj, but he likes his hiding spot, can lick and nibble nj's skin to soothe himself, and since nj doesn't push him away, jk stays there. that doesn't mean the others are done with him.
once yg's gotten a couple more licks in, probably wanting to taste nj, he moves away, and another cock prods at jk's used and abused hole.
jk whines and scrunches his eyes as the next wolf slides into him. he's already feeling sore and raw, like th wanted, but he's only been taken by three of them.
"oh, fuck," jm breathes out behind jk, his hips flush with jk's ass now. "you're really worth the wait," he giggles and gives jk's ass a slap that makes the fat jiggle and jk's tail twitch.
"no letting him come, jm-ah," hs's voice warns. "of course, hyung. i'm not dumb enough to not listen to you," jm says.
jk lifts his head and glares back at jm. "'m not dumb," he protests. he just hasn't played games like these before. next time he's winning no matter what, and he'll prove to them how good he can be.
"really?" jm asks with raised eyebrows. "then we haven't fucked you well enough." jm's thrusts are slower and deeper than the others', more teasing in a way. he finds jk's spot and has him guessing, tensing in anticipation, not knowing when jm's cock will stroke it next.
the maddening pace has jk pushing his ass back against jm, seeking the pleasure out himself. but jm grabs his bunny ears, forcing jk's head back, and growls at him to stay still. nj's mouth works a couple bruises onto jk's exposed throat, but otherwise, it's jm's show.
jk stares at the patches of the blue sky above that he can see through the branches and gives himself up for jm.
it might be hours or minutes of jm bringing jk right up to the edge only to deny him at the last second. no matter how nicely jk begs or how much he cries, jm doesn't give in. "you're so mean. you're all so mean," jk sobs, crumpled into a heap on top of nj.
nj kisses his temple, runs his hands down jk's back, and strokes his tail. but he does nothing to stop jm's torturous actions.
"aw, poor bunny," jm croons, laying on jk, the stimulation of his cock gone and preventing another orgasm. "should we let you go play with other bunnies then? can't handle a pack of wolves, can you?"
jk pouts even if no one can see it. "i can," he argues. "we'll see, darling," jm laughs.
he teases his cockhead around jk's rim, smearing the slick everywhere. not that it matters much. the insides of jk's thighs are already dripping with it, the bunny so turned on that he can't help it.
when jm pushes back in, jk tenses, ready for another round. he has to suffer through three more denials, bringing it to a total of six, one for each wolf probably, before jm himself can't stand it anymore.
his fingers fit themselves to bruises nj left, and jm forgets all about slow and deep when he's seeking his own orgasm. he moans a pretty and lewd sound when he comes, and jk trembles along with him.
"my turn, my turn," th chants as he pushes jm off jk. jk would laugh if he had it in himself, but all he has is a deep ache in his tummy and an abundance of cum dripping out his hole.
th is eager and excited, tail wagging and tongue out, as he rolls jk off nj and onto the ground. he exposes jk's raw hole by folding jk in two and dives down for a couple of licks.
jk exhales heavily, hand going to clutch th's curls. the wolf's tongue feels almost soothing to jk's sensitive rim.
but th doesn't stay for long. he pops up, cheeks bulging, and leans over jk to fit their mouths together. jk sputters and near chokes at all the fluids th feeds him. the mix of drool, cum, and slick leaks past the seal of their lips.
"tastes good, right?" th asks, licking up everything that spilled onto jk's face. jk scrunches his nose. personally, he's not a big fan of sharing cum like that, never has been a swallower, but when th is so into it, jk can only hum in answer.
th presses his nose to jk's cheek, hand between their legs guiding his cock into jk. he litters little bites all over jk's face and lips and jaw as he thrusts in, starting a quick rhythm instantly.
"oh, fuck," they both moan in unison, and then th giggles, making jk smile too. maybe th won't be as mean as the others, jk thinks. th stretches him as well as nj did, too big and overwhelming, reaching depths jk never thought he had in himself.
jk holds onto th's biceps as the wolf ruts into him, his eyes are locked where the tip of th's cock bulges jk's tummy with every thrust in. all jk's brain can conjure up in that moment is how well-bred he'll be when the wolves finish with him.
jk tries to touch th, hands going to the planes on his chest, but th snatches his wrists up and pins them above jk's head, holding them with one hand. his other hand rests on jk's throat then, thumb right on jk's thundering pulse point.
th grins at him, canines glinting, and tightens his hold. jk's eyes roll back into his head. he struggles against th even if he knows it's futile. the fog in his brain covers everything now as jk gasps for breath.
all he gets is th drilling into him harsher, harder, stretching jk past his limit. and then th's hand eases back and travels lower. the wolf's intense eyes watch jk take sharp shuddering breaths eagerly, as if cataloging every reaction.
jk is at his mercy, writhing when th's fingers pinch and flick his nipples, whining when his nails scratch down jk's abdomen, and gasping, back bowing off the ground, when th takes his cock in hand. th thumbs at the head, teases the slit, and jk's thighs clamp around th's sides.
"no, don't," jk pleads, shaking his head. "i'll come. i'm not allowed to." "then you shouldn't, if you're not allowed to," th murmurs, a mischievous grin on his lips, but his hand keeps stroking jk's cock. jk was wrong. th's the meanest of them all.
"stop, please, oh my gods," jk whines and whimpers. he struggles against th's hold harder even as pleasure surges, so close to the surface that one well-aimed thrust will do him in. "th-ah, that's enough," hs says, even and firm. "the bunny isn't trained for that yet."
th pouts. but his hand, mercifully, leaves jk's dick alone, and jk can breathe easier, no longer on the verge of disobeying against his will.
having lost his source of entertainment, th fucks jk harder. he fits his mouth to jk's shoulder and bites, eliciting a yelp from jk at how harsh it is. th holds on with his teeth, growling and snarling, and jk feels the trickle of blood on his shoulder at the deep bite.
thankfully, the pain helps distract jk and keep him from misbehaving by coming when hs hasn't allowed him to. th doesn't have such qualms, the lucky bastard. his growls shake jk's body as the wolf finishes, hips kicking up.
once he's done, th licks at the blood on jk's shoulder, presses kisses to his neck. "you're doing amazingly," he whispers to jk, teeth tugging jk's earlobe. "but if you want to come again, call hskie-hyung alpha. trust me." he winks at jk when he pulls away, tail swishing.
jk tracks him with his eyes, unsure if he should listen to th. the other wolves have formed a pile, lazy and satisfied now, which th joins by dropping onto yg's fluffy form and making the wolf snap his teeth at him. jk winces on instinct but th only laughs and calls yg cute.
hs's touch to his ankle has jk startling, even if he saw hs approaching in the corner of his eye. the wolf stirs the inherent fear of predators inside jk, and yet jk can't help but crave his touch and attention.
"ass up, bunny," hs orders, and jk obeys immediately, wanting to show how good he can be.
jk's movements are less graceful and coordinated than he'd like, but he's already been fucked to another dimension five times, so he hopes hs forgives him. jk presents himself as best he can, gritting his teeth against the sting of pain on his knees.
"count for me," hs says, confusing jk once again. count what? isn't he going to fuck jk?
the first slap on his ass comes as a shock to his system, and jk freezes. his mouth falls open but no sound leaves, and his wide eyes are turned to the pile of wolves who snicker at his plight.
"i didn't hear a number, bun," hs sing-songs, too jovial for what he's doing. "one," jk croaks out. his fingers grip the grass blades in absence of anything else. "good boy," hs praises and caresses the butt cheek he slapped.
jk near drools at hs's praise that tingles all the way down to his toes. he wants more of it. so jk counts every spank, evenly doled out on both his cheeks, even as he chokes on tears and his bottom becomes too sensitive too quickly.
hs presses kisses to jk's cheeks, the soft pressure burns too, but hs murmurs how well jk did, so the bunny sniffles and basks in it for a moment.
"there, my pretty little thing, well done," hs croons as he rolls jk onto his back. there's a grin on his face and he leans in to press the most fleeting of kisses to jk's lips.
but jk isn't satisfied with that. he grabs onto the wolf and crashes their mouths together. a funny surprised squeak leaves hs but he opens up for jk's desperate exploration.
"fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," jk begs of hs, having lost all shame. or maybe it was fucked out of him by the wolves. hs chuckles. "do i need to spank you again? where did your manners go, precious?"
to hell with manners, jk thinks. he's been taken by wolf after wolf in the middle of the woods. there's nothing more animalistic than that, and manners have no role here.
but, sore as he is, jk needs hs to take him too. so he pouts as prettily as he can and whispers, "please. please, fuck me."
hs gives him a lovely heart-shaped smile before he makes jk's wish come true. the wolf is inside him to the hilt in one swift move, and jk moans at being filled again.
jk can't take his eyes off hs above him. he moves with such grace and precision, wolf ears flat on his head and teeth bared. he looks dangerous, almost feral, but here he is, taking jk apart so exquisitely with every twist of hips.
hs throws his head back and howls, the sound shaking jk's very heart. the other wolves answer the call and eagerly come closer. human now, yg is the one to claim jk's mouth in a harsh kiss first. the others bite and touch and lick, and jk trembles in their hold.
jk's mouth is traded around for anyone who wants a kiss or a quick dip of their cock inside. jm overstays his welcome, thrusting into jk's mouth in short bursts, and is soon removed by the scruff, all growly and sullen.
but sj gives him a nice bite to settle him before using jk's mouth for his own. it's a blur of touches and kisses and bites, and jk loses focus quickly. hs throbs inside him, fucks jk back onto that precipice.
"please, can i come? please?" jk begs. he's not sure he'd be able to hold off if hs denied him again. "you think you learned your lesson, bunny?" hs asks, breathing heavy and flushed so prettily down to his chest.
jk nods his head, dislodging nj who was sucking a bruise into jk's neck, making the wolf grumble in dissatisfaction. on jk's other side, th whispers into his ear, "say /please, alpha/." mindless with need, jk doesn't even think before blurting out, "please, alpha."
hs's eyes seem to flash red, running all over jk's form where his pack is marking him up. "alright, baby. you can come," he allows. jk mumbles breathless thank you's over and over again. he hasn't been so grateful for anything in his life.
someone, jk thinks probably yg, licks over jk's cock and suckles on the head, and that's all jk needs after what feels like hours of being denied.
the euphoric bliss rushes into jk's bloodstream. his eyes are unseeing as his back bows off the ground and he scrambles to hold onto the closest thing, afraid he'll float away from the sheer intensity and relief of his orgasm.
gasping deep breaths, jk comes back to earth. his senses flood with the growls of the wolves, the scent of their arousal and cum, the feeling of warmth inside himself and all over his body.
jk licks his lips and glances down to see that the wolves covered him in their seed, his distended belly almost white with it.
hs slips out of him and lets jk's legs rest back on the ground, slick and cum leaking out of jk's open hole. he pats jk's thigh. "good job, baby," he says, out of breath and voice rough from all the growling. jk feels oddly proud of that.
"you ruined me," jk whispers because his fucked throat can't handle anything more.
jk looks like he's been mauled. the bites, and scratches, and bruises decorate his skin from his shins all the way to his chest. and don't get jk started on all the throbbing bites he can feel on his throat.
yg hums as he idly runs a finger through the mess on jk's tummy. "you look pretty," he says, very matter-of-fact, before offering his hand for jm to lick. the younger wolf accepts with an eager flick of his tail.
jk huffs a laugh. "thanks," he says. of course to the wolves all the bruises and scratches would look pretty. to his herd, though… jk will have to get very creative when he tries to hide all this away.
"hey," th says, popping up above jk. "what's your name?" jk laughs more earnestly now, and th's grin widens too. "jk," he introduces.
"nice to meet you, jk-ah," sj says and presses kisses to the slick glistening insides of jk's thighs. "i feel like i know you all very intimately already," jk jokes and smiles when hs's laughter fills the forest, so infectious that his pack mates giggle too.
"did you like it?" nj wonders. he's sat up now and cards his fingers through th's hair, making the other wolf near purr as he drops his head into nj's lap.
"yes," jk admits shyly, hiding behind his hands. /like/ is too weak of a word to describe it. jk can't imagine going back to sex with bunnies after experiencing this. "well, you know where to find us if you ever want more," nj grins at him with that lovely dimpled smile.
"really?" jk asks, wide-eyed and hopeful. he looks to hs, who seems to be the one to actually make these decisions. "of course, bun," hs confirms from where he's back-hugging yg now. yg's lazily licking at jm's fingers that jm keeps swiping over jk's tummy for all the cum.
"we've had a lot of fun with you," hs continues. "we'd love to see you again." "okay," jk mumbles. he doesn't know why this more than anything the wolves said or did makes his heart sprint and his cheeks heat even more.
sj bites lightly at jk's thigh before stretching his arms up and popping his neck. "we should go," he says. "i'm starving." "wasn't i a good enough meal, hyung?" jk tries to tease, testing boundaries. sj laughs. "but i was the one to fill you up, bun, not the other way around."
"can we try it the other way next time?" jk asks, eager. sj eyes jk's crotch and hums in thought. "i don't know. are you sure you know how to use it?" jk squawks and sits up just to push at sj's shoulder. "rude," he says, offended.
sj chuckles and leans in to peck jk's lips. "you'll just have to prove me wrong, won't you?" jk still glares at sj. oh, he'll prove the wolf wrong alright.
the wolves all stand, and jk follows suit. yg shifts immediately, not waiting for anyone else. jk suddenly feels very exposed, not used to being so openly naked like the wolves.
yg's wet nose bumps jk's chest and the wolf blinks up at him as if waiting for something. not knowing what else to do, jk pets him, carding fingers through soft white fur. yg wags his tail and gives jk's cheek a slobbering wolfy kiss.
"thanks," jk mutters, trying not to frown in disgust. "you can shift with us, you know," jm says, also giving yg some pets. "we won't hurt you in your shifted form."
jk gulps. the wolves make it look so easy, so in tune with their animal selves. wild and feral, the herd's elders would say. free and happy, jk thinks now.
"i can't shift," jk admits. it's not something the bunnies are taught. they're supposed to be beyond their animal instincts like that. "or, well, i can't control /when/ i shift. it just happens when i'm really scared."
it only happened twice to jk, and he knows it happened to other bunnies. but they were scolded for it, made to promise not to do something so improper again, to control themselves better.
the wolves look at him as if jk's said the most ridiculous thing. "alright, then you probably need your clothes," hs comments, breaking the tension. "jm-ah, go get them for the bunny." jm crosses his arms and pouts. "why me?"
hs reaches out to stroke jm's cheek. "because you're the fastest, my angel." jm melts at the praise, cheeks pinkening. th snickers at him. "hah, sucker," he mumbles under his breath. hs turns to him with a raised eyebrow. "thgie seems to want to join you, jm-ah."
th gives hs the best puppy eyes and the prettiest pout. "hyung," he whines. "go," hs orders with a chuckle.
the two wolves shift and speed off quickly. jk feels a bit bad about having them go to the river and come back again, but they were the ones to chase him so whose fault is it really.
even after being petted, yg doesn't leave jk alone. he sniffs at him and licks random places, making jk giggle and dance away from him at how ticklish it is.
the problem is that jk's not too steady on his feet right now, and hs has to catch him around the waist to stop him from tripping over. "just let him do it," nj comments, watching the scene with amusement.
"why does he need to do it?" jk asks as hs hugs him from behind, keeping him still so yg could lick jk's ribs, his arms, and down his legs. every part of jk is overwhelmingly sensitive though, and yg's tongue isn't the softest in this form.
"yes, why, joon-ah?" sj asks too, teasing for some reason. nj gives sj a look that makes sj laugh. "to clean you, jk-ah," nj answers, and somehow it feels like a lie.
"i'll clean myself in the stream by my house, yg-hyung," jk tells the wolf. "i don't want the other bunnies smelling you on me more than you do."
that seems to be the wrong thing to say because yg growls, low and menacing, sharp teeth on display and chomping the air. jk startles in hs's hold and hs's arms tighten around him.
"yg," hs barks, and the older wolf shuts up immediately, taking a step back and bowing his head. "sorry, baby," hs soothes, stroking a hand down jk's flank. "yg-hyung is very serious about his… cleaning."
jk doesn't comment that yg didn't even lick any place that was dirty on jk, only the spots that weren't bitten or covered in cum. "it's okay," jk mumbles and reaches a hand to carefully pet yg's ears. the wolf bumps jk's palm and licks his fingers in apology.
jm and th return then, quick as can be, jk's clothes held between their teeth. they wag their tails happily when jk thanks them and pets them. as jk dresses, sj and nj shift, and jk gives them pets too, scrunching his nose when he gets slobbery wolf kisses in return.
hs, however, gives jk a real kiss. slightly gentler than before, but he still bites at jk's lips when he pulls back and nips at his pulse point.
"we'll give you a few days to recover," hs says with a wolfish grin and a pat to jk's ass. jk squeaks at the sting, even over fabric. "come to the river in three days, we'll be waiting."
jk nods several times, betraying his own eagerness. "okay. thank you, hyung." hs's smile morphs into something gentler. he looks at jk with an almost wishful expression as he brushes jk's hair behind his ear. then he presses the softest of kisses to jk's lips and pulls away.
the russet wolf joins the rest of his pack, and the six of them bark their goodbyes to jk before disappearing into the woods. jk takes a deep breath, his fingertips fleeting over his lips where he can still feel hs.
the wolves howl in the distance, and jk knows it's for him. a smile curls his lips, cheeks staining red. jk doesn't know what he's just involved himself in, but strangely his heart beats in joy rather than fear.
//tbc (?) why am i so feral for bunkoo getting absolutely devoured by wolves 😩
jk huffs and puffs, his ribs protesting painfully, as he dangles half inside his room and half outside, legs kicking in the air wildly. the windowsill digs into his abdomen as jk wiggles, trying to get inside without making too much noise.
the loud knock on his door startles jk into stillness, eyes wide as he stares across the dark room, praying that whoever is on the other side doesn't just barge in. "jk-ah?" heejin's voice carries through. "can i come in?"
"fuck," jk swears under his breath. he tips forward too much in his panic, his arms trembling and unable to keep him up, and jk tumbles into the room.
he hits the ground with a thud and knocks the table with his already painfully bruised knee, rattling everything that's on top. jk groans, clutching his leg.
the wolves are definitely at fault for jk's current clumsiness. every muscle in his body hurts, limbs difficult to control, and it's all because of them and their mind-blowing fucking skills.
the doorknob rattles, heejin calling out to him again. and then the door is opening, a shaft of light spilling through the crack. "are you okay? i heard a noise," the other bunny says as she peeks inside. "why are you on the floor?"
jk scrambles to get up and reaches for heejin, pulling her inside the room. heejin yelps, the tray in her hands swaying dangerously. "whoa, what are you doing?" she says, a bit annoyed. jk slams the door shut. once again, only the pale light of the moon bathes the room.
"sorry, noona," jk responds quickly. he's leaning against the door, heart beating a mile a minute, eyes darting all over the room and trying to think of a way to hide the marks on his body without heejin noticing.
"where have you been all day?" heejin asks. the other bunny places the tray on the table and lights the wick on the lamp, its orange glow bursting the room into light. "you missed dinner. you're lucky you have such a good noona like me. i saved you some food."
dinner is the least of jk's worries. he spent an exorbitant amount of time in the stream nearby, cleaning himself inside and out. even if it felt so good in the moment, jk severely regretted letting the wolves come inside him.
heejin's nose twitches then and her eyebrows scrunch as he turns to face jk. "what's that scent?" she asks.
jk rolled around in the grass and rubbed some heavily scented herbs on his body for good measure after washing himself so that's what heejin is smelling. the strong scents made him have a dizzying sneezing fit, but jk thinks it was worth masking the predator scent on him.
but then heejin finally gets a look at jk in the light of the lamp and her eyes widen. "oh goodness!" the bunny gasps. "jk, are you okay? what happened?" jk shushes heejin, stepping closer to her and putting a hand on her mouth. "not so loud," he hisses.
the only thing jk couldn't cover up were the marks the wolves left all over him. the bruises and bites litter jk's whole body, twinging every time he moves, reminding him who he spent his time with.
jk can smell the sour notes in heejin's scent, worried and afraid, and he's touched that his noona cares about him so much, but jk definitely doesn't need anyone else seeing him like this.
"i'm fine," jk says. "please don't shout." he removes his hand from the other bunny's mouth and gives her a look. "fine?" heejin demands, but quieter than before. "you look like you've been mauled by wolves."
jk snorts, she doesn't even know how close to the truth she is, but composes himself quickly. "i just fell," he lies poorly, wincing at how bad that was. heejin's eyes bulge out. "on someone's teeth?" she asks. her fingers brush over the bites on jk's neck, and jk shies away.
"down a hill," he double downs on his poor excuse. "there were rocks and roots and - i'm fine, okay? it'll heal quickly." with accelerated hybrid healing, the marks will disappear from jk's body within days, and he already mourns their loss.
heejin narrows her eyes at jk and crosses her arms. "tell me the truth, or i'm dragging you to the healer and you can explain to her." jk bites his lip and glances down, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "promise you won't tell anyone?" he asks.
heejin's lips purse into a thin line. "jk, someone /attacked/ you and you expect me to-" "no one attacked me," jk whines and stomps his foot in anger, a very bunny reaction. "i wanted this," he admits, shame curling uncomfortably hot in his belly.
"you wanted-" heejin cuts herself off, mouth dropping open. then she closes her eyes and runs her hands over her face. "i can't keep dealing with this."
jk looks at the ground, eyes stinging with tears. deal with. like jk's something broken and should be fixed or thrown away. any left over happiness from jk's time with the wolves drains out of him to be replaced by guilt and shame.
"ah, don't cry," heejin whines too. "if you do, i will too." her fingers are gentle as they brush the stray tear off jk's cheek. "what happened, jk-ah?"
jk sniffles and goes to plop onto his bed. "i met someone," he says vaguely as heejin follows him, sitting close, touching from shoulder to knee. the other bunny tries to provide comfort and takes jk's hand, twining their fingers.
he knows that it wouldn't even occur to heejin, or the other bunnies, that jk could be talking about wolves. and he's banking on the assumption that she'll think it was just another type of prey.
"and they hurt you?" heejin asks. "if you're afraid of them hurting you again, you don't have to be. the herd will protect you."
jk snorts and rolls his eyes. "i told you i wanted this, noona. we were just playing. they play rougher than bunnies, but i liked it." jk fiddles with their connected fingers, and then whispers, "it felt really good. like nothing else i've ever felt."
jk shivers remembering the wolves' teeth and claws on him, how well they stretched him and how hard they fucked him. his heart speeds up just at the memory, a whole swarm of butterflies getting set loose in his tummy.
jk places a hand on his abdomen where just hours ago he felt nj so deep, where he was so filled with cum that he thought his dream of getting to carry a litter could actually come true.
"good?" heejin echoes, startling jk out of his thoughts. "this doesn't look like you were treated good, jk-ah," she mumbles and very lightly touches jk's thigh where the red bite mark of sj's teeth is prominent.
jk bottom lip trembles as tears start making tracks down his cheels. he's unable to explain that the pack /did/ treat him well, that he wasn't afraid at any point, that hs's obvious authority and power felt like a safety net to him.
and that despite what he was taught, he /likes/ the marks. they feel like an obvious visible claim and proof of how well the wolves took care of him. "listen," heejin squeezes his hand, "i won't tell anyone if you promise to never see this person again, okay?
they might have convinced you that they're treating you nice and that this is what you should want, but they're manipulating you, jk-ah. you can't want such things. it's wrong. it'll make everyone think that there's something wrong with you too.
and you don't want to be called a freak, right?" jk nods his head and swipes at his wet cheeks. "you're right, noona. i don't know what i was thinking. of course, they don't care about me. they hurt me."
what jk wants to say is /you/ don't care about me or what i really want, /you/ and the whole herd hurt me by saying i'm not normal and should suppress my wants and needs.
but he only sniffles and shakes as the reality of the two completely different worlds that he finds himself between crashes over him. heejin makes a little distressed noise and hugs jk tight, letting him cry into her shoulder, and gently pets jk's bunny ears. __________________
jk thinks he's being watched. it took a couple of days for the worst of the bites to fade to barely noticeable marks, and so he felt comfortable leaving his room.
he joined his usual chores, played with the kits, wandered to his favorite spots outside their village. and he felt eyes on himself at every step.
it might be his overactive imagination again, or the guilt that's never left his tummy since his talk with heejin, making him think that everyone knows what he did and is judging him for it, but jk can't shake the feeling.
now he sits under the shade of a large tree in a meadow full of flowers. a few other bunnies are hopping around, picking flowers or giggling as they roll around in the tall grass. jk himself has a bundle of blooms, his fingers working automatically as he weaves a flower crown.
"hi," a bunny jk hasn't interacted much with, bonhwa, plops down next to him. "that looks pretty," he says, pointing to jk's crown. "thank you," jk murmurs. it's not finished yet, but the purple color of the flowers is really pretty.
"heejin-ssi asked me to follow you around today," bonhwa says, sounding almost bored. jk's hands still and he looks at the other bunny with wide eyes. "what?" he chokes out.
bonhwa only hums. he reaches out to gently trace his fingertip over a flower petal. "she said you're in some kind of trouble and that she wants me to watch out for you. and to tell her where you go and what you do."
jk's breath whooshes out of him. why would she do this? she covered for jk and lied to the others, saying that jk was sick, so he could stay undisturbed in his room until the marks faded.
she /helped/ him. and jk trusted her. he thought they're friends. jk suddenly feels a wave of nausea come over him and has to take deep breaths.
"i only didn't tell her to fuck off because i knew she'd ask someone else who won't tell you about it," bonhwa continues. "it's a huge invasion of privacy, don't you think?"
jk nods stiffly. it's not just his privacy jk is worried about, but the fact that one wrong step and heejin might tell the elders that jk's "in trouble" and then he'd never get to see the pack again.
he looks at bonhwa then and the other bunny blinks back at him, face blank and unreadable. jk wonders how much he can trust the other bunny. "thank you for telling me," jk manages to whisper over the lump in his throat.
bonhwa looks away and picks at the grass. "i'd want to know if i were you," he shrugs a shoulder. "what did you do, though, to make her want to keep you under watch?"
jk's fingers tremble slightly as they return to the flower crown. he drops a flower several times before he composes himself enough to weave it in with the others.
jk thinks the question over for a second, hand lifting to the last of the marks that's blooming purple just under the collar of his shirt. the dull ache when he presses on it is so sweet that a shiver runs down jk's spine.
"i met someone she doesn't like," jk whispers vaguely, not wanting to reveal too much and have bonhwa turn against him too. bonhwa snorts. "the whole herd doesn't like anyone that's not another rabbit. or the least bit different from them," he says, bitterness in his voice.
jk doesn't know much about bonhwa, definitely not enough to figure out what that comment was about. but he definitely agrees with the sentiment. another few flowers get added to the crown before jk deems it finished.
he places it among bonhwa's blonde curls, between his white bunny ears, and brushes a strand of hair from his forehead. "purple suits you," jk tells him, smiling shyly.
bonhwa blinks, face still unreadable. but then he lifts a hand and presses a finger to jk's collarbone, making the dull ache spark where the bite sits. "you too," he says, the tiniest curl of a smile at the corners of his lips.
jk flushes and glances away. but the positive acknowledgement of his marks curls warm and snuggly inside him, giving him hope that he just found someone he can trust. _____________________
on the morning of the day jk is supposed to go to the river and meet the pack, he wakes up to rumbling thunder and rain pelting his window.
the bunny sits in bed, a pout on his lips and ears drooping, as he watches the summer storm shake the treetops. he's been looking forward to today since the moment he said goodbye to the pack, and now something as simple as rain has ruined it.
jk sulks all the way to the dining hall, hiding beneath the red hood of his wooly cape and cursing out the bad weather. he sulks at breakfast too, pushing the food around, letting the chatter of the others wash over him.
heejin elbows him lightly. "jk-ah?" she says with a little giggle. "daydreaming again?" jk's tendency to space out isn't new, so at least it won't make her suspicious. he simply hums in reply, not in the mood to talk. especially with her.
but jk has to keep the pretense up; it's according to the plan he and bonhwa cooked up. he gets that his noona is worried about him and cares about his well-being, but her method of keeping jk safe grates at his nerves. as if he's some kit who doesn't know what he's
doing and needs to be put under watch. "what are you doing today?" heejin asks. her fingers brush through jk's hair softly and then she runs her thumb over jk's pouty lower lip. "do you want to play with me later?" jk pulls away from her and stands up, taking his tray.
"no. i want to be alone," he mumbles. jk ignores her calling his name and leaves the dining hall in a hurry. when the sound of footsteps rushes towards him, jk grits his teeth, ready to reject heejin harsher so she'd take the hint.
but it's bonhwa he's faced with. the other bunny lifts an eyebrow at jk's less than friendly look. "you need to work on your poker face if you want heejin-ssi to remain oblivious," he says. jk sighs, shoulders dropping. "i know. sorry."
they start walking towards the dormitories together, and bonhwa knocks into his shoulder. "what's got you so down?" he asks. "i was supposed to meet with… my new friends today," jk reveals, stumbling a bit over what to actually call the pack.
"but the rain…" he trails off and glares at the overcast sky. "there's not much to do in such weather." bonhwa also looks up, humming in thought. "come on, i have an idea," he tells jk and grabs jk's hand, tugging him along.
bonhwa's idea keeps them busy all morning, but jk's spirits lift considerably and by midday, even if it's still pouring rain, he can't keep himself from wiggling happily.
"i'll make sure heejin-ssi doesn't notice you're gone," bonhwa says, helping jk wrap and pack all the things into the basket. "but please be back in the village at least for lunch tomorrow."
jk rolls his eyes, cheeks feeling hot all of a sudden. "of course i'll be back for lunch." bonhwa gives him a look, the tiniest smirk on his lips. "just saying."
once everything is ready, jk dons his cloak and gives his new friend a quick hug in thanks. then he takes the overly large and heavy basket and sneaks out the village and into the woods.
everything is muted with rain. jk's nose twitches as he tries to catch scents - another bunny habit, - but all he can smell is wet. sounds are also tricky. the downpour drowns it all out, only the rush of it remaining.
so it takes a while for jk to notice the white blur deep in the thicket of trees. the haze of the rain doesn't help as jk squints, trying to figure out what he's actually seeing. but the white streak is fast, darting here and there, never getting close enough.
jk snorts an amused sound when he realizes it's probably yg. the wolf is being incredibly stealthy, which jk supposes is necessary since they're technically in herd territory.
the bunny nearly shouts that it's okay, that the other bunnies are staying inside for the day so yg can just come out and walk next to him. but jk doesn't want to ruin the wolf's fun if this is another game of hunt, so he just smiles and stays quiet.
once jk reaches the river, he's not surprised to not see anyone on the bank. he turns around in a circle in his spot, though, expecting yg to jump out from behind a bush any second now and scare him.
he thinks he sees the white wolf a ways off, but he's gone as soon as jk spots him. the bunny tilts his head to the side, confused by yg's behavior.
he doesn't get to contemplate it for long because a heavy weight jumps onto his back, startling jk and making him stumble. the basket drops to the ground as jk grabs onto the naked legs wrapping around him.
the growl isn't unexpected, vibrating jk's back, but now the bunny knows it's playful and not a sign of aggression. "you came!" jm enthuses. he pulls jk's hood back and nibbles on his human ear, arms and legs locked around jk.
"ah, hyung," jk whines, trying to pull away from jm's sharp teeth, but the wolf only giggles and starts nuzzling jk's throat instead.
th's chocolate brown fur flits in the corner of jk's vision, but when th steps in front of him, he's already human. there's a little pang of envy in jk's heart at the easy display of the wolf's shifting ability.
th's grin is huge and boxy, and he grabs jk by the cheeks to pull him in for a tongue heavy kiss. jk can only whimper into th's mouth as his own gets devoured by the wolf, while jm leaves little bites on either side of jk's neck. "hi," th whispers against jk's spit-slick lips.
he doesn't give jk a chance to respond before licking right over jk's lips, making him sputter, and then bites not so gently on the bottom one. the constant need to lick is one of the wolves' habits that jk just doesn't get.
jm shivers against jk, and the bunny suddenly remembers that the wolves are very much naked in the downpour. "we should find a dry spot to wait for the others," jk says.
th shakes his head. he leans in for a quick kiss with jm over jk's shoulder, and then says, "they're not coming." "oh," jk whispers, trying very hard not to show how much that affects him even if his bunny ears droop instantly.
jm giggles as he jumps off jk's back to envelop him in a side hug. "they're not coming because we're taking you to our den. hobi-hyung didn't want our pretty bunny catching a cold out in the rain." he takes jk's hand and tugs him towards the river.
"oh," jk whispers again, though this time his cheeks feel a lot warmer and a smile curls his lips, bunny ears back at attention. th lifts the basket jk dropped and grunts. "did you pack all your belongings? fuck's sake."
jk rolls his eyes. what's in the basket isn't even mostly for him. he takes it off th. "i'll carry it. you two can just shift and show the way."
jk glances over both the wolves, droplets of rain rolling down their golden skin, goosebumps breaking out at how chilly it is. he doubts hs would want his pack mates catching a cold either.
jm and th don't argue against the plan and shift easily. they jump around jk, th's tail wagging so wildly that it hits jm across the snout. jm grumbles and snaps his teeth at th, but th hardly cares. he just grabs jk's cloak with his teeth, pulling him along.
"hey, wait," jk says as he stumbles along. "isn't yg-hyung with you?" both of the wolves stare at him, tilting their heads to the same side in unison. it would be eerily creepy if they didn't look so cute all in sync. "ah, guess not," jk mumbles to himself.
as he puts his hood back on, jk glances back into the woods. there's no indication of a white wolf among the trees. jk wonders if he just imagined the whole thing, or maybe the rain made him see something that he wanted to see.
jm and th's loud barks get jk back on track, and he turns around to follow them. the wolves lead him to a narrower part of the river where jk can jump from rock to rock to get to the other side. it's not an easy feat with a heavy basket in his hands, but
th and jm make sure he has at least one of them to grab onto when he stumbles. back in their territory, jm & th run circles around jk. jm nips at jk's calves at one point when jk starts walking too slow for him, making jk startle and nearly trip over. the wolves snicker at that.
jk frowns and flicks jm's nose in retaliation, giggling himself when it makes jm freeze, blinking in confusion at jk. and then jm growls, jumping at jk, making him dance away so jm's huge wolf body wouldn't take him down.
jk's inadvertent little run has th and jm jogging after him, barking and yipping happily. but jk still has a heavy basket in his arms and so he stops after a few meters, breathing heavily.
th knocks his forehead into jk's side,urging him to keep running,but jk just pats his head. "let's play chase when i don't have anything to carry,"jk says. th's tail stops its excited wagging immediately. the wolf huffs as if offended that jk doesn't want to play and walks off.
jk rolls his eyes while jm just snickers and runs after th, jumping onto him so they roll onto the ground in a ball of growls and teeth. it still makes jk's heart tremble even if he now realizes that they're just playing.
as they keep walking on, it suddenly dawns on jk that it's probably not the smartest idea to willingly follow wolves, with whom he had a grand total of two interactions, into their den.
down by the river, in his herd's territory, jk had a chance to escape if anything happened. but here, in unfamiliar woods that belong to the wolves, jk is at their mercy in more than one way.
a little shiver of fear rushes down jk's spine, and he clutches the handle of the basket tighter. no one would even think to search for a bunny in wolf territory. the pack could just decide to keep him like a pet and no one would come to jk's rescue.
before jk can overthink it even more, they come upon a large opening of a cave. a thick curtain of vines and grass woven together keeps the entrance covered. th and jm wiggle in between the vines, and jk has no other option but to follow them.
heat hits jk past the entrance. his mouth pops open as his wide eyes take everything in. he leaves the basket on the ground and walks in deeper, eyes bouncing around.
the den is cozy looking, unlike jk expected. there's lanterns hung all around, casting a warm orange glow over everything. large pelts of various animals and several huge rugs cover the ground.
there's shelves carved into the walls, storing everything from jars of preserved food to, most surprisingly for jk, heaps and heaps of books.
a large wooden table is by the cooking fire, clearly used for food preparation if the blood stains are any indication. there's other trinkets and tools lying around the cave on tiny tables made out of tree stumps. it looks both chaotic and orderly at the same time.
what calls to jk the most is the largest bed jk's ever seen topped with a pile of blankets and pillows. the carvings on the wooden frame look extremely intricate even from afar. it's tucked away in a corner, and drapes hang down from the ceiling, covering it partially.
jk's instincts scream a cacophonous mix of dark-safe-cozy-nest. his whole being seems to vibrate with how right the set-up is - jk could hide away in the blanket pile, pull the curtains down and be safe safe safe.
swallowing down his bunny instincts that are overjoyed with being someplace similar to a burrow, jk looks at the four wolves lounging by the fire in the middle of the cave.
yg's in his shifted form, seemingly napping, but his ears turn in jk's direction when the bunny steps closer. nj is leaning against the white wolf with a book in his hands while nearby hs is lying atop sj, letting the other wolf pet his ears. it's a surprisingly tender scene.
but jm and th crash into the older wolves, disturbing the peace. th, in human form, tumbles onto the ground and takes hs with him, both of them laughing as they wrestle. jm plops onto yg, rolling back and forth on him, his large tail thwacking the book out of nj's hands.
"we should send you two out of the den more often," nj grumbles as he tries to save his book from getting singed by the fire.
"yes, so you could bring us back more pretty bunnies," sj agrees, standing up and stretching. he's completely naked, of course, and jk drools a little watching all those muscles flex and move.
"hello, darling," sj says as he approaches jk, a smirk on his handsome face and voice like honey. "did our bunny miss us?" jk blames all that concentrated predator scent for how his brain is already fogging up and how his heart stutters at sj calling him theirs.
"should i have?" jk teases, tilting his head to the side. "maybe if you left more of an impression on me-" he cuts himself off with a yelp when sj's arms go around him and pull him into sj's naked chest.
"didn't leave much of an impression, hm?" sj asks. his hands sneak beneath jk's cloak, over his hips, and grab his ass, kneading not so gently. "nope," jk says, a little breathless already, excitement coursing through him and a smile on his lips.
sj lifts a rightfully dubious eyebrow. and then he lifts jk, making the bunny gasp in surprise, arms and legs locking around the wolf.
"jkkie says we weren't impressive enough last time," sj tells the others as he carries jk to them. he unceremoniously drops jk on a pelt, in the middle of the pack.
hs laughs from the side. he somehow has acquired jm in his lap, and th has latched himself onto his side, both the younger wolves nuzzling and licking hs's throat.
"will i have to teach you a lesson about telling the truth, bunny?" hs asks. the sparkle in his eyes tells jk that he would very much like to teach that lesson.
"what's this?" nj asks from the other side, pulling jk's attention away from hs's fingers that travel down jm's body and dig into the plump flesh of his ass, pulling the cheeks apart. nj chuckles as he tugs on jk's cloak. "a red hood? really?"
jk frowns at him, confused as to why the color of his cloak is funny. the bunnies use bright colors so they'd be easier to find if they got lost in the woods.
yg laughs too as he drapes himself over nj's back. his cat eyes run over jk's form hungrily as if he can't wait to unwrap him and devour him. "oh my, what a big cock you have, joon-ah," yg says, sharp canines on show as he grins.
his fingers wrap around nj's dick, slowly stroking it to hardness. "the better to fuck the bunny with," nj responds with a huff of a laugh, hips rolling into yg's hand.
"nerds," sj snorts, but he looks amused. the wolf leans in to quickly nip first yg and then nj on the lips before his attention returns to jk. "let's unwrap our little present," sj says, fingers already working on the clasp of jk's cape.
nj's hands come to help sj undress jk while yg moves to the side. yg tips jk's head, long fingers spanning the whole width of jk's throat, and leans down to lick over jk's lips before delving his tongue into jk's mouth.
jk exhales softly, relief washing over him at having the wolves on him again. he lets yg explore his mouth with little licks and bites to his lips, and blindly reaches a hand to touch nj's thigh.
jk's fingers slide up and up, searching. his knuckles bump into hard and sticky, and a little grunt sounds above him. jk would smile into yg's mouth if he were even the least bit in control of the kiss.
as it is, the bunny gasps in a breath when yg allows him a second and wraps his fingers around the tip of nj's cock, thumb rubbing over where the precum leaks out.
nj's hips kick up and a louder growl reaches jk's ears. jk's shirt busts open then, the material ripping easily under nj's hands that immediately go to roam around all the newly revealed skin.
"oh, joon-ah," hs laughs, loud and bright. the others join in - th and jm giggling breathlessly, sj squeaking in his unique way, and yg pulls away from jk, shoulders shaking in mirth.
"my shirt," jk squawks. it was his favorite one too, with all the ruffle around the collar and cuffs. he'll never admit it, but he chose it because he wanted to look pretty for the wolves.
the bunny pouts angrily and lets go of nj's cock to push his wandering hands away. "no. bad wolfie hyung," he scolds. "you don't get to touch me now." nj sits back on his haunches, mouth open as he stares at jk in disbelief. "what," he states more than asks.
if possible, the pack's laughter gets even louder, bouncing off the cave walls joyously. nj seems to shake himself off and realize that he's a predator who doesn't have to listen to a bunny. his fingers twitch and reach for jk.
but before jk can protest, hs slaps nj's hands, making nj pull them away quickly. "the bunny's right. that's no way to treat our guest, njnie," hs says, gaze locked onto nj. his eyes slide to nj's already hard cock, and a mean tilt appears on his lips.
"you're on time out until i say otherwise," hs declares and nods towards the side. "that's not fair! i barely-" nj starts to argue but shuts up immediately when hs lifts to his knees and grabs nj's jaw tightly.
jk gulps, eyes bouncing from one wolf to the other, as the confrontation happens right above him. "baby, do you really want to argue with me?" hs's voice is pure honey, sugary sweet, and his smile sends a chill down jk's spine.
nj isn't unaffected either. his wolf ears turn to the sides guiltily, and a fine tremble runs over his body. "no, alpha," nj near whispers.
hs chuckles and pats nj's cheek condescendingly. "good boy. now off you go. and you really don't want me catching you touching yourself."
nj grunts and moves away from the pack. he sits down on his knees, hands clenching into fists on top of his thighs. his huge marvelous dick stands at attention and a bead of precum drips down the shaft. jk licks his lips as he watches its journey.
a moment later when jk meets nj's gaze, nj's eyes burn with nothing but intensity. they promise retribution for the trouble jk got the wolf in. the bunny quickly darts his eyes away from nj, both scared and thrilled.
"you two," hs addresses yg and sj. "be nice to the bunny." the mischievous quirk to yg's lips doesn't bode well for jk. "not too nice though, right?" he asks hs. the other wolf laughs, leans over jk to give yg a quick kiss and a nip to his pulse point.
"not too nice," hs agrees before returning to the pouting duo of th and jm who have been quietly whining at the loss of hs's attention. "where were we?" yg mumbles, a hand gliding up jk's chest to rest on his throat.
sj fingers the tattered edges of jk's shirt before finishing what nj started and ripping it open completely. "hyung," jk protests in a whine. he hears nj mumble a low /so unfair/ under his breath when hs doesn't scold sj.
not that hs even has the capacity to notice anything when jm is devouring his mouth and th is as eagerly sucking his dick. "what?" sj blinks innocently back at jk. "it was already ruined."
jk doesn't have it in himself to argue further, breath hitching, when sj palms jk's crotch, providing some very needed pressure and friction.
yg's thumb brushes too gently over jk's pulse point that kicks up a notch at the way yg's free hand scratches down jk's chest and then flicks a nipple.
"our bite marks are gone," yg notices in that slow slurred drawl of his, sharp eyes tracking down jk's body as sj pulls the pants off jk, leaving the bunny as naked as the wolves. sj hums and kneads jk's thighs. "we should give him new ones," he says.
and then he's lowering his head, past the point where jk can see, but he very well feels sj's warm breath on his skin, the soft pressure of his plush lips, the sharp pinpricks of his canines.
staring into yg's eyes, jk gasps and jolts at sj's first bite. yg grins, his hand tightening on jk's throat. the sweet rush of already familiar pain has jk's head spinning, eyes rolling back as sj keeps biting and biting, up and up jk's thigh, closer and closer to his crotch.
yg leans down to nuzzle his nose against jk's cheek. he gives the apple of it a light nip before moving down to his jaw and throat. but jk stops him by pushing at yg's chest. "not my neck," jk pants out, shaking his head. "you can't leave marks on my neck. they're too visible."
yg lifts an unimpressed eyebrow. he takes jk's hand off his chest and pins it to the ground. "that's the point," he says and leans down again, canines brushing against jk's thundering pulse point.
"no, hyung, please," jk whines, struggling against yg's hold. between his legs, sj grumbles and presses onto jk's hips to keep him still.
"they won't let me see you again if they find out," jk tries to explain. "my herd won't understand. please, don't. i want to see you again after this."
yg's calculating gaze runs over jk's face. he licks over his teeth, eyes locked on jk's neck. "what about one little bite?" he bargains.
sj snorts where he's working a bruise onto jk's other thigh. and jk himself can't help a giggle. he shakes his head anyway. even if he'd love to have yg's mark on him, he'd love to see the wolves again more.
"no. no little bites on my neck," jk says, trying for stern. yg's eyes narrow, clearly not happy with not being allowed to mark jk. but then he blinks and shrugs it off. "fine, not your neck then."
it's too easy, jk thinks to himself, and is proven right a second later when yg sinks his teeth deep into jk's shoulder. jk yelps, his whole body jerking and shuddering. tears sting jk's eyes at the pain.
"that wasn't a little bite," jk hiccups on a half-sob, vision blurry. he still sees the way yg licks the blood off his teeth, though, his smile red and dangerous. "it also wasn't on your neck," yg declares with a smug smirk.
jk can only pout and sniffle while yg goes back to his painful marking all over jk's shoulder and chest. the bites sting in the most exquisite way, leaving jk trembling, his muscles aching for more.
sj's hickeys feel like soft butterfly kisses compared to yg's bites. the contrasting sensations have jk's mind clouding with the need to chase for more of whatever the wolves will give him.
jk's head lolls to the side, mouth open as he pants and whines at sj and yg's ministrations. the lust burns even brighter inside jk when he sees what's happening to the side of him.
jm is folded in half, fingers gripping th's curls as th eats him out with enthusiasm. little growls rumble out of th as hs pushes into him, keeping a tight hold of th's wildly wagging tail. there's a gorgeous proud smirk on hs's lips that jk would just love to taste.
but the bunny gets distracted again, eyes closing and a moan escaping him. jk's hips kick up when sj's hand envelops his cock in a loose hold. but sj doesn't stroke, doesn't even tighten his grip, just lets jk get more and more frustrated by not enough,
lets the precum dripping from jk's cockhead dampen his fingers. "please, please, hyungie," jk begs, rutting up and getting nothing but a huff of a laugh in return. not even jk's incredibly potent pout doesn't get him what he wants.
sj and yg work him expertly, their mouths and hands too much and not enough at the same time. tears of frustration roll down jk's cheeks as incoherent begging leaves his lips.
he tosses his head to the side, stilling for a second when his gaze meets nj's again. nj's jaw is clenched tight as he watches the scene in front of him, unable to participate. a steady growl vibrates his chest, but jk notices that he hasn't moved an inch.
all thoughts about how maddening this must be for nj leave jk's head when sj's tongue flicks over the head of jk's cock. jk moans, lewd and loud, back bowing off the ground as if the tiny kitten licks to his slit is the most pleasurable thing he's ever experienced.
yg's already traveled all the way down to jk's tummy. he leaves another bite on jk's hip and then yanks sj up by the hair, sharing a tongue and teeth heavy kiss with him. jk stares at them, open-mouthed and breathing hard. lust pools heavy and hot in his gut at the picture the
two wolves make - yg so fair-skinned, with fluffy white wolf ears and white hair, and sj the complete opposite of him all tan and with black curls framing his face. and yet they come together so perfectly, so in tune with each other. jk near envies them the connection.
when the wolves separate, they both lick their lips, breaking the string of spit between them. "wanna switch?" yg asks.
he glances down to between jk's legs, fingers gliding towards jk's cock. yg flicks the head, light enough to barely sting, but jk's so very sensitive there and so he gasps and whines, legs lifting to clamp shut against the assault. sj and yg laugh at him, the mean mean wolves.
"sure," sj answers yg's question. he winks at jk. "i bet the bunny will love having you between his legs."
jk whimpers when yg forces his legs open, fitting himself between jk's thighs. sj distracts him with kisses, licking into jk's mouth slow and sweet, exploring every single inch of it. but jk can barely enjoy it, jerking at yg's every touch, expecting the worst.
"so jumpy today, bun," yg comments with a chuckle as if he's not the one at fault for that. jk feels the way sj's lips curve into a smile at yg's words. it doesn't surprise him that sj enjoys seeing his mate torture jk. "up," yg orders, tapping on jk's thighs.
jk gulps but lifts his legs obediently, exposing his slicked up hole to yg. meanwhile, sj grabs jk by the bunny ears and tilts his head back. luckily for jk, he doesn't suck marks onto jk's neck, only licks and kisses, humming to himself softly.
yg's hands spread jk's cheeks and a little growl rumbles in his chest. it's only a second later that jk feels his tongue on his hole, lapping up the slick. jk exhales heavily, eyes closing at the familiar pleasure. but, of course, yg doesn't give him a long reprieve.
soon yg's teeth graze his rim. he leaves nibbles on that most sensitive part of jk, having the bunny's pulse jump and his gut clench in anticipation of the unknown. jk grabs onto yg's hair with one hand and onto sj with the other, needing something to ground him.
yg's nose bumps jk's balls, teasing, as he licks up jk's crack. he gives a few licks to jk's ballsack, sucks it into his mouth for a brief heavenly moment, and then moves to kiss up jk's dick. once again his teeth make an appearance,
and jk prays to every known deity that yg doesn't think of biting him there. but yg only drags his canines up the underside of jk's dick, making it twitch. his hands knead jk's ass, one of them sliding low, fingers rubbing against jk's puckered rim.
it's absolute bliss when yg finally gets jk into his mouth. the warm wet heat surrounds jk's cock, and his hips thrust the slightest bit into it, seeking more.
yg is perfect at this, swirling his tongue in all the right places, sucking and bobbing his head, teasing jk's hole with his fingers. sj adds to the stimulation by nibbling on jk's earlobe, whispering praises about how well jk's doing.
"ah, fuck," jk gasps out. "can i come, please? please, yg-hyung," he pleads, breathless, chest rising and falling with his labored breaths. this time he didn't forget, they can't deny him.
but yg only pops off, ignoring jk's high and needy whine. "i thought you wanted to prove sj-hyung wrong, baby. won't you fuck him?" jk immediately forgets about his denied orgasm. he scrambles to sit up, eyes big, excitement coursing through him.
"can i?" he asks sj. "i'll do so well for you, hyung. i promise." sj chuckles. "sure, bunny. let's see what you can do."
jk tries to breathe normally but he's too excited. his tail twitches and he can't keep still as sj slowly gets on his hands and knees. the wolf looks over his shoulder, an infuriatingly beautiful smirk on his plump lips.
"don't let me down, bun," he says. jk only nods, too quickly and too many times. the sway of sj's bushy wolf tail is hypnotic as jk gets his hands on sj's ass. he simply fondles the muscle, enjoying it give under his fingers.
"need help, baby?" yg asks with fake concern. "do you even know what to do?" jk stills and glares at him. "of course i know what to do." sj hums, pushing his ass back into jk's hands, demanding to be touched more. "doing it and having it done to you are different things."
"i've fucked before," jk whines out, offended that they think he has no experience in this. "doesn't look like it," yg says dubiously, eyeing jk's cock.
jk grumbles angrily and grabs at the base of sj's unruly tail harsher than intended. sj gasps a lovely little sound, so pleasing to jk's ears.
jk uses his own copious amounts of slick, wiped off from his thighs, to open up sj's hole. the wolf doesn't slick himself and jk idly wonders what the wolves use when they fuck each other.
while jk is busy stuffing his fingers into sj's oh so tight heat, yg leaves his marks all over sj's back, biting and scratching. the older wolf pants breath after breath, arches his back to get jk's fingers deeper.
next to them, hs finishes inside th with a loud growl and a painful bleeding bite to th's shoulder. th groans, forehead pressed to jm's thigh now, as jm pets his hair with a little smile on his face.
jm's gaze meets jk's and then the wolf looks at jk's fingers working sj open. he licks his lips but doesn't get to comment because th grabs at him and flips him over.
the squeak that leaves jm's mouth at the unexpected attack has hs huffing a weak laugh from where he lounges, spent and sated. jk only hears jm's snarl when th pushes into him because sj's hole squeezes jk's fingers hard, demanding his attention.
"come on, hurry up, it's enough," sj tells jk, clearly impatient. "i don't want to hurt you," jk mumbles back. he's barely gotten two fingers inside sj. both sj and yg huff in amusement.
"you're so sweet, bun," sj says, "but i promise that it's okay. get your tiny bunny cock in me," he teases, wiggling his ass.
jk frowns mightily. he's suddenly not feeling very charitable towards sj anymore. he pulls his fingers out and slaps sj's ass cheek. "it's not tiny," he grouses. sj laughs heartily, barely even flinching at the slap. "whatever you say, baby."
incensed by the teasing, jk grips sj's tail tighter and tugs him harshly towards himself. the hitch in sj's breath satisfies jk for a moment, but it's not enough to pay for the insult.
jk doesn't tease sj's rim, doesn't push in slow and careful like he's been taught. instead he pushes in in one swift movement, burying himself to the hilt inside sj's tight hole.
both of them groan in unison, jk's eyes closing at the sheer pleasure. he starts to move immediately, chasing his own pleasure, fucking into sj in quick shallow bursts. "good bunny," sj praises on a low moan. "just like that, baby."
the words tingle all through jk's body, urging him to fuck into sj harder, to receive more honeyed praise from sj's lips. he rocks sj's body, the slap of skin on skin loud in jk's ears.
but jk doesn't get more encouraging words. yg kneels before sj and feeds his cock to the other wolf. he groans and throws his head back, pushing sj harder onto jk's cock.
sj himself gurgles and gags. his tail nearly thwacks jk across the face in his excitement as yg and jk use him for their pleasure, fucking into him from both ends. jk knows what it feels like and he'd be envious if sj's hole didn't feel so incredibly good.
distracted as he is, jk doesn't notice hs leaving th and jm to play on their own. hs's hands on jk's back surprise a startled little sound out of him, making the wolf huff in laughter.
"don't stop on my account," hs whispers into jk's ear, fingers trailing down to fondle jk's tail and ass. soon they find their way to jk's hole and tap against the rim.
"your little hole is already sopping wet. do you enjoy fucking jin-hyung that much, bunny?" hs's low timbre croons accompanied by a nibble to jk's earlobe. jk's rhythm stutters and sj whines in disapproval. but jk needs a second.
hs's words and touches, sj so warm and tight around him, nj growling his displeasure, th and jm giggling and moaning, and yg's intense stare - it all has the heat surging, the tension in jk's belly tightening.
just as hs's fingers breach jk's rim, yg reaches over to grab jk by the hair and pull him closer. "is that all you've got, bun?" yg asks, lips brushing jk's with every word. "you're not gonna be a disappointment, are you? will you make us regret inviting you to join?"
jk's eyebrows scrunch into a frown. yg's making him work hard this time, and jk loves a good challenge. so he surges forward to get a good bite at yg's lower lip, having the wolf hiss and flinch away.
jk licks the droplet of blood from his own lips and grins when yg looks at him in surprise. "the fuck you two are doing?" sj grumbles. "i'm still here, you know."
yg's fingers lift slowly to touch his bloody lip, a curl of a smirk at the corner of his mouth as he regards jk with renewed interest.
"i'm not a disappointment," jk says, emphasizing the point by grabbing sj's hips and slamming into the wolf harshly so he's pushed onto his elbows.
jk keeps eye contact with yg as he fucks into sj over and over again. the wolf beneath him shudders and mumbles curses into the pelt, his forehead now pressed to it.
"yg-hyung is so mean," hs says from behind jk, hands on jk's ass again, kneading. "you're proving him wrong so well, darling. who knew our bunny had a little aggressive streak in him too?"
jk for sure didn't know that. but the way yg riled him up made jk's blood boil, his competitive side rearing its ugly head. so he clutches sj harshly, nails digging into skin, and drives into him forcefully, punching breathless whines out of the wolf.
"fuck, kook-ah," sj whimpers, whole body jerking when jk reaches a hand around and grips sj's cock to stroke it to the harsh rhythm of his thrusts.
jk sees yg's hand also matching that rhythm on his own cock. he stares at jk as if he's the loveliest sight, as if the bunny undoing one of his mates is the most wonderful thing yg's witnessed.
"you're so good, fuck. feels amazing, bunny," sj moans out. he glances over his shoulder and jk feels immense pride swell in his chest at the unshed tears in sj's eyes.
hs's arms wrap around jk's waist, his chin on jk's shoulder. "beg the bunny to let you come, hyung," he says. "shit," yg swears under his breath, voicing jk's sentiment too.
sj licks his plump lips, and jk wants to bite him. "please, baby," sj keens, voice high and needy. "can hyung come, jkkie?" too close to the edge himself, jk can only nod. "yeah, yeah. come for me, hyung."
sj's grip on the pelt tightens, knuckles turning white. his face scrunches in pleasure as he moans an obscene sound, his cum bursting all over jk's hand.
in his orgasm, sj clenches around jk hard, making the bunny thrust into him one final time and come right inside. jk's cock throbs as it releases, and he can't help his own whines of pleasure when he crests over.
euphoria tingles all the way down to jk's toes, fingers gripping and releasing at sj's slim waist. breathing harshly, eyes slitted from pleasure and exhaustion, jk blearily watches as yg comes all over sj's pretty face, painting it in white streaks.
hs pats jk's ass and kisses his cheek. "good boy. well done, jk-ah. took care of jin-hyung so nicely. aren't you just too good for us, hm, baby?" jk grins to himself. a warm fluttery feeling settles inside his tummy, and he basks in hs's praise.
jk flops onto the pelt next to sj when hs moves away from him. beside him he has yg licking off his own cum from sj's cheek as sj grumbles about the sticky mess, and when jk flops his head to the other side he sees hs now kneeling next to nj.
"my poor baby," hs croons with a pout and a worried little frown. "was alpha so mean and didn't let you play?" hs reaches out to touch just the tip of his finger to nj's cockhead, wiggling his whole cock. jk sees how hard nj clenches his jaw.
it looks truly painful, but jk admires his control. "please, alpha," nj whispers out, almost choking on the words. but hs only trails that one finger down nj's extremely red-flushed cock, his teeth leaving bites to nj's throat.
"you had front row seats to the bunny's show. what did you think, joon-ah?" hs wonders almost conversationally. "so good. hyung looked so pretty being fucked by him," nj forces through his clenched teeth.
his hips buck up into the barest of touches from hs. jk doesn't think he'd be able to survive that kind of torture. "mhm," hs hums as he licks at nj's pulse point. "bunny has potential, don't you think? lovely little thing to play with."
hs's fingers wrap around nj slow and gentle, and nj keens, eyes closing and mouth dropping open. he stops responding to hs's questions, only ruts his hips up and begs hs to let him come. "come on, my pretty wolf," hs tells nj. "come for alpha."
nj does so almost on command. he grips hs's wrist and teeters forward, nearly sobbing when he spurts over hs's fist. mindless thank you's leave nj's lips, his chest heaving with breaths, and hs presses kisses to his cheeks.
jk startles when suddenly an arm goes around him and sj pulls him closer. the wolf nuzzles jk's throat. "you're full of surprises, bun," sj murmurs.
jk turns onto his side, catches sj's plump lips into a kiss and bites at them like he's been wanting. sj only chuckles, allowing jk to do what he pleases.
"did you like it, hyung?" jk asks, shy now, hiding in sj's neck. he peeks his tongue out to lick at one of yg's bites on sj's throat.
sj hums as his hands glide down jk's body, pressing into the bloody marks and making him squirm. "hyung liked it very much, baby. we found ourselves a good bunny." jk would glow with pride if that was a possibility. as it is, he grins to himself and his cheeks turn far hotter.
encouraged by sj's praise, jk litters little kisses all over sj's neck, having the wolf squeaking in laughter and trying to get away from jk's tickling tongue. they roll on the ground, jk gaining the upper hand and straddling sj, biting at him with his blunt teeth.
"alright, everyone," hs's loud voice rings out, accompanied by a clap of his hands. jk sits up straight immediately, head turning to the alpha. sj's hands go to his thighs and he presses on a mark he left only to have jk take a sharp breath at the sting and glare down at him.
"not that i don't love your dirty naked selves, but let's get cleaned up, okay?" hs says, jovial, with a smile on his lips. "nooo," th whines immediately. "i don't wanna move."
jk glances over at him. th is starfished on the ground, flushed and so so pretty. he looks relaxed and satisfied to his very core, just how jk's feeling. next to th, jm is curled up against yg's wolf form. he blinks heavily at hs, clearly near asleep.
"th-ah, jm-ah, come on, get up," hs says, standing up himself and forcing nj to stand too. jm sighs, ignoring hs, and curls closer to yg's form, clutching at his fur. th pouts, mumbles, "but i don't want to."
hs's smile slips off his face quickly and he raises a hand. he puts up his pointer finger, eyes steady on the two youngest. then his middle finger joins, showing two, even if hs isn't counting out loud. by the time his ring finger joins,
th and jm are scrambling to get up as fast as possible. it's rather hilarious how the younger wolves trip over each other, not even waiting for anyone else as they run deeper into the cave. sj shakes with laughter under jk, and nj and yg huff in amusement too.
"where are we going?" jk asks as he stands up and glances down where jm and th ran off to. it's nj who takes jk by the hand, fingers intertwined and a soft smile on his face, and leads him further in. "we've got some hot water pools in another cave," he explains.
so jk lets nj lead him deeper, into a corridor that branches off. only a few lanterns hang at the mouth of the entrance, the rest being illuminated by some alien blue glow. jk's lips part in silent awe as he cranes his head to look at the cave walls and ceilings.
"pretty, right?" nj asks, squeezing jk's fingers. "they're glow worms." jk never knew worms could glow. he's never seen anything like this. "they look like stars," he whispers, somehow not daring to speak louder.
nj chuckles and wraps an arm around jk's waist to pull their naked bodies closer. "such a romantic, jkkie," he mumbles before pressing a kiss to the corner of jk's mouth.
being enveloped by nj, his strong arms feeling particularly big around jk's slender waist, jk is reminded of something. "hyung, about earlier," jk starts, biting his lip in guilt. "i got you in trouble with hskie-hyung."
"ah, don't worry about it," nj says with a laugh. he nuzzles jk's cheek, nips at it, and his hand goes to flick jk's tail. jk sighs in relief, shoulders losing their tension.
but then nj puts his lips to jk's ear and says, soft and sweet, "i'll get my revenge on you next time, baby." his free hand spans the whole width of jk's abdomen and he presses down, eliciting a gasp and a shiver out of jk.
"you’ll feel me inside you for days after i'm done," nj continues. "i'll force right inside that tight little hole of yours and fuck you until you beg me to stop. but i won't. not until you're crying and drooling, not until you're a complete mess hanging off my knot.
actions have consequences, bunny, and i sure hope you'll be ready for yours." they've reached the end of the tunnel now, and jk can hear jm and th squealing and laughing, but his wide eyes are only on nj.
seemingly done with his graphic threat, nj gifts jk a dimpled smile and pecks his slack mouth. jk watches nj walk off, his tail swishing from side to side, and dread fills jk's every cell.
the bunny gulps down the lump in his throat and shakes off the excited nervous shivers threatening to overtake him. jm is the one to block jk's view of nj, appearing in front of him and grabbing his wrists to drag jk towards the pool of water.
"that looked intense," jm comments, a sly grin on his plush lips. "did nj-hyung promise to rearrange your guts?" the laugh is startled out of jk at jm's crude phrasing. "yeah, basically," he admits. jm sighs wistfully. "you're so lucky," he says.
jk wouldn't have thought so before meeting the wolves, but now he can't say he's not buzzing with anticipation at what nj promised.
th is already waist deep in the water as jm and jk step in. jk has to grit his teeth but a hiss still escapes when the water reaches all the bites sj and yg left on him. "my baby," th exclaims, making grabby hands at jk and having jk huff in fond laughter.
jm hands jk off to th with a quick /be right back/, and th wraps around jk immediately. "yg-hyung really did his best," th giggles as he presses his lips to all the bloody bites on jk's shoulders and chest.
jk twitches and scrunches his face in slight discomfort at the dull pain blooming wherever th touches. "don't you mean his worst?" th hums, eyes roving down jk's body and his fingers following suit leisurely. "no. his bites look amazing on your body. his best work yet, i think."
jk laughs, amused by how strange these wolves are. not any less endeared, though. jm returns with several clay pots, containing herbal pastes and mixtures. he puts them on the edge of the pool and orders th and jk to sit. while jm washes th and jk,
jk lazily watches hs do the same to the other three wolves. the soft murmurs of conversation, interspersed with hs's booming laughter or sj's squeaky one, jm's gentle ministrations, the hot water lapping against his strained muscles - it all lulls jk into a serene relaxed state.
he's putty in jm's hands, breathing steady and heartbeat as slow as it gets for a bunny. jk doesn't think he's ever been this at ease with anyone. his eyelids droop closed, and jk lets himself enjoy the quiet moment.
some undetermined amount of time later, jk's lashes flutter as his eyes slit open. there's soft pressure all over his face and neck, and jk hums when he registers it as kisses. "hi," th pops up in jk's line of sight, so ethereal looking in the blue glow.
jk doesn't even think before placing a hand on th's neck and drawing him in for a gentle kiss. th giggles against his mouth but goes along with it easily, slipping his tongue past jk's lips and exploring the depths of him.
"yah, don't eat him," jm laughs and pulls them apart by their hair. "let's get some actual food." jk's stomach rumbles at the reminder. he's suddenly feeling ravenous, and so he gets out of the water, dragging th with himself, both of them starting a chant for food.
hs laughs at their antics and tickles jk and th under their chins. "come, let hyungs feed you, my babies." back in the main cave the wolves seem content to walk around naked, but jk finds his clothes that were discarded to the side and pulls his pants on.
he pouts as he lifts the tatters that are his shirt. "ah, joonie-hyung really did some damage," jm giggles from next to him, batting at the material like a kitten.
nj, who's tending the fire, glares up at them. "it wasn't even me. sj-hyung did most of the damage, really." sj squawks indignantly. "i did not. i just finished what you started. don't blame me for this."
as nj and sj continue to squabble, jm takes jk's hand and tows him towards a large chest that's pushed against one wall. he opens the lid to reveal a haphazard pile of clothes.
"choose whatever you like," jm tells jk with a smile and leaves him to it after a quick peck to his lips. jk rifles through the pile, finds a shirt that carries the unmistakable scent of predator - dark, musky, dangerous, - but which jk now associates with fun and safety.
a shirt will also be easy enough to hide from prying eyes, so jk snatches up his little treasure and puts it on. "kookie," th says, and jk's heart flutters at the nickname rolling so casually off th's tongue. "what's the basket for?"
"oh," jk's eyes widen. he completely forgot about his surprise. bonhwa helped jk make dumplings and some pastries filled with red bean paste. they both thought that a picnic under a large tree, even with rain surrounding them,
would be a nice way for jk to spend time with his new /friends/. so jk bounds over to where he left his basket and hauls it back to the wolves.
he places it in front of hs, who has shooed nj away from the fire, claiming that the other wolf is too prone to accidents to be tending the fire. "here," jk says. "i made this for the pack."
hs stops what he's doing and his eyebrows lift in surprise as he glances between the basket and jk. jk suddenly becomes shy at the scrutiny because suddenly it's not only hs who stares so attentively at him, but the rest of the wolves too.
jk feels his cheeks heat and he tugs at his bunny ears nervously for some reason. it's just food, he tells himself, why are they looking at it like jk's done something awe-inspiring.
hs opens the basket slowly, and the rich scent of food wafts out. "you made this yourself? for us?" hs asks.
jk bites his lip and nods his head jerkily. did he inadvertently insult the wolves? maybe he shouldn't have brought food. could it be seen as a sign that he doesn't think they're good hunters? hs clears his throat. his eyes dart to the other pack members gathered around.
"don't you think this is a bit… early?" sj asks, voice far too gentle. "early?" jk echoes and tilts his head to the side in confusion. they were getting ready to eat anyway, how can it be early? this situation makes no sense to him.
"not for me," he says. "but you don't have to if you don't want to." "ah, well," hs starts. he makes eye contact with every wolf, receiving nods from them. he then chuckles and nods himself. "i guess not too early then. we accept."
hs leans over to give jk a kiss. jk simply blinks, confused, as his mouth moves almost instinctively against hs's. is food that big of a deal to them?
jk gets kisses from all the wolves before they settle to sit around in a circle. hs feeds each of them a dumpling, smiling, his tail wagging slow and happy as he watches his mates and jk eat.
once hs has seemingly done his duty as alpha, th pushes a pair of chopsticks into jk's hand. "feed me," he says, wiggling in place in excitement.
and who's jk to argue th's pretty smile or his puppy eyes? so he puts a dumpling in th's waiting mouth and smiles at the wolf's tiny happy dance.
the pack praises jk for the tasty meal, their moans of appreciation music to jk's ear. the conversation between them flows easily too, and jk learns that the inordinate amount of books belongs to nj, that the chest and the bed, and anything else wood in the den, was made by yg,
that the shirt jk's wearing was sewn by jm, that sj is the resident cook and his rabbit stew is to die for and jk must try it (that one has jk's eyes widening and he mumbles, "i'd rather not," to the howling amusement of the wolves),
that hs might be the alpha but th is the best hunter, most of the pelts being hunted down by him. it warms jk to know more about the pack. they're no longer just some feral pack that elders warn everyone about, but a tight-knit family with their own charms.
when they're done eating, yg tilts jk's head and licks at his lips, cleaning, before dipping into his mouth for a more involved kiss. jk tips back easily under the weight of yg's body. the wolf nuzzles at his neck, and his canines prick at jk's pulse point.
"no, hyungie," jk huffs in laughter and pushes yg away. "i told you no biting." yg's wolf ears turn to the sides as his eyes narrow at jk. "fine, whatever," yg mumbles and pulls away from jk.
he shifts the next second and walks all the way to the other side of the fire pit to plop down there, head on his paws. jk's smile dies down slowly. "i'm sorry," he says, not even really sure what for.
jm whines a tiny sound before he's shifting too. he nuzzles and licks yg's snout before curling next to him side by side. "don't mind him. hyung has difficulty with his instincts sometimes," nj says, sending jk a reassuring dimpled smile.
"hyung, you can bite /me/," th offers, arms out. "you're already officially his, th-ah," sj snickers.
but yg lifts his head and eyes th with interest. he comes closer to snuffle at th's naked body before forcing him down onto the ground and starting to lick him, eliciting breathy giggles from th's lips.
left alone, jm scoffs and trots over to sj to flop onto his lap. sj oofs at the added weight but obligingly starts scratching jm's ears, and jm's tail beats onto the ground in happy bursts.
feeling like he messed up, despite how everyone has already bounced back from it, jk rubs his thighs and then stands up. "i guess i better go," he says. nj grabs his hand and squeezes. "you don't have to."
hs, now leaning over sj to pet jm too, nods his head. "you can stay over if you want."
jk's traitorous gaze runs to the extremely inviting looking bed. it would be so lovely to get buried beneath all those blankets, the drapes drawn shut, to just shut out the world and curl up with the pack.
his heart yearns for such comfort, but jk shakes his head. "i need to get back before anyone realizes i'm missing," he explains. and he doesn't want bonhwa getting in trouble over him. hs sighs, an unhappy little downturn to his lips. "alright. i'll walk you to the river."
to jk's surprise, hs goes to rummage through the clothes chest and dresses himself. jk's mouth pops open at how different the wolf looks with proper clothing on. it's silly but jk's cheeks flush and heat licks at his tummy.
hs looks almost regal even in his simple outfit. all the fairy tales about princes come to jk's mind as he watches hs fix his cuffs and don a black cloak. hs's posture, the sheer power he radiates, everything about him screams that he's someone to be respected,
and jk shivers at the sight of him. the illusion is broken when sj whistles. "if we weren't already mated, i'd be on my knees begging for your hand, hoba," he says.
"you'd have to get in line," th comments, relaxed under yg, eyes roving down hs's form. hs chuckles and a pretty pink dusts his cheeks. "we'll see about that mating later, baby," he winks at sj. then he looks at jk. "ready?"
nj helps jk clasp the cloak around his shoulders and gives a nice lick down the column of his neck when he's done. jk tries not to frown at the not so nice feeling of saliva cooling on his skin.
when he and hs go outside, the rain has already subsided, but a chill still runs through jk. hs twines their fingers together as he leads jk, pointing out some natural landmarks that would help jk find the den on his own.
they're almost to the river, the rush of the water clearly audible, when hs jumps and squeaks. "a spider!" hs squeals and squishes himself closer to jk. "jkkie, save me, save me!" the wolf repeats, wiggling and jumping around.
jk can't help but laugh at the big bad alpha wolf acting like a pup. "hyung, stay still," he huffs in amusement. "it's on my neck, i can feel it," hs whines, not staying still at all. "jk-ah, help!"
so jk grabs hs's hips and stops his frantic flailing. he then tips hs's head and runs his hand up the nape of his neck, eyes searching. he spots the little critter and lets it crawl onto his finger. "here, i got it," he tells hs.
the wolf blanches at the sight of the tiny spider. and jk is so endeared by him in that moment that his heart literally aches in his chest. "why are you holding it? get rid of it."
jk snorts but does as told and places the spider on a leaf. he turns to hs, intending to tease the hell out of him for such unwolfy behavior, but hs wraps his arms around jk and presses close.
"my hero," he grins before kissing jk nice and slow and deep, his hand going to grope jk's ass. it that's the treatment jk gets, he'll get rid of every damn spider in the forest for hs.
once at the river bank, hs brushes through jk's hair, tugs at his bunny ears. "come visit us in a few days, we'll repay your gift." "ah, you don't have to gift me anything," jk mumbles, bashful for some reason. he only made them some food, it's not such a big deal.
hs tuts and nips at jk's bottom lip. "nonsense. the gifts should be mutual. it's tradition." jk only blinks owlishly at hs. what tradition?
but hs distracts him with another kiss, and all jk can focus on is hs's tongue and teeth, and his hands pressing over the sensitive raw bites on jk's chest, leaving him shivering and gasping. "see you soon, precious," hs whispers, a pretty but wicked smirk on his lips.
jk nods as he licks his lips. he pulls away from hs reluctantly, stretching the moment out as much as he can. hs gives him a nice pat on the ass as a goodbye that has jk startling and giggling.
the bunny hops over the rocks to the other side of the river. he waves to hs who waves back at him, and then jk walks back into the woods, heart light and full of warmth.
//tbc because joon deserves retribution for that unfair treatment 😩 koo just wanting to do something nice for the wolves: i made food! :D the pack receiving what they think is a courting gift: oh wow a marriage proposal… we accept!
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🔞🔞🔞 bunny jk likes to spend time at the border of wolf territory and one day witnesses something he shouldn't when the pack of wolves shows up unexpectedly
_______________________ when jk wiggles into his room through the window this time, he's far quieter and stealthier. no one in the other rooms of the dorm would be able to suspect anything, jk's just that good.
the bunny smirks cockily to himself as he rolls to his feet. he's truly getting the hang of this sneaking around thing.
but then a match strikes a flame into life in the darkness of the room, and jk jumps, eyes wide and startled. he wraps his cloak around himself immediately, hiding the shirt he's wearing underneath.
"you're really loud, you know," bonhwa says with a huge yawn as he lights the candle on jk's bedside table. the air whooshes out of jk in a relieved rush. the bunny crumples to the ground, hand on his chest where his heart is threatening to break through his ribcage.
"you scared the shit out of me," jk mumbles. bonhwa sits up in jk's bed, clearly having made himself comfortable there, and ruffles his blond hair.
"and you need to work on your sneaking skills if you don't want the whole dorm hearing you," he says, face impassive, cheeks looking extra squishable all puffy with sleep.
jk pouts. he thought he did well. but then his eyes narrow as he looks at bonhwa. "why are you in my bed? it's past bedtime." the other bunny flops down and snuggles jk's pillow. "heejin-ssi wanted to come visit you," he explains.
"so i told her that we're spending the day together in your room. i brought dinner here too to keep up the rouse." he points to the trays on jk's desk, most of the food still there and not looking appetizing at all. jk scrunches his nose. "the lee dorm were cooking today?"
bonhwa snorts. "yeah, you're lucky you had all that food we made." the bunny yawns again, and jk himself is reminded of the late hour and his own exhaustion. "anyway, i didn't feel like walking all the way back to my dorm, and i didn't think you'd be back tonight, so."
jk squashes the butterflies in his tummy that get set loose at bonhwa's implication. the pack's cozy inviting nest surfaces in his mind, and he craves it something fierce. maybe next time, if the wolves offer again, jk could actually stay.
but for now, he's back in his dorm room and only has his tiny nest and bonhwa's company to enjoy. the bunny hums. "thank you for covering for me," he tells the other, sincere. bonhwa only waves a dismissive hand, eyes already closed.
jk dresses himself down quickly, wanting to return to the safety and warmth of his little nest. sharing one isn't new to jk, it's always more satisfying to not be alone anyway. so he slides into bed and curls onto his side, nuzzling the closest pillow for comfort.
bonhwa grunts, and then the pillow is snatched from beneath jk's head and placed between them as a barrier of sorts. "you stink," the other bunny says. jk stills, eyes widening again. he didn't think the shirt would transfer much scent onto his skin.
"wait," bonhwa murmurs and his head appears over the top of the pillow, frowning down at jk. "that's predator scent," he says slowly, eyes sliding over jk's exposed shoulders and all the deep bruising bites yg left.
"i - well - that is, um," jk stutters, uselessly pulling the blanket up to his neck; bonhwa already saw the worst of it. or the best, according to th. bonhwa takes a sharp breath, his own eyes bulging out. he looks completely awake now.
"the only hybrid predators nearby are wolves," the other bunny whispers. "shifter wolves."
jk gulps. he really got himself into a pickle now. would it be too cowardly of him to jump out the window and run away and never look back before bonhwa tells heejin and the elders about jk's immense transgression?
"jk!" bonhwa yelps and pounces on him, white bunny ears trembling, hands shaking jk by his shoulders.
"that is so fucking exciting! did you see them shift? what do they look like? did they tell you how it feels to shift? oh my gods, don't tell me they're teaching you to shift or i will die of jealousy."
jk hasn't seen bonhwa this animated ever. granted, they've only become closer in the last couple of days, but even before that jk doesn't remember seeing bonhwa excited about anything.
"calm down," jk huffs a, rather hysterical, laugh, fingers wrapping around bonhwa's wrists and squeezing. the rush of anxiety still grips jk from when he thought he was done for, and bonhwa's sudden excitement has given jk emotional whiplash.
"sorry, sorry, i'm calm," bonhwa says and pulls away to lie back down. jk can still feel him vibrating next to him, though. "tell me everything," he demands when jk puts the pillow under his head again.
jk's heart trembles and shakes in his chest. he feels heat rush to his cheeks and has to cast his eyes away from bonhwa. "they're so amazing," jk whispers into the space between them.
"their shifted forms are so big and powerful, and so beautiful. one of them is all white, like you," jk tugs at bonhwa's white bunny ear with a smile as the other rabbit hangs onto jk's every word.
"it's so easy for them to shift too. they change forms just like that," jk snaps his fingers. "it's the most amazing thing i've seen." bonhwa's eyes shine big and bright in the near darkness of the room.
for some reason jk feels pride swell inside of him at sharing how wonderful his wolves - jk's mind stutters at the thought before he corrects himself, embarrassed even in the privacy of his thoughts at the slip up - sharing how wonderful /the/ wolves are
with someone who clearly knows how to appreciate them. "you're getting lessons, right? on how to shift?" bonhwa asks. jk shakes his head. the thought hasn't even occurred to him honestly. he's been scolded far too harshly to even think about learning to shift on purpose.
"why not?" bonhwa demands, frowning. "what better things do you have to do?" face on fire, jk whines and hides his head under the pillow as his traitorous mind supplies him with all the better things he's done with the wolves.
bonhwa snorts. "ah, right," he mumbles. "well, when you get that out of your system, you should ask them to teach you. and then /you/ can teach /me/."
jk peeks an eye out from beneath the pillow and looks closely at bonhwa. usually he's difficult to read, his expressions and scent not betraying much. but now it's clear to jk how much shifting means to the other bunny.
not that jk himself isn't familiar with the restlessness, the longing of shifting into his animal form. he still remembers his first time, how free and exhilarating it felt until he was found and forced to shift back.
and jk can't say that seeing the pack changing forms so easily hasn't stoked the dying ember of claiming that part of himself back. so jk nods slowly. "okay, i'll teach you," he agrees. it's the least jk can do since bonhwa is helping jk so much.
"you mean it?" bonhwa asks, breathless, eyes big and starry like jk's just offered him the world. "if they agree to teach me first," jk hastens to correct, not wanting to give bonhwa false hope. "i'll ask them next time we meet."
bonhwa blinks rapidly as tears shine in his eyes. "thank you, jk-ah." he sniffles and grabs jk's hand to squeeze his fingers. "i'd hug you, but you really do stink."
jk flushes and chuckles despite himself. "that's okay," he says. predator scent is really not for everyone. jk's surprised himself that his extra sensitive nose likes it so much unlike other bunnies.
bonhwa buries his nose in the blanket but his closed eyes are turned into happy crescents, so jk's current scent can't be bothering him that much.
jk himself settles down with a satisfied little sigh. a howl somewhere in the distance disturbs the quiet of the night, and jk's lips pull up into a smile.
that night the bunny dreams of a warmly lit den and even warmer bodies surrounding him, of a gentle hand petting his round stomach, of a silvery voice singing him and the tiny miracle he carries inside himself to sleep. ______________________
during the next few days, jk avoids heejin as much as he can. he has his meals with bonhwa, or anyone else who offers a place for jk at their table. when joining in for games, he grabs the closest bunny as his partner or opts for individual games.
in his free time, he wanders the woods with bonhwa and lazes with him in the sun just so he doesn't run into heejin. on one such outing, jk leads bonhwa to the river.
the other bunny, not too happy after finding out about their destination, clings onto jk's arm as if some beast is about to attack them so far away from the village. jk teases him and giggles at his glare.
there's nothing scary in these woods. at least not for jk. he already knows the most dangerous predators and he could no doubt make them do whatever he wants with one little wiggle of his ass.
once they reach the river bank, jk takes the note he wrote out of his pocket, glancing around for a good spot to leave it - somewhere the wolves could find but wouldn't be too obvious.
next to him, bonhwa flinches at every rustle of a leaf, his bunny ears standing at attention, fingers digging into jk's bicep. "i don't think we should be here," bonhwa says, his usually expressionless face now marred with a worried frown.
"it's fine," jk tells him, waving off his worries. the other bunny kept saying that he feels eyes following him as they walked through the woods. all jk feels is an itch he can't quite scratch, a heat simmering beneath his skin.
he hasn't been able to come to the river in days, too busy with chores and trying not to be suspiciously absent from herd activities. and even if jk hasn't known the pack long, he still longs for them.
the several days of separation have felt like torture. the shirt he was given is now absent of the wolves' scents. tangled in the nest of jk's sheets, it now smells more like jk than anything else, and that annoys jk's instincts to no end.
not knowing when he can meet the pack again also doesn't help. so jk wrote a note, telling them when he'll be at the river so they could come and meet him. he just hopes they find it.
jk eyes the opposite river bank. there's more of a chance of them noticing the note in their own territory, jk thinks. "can you stay here for a minute?" jk asks bonhwa, whose eyes grow big. "i'll hop to the other side quickly."
"what? are you insane? you can't leave me alone," bonhwa protests. his fingers dig into jk's arm, not letting go when jk tries to pull away. jk rolls his eyes. "i'll literally be just on the other side. nothing will happen to you."
"not all of us are as ready to be eaten by wolves, jk-ah," bonhwa says with a huff. jk tugs his arm back, but bonhwa holds on. "let go. it'll be quick." "no," bonhwa stomps his foot, eyebrows furrowed angrily. "you said you won't leave my side."
"come on," jk whines, shaking his arm now, trying to get rid of bonhwa's impressively strong hold. "just give me a minute. you'll be able to watch me the whole time."
"i'm not worried about you," bonhwa tells him. "you're their fuck bunny, they won't eat you. what do you think they'll do to me?" "our fuck bunny, huh?" a very familiar deep rumble of a voice asks, making both the bunnies jump.
jk gasps at the sight of nj and th, naked and glorious as always, tails swishing lazily as they watch the two bunnies. how easily they snuck upon the preys while they were squabbling.
"oh my gods," bonhwa breathes out, mouth open. whether he's more scared or impressed, jk can't tell. but what jk /can/ see is the way bonhwa's eyes run over the wolves' naked forms.
jk makes a strangled sort of protesting noise and quickly covers bonhwa's eyes. "don't look," he hisses at the other bunny and laughter rings from the other side of the river.
bonhwa obediently pulls his bunny ears down and over his eyes. he's trembling slightly, and jk pushes his own irrational possessive feelings to run a hand down bonhwa's back, shushing him quietly.
nj and th wade into the water, making their way across the river quickly. they emerge on the bunny side all dripping wet, the sun glinting off the water droplets and making them glow.
and then they shake themselves off, water spraying everywhere, splashing both jk and bonhwa, making them flinch.
"you've brought along a friend for us to play with?" th asks, a huge grin on his face as he looks the other bunny over, head tilted to the side and curls dripping water down his body.
jk pouts angrily. a clenching ball of bitterness drops heavy in his stomach at the idea of the pack having another bunny. or any prey, really. it's ridiculous but it makes jk near tremble with how repulsive he finds the thought.
"no. you can't play with other bunnies," jk declares, looking at both nj and th pointedly. "we know, honey," nj chuckles, amused for some reason. "tae was just teasing." th hums. "i don't know. your friend /is/ pretty to look at. bet he'd taste good too."
th's words make bonhwa whimper in fear. they also make jk stomp over to th, standing a few feet away, and grab the wolf by his wet curls to pull him into a deep kiss.
th stiffens for half a second before he's huffing a laugh into jk's mouth. but his arms wrap around jk easily, pulling their bodies flush. jk doesn't even care that his own clothes are getting damp now, the only thought in his head is /taehyungtaehyungtaehyung/.
jk's fingers sink deeper into th's hair. he needs the wolf closer even if there's really no more space between them. jk licks into th's mouth, bites and sucks at his lips as some sort of animalistic fever consumes him.
th growls, returning jk's biting kiss with enthusiasm. one of his hands grabs a handful of jk's ass, fingers digging in none too gently. "jk-ah?" bonhwa's fearful whimper clears the fog of lust from jk's brain, and jk gasps for breath as he pulls away from th.
"i taste better than any other bunny you could find," jk tells the wolf, matter of fact.
th throws his head back as he laughs loudly, making a pout appear on jk's lips again. he doesn't see anything funny here. jk's been told by multiple partners that he tastes the best in the whole herd.
"of course, you're the sweetest bun for us," th agrees and nuzzles jk's cheek, mollifying him somewhat. "you're the only bunny we need, baby," nj adds.
he wraps one arm around th's naked waist and the other around jk's. his nose runs down the column of jk's throat and he nips at jk's pulse point, not hard enough to bruise, just enough to make jk's heart race.
"why'd you bring your friend over then?" th asks, rubbing his cheek on the other side of jk's neck. jk blinks heavily, brain clouding over from the predator scent now surrounding him and their hands and mouths on jk's body.
"oh, um," jk mumbles, craning his neck to glance at bonhwa, who's still standing where jk left him. but who is now peeking from behind his bunny ears.
it's silly how much it makes jk prickle. he pulls both nj and th closer, trying to hide them with his body, and mostly succeeding in just amusing them. "turn around, bonhwa-yah," jk whines.
"sorry, sorry," bonhwa mumbles. he licks his lips as his gaze slides down what he can see of nj's body - his bulging biceps, the curve of his ass under the fluffy tail, his strong thighs. "bonhwa!" jk commands and stomps his foot.
bonhwa squeaks and twirls around, cheeks flushed. jk doesn't appreciate the way th shakes with laughter against jk's body. or how nj is grinning even as he nuzzles jk to calm him down.
"i didn't actually expect to meet you today," jk answers the previous question. "i just wanted to leave a note for you for our next meeting."
"missed us, baby?" nj rumbles right into jk's ear, his deep voice sending pleasurable shivers down jk's spine. his canines graze the lobe of jk's ear before sinking in.
it feels like too much to reveal to them just how desperate jk has been to see them again, how all of his dreams have been consumed with the six of them lately, how he literally cried when the last of sj's and yg's marks healed over.
so jk diverts, mumbles, "what were /you/ doing here?" th pecks right below jk's bottom lip where jk's mole sits. "we come here every day. just in case you show up."
jk can't deny the pleased warm feeling that spreads through him at th's confession, cottontail twitching happily. "you like me sooo much," jk sing-songs, giggling.
th nips at jk's jaw. "yah, who's not even letting another hybrid look at who? jealous little bun." but jk can feel th's smile as he presses kisses to jk's skin.
"jk-ah," bonhwa interrupts. jk nearly forgot he's there. again. "we need to go back." jk bites his lip. the lie that they spun for where they're going doesn't give them much time; jk didn't think they'd need it, seeing as he only wanted to leave a note.
"you won't stay with us?" nj asks, frowning slightly. jk lifts a hand and swipes his thumb over the wrinkles between nj's furrowed brows, smoothing them out.
"i can't today," he says. "i need a good reason, or bonhwa to cover for me, when i leave for a longer time. if anyone notices me missing, i could be in a lot of trouble."
now th is frowning too. "why do they need to control where you are? are you mated to one of them?" jk's eyes bulge out, cheeks heating up. "no! no, i'm not."
not that any bunny would even consider jk as a potential mate. but that's a whole different issue that jk doesn't want to get into now.
"well, that's a relief, considering your gift to us," nj murmurs. "it won't be like that when you're with us. we promise." jk blinks in confusion. when he's with them? what?
"can you come again tomorrow?" nj asks. his fingers skimming up and down jk's flank are rather distracting. as are the kisses th keeps pressing to jk's cheek, his jaw, his neck. "yeah, i can make it tomorrow," jk promises.
"good," nj grins at him, dimples and all, and then smacks jk's butt, making the bunny jolt and gasp. "better get yourself prepped beforehand," he advises with a wicked little tilt to his lips. "don't think i won't make good on my promise."
jk shudders. right. nj said he's going to leave jk a crying drooling mess. and jk can't wait for it. th huffs a breathy laugh against jk's throat. "your scent spiked so much. you're really excited to get knotted by joonie-hyung, aren't you, baby?"
"knotted?" jk asks, not even protesting when nj nudges his head back with his nose to get better access to jk's throat and lick. "what's knotting?" he remembers talking with jm about how nj threatened jk with a good rough time. is knotting just another term for rougher sex?
both the wolves growl into jk's throat, their fingers spasming where they hold jk. nj's tail whips at jk's leg as it wags so powerfully.
"it's something special. just for our bunny," nj says, voice low and gravelly, eyes so hungry that for a split second jk thinks nj will take him here and now.
nj leans down, breathes jk in. "hyung will show you tomorrow, okay?" he mumbles into jk's skin, sharp teeth grazing up his throat. th grins at jk. "you'll love it." the mischievous glint in th's eyes isn't too convincing, and jk's eyes narrow at the wolf.
"jk-ah, seriously, let's go," bonhwa says. jk turns to see him looking over his shoulder, eyes on th's ass. jk smacks th's butt cheek with how quickly his hand goes to cover it, making th startle and eliciting laughter from both of the wolves.
"did i not tell you not to look?" jk grumbles at the other bunny. bonhwa rolls his eyes and turns back around. he got way too comfortable way too quickly for jk's liking. jk preferred it twenty minutes ago when just the thought of meeting jk's wolves scared bonhwa.
nj nudges jk. "go with your friend. i'll meet you here tomorrow." jk gets one last kiss from each of them and then pushes bonhwa towards the thicket of trees, making sure he doesn't glance back to ogle th and nj.
"wow, they really just walk around the woods naked, huh?" bonhwa mumbles when they've walked for a good few minutes. jk purses his lips and crosses his arms. "you really couldn't keep your eyes to yourself, huh?"
bonhwa's cheeks flush. "i was just curious! i've never met wolves before." "curious, sure," jk snorts. but he can't really blame bonhwa anyway. he knows from personal experience how impossible it is to not admire the wolves and their physiques.
at least bonhwa didn't touch them. jk doesn’t think he would've been able to keep himself from biting bonhwa's hand off if he dared touch jk's wolves. /the/ wolves, jk corrects himself mentally. what is up with his brain lately?
bonhwa hums, thoughtful. "the way they treated you, though. i really thought they were just having fun with you, but now…" "what do you mean?" jk asks, scrunching his nose. "they really like you."
now it's jk's turn to flush. "well, yeah. i doubt they would want to meet again if they didn't like me." or liked the way jk lets them absolutely ruin him every time. bonhwa eyes him as if jk is being especially dense on purpose.
"they're halfway in love with you, jk-ah," he says like he's spelling out something obvious. jk widens his eyes and smacks bonhwa's shoulder.
"no, they're not," he squeaks out, too high pitched. his heart is hammering too fast in his chest just at the thought of the wolves and the L word in the same sentence.
"so they hold and kiss any bunny they meet like that? they check your meeting spot daily on the off chance you'll be there just for fun? seriously, jk, you're smarter than that," bonhwa rolls his eyes with a snort.
the thought curls warm and fluttery in jk's tummy. maybe the wolves don't love him just yet but they really do care about him. more than they should. by bunny standards at least. "but they can't," jk argues. "i have nothing to give them."
his hand goes to his abdomen instinctively. all those stupid dreams come rushing back, the way jk cried just this morning when he woke up and realized it could never be true. finding a fertile partner is one of the most important aspects of mating in jk's herd.
there's a reason why jk hasn't had even one proposal since he became fully grown, why the bunnies use him for a fun time but don't stay in his nest for longer. why would the wolves be any different?
bonhwa glances down at where jk's palm is resting. "they're wolves, jk-ah, and you're a bunny. i don't think it's possible even if you could… you know," he makes a vague gesture towards jk's middle.
"oh," jk flushes, hot and embarrassed, chuckling awkwardly. how silly of him. of course, the wolves wouldn't expect to breed a bunny, no matter jk's designation.
he can't help the pang of sadness and guilt he feels every time when he thinks about how useless he is as a male bunny of a lower designation, his herd not letting him forget about it every breeding season.
but it's different with the wolves. jk's inability to get pregnant has no impact on his relationship with the pack. he's free of expectations with them.
the bunny releases a slow breath, tension leaving him. a smile slowly unfurls on his lips, and jk hops with every step, unable to contain his excitement about meeting the pack again tomorrow. and more curiously, what's this special knotting the wolves talked about?
//tbc isn't jealous bunkoo just the cutest thing? 🥺 do you think koo will like nj's special gift just for the bunny? 🤭


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