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The Castellan of Amareo

The Castellan of Amareo

Nov 12, 2022
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Swords didn't bring Rome to Christ or the Persians to Allah. At some point, nearly every sane man in those Cultures had all but checked out from them in disgust for their deviancy, their corruption, their rot. All that took was a minor spark to have everyone bail out overnight.

Instinctively, many of sufficient IQ begin to understand the Chagnonpill when shit hits the fan. That's why the Romans became Christian in the end. It's almost certain the 1st person to go REEEE about any mandates that'd stop the perpetrator is the chick herself.
If you compare modern Hindu philosophy- mostly drawn of Reactionarism, it's indistinguishable on a meta level from the Neo-Platonists of the Late Roman Empire. A few of them were truly just, a good chunk were just grifting, & the biggest lot were simply going along for the ride.
People here go on & on about how Christianity destroyed the Roman Empire. In many ways, it did weaken them significantly-but nonetheless Rome was around for 150+ years after Emperor Constantine I's Edict of Milan (1000 years more for ERE). That's longer than the Gupta Golden Age.
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