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Revolver Slothrop 🦇🎠🦑

Revolver Slothrop 🦇🎠🦑

Nov 13, 2022
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never forget: isaac asimov (whose parents were hugely successful with candy stores) & his pedo son david connect by way of the SFWA to marion zimmer bradley & walter breen

who connect by way of the Society for Creative Anachronism to oberon & morning glory zell, who worked, lived on the same commune with, and eventually owned land adjoining leonard lake & charles ng
also worth noting that through the SCA both robert a heinlein (fascist POS) & arthur c clarke (confirmed sex tourist diddler) were only one to two steps removed from lake & ng
flailing wildly to make this fit in here
Revolver Slothrop 🦇🎠🦑
FS working hard on the finer details of the shit & shinola question, probing the mysteries of broke clock theory
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