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Nov 12, 2022
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#taekookau | Let me In ↬ mafia, a/b/o, mpreg 🔞 "Before we break our bond, mate me and give me a child. I promise, I will never bother you again." Five years later, mob boss taehyung went to find his ex-mate. He found him with a child; beggared and barely alive.

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important: tags and notes.
cw // blood and violence, kidnapping, major character injury, murder . . contents like these will be present in the story. Rest assured that the parts where these contents are written will be tagged properly!
— start.
The clan of Kims were known to be the strongest in the Mafia world, even more so now that it is passed to the hands of the True Blooded Alpha of the family; Kim Taehyung.
The New Mob Boss of the Kim’s Creed has been labelled as a ruthless monster. He’s anything but good; everything he touches, everyone who dares to come close— dies in the most atrocious death. Mercy has never been in his vocabulary.
Taehyung himself knows how ruthless and sinister he is, even enjoys how his name alone brings fear to diminutive, pathetic gangs who aspire to bring him down one day. Oh, they can only wish.
He will not allow himself to be weak unlike the rest of the meagers in his world. And he will especially not allow weakness that will bring any slight hope for those gangs to think they can bring the Kim’s creed down.
He sees distraction as a weakness. He sees weakness as a fall. And in his hands, the only thing that will fall will be his enemies. Never his Clan, and certainly, never himself.
“Are we close?” “Yes, boss,” Min-hee says, her eyes surveying the Alpha, seeing his knotted eyebrows and laboured breath. “Do we need the clinic to be prepared, boss?”
“Yes. Fuck,” Taehyung replied. There’s a clawing feeling in his chest; a strange emotion that’s making his blood boil. Whatever this means, he hates it.
Ever since they reached the city, a feeling has been annoying him; sending unwanted tingles all over his body. It's starting to pound in his head, and soon, it’s starting to prick him like pinches of fire.
In the middle of taunting the annoying feeling, his wolf’s voice finally speaks. ‘Are we perhaps close to finding our…’
Taehyung wanted to holler and laugh about the pathetic intonation in his wolf’s voice. It’s as if he’s suggesting /something/ is causing this. What the fuck is he talking about? Is he insane to even think that they have–
‘Yes, I think we do have a mate,’ V replied.
Taehyung darkly chuckles and throws his head at the leather seat, finding it funny how the wolf thought of such an impossible thing. Does he honestly think that they will be blessed with a mate? Does he honestly think they deserve and /need/ one?
‘I don’t need such weakness,’ V hisses. ‘But it’s tugging me somewhere. As annoying as it can be, I think we have a mate and I want to see who it is,’
Taehyung hums, agreeing with his inner wolf. He wanted to find out what’s causing this feeling that has been pestering both him and his wolf. If he needs to, he will put an end on it, so as to not bother him again.
With a nod to himself; he let it in.
It hits him like a whiplash, and the clawing feeling was replaced by a hazy, intoxicating scent that brought warmth from the tips of his fingers, to the senses and veins in his body. His wolf was obviously affected as well, the snarl rumbling from his throat has been silenced.
Oh, he wanted to laugh. Who’s this pitiful mate of his? He wonders. His wolf seems to think the same. ‘Are we going to kill them?’ ‘Hm, you can?’ Taehyung challenges, feeling the wolf scoff at him. ‘I can,’
Taehyung certainly can. After all, he doesn’t want to indulge himself with the bullshit they call mating. His wolf, on the other hand, he’s not very sure. He might become a pathetic pup when they finally meet the wolf counterpart of their so-called mate.
“Min-hee, change of plans. Turn right and follow my direction. I will tell you when to stop,” Taehyung commanded.
Soon after, the scent has become so strong that he’s sure they've arrived where’ll find them. But his face was planted with frown when it led them to the Jeon’s residence; a well known family that he only heard of.
How sad that they’re so ‘pure’, never linked to any dirt, especially in a world where Taehyung knows like the back of his hand. They could have become good allies. “Do I need to do something, boss?” Min-hee asked, her gun ready to her side.
“No. Stay put,” Taehyung says. ‘What are we going to do?’ his wolf asked, ‘We will wait,’ Taehyung answers. Not long after, an omega appeared from the huge gate. Huh, it’s a he.
“Who’s he?” Taehyung asked, trusting Min-hee that she knows the omega. “Jeon Jungkook, the youngest son of the Jeons. He’s pretty hidden from the world, but he is not kept as a secret either. We’ve got more information about him with Jimin, boss. Do you wish to know more?”
“That’s enough,” Taehyung says. He doesn’t need to know more about him when he’s going to die soon. And by soon, he means tonight.
“Don’t do anything stupid, brother.” Jae-han said, gripping the omega’s arm. “Your marriage with Chan-soo will save our family! Do you want to see us suffering, Jungkook-ah? Do you want to see father’s hard work to be gone to waste?”
Jungkook shook his head. Of course not! He doesn’t want that! He loves his family but– “See? See, Jungkook-ah? If you truly love us then you will do this. You will, right? For the sake of our family?” Jae-han asked.
Jungkook cannot help but tear up, his own heart is breaking. His wolf was begging him to fight for himself, for once in his life.
For the longest time, he was a puppet to his own family. He carries the burden and the weight of their surname, and he continuously needs to prove himself that he is worthy to have it— just because he turned out to be an omega.
And now, he’s about to marry a rich Alpha in order to save his family. The world that admires the Jeons doesn’t know that they’re now falling behind their competitors. His wolf is howling because what about their mate? What about the love that he so badly wants to experience?
He had spent all his life loving his family in all ways that he could do, followed everything they wanted just so they love him too but this? To ask him this?
He’s going to be insane if he stays in this house any longer. God knows how much he loves his family, and how much time and effort he had tried to prove it. But not this time, certainly not this one.
A sudden burst of interweaving emotions pierced his chest like a lightning, but instead of pain; it felt warm. His body freezes as an overwhelming force pulls him and his wolf somewhere; calling him, luring him.
‘Mate found us?’ Snow, Jungkook’s wolf asked. “W-what–” Jungkook cannot help but to run towards the window. He peeked and saw a black car parked near their house. In a hazy scent clouding him, he can feel it’s them. Their mate is inside.
‘They came for us,’ Snow says. ‘Let’s meet them!’
Clouded with desperation, he ran down the stairs and went out, heart thumping loudly as he opened the gates and felt even closer to their mate. Snow disappeared, it’s as if he’s communicating with their mate’s wolf.
He saw the window going down, and a silhouette of a man appeared. Jungkook’s feet brought him towards the said man and he felt the scent enveloping his whole senses.
Too busy indulging into the addictive scent, he didn’t notice a hand slipping from the window. He felt a cloth covering his mouth and nose and suddenly felt dizziness overtaking his senses.
Darkness filled his vision, until he drifted into a sleep in the hands of the dangerous true blooded mob boss.
cw // kidnapping . . there’s no violence or any part where any of the characters will be hurt but still, just a head up! The following content has kidnapping
*** Jungkook woke up with a little bit of headache throbbing in his head. He grunts as he feels that he cannot move, opening his eyes with frowns and confusion.
His eyes widened when he finally realized he’s bounded in a chair; both his arms and legs were tied. Tears started to brim at his eyes, softly sobbing in fear.
The door in front suddenly opened and Jungkook’s confusion doubled. He doesn’t know who’s the man in front of him, but he’s sensing the mate pull. It’s strong, it’s drawing him towards the man.
“Ah, little Jeon is awake,” The man says, his voice deep. “I must say, Jeon Jihyuk hid his omega son well. Who would have thought that he has such a pretty son?” “But too bad, no one will see your pretty face after tonight,” The man says, turning around.
Jungkook’s tears rolled in his cheeks. His mind was so overwhelmed, he couldn’t think of anything but the presence of his mate so close. Where is he? It’s not possible that it’s this man, right?
“Please,” Jungkook whispered when he saw the man laying different kinds of guns and knives. “N-no, please, don’t kill me,” ‘Jungkook… I learned their names. Taehyung and V,’ Snow whispered to him. ‘They’re our mates. They both want us dead…’
“You’re… you’re our mate?” Jungkook asked, scared. Taehyung softly chuckled as he turned around, humming to agree. “Why are you doing this? Why– why are you planning to kill us?”
“Ah, how did you find out? V must have run his mouth to your wolf,” Taehyung laughed. “But yes, that’s the plan, darling. And why? Aha, why not?”
“No, d-don’t kill us, please, I’ll do anything,” Jungkook pleads, sobbing. His heart is wrenching just by the thought of their mate hating him like this. “If you don’t want us, just let us go. We won’t bother you, we’ll accept your rejection j-just please—”
“Stop your whining,” Taehyung said, his hands settling into a small gun. Jungkook’s whole body shivered when he loaded the gun. He started to shake his hand and move relentlessly to escape.
A pained whimper escaped his lips when Taehyung held his jaw, raising his face to look up to him. Jungkook met his eyes with tears, begging and crying to be freed. The terrifying look in Taehyung’s eyes fades in an instant.
A mocking laugh escaped Taehyung’s lips when an internal force stopped him from doing anything to the omega. Fuck, it’s V, his wolf. The bitch has softened, huh?
‘You’re a pathetic, cowardly thing, V.’ he says, his eyes not leaving Jungkook’s scared ones. ‘Let them go, Taehyung. Just do it,’ ‘I knew something would happen when you talked to that white wolf. Now you’re just a pathetic, love-sick puppy.’ ‘Let our mates go!’
“Hm, my wolf wants you free. Should I?” Taehyung asked. “But I’m actually doing you a favor now, right? You know, to escape that arrange marriage,”
Jungkook trembled at the mention of the marriage. How come that his mate already knows about this? It’s a secret arrangement between the two families only.
“You can choose, actually. Since my pathetic wolf is so fond of you, I’ll let you go and you can walk out of here safe and unharmed, that simple. And then you’ll go back to your shitty, manipulative family and be married to a rich man!” Taehyung grins.
“But if you choose to stay here…” Jungkook whimpered when he felt the mouth of the gun in his neck. “You won’t have to deal with the marriage and all of your families’ burden. Ever. Wouldn’t that be fun?”
Jungkook seems to be having an internal talk with his wolf so Taehyung lets him be. He walked away from the omega and busied himself, since his own wolf is pestering him in his mind.
After a few minutes, Taehyung walked back towards the omega with a frown. “What’s your decision? Say it now. We don’t have all the time in the world.” “Do you promise to not kill me if I choose to be free?” “Yes. I have one word."
Jungkook nodded. “Okay, I’m choosing to be freed,” he answers. “But I have a favor to ask. Just this once, I promise.” Taehyung raised his eyebrows. “What is it?”
“I want to be free from the marriage as well.” Jungkook said. “I promise to never appear in front of you after this favor. So please help me, you’re the only one who can help me with this,”
Taehyung wants to laugh at the audacity of the omega. His hands were trembling to click the gun. No one is allowed to tell him what the fuck he should do. ‘Help him,’ V says and Taehyung has decided to block the wolf. He had enough of him.
“What do you want?” Taehyung asked. “Before we break our bond, mate me and give me a child,” Jungkook answers, baffling Taehyung from the atrocious request. “I promise, I will never bother you again. J-just help me, please,”
A laugh erupted from Taehyung’s laugh. My, such a shameless mate he got here? Here he is, on the verge of getting killed but he’s actually thinking of getting mated?
“They arranged the wedding on the first day of my heat. I don’t– I don’t want to be married and to be taken by a man who is not even my mate,” Jungkook said. “I know it’s a stupid request but this is my only way to escape the marriage. Please, help me on this one,”
This time it is Taehyung who’s having an internal conflict with his wolf. Taehyung himself doesn’t want to do anything with the omega, but V says otherwise. ‘They’re our mate. He is not going to marry whoever the man is. Help him,’ V says.
‘You’re pissing me off, V. Shut up now,’ ‘Don’t make me take over, Taehyung. You won’t like what I’d do,’ Taehyung chuckled, swiping his tongue on his cheeks. He looked again at Jungkook seeing the terrified, yet hopeful eyes of his. Fuck this.
He walked closer and leaned towards the chair, his eyes looking directly at the omega’s eyes. It’s amusing how he’s trying to fight Taehyung with his eyes as well.
“I’m going to ask this once. Are you certain of your favor?” Taehyung asked. “You’re asking me to have sex with you and impregnate you. I need you to think twice about what you’re asking me, Jungkook.”
Jungkook winced at the vulgar words but he nodded. Taehyung’s right, it is what he means. "Yes. It is what I want." The omega answered.
Jungkook shivered when Taehyung swiped a knife from one of his pockets. He skillfully cuts the ties with ease, freeing the omega. "I'm agreeing to help you. So now, you will listen to me." Taehyung said. "Decide the time and date. Whenever or wherever it is, I'll be there."
"Once we're done, I don't want to see you again. If you show me your face one more time, I will put a bullet right in your head.” Taehyung spoke, gripping the jaw of the scared omega. “Do you understand?”
“I do,” Jungkook answered and he gasped as Taehyung let go of his jaw. “The date, uhm, I want it next week. Thursday. It’ll be two days before my supposed to be wedding day,”
Taehyung chuckled at the words. My, how would the Jeon senior react once his omega son disappears two days before his wedding only to come back reeking of some Alpha’s scent?
“Thursday, then. I expect to see you outside of your house by six in the afternoon.” Taehyung says. “Stand up. One of my men will drive you home.”
Jungkook immediately stood up and followed the lady who Taehyung called Min-hee. He looked at the Alpha one more time before he disappeared from his sight as he went out of the room.
Jungkook didn’t have a chance to examine the building, or to roam his eyes in wonder. He’s surrounded by Taehyung’s men and he has no means to drive himself to further danger.
He found himself in his room some time after, his mind running with countless thoughts and worries. He didn’t have any much thought about what he asked from Taehyung back there, all he wanted was to escape the marriage.
And to maybe have some connection with his mate despite the fact that they’ll eventually break their bond and won’t ever meet again.
Once he mates with Taehyung, his life will change. Countless possibilities are invading his mind, and a high chance of being kicked out from the family is on top of his thoughts.
He doesn’t care now. He just wants everything to stop, he just wants to be free. From the marriage, from his family, from all of them. Afterall, if they indeed kick him out, he won’t be alone. The pup, if he will be blessed after he mates with Taehyung, will be his family.
*** — Thursday.
“Get in,” Taehyung says, nodding his head at the backseat. Jungkook wordlessly entered the car. Taehyung started to drive after, and the omega never bothered to ask anything as well.
They stopped at the same building that Jungkook saw the first time he met Taehyung. Once again, he didn’t let his eyes wander. He had learned now how dangerous his mate is, as well as the people around him.
They entered a huge bedroom. Jungkook’s ears heightened, suddenly the silence was too loud. He stiffened when he heard the doorknob locking.
Jungkook welcomed Taehyung’s eyes and they both fought to stare at each other. Taehyung was quiet, so silent that Jungkook cannot read him, or his thoughts.
He watched as Taehyung reached for the buttons of his shirt and popped them one at a time, all while still looking deeply in Jungkook’s eyes. The omega did the same, pulling his sweater off before he popped open the buttons of his top.
Blush blooms in Jungkook’s cheeks as they both stood naked when the last of their garments were discarded as well. Taehyung’s eyes are still emotionless, but it never took his sight away from Jungkook’s face.
“Shift,” Taehyung commands. “I’ll let my wolf bond with yours before we mate. Go on and I’ll follow,”
Jungkook follows, getting on all fours before he feels his bones crack and form into his wolf counterpart. Taehyung moved his gaze, giving the omega the decency to shift on his own. Seconds later, Jungkook’s scent became muskier and sweeter, and a white wolf stood before him.
Taehyung almost chuckled. No wonder why his wolf is going crazy for them, the wolf form of Jungkook is beautiful. He’s white everywhere, almost glowing. The wolf shyly rubbed his snout on Taehyung’s leg.
Taehyung lets V overtake as he shifts into his wolf, letting them bond and set the mood for mating.
V took his time in scenting the omega, making sure that every nook and part of the beautiful wolf will be enveloped with his scent. The Alpha’s chest was blooming in pride when their scents mingled.
He pushed his snout and rubbed the side of his face on Snow’s cheeks down to his neck, encouraging him to scent him as well. This made Snow happy and he needily licked the face of the Alpha.
The omega purred in contentment as V pushed his face on his neck while he let Snow to lick the expanse of his cheeks and neck as well. Possessiveness flared from V and he bared his neck more.
Snow’s scent became sweeter and he bashfully pulled away from licking V’s neck. Their eyes met and this time, V licked his face before he pushed his snout on the white wolf’s face.
Snow took the hint and he jumped on the bed, laying on it after. V soon followed, his eyes never leaving Snow’s face, trying to memorize the image of his mate.
He continued to lick and rub on Snow’s face and neck until the warmth radiating from them was already crawling to be released. He lovingly licked Snow’s cheeks one last time before he let Taehyung take over.
V wants them. V acknowledges them as their mate and that is already enough for Snow. He happily let Jungkook take over once Taehyung appeared in front of him. With that, their night began.
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for references, this is how they look in their wolf form: - taehyung (V)
- jungkook (snow)
— continuation.
“We’re doing really well since we’ve recently wiped the Kangs in our deal, and we’ve improved the operation efficiency of our shipment. Have your men waiting tomorrow night for the weapons you’ve bought.”
Taehyung hummed, pleased about the transaction he closed. He raised his head when his door opened and a little girl entered.
“I’ll have Park check on you tomorrow after you receive my shipments. I’ll need you to confirm once you receive them.” he dropped the call as soon as he finished, giving his attention to the girl who entered.
“Ms. Min-jee, pleasure to have you here.” The Alpha hummed. “I see, you brought me some coffee. You know, you should start asking for money from your mom. This is child labor,”
“Boss,” Min-hee says as she enters, smiling a bit when her daughter holds her hand. “These are the financial reports from the recent transaction with the Myoi’s.”
Taehyung hums, pointing his head to just put it on the desk. He smiled a bit when Min-hee’s daughter pushed the cup of coffee closer. “I guess, I have to drink this now, then,” He said. “Run along, miss Min-jee, I will enjoy your coffee.”
Min-hee watched how her daughter ran away. She turned to Taehyung and retrieved some files on his desk. "Have you considered my offer, Min-hee?" "Is it the break, boss?" Min-hee chuckles.
"Yes. Do you really want Min-jee to grow up in this environment?" Taehyung says. "We've got nowhere to go, boss. The safest place for us is here, in our base. I wouldn't dream of letting Minie live outside our protection."
"Hm, if that's what you want, I've got no problem. But my offer still stands. Anytime, Min-hee." "Thank you, boss." Min-hee bows. "By the way, Jimin wishes to see you. He'll be here any minute."
As if on cue, the mentioned Alpha came inside. Jimin slides a newspaper on his desk. "What is this?"
"The headline, Taehyung. It's about Jeons," Jimin says. Taehyung flicked the cup of coffee and it spilled on the paper. "What the fuck, Taehyung." "Call someone to clean this," Taehyung says, sparing no attention on the ruined newspaper.
"Tae, you have to see this. The Jeons, they were killed last night and none of them survived." Jimin says. "Won't you at least look for your mate?" "You've already mentioned none of them survived. What the fuck do you want me to do?" Taehyung snickered.
“Are you not even going to look for him? Because your mate is obviously still alive!” Jimin says. “How else are you and V fine if your mate died, huh?” “We broke the bond years ago, Jimin. Now, stop pestering me.”
“So, you don’t feel anything? Whenever he gets hurt, you don’t?” Jimin questioned. “Ah, right. So even if he dies, you won’t feel anything?” “I don’t.” Taehyung looked him dead in the eyes.
Jimin chuckled. “I don’t believe you.” “And I don’t give a fuck about what you think. Get out of my sight, Park.” Taehyung hissed.
Jimin shook his head in disbelief. Something is bugging him. “I will find him, Taehyung. I will make sure he is safe and you cannot stop me from doing this.” “Do whatever you want, Park.” Taehyung deadpans, glaring at the Alpha who gave him a look of bravery.
When he was finally left alone, he gave in to temptation and spared a look towards the newspaper. The words ‘Jeon’ and ‘killed’ being in the same headline gave him a bizarre feeling.
‘They’re not dead yet,’ V growls inside him, fuming, refusing to believe that they are gone. Taehyung answers, eyes never leaving the soaking newspaper. “I know,”
He knows. He knows because he lied to Jimin. He lied when he said he can no longer feel his mate even when they broke the bond years ago.
He lied because he do. He feels him. He still feels him. And it never went away.
The night that they mated, it’s as if their bond just even got stronger. And even though they both broke the bond, it’s as if nothing has changed. They are still very much connected.
The connection was so fucking strong Taehyung even feels Jungkook’s every emotions. And it was so, so strong Taehyung thought he’s going to get insane.
They’re so loud. So strong. So painful. So broken.
The first months were too much to bear. Every emotion that Jungkook feels holds Taehyung’s heart in an iron fist, squeezing all those humanly, weak emotions out of him. But Taehyung only feels anger. Hatred. Disgust.
He learned to block Jungkook’s emotions, and learned how to throw whatever connection they have in the back of his very existence. It took him so much time, but he managed to learn how.
And now, he had perfectly learned how to not feel Jungkook. But even if he doesn't feel him now, he knows he isn’t dead. Because if he is, no matter how strong he blocks him, he would feel it.
He would feel him. And that is the last thing that he’d ever want.
Cw // violence . . The following content has violence. It’s just a bit graphic, but nothing too descriptive and long.
*** The man grunts in pain as another powerful hit landed on his stomach. The ache is now kicking in as another hit landed on the same area.
“You wouldn’t have to go through this if you just speak but you,” Jimin mischievously grinned and he played with the bat. “Chose to be a fucking loyal dog to someone who doesn’t give a shit about you.”
He grabbed the man’s hair and looked into his eyes. “You refuse to speak to save your boss? Do you think you’ll be whining like this if they care about you?”
“They don’t care about you. They don’t give a shit if you actually die tonight. Right here, right now,” Jimin says. “But we don’t have to reach that point if you just tell me the truth.”
“So tell me. Who hired you to kill the Jeons?” Jimin asked. “Speak now. Your time is running out. The bomb in your house will explode in.. well, ten minutes.” This got the man. His eyes widened and horror flashed in his eyes. “What bomb– what house?!
Jimin snickered and tapped the bat in his cheeks. “Why the fuck are you asking me which house when you only have one? Ahaha! Of course the house where you and your mate stays!”
The man shuddered in fear. “N-no, not my mate, not her, p-please–” “Then speak.” Jimin commands, kicking his shoulder to the ground. “I’m done playing games with you so speak now or your house will explode, with it, your mate.”
“Lee Chae-woo!” the man says. “T-they expressed their hatred towards the Jeons when they hired me! They didn’t tell me the full context, they just asked me to kill the Jeon family, that’s all!”
“B-but I heard that they want to end them for ruining their reputation. Something about… an omega running away and– and leaving their eldest son before the w-wedding? That’s all, I swear!”
Jimin was quick to realize what he meant. He heard and witnessed everything five years ago. And he didn’t have to ask further when he can now easily put two together.
The father of the Alpha that Jungkook was supposed to marry was behind the killing of the Jeons. And apparently, he’s still sulking about the omega ditching his Alpha son before the wedding. If that’s the case, then Taehyung’s mate might be in danger as well.
“Do you remember killing this person?” Jimin asked, shoving a picture of Jungkook in his face. “No, s-sir,” “Are you certain?”
“Yes! I’ve been– I’ve been watching the family for over a month and I’ve never seen this person!” “But do you know who this is?”
“Jeon… Jeon Jungkyu? Jung.. s-shit, sir, I cannot recall,” The man cried. “All I know is I have to kill the entire Jeons. And in my one month of surveillance, I’m certain that I killed them all. Sorry sir, I’m just doing my job!”
Jimin doesn’t believe him. How can he not know Jungkook? How could he miss him when he’s actually the groom of Lee’s who ran away? He has to find Jungkook as soon as possible. He wants to know whether he really is safe.
He is his boss and bestfriend’s mate. No matter how stubborn and ruthless Taehyung is, Jimin will make sure that his mate is safe. He knows it’s already been five years, but he still wants to be sure.
'Hang on a little longer, Jungkook. Wherever you are, I hope you're living a good life.'
before I continue, thank you for all the love that this fic received 🥹 i just posted this today and woah, the engagements are making me so happy. Thank you 💗
The next part will now reveal Jungkook— after five years. It's just gonna get darker and angstier as his story unfolds :) for now, leave your comments and expectations here !
“Sannie,” The little boy opened his eyes when he heard the voice of his papa. He immediately smiled but then he frowned when he saw black eyes on his face.
“Papa!” Jeongsan cried, his little hands cradling the sunken cheeks of his omega father. “What is t-this!” “I’m so sorry, papa is so clumsy. Just an accident, my love. It’ll go away if papa sees Jeongsan eating,” He smiled.
Jeongsan fights his tears. One thing that he knows about Jungkook, his father, is that he is a terrible liar. He is not a little, unknowing kid anymore. He knows every bruise that would surface in his papa’s body.
“Papa, can you make me big faster? I want to be Alpha now,” Jeongsan says. “I want to protect you.” “Wow, that’s such a nice thing to hear, Sannie. But you gotta wait a little longer to know your rank.” Jungkook says, brushing the soft locks of his son.
“And who says you need to be Alpha in order to protect me? You can be anything and still be strong. Like Papa, right?” “No, you’re clumsy.”
Jungkook burst into a soft laugh when he heard that. He ruffled Jeongsan’s hair and opened the take-out dinner he bought. His heart cracked at the sight of Jeongsan’s twinkling eyes.
“Woahh, we’re so rich! This is so many, Papa!” Jeongsan says. Two chickens, dumpling soup and kimbap?! “Thank you for the yummy dinner, papa,” “Anything for you, Sannie,” Jungkook smiled, kissing his forehead.
“Tomorrow’s Sunday. Wanna walk around the park? We’ll buy ice cream?” “Okay!” Jungkook kissed his cheeks one last time before he entered the bathroom. Once he entered, he dropped the facade as his body gave up, his hands holding onto the sink so as to not fall.
Cw // major character injury . . He raised his shirt and shoved his palm to cover his mouth when the pain almost made him yell. A big bruise is covering almost the whole side of his stomach, down to his pelvis. The ache in his bones felt like it’s swelling on the inside.
He recalled what happened today. His boss got pissed off at him for being too pushy about his salary, resulting in a black eye in his face. His face ached a lot, as well as his head from the impact.
He was so dizzy on his way home because of the punch that he almost got run over by a car. Luckily, he didn’t, but his sides were bumped a little bit too strong, causing a big bruise to form as well.
Hecovered his mouth as he cried, his whole body shivering as his eyes looked at his body through the cracked mirror in the small bathroom, shame enveloping him.
Gone was the omega that Alphas used to chase. Now, even when he’s limping with a black eye, nobody bats an eye.
Gone was the omega who lives in luxury and comfort. Now, even if he split his body in half to work all day, he cannot even afford to bring comfort to his son.
Gone was the Jungkook that he knew. All the beauty and respect that he has, vanished right before his eyes. Now, all that he sees is a poor, unloved omega; bruised and penniless.
The world that treasured him the most back then was the same world who turned their back and kicked him to filth. It’s truly cruel for omegas like him— especially omegas who are mateless but with a child.
The harsh reality of the world did not just kick him in the face. It beated him, pushed him down over and over again just when he thought he’s going to see a little bit of light.
Only God knows what he went through, and what he had to do, to even bring his son a blanket to cover his body, and how they both made it this far.
“Papa?” “Yes?” Jungkook answers, trying not to sound too pained. His back suddenly straightened when he picked numerous scents luring around their apartment. His heartbeat tripled in fear as he ran out of the bathroom.
“I think someone’s outside, papa,” “Me too, sweetheart.” Jungkook says. “Wait here, papa will check.” Jungkook crawled towards the window. He peaked at the small gaps of the wooden covers and saw some mysterious men in front of their front door.
Jungkook’s body seemed to freeze as he saw guns in their holster. “Are you sure this is the house?” “I doubt this is where Jeon’s son lives. ‘S fucking small! Lee might have been mistaken!” “Just fucking bust the door down.”
Jungkook’s soul almost left his body. Fuck, who are they? Why are they looking for him? His mind went haywire in fear. He crawled back and grabbed his son’s hand.
“Jeongsan, listen to me.” Jungkook says, his shaky hands cupping the cheeks of his son. “We have to go somewhere, okay? Hop on papa’s back, come on.” “What’s happening?” Jeongsan asked with wide, frightened eyes.
“I don’t even know, baby. But we have to go. Hold onto papa, do not ever let go, do you understand, Jeongsan?” Jungkook asked and his son nodded, hopping on his father’s back.
Jungkook silently ran upstairs and went to their room. He locked it and immediately opened the window. He didn’t know what’s taking those men too long to make a move but he’s thankful for the little bit of time he got.
He knew someday this is going to be handy. He and Jeongsan love to watch the stars on their roof, and so it’s going to be easy for them to escape now.
“Hold tighter.” Jungkook said and he raised his son on his back. He felt how Jeongsan buried his face on his nape, and Jungkook almost cried at the fear radiating from his pup. “We’re going to be okay, Sannie. Just hold on to me.”
He gathered whatever strength he got and carried Jeongsan on his back. He wouldn’t risk making his son jump through the roofs of their neighborhood. He’s too small yet.
“Just one more, Sannie. And then we’ll go down and walk to the station, okay?” Jungkook says, skipping through the roofs of his neighbours. It’s no longer bizarre for their district to have people jumping through their roofs.
Jungkook jumped down on the ground, followed by Jeongsan who jumped as Jungkook catched him. Jungkook held his small hand and they both scurried away. The omega is already seeing the bus station. But then the scents came back.
“There’s the son of Jeon!” A man yelled. Jungkook didn’t know how they recognized him right away but he started to run, grabbing Jeongsan’s hands as they turned into an alley. “San, shift!”
A small white wolf appeared in an instant, with his little limbs running alongside his father. Jungkook followed after as Snow ripped his way out of Jungkook to protect his pup, his snout pushing on San’s bottom to tell him to be quick.
They turned into countless alleys, both have memorized their district which is an advantage to confuse the men who are after them. Fear crawled his body as the men shifted as well, hearing their howls in the distance.
Snow isn’t as strong as he was before, and Jungkook’s strength is faltering as well. His limbs feel sore, and the pain in his pelvis and sides are continuously throbbing.
He howled as well, asking for help even just for the sake of his pup. He pushed his snout forward and went under the wolf’s legs. Jeongsan must be tired already as he immediately climbed on his father’s back again.
Snow cried in distress as Jungkook’s strength was slowly draining. Their pace is going slow. If Jungkook faints, Snow isn’t sure if he’d last long either, both of them are so relatively weak.
His pain morphed into a ball of anger, sending waves of cries to someone who he knew would help him. It’s impossible, he knows, since the human mate of theirs had learned to completely block their bond but he has to try.
‘Help us, V. We need you,’
A sudden wave of extremely vulnerable pain knocked the true blooded Alpha’s chest, resulting in his limbs buckling and going weak. It’s like a thunderbolt of lightning electrifying every fiber of his being.
“Taehyung?” Jimin calls, seeing how Taehyung gapes and clutches on his chest with tears brimming in his eyes. He left the /files/ that he was about to show to Taehyung and went to him. “What’s happening?”
Taehyung’s eyes shift from black to red repeatedly, showing how even V was affected by the sudden burst of overwhelming pain. His mind couldn’t grasp what’s happening. It cannot be. How is this possible?
How did they manage to open the bond that Taehyung himself blocked?
There’s no time asking for useless questions as he grabbed Jimin’s arm. His eyes were bleeding with unexplainable emotion, and Jimin himself swore that those tears in Taehyung’s darkening eyes were real.
“I need you to drive me somewhere. This instant, go.” Taehyung says, his voice is too grim and sinister, it almost scares Jimin. “Do we need to gather the men–”
“No,” Taehyung says, a venomous smile painting his face. Jimin shivers at the sight. Taehyung’s eyes turn red even when he’s in his human form and this could only mean both Taehyung and V are in control.
The bond that Taehyung had buried and kept suppressed for so long had been opened like a floodgate. The emotions that he feels now are pouring from the other side of the bond, and this is why Taehyung hates it. This is why Taehyung blocked it.
Because he knew, if he ever felt those emotions again from the other side of the bond, one more fucking time he feels it— this will happen.
Before he knew it, he’s running right where the bond is pulling him, right where his mate is.
And just like what Taehyung had expected, the line between him and V is growing faint, and the impulse to find his mate isn’t coming from V alone, but his as well. ‘Thank you for letting me in,’ Snow says. ‘I’m coming,’ they answered.
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“You told me I’d drive!” Jimin growled, “You’re going to get us killed,” he added, his own heart racing with how fast they’re going.
Jimin gave up and only braced himself since Taehyung seems to be lost in his own insanity. His eyes are still flaring red and a menacing smile is stretched into his lips. It would terrify Jimin if he personally doesn’t know the Alpha.
Taehyung ignored every word raised by the other Alpha, having no damn care about whatever he’d say. His mind focused on the bond; following where it’s pulling him.
V has been clawing his way out, wanting to fully take over the moment Snow’s call invaded his mind, but fuck him. He won't let him do this.
He could feel every bit of Jungkook; even the ache he's experiencing, and almost could hear his laboured breath. The stench of pain is too heavy to bear, it’s making his hands itch to kill. Whoever caused this pain he’s sensing from Jungkook would enjoy their death very well.
Jimin almost toppled as Taehyung abruptly stopped, getting out of the car without a word. He immediately followed the true blooded who opened the trunk and got himself a gun and a knife.
Jimin grabbed his hand, “What the fuck is happening,” he asked, stopping Taehyung. “Are we raiding a gang? Do I have to call for a back-up–”
“Tell me where you are exactly.” Taehyung suddenly said and Jimin’s confusion only doubled. Who’s he talking to? Where the fuck are they and what is happening? “Let me in, Jungkook, I need to know where you are.”
“Jungkook?” Jimin spoke, his breath almost stopping. “Why? What’s happening to him? To Jeongs“–” he halted when he felt the cold mouth of the gun in his head.
“Quit asking questions and follow me,” Taehyung snarled. Jimin couldn’t help but to follow as he catched the gun from Taehyung, who started to lead the way.
‘Keep hiding,’ V says, knowing their mate would hear it. Taehyung feels they’re now near, and he has to find them fast to be saved. The nearer they get, the stronger he feels Jungkook.
As he turned to an alley, he saw three wolves who seemed to be finding something, or someone. Taehyung’s eyes sharpened at the cloth by the wolf’s feet, getting a whiff of Jungkook’s scent. ‘It’s them..’ Snow says through the bond.
“You.” Taehyung growled, eyes trained at the wolf where Jungkook’s scent is the strongest. He raised his gun and shot the wolf right on the head in an instant. The two wolves jumped away in surprise and fear. “You pathetic scums,” he snarled with a laugh.
The other wolf started to charge at Taehyung but Jimin had already shot the wolf in one of his limbs, making him fall on the ground. “Keep him alive,” Taehyung said before he started to walk towards the last remaining wolf.
The last wolf pathetically howls which made Taehyung laugh, his eyes glowing redder in the dark alley. This seems to scare the wolf even further when he howled one more time while slowly walking back.
“Shift.” Taehyung commands, pointing the gun at him. A terrified whine escaped from the wolf before he submits. Just when the man was going to stand, he toppled on the ground as Taehyung buried a knife in his shoulder.
“I will get back to you later.” Taehyung said, his eyes shifting towards Jimin who understood what he meant and started to drag the naked man. The trueblood snickered at his cries, enjoying the pained look on his face.
His eyes caught sight of the cloth on the ground, his anger flaring even more knowing they possessed something with Jungkook’s scent. His mind ran through all the things he could do to those two wolves.
“Where are you?” Taehyung asked, knowing either Jungkook and Snow would hear him. They’re just nearby, but his eyes seem to not see them yet. He stopped walking when he could no longer feel anything on the other side of the bond.
“Jungkook?” He called again. Why are they not responding?
“Papa!” a wail startled Taehyung and he turned his head towards the dark part of the alley where he heard the cry of a kid. He caught sight of a movement, and saw Jimin coming out of the dark, his face pale. “Taehyung!”
He started to walk. And as he gets closer, the stronger he feels Jungkook again.
The darkness of the alley didn’t help him to see better. But the first thing he sees as he kneeled down is a little boy, who seems to be holding onto a huge figure— which carries the scent of Jungkook.
Jungkook? “H-help my papa!” The child spoke, his cries were hushed when Jimin held him close to him. “No, no, don’t take me away!”
“You’re carrying Jungkook’s scent.” Taehyung said. “And mine.” His eyes shifted to Jimin, remembering that he called the kid with a name, and he must have the answer that he badly wants to know right now.
“Jungkook fainted, we have to help him first.” Jimin says, pulling Jeongsan and carrying him in his arms. Taehyung’s attention went back to the sleeping form and leaned down to carry him.
He stopped when his hands felt something odd. He’s in his wolf form, that he knows. But why does he feel different? Where is his fur?
Taehyung’s chest tightens as he pulls the wolf close to his body, confusion and fear enveloping his mind as he indeed cannot feel his fur. V himself is going insane inside him from the unfamiliar form of Snow.
He stood up and carried the wolf in his arms, and his knees buckled in surprise when the light finally revealed the wolf in his hands. Jimin gasped in horror.
His whole fur has been shaved; leaving the wolf skin bare with nothing to coat him. The bones in his limbs protrude, thin in a very unhealthy way.
“W-what–” “Let’s go.” Taehyung said, striding fast towards the car with Snow sleeping deeply in his arms. Jimin shivered, frightened at how emotionless Taehyung’s face was now. He held Jeongsan close to his body and followed Taehyung.
“Is papa going to be ok?” “He will be. Both of you.” Jimin answered, eyes focused on the true blooded Alpha who’s now carrying his supposed ex-mate in his arms. ‘You father will make sure of that.’
The laughter and conversation halted when the front door burst open, revealing their leader carrying a wolf that had them baffling where the trueblood had found it. It looks odd; his fur is shaven.
“Call Seokjin.” He commands, but no one makes a move in confusion. He snarled, “I said call the doctor. NOW!”
This seems to get their attention as his men scrambled to get away and call the gang’s doctor. Taehyung started to walk towards the clinic, followed by Jimin who’s carrying a sleeping Jeongsan.
Taehyung put the wolf in the bed, his hands gripping tightly in the railings as his eyes never left the face of the wolf; which he barely recognizes. He grits his teeth and looks up, “Seokjin!”
His terrifying yell made the others terrified, immediately thanking the heavens when Jin went down the stairs with confusion in his face. Taehyung watched how the older entered the clinic and how his eyes widened.
“Oh no… what happened to this wolf…” Jin asked, his eyes scanning the pitiful wolf. He drew his palms on the wolf’s skin and frowned at their situation.
“Check everything, Jin. Find what’s wrong with him– anything. Check it and report them to me. I need to know everything.” Taehyung commands. “Check the health of the kid as well.”
Jin shifted his gaze and now noticed a sleeping little boy in Jimin’s arms. Jin’s heart ached at the boy and at the wolf; both knocked out of sleep. Whatever happened to them must have been heavy.
“Jimin, cover the wolf in a blanket. I’ll be able to examine them better in their human form,” Jin says, turning around to fill a syringe with some medication to turn the wolf into human.
Taehyung quietly moved aside, eyes still trained on the wolf. V is quiet as well, waiting to know everything. Jin injected the substance in Snow’s neck and very quickly, the form morphed and changed into a human.
Jin turned him around, on his back. He moved aside the long, black locks and their breath hitched when they saw a dark bruise covering one of his eyes. Aside from this, just like his wolf form, he’s all bones. Very unhealthy.
“God, where did you find him, Taehyung?” Jin asked, pitying the sleeping omega. “I’m sorry, but I need to check him on my own. I advise you two to leave us first.” “No.” Taehyung answered.
“But Taehyung, I have to check for further injuries. I have to see his whole-being and I won’t do that with you both here.” “I said no. I’m staying here.” “Tae–”
“You cannot fight me with this, Seokjin. Now shut up and do your job.” “Can you please not be fucking stubborn this time–” “For the last fucking time, Jin, I won’t–”
“Taehyung!” Jimin yelled, his voice pleading the Alpha which made Taehyung look at him, snarling. “Let him do his job. He will take care of Jungkook.” Taehyung snickered. “I want to know what happened!”
“If you really want to know, you will come with me.” Jimin replied, nodding his head when Taehyung looked at him in question. “Everything. I got it. Every little bit. From the past five years, Taehyung. I got everything.”
“Now, let Seokjin help Jungkook and Jeongsan. They’ll be okay.” Jimin said. Taehyung looked at him for a few more seconds before he nodded, standing up and following Jimin.
“Jin hyung, I’ll send a copy of his records. It’ll help you understand.” Jimin says, nodding his head when Jin thanked him. As they reached Taehyung’s office, he saw Jimin picking up an envelope on the floor. His hands reached for it when Jimin gave it to him.
“I told you, I’d look for him,” Jimin says. “And… and I was supposed to give this to you earlier but ‘this’ happened and I,” he chuckled frustratedly. “Fuck, just read them. I’ll be in the other room.” When he was finally left alone, everything settled in his mind.
His mate, who he had never thought of seeing again, who he swore to never meet again, reached out to him tonight, after five years.
And the scene that he witnessed, and the pain and fear that he felt from him might be one of the occurrences that he never wants to experience again. They’re so loud. So strong. So painful. So broken.
Without any second thought, he opened the envelope.
The first thing he sees are pictures. Jungkook’s images taken from afar, and this must be included in his first profile when Taehyung’s clan took interest in Jeons way before he met Jungkook.
This could be months before he met Jungkook, since this is exactly how he looks like when everything happened five years ago. His shiny, brown locks and glowing, healthy face— he remembers it all.
He saw more pictures of him, some of them were maybe five years ago as well and only one was recent. Taehyung picked it up and stared at it, a lump forming in his throat. How did he become like this?
From all the pictures he had seen, this is the only one that showed how his life drastically changed. There was no glow in his eyes, his cheeks had sunken; his plump and healthy body had gone thin, the sweater he’s wearing had swallowed his small body.
He set aside the pictures to read everything that Jimin had found. It is filled with phone messages, transactions and records. Taehyung’s eyes were getting darker the more he read them all.
The first is Jeon Jihyuk’s messages to Jungkook; taking Jungkook’s inheritance and taking every bit of his fortune. He had kicked the omega out with nothing but himself. And none of his so-called family had helped him.
Taehyung’s knuckles were turning white with how hard he’s clenching his fist. If only he could drag the Jeons’ bodies back, he will kill them all over again, maim them, strip them with every fortune they took from Jungkook.
Second is the Lee’s transactions. Every workplace that Jungkook had applied rejected him due to Lee’s power. None of them had accepted him because they bribed them in revenge for ruining their reputation with the failed wedding.
A sinister smile crawled in his face. The family of Lee will enjoy Taehyung’s plans for sure. He will play with them, especially Lee Chae-woo, the fucking chairman. He’s going to drag their death and make them all pay.
A brand of famous coats and bags were included, and Taehyung’s hands wanted to mutilate someone. A phone messages were exchanged— between Jungkook and an employee. Jungkook had applied for work, but they declined.
They instead bribed him with a huge amount of money in exchange for his white fur.
V was trembling in anger. They ruined Snow, they hurt and took his fur. They took their mate’s fur. And both him and Taehyung will burn every little piece of their precious fortune including them all.
The next files were Jungkook’s expenses. He knew this wasn’t everything, but Jimin surely captured the important transactions he made. The first thing he saw was a hospital admission, four years ago. It’s the day when he laboured and gave birth.
Taehyung’s eyes were stinging as he read the words over and over again. The date, the time, the sex of the child— the name. Jeongsan. Jeon Jeongsan was his name.
A picture was included in the hospital’s record, and the newborn Jeongsan was in it. Taehyung’s fingers grazed over the photo, seeing how the little pup is sleeping soundly; so round and healthy.
And his face. Fuck. Taehyung had to close his eyes and rest his face in his palms because they look alike. A fucking lot, God.
“Boss,” Taehyung raised his head and saw Min-hee by the door, a small smile on his face. “I…I saw him in the clinic. You found him?”
“I did.” Taehyung answered, laughing pathetically at his response. It was the other way around, wasn't it? Because the truth is, Jungkook found him. Him and Snow found a way to reach him. “Min-hee..” “Boss?”
“When they wake up,” Taehyung looked away. “Send them to a good house and give them everything they’ll need. Send them money, give him a job, tell… tell him to send his kid to a nice school. Make sure that they will be guarded 24/7,” “Yes, boss–”
“What?” Jimin marched his way towards him. Min-hee's eyes widened when Jimin grabbed Taehyung's collar. "You're kicking them out?" Taehyung glared at him. "That's not what I'm doing."
"It is, Taehyung. You cannot stand them being here so you're sending them away, fuck you." Jimin spoke. "Oh, so you're no different from those people who abandoned them, huh?"
Taehyung's ears rang at what Jimin had said and he grabbed him by his collar as well. "Do not fucking compare me to those animals." "Then do better! They were kicked out and left alone enough in their lives, you cannot possibly do that to them again!"
"That is why I'm going to give them everything they'll need to not experience what they've gone through again. "If you have problems with my decision, you know your way out. I'm done talking about this."
"No. We are not!" Jimin said. "Look at them, Tae. They need us, and they need you the most. You cannot just give them everything they'll need and leave them alone again,"
"What they need is beyond material things. They need care and love, something that no one had shown them for so long." Jimin looked at him. "Only you can give that. Only you can be a father to Jeongsan, and mate to Jungkook."
A laugh escaped Taehyung’s mouth, eyes looking at Jimin, unbelieving. “Do you really think I can give them all that?” He pointed at himself, eyes blown wide. “Me? Out of all people?”
Jimin’s eyes soften at the obvious meaning of Taehyung’s words, that he does not trust himself with emotions that he’s not accustomed to. Emotions like love and care.
They’re the most common feelings yet, it’s the hardest and strangest for Taehyung. And Jimin’s heart breaks for his best friend. “Taehyung…”
“Look me in the eyes and tell me, Jimin. When have I ever been capable of doing that? When have I ever been capable of having those… those feelings? This,” he pointed at his chest. “This is rotten. This does not even know how to be good. This does not even know mercy.”
“How could you trust them to me, who has a rotten heart that doesn't know care, let alone love?” Taehyung said, shaking his head. “I’m not the person that they need, Park. The least that they’ll want is for another heartless man to enter their lives.”
“You’re not heartless, Taehyung.” Jimin replied. “You may not know how to love, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart. You do, and if there’s anyone who knows it the most, it’s me.”
“We’ve been through hell and back, Taehyung. And I’ve seen… I’ve seen you.” Taehyung looked at him, his eyes softening a bit at his best friend. “I’ve seen your heart, and I’ve also seen how it turned cold.”
“It is not rotten, Taehyung. Despite everything you’ve been through, it never rotted.” Jimin says. “The fact that you saved Jungkook and Jeongsan today just means you’re not heartless.”
“Snow wouldn’t call you either if he knew the man that he’s calling is heartless.” Jimin smiled a little.
Taehyung looked away. How could Jimin say that he has a heart after all the people he killed, he maimed, and mutilated right before him? Whatever heart he had seen, it’s long gone. He’s all just rotten heart, and rotten soul.
“I believe you’re wrong.” Taehyung says, raising his gaze up to Jimin. “Nothing has been left inside anymore. It’s all just anger, and with it, emptiness.” “Anger can be good, Taehyung.”
“Anger can only hurt and /will hurt/. Nothing is good with it.” “But anger can save too. Anger can… can love too,” Taehyung laughed mockingly at that. He had enough. He had enough of Jimin’s bullshit and wordplay. He stood up.
Jimin grabbed his arm. “You are not listening to me, Taehyung.” Taehyung yanked his hands and turned to him. “No, /you’re/ the one who’s not listening!” he said. “Stop fucking me over with your bullshit! Look at me– fucking look at me, Jimin. These hands?”
He raised his hands in front of Jimin and laughed unbelievably. “These dirty, murderous hands only knows blood and you really think they should be anywhere near me?” Taehyung says. “If there’s anything I can do for them, it is for me to stay the fuck away.”
He turned his back from Jimin and stormed off. He had enough of talking, Jimin wouldn’t understand shit anyway. “Where are you going now?” Jimin asked, sighing his annoyance when Taehyung gathered his knife and gun once again, loading it with another set of bullets.
“Where were the two wolves earlier?” Taehyung asked, adding two more magazines of bullets with him. “Already in the basement, probably wishing for death.” Jimin snickered. “Tae, where the fuck are you going? We’re still talking.”
“Save your thoughts for now, Park. I need to go. Don’t touch the two, I will deal with them later.” Taehyung said, his gun already hanging on his holster. “V has been whining like a bitch.”
“What does that mean?” Jimin frowned. “Where are you going? Tae, they’ll need you here when they wake up.”
“Will they really,” Taehyung chuckled. Did Jimin not even listen to anything he said? “Call me then. I’m heading to Lee’s for now.”
“The reporters are probably getting bored with Jeon's case. I’ll give them something to play with.” Taehyung smiled, with V’s presence making it known when Taehyung’s eyes flared red again.
Jimin let out a tired huff of breath before he went out, calling two of their gangmates on his way. “Follow our boss, ensure his protection. If something happens to him, you’ll take those two’s pace in the basement instead. Understood?” they nodded. “Go.”
He entered the clinic when he noticed it wasn't locked anymore. The sight of a sleeping Jeongsan was the first thing he saw, and then a sleeping Jungkook, now dressed decently.
“Hey,” Jin greets, sighing tiredly as he removes his gloves and sits at a chair. “Where’s Taehyung?” “Out,” Jimin shrugs. “How are they?”
“Well, I cannot conclude anything or give any diagnosis since they’re both asleep. All I did for now is to check their heart rate– which is normal, and treat some bruises on his body,” Jin said, referring to Jungkook.
“He has a huge blunt force trauma at the side of his stomach. He may have run into a minor accident recently based on how fresh the bruise is but the good thing is, it’s nothing too severe and it's the only injury I’ve found, including the bruising in his eyes.”
“A big blunt trauma? Can you tell where it came from, was it physical assault?” Jimin asked.
“No, it looks like he got it from an impactful strike, possibly from a minor accident since the area is at the side of his stomach down to his waist, doesn’t look like it came from someone." Jin says.
"Both of the bruises are fresh, so I'll leave the ointment here. I've already applied it on his side, he needs to apply it again to reduce the bruising.” Jin sighed.
“I would need to talk to him once he wakes up. I would like to run a physical examination on him just to be sure, but if he only agrees, of course.”
“The child seems to be healthy, but it would be good if I can check-up on him too. The man, on the other hand, may have needed it. Is he an omega? Was this his son, Jimin?”
It’s his and Taehyung’s son, actually. But it wasn’t his story to tell. “Yes, Jungkook is an omega and that’s his son, Jeongsan.” “Hm, and how are they related to Taehyung?” “I’m not answering that.”
“The guys came to my room and yelled that Taehyung needs me, I thought something happened to him with how pale their face was,” Jin snickered.
“I’ll give you their files. I made a profile for them and Jin, I agree with you. Please run an examination. They went through a lot.” Jimin said. “Remember the business of the Im’s? Where they supply skin and fur for their luxurious bags and clothes?”
“Jungkook was a victim of their scheme. They offered him money for his fur, that’s why his wolf is shaven. Fucking animals,” Jimin said. “I’m waiting for Taehyung’s instructions for now about what we’ll do to them.”
“If I were Taehyung, I would come for the buyers as well. No one would sell, if no one would be willing to buy,” Jin says. “Alas, I’ll leave you here now. I’m so fucking sleepy.”
“Thank you, Jin. I’ll tell everything to Taehyung, and will make sure they’re going to be okay.” Jimin says and watches him leave. He sighs and continued to watch Jeongsan and Jungkook, mind running where the fuck is Taehyung right now.
Cw // descriptive depiction of violence, drugging . . . Kindly skip if uncomfortable. The following parts will contain violence and death (minor character)
“Open it,” Taehyung says and his men, Jungwon and Jay bust the door open. He immediately entered the luxurious house and made his way upstairs. Jungwon shot the maid who was about to stop them.
The Lee family must be so fond of white. And V is already liking it so far, excited to see the white walls painted with blood. It would be an incredible art, wouldn’t it?
He opened a door and saw the Lee couple sleeping. He walked silently, Taehyung’s eyes were blazing in the dark. Jay followed him with a syringe and gave it to him.
Taehyung crouched down and injected the substance on Chae-woo’s arm. The numbing pain immediately alerted the sleeping man and his eyes shot open.
“Shh shh, chairman. You’ll wake up your sweetheart,” Taehyung says, a sinister grin stretched in his mouth. “Get up, we’ll have fun.” The scared man tried to move his legs but a pain is numbing his arm, he cannot put strength in it to stand.
“Oh, right. Does your arms hurt? Well then, I can help you, chairman Lee.” Taehyung smiled, and then held a fistful of Chae-woo’s hair before he pulled him out of the bed.
The thud of his body was loud, but Jungwon was already at the madame’s side, injecting her a serum to knock her out totally in sleep. Taehyung dragged the man across the room, along the hallways and down the stairs.
He was enjoying the useless thrashing of the man and the way his yells are starting to reduce into cries.
He pushed him to the couch and Taehyung put a foot right in his chest. He smiled at the tears in his eyes. “The serum feels fantastic, don’t you think? It will attack your muscles and make them numb. And it’s going to travel fast, down to your legs and up to your head.”
“In ten minutes, you won’t be able to move, to talk, to blink and to breathe.” Taehyung hums. “But we can change that if you’re going to be good and answer my questions. I will give you the antidote once I’m satisfied. Are we clear?”
“Y-yes, yes! Anything!” “The Jeons. Why did you kill them?” The man’s eyes widened. “I-I just,” Taehyung pushed his foot harder on Chae-woo’s chest. “They ruined me! T-they made us a laughing stock when their omega son whore himself and got knocked up–”
His head flew to the side when Taehyung slapped him with the back of his hand. The smack was so loud, it ringed painfully in Chae-woo’s ears. He hadn't recovered from the slap when Taehyung pulled his hair up.
“You will address him properly.” Taehyung says and Chae-woo nodded pitifully, cowering in fear with how the true blooded’s eyes keep changing from black to red. “So that’s it? You killed them because of what happened five years ago?”
“That family blamed us for what happened! Called a press conference and–and sent interviews about us being abusive towards their son when we haven’t even met the omega!” Chae-woo confessed. “Our company suffered for years, until now! Because of what the Jeons did!”
“And tonight, you hired three pathetic goons to kill the omega?” Taehyung asked and once again slapped his face. “Hm?”
“No no, I just– I just want to scare him! He wasn’t part of the doings of the Jeons afterall, so I really have no deep grudge on him or on his son!” Chae-woo panicked. “I can’t feel half of my body!”
“Is that so? So if you don’t have any grudge towards him,” Taehyung pulled his hair up and leaned towards his face. “Then why do you sabotage his work applications?” “W-what– how–” “Answer me!”
“I just want to!” Chae-woo said. “I just want him to suffer, t-that’s it! When he fucked up and got pregnant, he was only kicked out! But us? We suffered, our business did!”
A laugh escaped from Taehyung’s mouth, but it only made Chae-woo scared even further. The trueblooded’s eyes were completely red at this point. The smile on his face is close to being lunatic.
A yelp of pain erupted in Chae-woo’s lips as Taehyung pulled him on his collar. “So you’re telling me,” he threw him to the floor and kneeled a knee on top of his neck. “He and his son suffered for five years just because you’re being a petty bitch?”
“S-sorry! It’s just–” “Oh no, no, no, I’m not asking you to speak now. I’ve got everything I need.” Taehyung says, standing up to kick his face. Chae-woo cannot defend himself now that he cannot move both of his arms, the drug has travelled so fast.
“C-can’t, my arms! The antidote–ah!” Taehyung kicked him again. “You don’t deserve it, Chae-woo. You’re going to die!” Taehyung laughed, kicking him again. “If you can be a petty bitch, why can’t I?” he grinned, getting the antidote from Jay.
Chae-woo cried as Taehyung placed the antidote on the floor, just an arm away from him. “This,” Taehyung smiled menacingly at him. “Is how it’s going to be,"
"You’re going to die with the antidote right in front of your face. You won’t be able to reach, you won't be able to touch. You’re just going to look at it until you can no longer breathe.” Jungwon and Jay looked at each other, horrified with how merciless their boss can be.
They both watched how Taeyung sat right in front of him and watched how the man slowly got consumed by the drug. Until he can no longer move, and there’s no longer sound coming from his mouth. His eyes stopped blinking some time after.
Taehyung chuckled when Chae-woo didn’t respond when he moved him by his foot. Chae-woo’s dead. “Let’s go.” Taehyung said. “Leave the wife. Let her see our surprise.” He laughed again. He crushed the antidote’s bottle with his shoes and went out of the house.
“Find his son and bring him to me. I expect to see him in the basement soon, do you understand?” The two nodded and were surprised when Taehyung placed a bunch of money in front of him. “A little treat.”
“Thank you, boss.” they said and Taehyung just hummed. This is just the start. He will come for everyone who hurted Jungkook and Jeongsan. He will make them all pay. He will make them all bleed.
He may not have protected them before, but he will now. They’re going to live in peace and in comfort, and no one will ever get to hurt them again.
He has no plan to take them. His world is too dark, and too dangerous. He cannot be selfish and bring them right where all the real monsters hide. To see them in a good condition and away from the life that they used to live is more than enough for him.
Jimin won’t truly understand his decisions. But he has his own way on how he will be a father to Jeongsan, and a mate to Jungkook. No one can dictate to him how he can protect them.
No one could understand why Jungkook had chosen what he chose, and why he chose what he chose. None of them would understand.
He dragged himself to the clinic and watched them both from the door, never reaching closer.
This is how it’s going to be. He will never leave, but he will not stay either. He’s going to watch over them from now on, and protect them from afar. V had agreed to this, and they're both willing to protect them this way.
Afterall, he may not know how to love, but he knows one thing. And that is how to protect them. The way he wanted five years ago.
“Papa is waking up!” Jungkook felt a pair of small hands on his arm, and he slowly opened his eyes. God, his body is aching. He could almost feel the soreness of his limbs from how much he ran.
“Papa, morning,” Jeongsan says and Jungkook’s hand travelled to cradle his face. He softly smiled. “Good morning.” Jungkook says.
“You’re sick. Uncle Jinnie said papa cannot move yet.” Jeongsan said and Jungkook frowned. Uncle Jinnie? Who’s that? Wait. His eyes travelled towards himself, to the bed where he’s in and to the room. Where the hell are they? What happened when he passed out? Fuck.
“I see you’re awake now.” A man says, entering through the door. Jungkook absentmindedly held Jeongsan close to him. “I’m Doctor Kim, you can call me Seokjin. I’m the resident doctor of Kim’s Creed.” he smiled kindly. Jungkook's body froze. He’s where? Kim’s creed, as in…
“Taehyung wishes to see you as soon as you wake up but–” Jin’s words were cut off as Jungkook started to sit up. “No, no,” Jungkook cuts him. “He doesn’t– we don’t have to meet, w-we better get going–”
“What?” Jin asked, a subtle panic rising within him as Jungkook tried to stand. “Oh, no, please, don’t move too much, just please rest, nothing will happen to you here, Taehyung just wants to talk to you,”
“I’m okay, doctor, you can– you can leave us here now.” Jungkook grabbed Jeongsan, who’s watching the doctor and his father confusedly. “We’ll get going, we’re fine, doc, t-thank you,”
Jungkook tried to stand as fast as he could, ignoring the searing pain in his muscles, as well as the ache at the side of his stomach.
Just the mention of ‘his’ name brings a million emotions in an instant. Just the mention of his name delved memories, with it are the pain, the hopes and maybe the short time that they were still mates.
All these time, and after all that happened, just the mention of his name affects him the same way it does the first and last time that they were together.
And he doesn’t know why he’s here, right where he promised himself to never step foot in, but he has to go. He has to not meet him. He cannot meet him.
And he doesn’t know why he’s here, right where he promised himself to never step foot in, but he has to go. He has to not meet him. He cannot meet him.
“Jungkook, come back, please, Taehyung will arrive soon, and you’re not well yet–” “Papa, where are we going?” Jeongsan asked. “You’re sick!” “We’re fine, Doctor Kim. We can leave, I’m feeling alright, j-just tell Taehyung– tell him that–” “Tell me what?”
Jungkook felt like a bucket of ice had been thrown in his body, and the shiver it brought pierced through every fibre inside. He turned his head and there he saw him, right in front of the door, his eyes directly staring at him. After five long years.
Jungkook’s here again. And he’s in front of Taehyung again.
“Taehyung..” Jungkook whispered only to himself. But the way Taehyung stared at him harder feels like even he had heard it. Jungkook's heart almost toppled out of his chest and Taehyung's eyes travelled to Jeongsan. Oh, God.
"Jungkook." Jungkook looked up as he heard his name coming from Taehyung's lips. "May I talk to you?" “W-why–”
“Please.” Taehyung follows. Jin’s eyebrows raised up to his hairline because what the fuck, how did he never even heard Taehyung say that word? “I’ll be in the office. You can bring your child if you want to.”
Taehyung disappeared as he walked away. Jungkook’s mind was in chaos, his heartbeat pounding in his ears. He felt Jeongsan tugging his hands. “Are you going with Sannie, Papa?”
“Do you want to?” Jungkook asked. “Do you want to meet him, Sannie? If you want, I-I can do that.” Jungkook saw his son shaking his head. “We already met while you’re asleep, papa.” Jeongsan followed, which caught Jungkook off guard. “Mr. Taehyungie is nice.”
“Oh?” Jungkook gasped, sitting in front of his son. His knees were getting weak at those words of Jeongsan. “Mr. Taehyungie?” “Mhm-mhm. He gave me breakfast, papa. They are so rich, they have the yummiest pancake.”
“A-and he was nice?” Jungkook smiled when Jeongsan nodded. “Then you wanna meet him again, Sannie?” “No. Adult talk is boring. I’ll stay with doctor Jin.” Jeongsan giggled. Jungkook looked up to Jin.
“It’s okay, Jungkook. You can leave him here.” Jin says. “And if you’d like, once you come back, can we have a check-up on you and Jeongsan?” “It’s okay,” Jungkook answered. “Thank you, doctor Kim.”
Jungkook walks out of the clinic to go to Taehyung’s office. If his memory is right, he knows where it is. It was afterall the last place he had been, five years ago.
He softly knocked with his shaky hands. Taehyung’s voice followed, telling him to come in. With one last big sigh, he entered. There he is again, in his swivelling chair behind his desk, the way he remembered from years ago, right before he left.
“Jungkook,” “I’m sorry.” Jungkook immediately spoke. “It’s– I don’t know why I’m here, but thank you and I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t–”
“It was Snow.” Taehyung cuts him off. “He was the one who called us, Jungkook.” “H-he did?” Jungkook asked. Fuck, why would he do that? “I’m sorry, I didn’t know–”
“Fuck!” Jungkook’s body jumped in surprise when Taehyung stood and slammed his palms on the desk. “You were fucking dying in a dirty alley and you’ve got no guts to fucking call me?!”
Jungkook scoffed pathetically. “How– how do you expect me to do that? We’ve… you’ve blocked me,” “And it’s my fault that I did? You asked me to but you continuously torture me through the bond just so I could fucking close it myself.”
Jungkook bit his lips in shame. Without knowing, his tears started to fill his eyes and his vision of Taehyung blurs. His cheeks were painted by the very tears he swore he wouldn’t shed for Taehyung.
“You don’t– you don’t fucking know what happened to me when I saw your shaven wolf almost lifeless on the pavement with our child crying for you,” Taehyung seethes. “I was ready to murder every person I’d see, Jungkook. You don’t fucking know!"
Jungkook felt shame striking him to the core. “I don’t know what else I could do if I see you both like this again so please,” Taehyung sighs. “Please, let me help you this time, Jungkook.”
You don’t have to let me in your lives. I won’t ask for anything, I won’t have a say in anything but just let me help you. Please.” Taehyung says. “What I said five years ago, I still mean it.”
“And your answer?” Jungkook asked, eyes battling with how Taehyung stared at him as well. “I mean it too. I still do.” “Just tell me why you want me to stop that day and I will come running back to you.”
Taehyung shook his head and walked towards Jungkook. His hands were shaking to hold him, to bring his hands to dry his tears but he knows he doesn’t deserve it. Something so dirty like his hands cannot hold someone so pure like Jungkook.
“I don’t want you to come back this time. I was selfish that day when I stopped, but now I cannot do that.” Taehyung says. “We’ve got a son.”
“And for you to run back to me, is for him to be dragged down in my world. And that will be the last thing I’d ever want as his father, Jungkook,” Taehyung says, and Jungkook just cried harder.
How could so much emotion resurface like a whiplash? Like a floodgate coming through? Fucking hell, this hurts.
“What I want now is to fulfill what I told you before. To protect you both even from afar. I face a constant danger here and I cannot pull you both from experiencing that, but I still want to make sure you’re both safe.”
“Please, Jungkook. Allow me to do this. I want to help you. You don’t have to include me in your lives, all I want is for you to live in a good condition.”
Jungkook covered his mouth to stop his sobs before he nodded. Taehyung smiled a bit, a faint watery reflection feeling his eyes. “Yes?”
“I.. I see no reason why not to accept it, Taehyung. So yes, it’s–” Jungkook felt like a complete wreck right now. His mind is swirling with so many thoughts but God, he’d take it. Anything for Jeongsan.
“Thank you, Jungkook.” Taehyung says, and Jungkook can’t even believe what the hell he’s thanking him for, but he nodded.
“T-thank you too,” Jungkook spoke, his lips trying to pull a smile this time, and somehow, Taehyung’s sincere nod gave him a sense of comfort.
“You… you should, you should introduce yourself to Jeongsan.” He followed, looking at Taehyung who froze. “It’s not my decision to keep, Taehyung. It’s.. it’s still yours. But just know that anytime you decide to introduce yourself to him, he will let you in.”
“I’m not opposed to your suggestion, Jungkook. It would mean a lot to me and I’m sure to Jeongsan too if we get to know each other. But honestly, even though it’s absurd to admit… I’m not ready for any if yet.”
Jungkook slowly nodded, wanting to show Taehyung that he understands even though of course, it hurts. But it is to be expected.
A family between them has never been a plan, and was never an option in the first place. And Jungkook had made peace with this a long time ago already, and knows exactly Taehyung isn’t looking for any of these relationships.
Taehyung helping him and Jeongsan to start a new life is actually too much already. They were no longer mates, and despite Jeongsan being his son, still, he cannot demand anything more from the Alpha.
It has always been him and Jeongsan all along, and it’s no problem to him if this will remain even after Taehyung and him have met again. He cannot introduce Taehyung to him if his father isn’t ready yet.
The last thing that he’d ever want is to give his son a false hope. He knows Sannie, he’s going to expect a lot from Taehyung and they both might just end up being disappointed in the end.
Jeongsan will look for a father figure, while Taehyung is not ready for that yet. It’s just going to break them both, he thinks.
He smiled at Taehyung and shook his head. “I understand, Taehyung. And I don’t want you to think that I’m expecting you to do this, no. Helping us is actually is too much already.”
Taehyung’s lips curved a bit and he nodded, glad that he and Jungkook were on the same page. He reached for his phone and gave it to Jungkook, which caught the attention of the omega.
“Put your number. I need you to please contact me at all times.” Taehyung says and Jungkook’s eyebrows are raised. “I really meant it when I said I wanted to help.” Jungkook smiled.
He accepted his phone and put his number on the Alpha’s contacts. Taehyung nodded, keeping the phone away. “I’ll go back now. Doctor Kim says he wants to have a check up on me and Jeongsan,”
“Hm, you do that. I’ll settle your new home so you can move as soon as possible. As of now, I have a room prepared beside mine, you can stay there in the meantime.” Taehyung says. "I hope it’s okay with you.”
"It is." Jungkook answers. "Taehyung, thank you. Really. Thank you so much." The omega doesn't know how he can thank Taehyung enough.
Life has been so unkind for him, and to see hope and light, even in the form of his dangerous true blooded ex mate, he'd be forever thankful for such blessing. They didn’t exchange any last words as Taehyung nodded his head, allowing Jungkook to leave now.
Taehyung watched how Jungkook turns to leave, and that's his cue to go as well. He met Jimin on the way. "Where are you dragging me now," Jimin asked, pulling his arm off the Alpha. "Have you talked to Jungkook?"
"Yes. And I need you to call Jung's team. I'll need some men to guard Jungkook and Jeongsan when they transfer." Taehyung says. "I'm going to be busy for the rest of the days so I'll leave you in charge, Park."
"I got it, don't worry." "The two men down in the basement, have someone to kill them already, they’re useless to me now.” Taehyung said. “And I'll need more space as there will be more to come."
Jimin turned to him. "Oh?" "The scums who used Jungkook's fur, they'll be brought to me tonight." Taehyung said, glancing suggestively to his best friend. “Jiminie, we’ll skin some useless beings tonight, are you in?”
Jimin scowled. “You sick fuck.” he softly laughed. “Of course, I’m in.”
Jungkook returned back to the clinic and saw Jeongsan watching some show on the television. He ruffled his hair when he hugged his father’s waist. “Where’s Doctor Jin?”
“Just somewhere.” Jeongsan shrugged. “Are we going home now, papa?” Jungkook smiled slightly and he sat at the bed, enveloping the small pup in his arms. “About our home… no, we won’t come back there, baby.” he starts.
“I don’t want any bad guys to bother us again so we won’t return there.” “Then where are we going to live?” Jeongsan frowned. “Do you want to live on the street, papa?”
“What,” Jungkook jokingly rolled his eyes, pinching his arm. “Of course, we’re not living on the street, Sannie, why would you think I’d allow that, huh?”
“Well, Mr. Taehyungie wanted to help us, Sannie. He will give us a new home.” Jungkook smiled, seeing Jeongsan’s wide eyes. “Yes, pup, a new home. Would you like that?”
“Wow…” Jeongsan says. “Mr. Taehyungie is nice, papa. You should be friends.” Jungkook laughed, covering his mouth. “What?”
“Hm, I like Mr. Tae, papa. He gave me pancakes and gave us a new house. He’s very nice, right? I will befriend him and will introduce you, don’t worry. We can all be friends in the end.”
“That’s nice, baby.” Jungkook smiled. They both turned as Jin entered the room, a tray of food in his hand. “Hello, doctor Kim.”
“Hello, Jungkook, Jeongsan. We shall start our whole body check-up with Sannie, alright? Have some breakfast first, Jungkook.” Jin said.
“These are what we’re going to do. We’ll check for Jeongsan’s height and weight and see if it’s appropriate for his age. We’ll run an ECG to see the health of his heart. Eye and Ears test just to be sure he can see and hear normally, and a chest x-ray as well,”
“That’s what we’re going to do to you, Jungkook. And don’t worry, everything is already covered.” Jin says. “Shall we start?”
Jungkook watched the whole process, also assuring his son when he grew nervous at the tools and machines that are new to him. So far, his weight and height are good with his age. The results for ECG and x-rays will have to be awaited.
Jungkook soon followed, and his results so far showed he’s underweight, but he’s not as unhealthy as they thought he’d be. The lab results will take a few days to be examined.
Taehyung entered the room along the way, taking Jeongsan’s attention to him. Sannie smiled at him from Jungkook’s lap, as he snuggled to his father as they listened to Jin.
Taehyung entered the room along the way, taking Jeongsan’s attention to him. Sannie smiled at him from Jungkook’s lap, as he snuggled to his father as they listened to Jin.
“You’re just in time, Taehyung.” Jin says. “We’re discussing the results and the diet plan that I would like to recommend to Jungkook. He’s underweight, unlike Jeongsan; perfectly healthy.” Taehyung hummed in understanding as he stood behind the omega, listening intently.
“Here are a few supplements and vitamins for you, Jungkook. Be mindful of how many times you should take them in a day. Soon, you’ll be healthy, just eat well and don’t forget to take these,” Jungkook nodded obediently as he received the prescription.
“Can I see?” Taehyung asked behind him and Jungkook gave it. “Here’s some vitamins for Jeongsan as well. For his growth and bones, as well for immune system. Do you like drinking milk, Sannie? I will be recommending a good brand of milk for growing kids.”
“Give me a copy of this, Jin. I’ll buy them.” Taehyung says and his eyes meet Jungkook’s. “You’ll have them tonight.”
Jungkook's cheeks burned, endeared. All he could utter was his words of gratitude as he took his eyes off Taehyung, now focusing his attention on Jin as he remembered a specific question.
“I have a question… about my wolf..” Jungkook spoke. “Will my fur grow again? It’s been five years as well but it hasn’t come back,” Jin looked at him. “What did you say?” he asked, his eyes also looking up to Taehyung. “Are you saying that it was not recent?”
“All wolf’s fur grows back. It’s impossible if… five years? It hasn’t grown back?” Jin asked confusedly. “This is beyond my specialty, you see. But we’ll have answers, of course.” “But it will grow back. Right?” Taehyung cuts him.
“Yes. Of course. We’ll have to consult a specialist but I'm certain it'll go back." Jin says. "I'll set an appointment now so you can visit this weekend. What do you say?" "It's okay," Jungkook nodded. "Thank you, doctor Kim."
"Ah, you're too formal, Jungkook. Jin hyung is fine," Jin says, standing up and taking off his stethoscope. "And we're done. I'll send the x-ray results this weekend."
Jungkook and Jeongsan thanked him as Taehyung did the same to Jin. He waits as the Alpha finishes his talk, sensing that Taehyung will talk to him as well.
Taehyung turns to him. "I've found a good house just around the district. In two days, you and Jeongsan can move in after all the furniture is placed."
"Thank you, Mr. Taehyungie," Jeongsan says, bowing respectfully. "When we move in, please visit. Papa cooks the best." “Really, now?” Jungkook smiled at Sannie as he held his hand. “Thank you, Taehyung. We’ll move as soon as the house is okay.”
Taehyung hummed in agreement, opening the door as they all went out of the clinic. The Alpha reached for Jungkook’s hand and placed a key in his palm. “Here is the key to the room next to mine, you both can rest now. There are clothes in the cabinet, feel free to use anything,”
Jungkook settled into nodding his head, noting to himself how much he already thanked the Alpha in a day. He followed Taehyung upstairs, holding Jeongsan’s hands who’s curious eyes wander everywhere.
Jungkook’s eyes drifted to a room that he remembers well; the trueblood's bedroom from five years ago. He took his eyes off the door next to their supposed room and focused once again on Taehyung.
He was surprised to see Taehyung was looking at him as well, as if waiting for him to take his eyes off his room— where they also mated years ago. Embarrassment filled Jungkook’s skin and he cleared his throat.
“Can we go in?” Taehyung hummed and walked back, allowing Jungkook and Jeongsan to enter the room. Jeongsan mumbled a thank you before he ran off, excited to go in. They both watched the joyous pup.
“Jungkook,” Taehyung says, holding onto the doorknob. “I will call you both later at dinner. And I will need your presence after as I’ll introduce you to the Kim Family.”
“The Kim Clan must know the importance of your safety, as well as Jeongsan. I will talk to them as well tonight. Rest assured that you’ll have nothing to worry about as long as you’re under the Kim’s creed’s protection.”
Jungkook’s heart was hammered in his chest. He’s going to meet the Kim Clan and they’re going to know he’s Taehyung’s ex-mate? And they have a son? He gulped and nodded. “I understand. We’ll be there.”
It was around seven in the evening when a knock disturbed Jungkook and Jeongsan’s peaceful rest. Once the omega opened it, it was an unknown man, asking him to come out for dinner.
Jungkook fetches Jeongsan, holding his hand as they trail the private dining hall where Jin is already sitting, as well as the man that Jungkook recognizes to be Taehyung’s companion the night they met once again, Jimin.
“Come, sit here, Jungkook, Jeongsan,” Jimin says. Jungkook followed, sitting beside Jeongsan who’s also beside Jin. Taehyung sat at the head of the table, both of his sides were occupied by Jungkook and Jimin.
Jungkook’s mind wandered. Was this supposed to be the Kim family, then? Or will he meet more without the presence of Jeongsan? He knows Taehyung wouldn't dare introduce them with Jeongsan around.
The food arrived soon and Jungkook's eyes could only widen. It's been years since he had so much food on the table, and he almost forgot this is how he lived before. He felt a tug in his sleeves, and it was Jeongsan, whispering, "Can I eat a lot, papa? Are we going to pay?"
Jungkook assured him as he held the little hands of the boy. "No, Sannie. So eat a lot. It's okay," "Eat up, Jungkook. Jeongsan," Jin says, smiling at them. "All the vitamins are already in the clinic, by the way, and Taehyung has bought a little too much actually."
"There's not too much when it comes to ensuring health and safety," Taehyung answers back. "Well, shall we start eating?" "But Mr. Taehyungie," Jeongsan suddenly said, all of their attention turning to him. “We haven’t prayed yet.”
A laugh almost erupted from Jimin. My, when was the last time they prayed? Even when they’re all barely alive in a gang war, they’ve never thought of doing such a thing. “Uh… we don’t–” a pained hiss slipped from Jimin’s lips as Taehyung kicked him under the table. “Why the–”
“Let’s pray, then. Jeongsan, would you mind leading the prayer?” Taehyung says, clasping his hands to pray. “Okay!” Jeongsan happily responds. “Let’s hold hands.”
The four adults exchanged looks. Jin was the first to take his hands out, smiling down at Jeongsan who happily took his hands. Jungkook followed, holding his son’s hands.
Jimin travelled his hands under the table and reached for Taehyung’s, earning a deadly glare from the true blooded who’s left with no choice but to bring his hands out as well. Taehyung took Jungkook’s awaiting hands and clasped it tight.
It’s like a floodgate of emotions again for Jungkook; a connection so strong it’s like coursing in his veins. The hands in Taehyung’s palm trembled, and he must have felt it because his hold tightened.
The half a minute prayer felt longer, with Jungkook’s hands clasped in between the warm hands of the Alpha. Jungkook felt stupid with how loud his heart was hammering at the mere contact of their hands.
As the prayer ended, Jungkook waited for Taehyung to pull his hands away. He’s too awkward to even do so, so he brought their intertwined hands under the table, in hopes that Taehyung would pull away. But God, he didn’t.
‘Why are they still holding our hands?!’ Snow yelled at him. ‘Oh my god, it’s like I could feel V.’ ‘Shut up, Snow.’ Jungkook answers to him, freaking out on the inside. ‘I’ll pull away,’ ‘Can we hold their hands a little longer, please?’ Snow asked.
“Papa, help me with the steak, please,” Jeongsan says, pertaining to his steak that needs to be cut. Jungkook turned to Jeongsan, his hand reaching for a utensil.
“Ah! I’ll help you, Sannie-ah,” Jimin cuts in, pulling Jeongsan’s plate towards him. “Your papa’s hands are kinda tied into something.”
Jungkook’s eyes blew wide at Jimin, who only winked at him and grinned at Taehyung; the Alpha not paying mind to him as he eats with his chopsticks, only one hand available.
As Jungkook and Snow freak out, so as Taehyung and V; who’s about to brawl right in this second if only they could.
‘Let go. This is fucking embarrassing.’ Taehyung hisses. ‘Nope.’ V says. ‘V, you fucking dog. Let go!’ ‘Nope.’ ‘I’m going to block you.’ ‘Go, do it. We're not letting go, though.’ V says. ‘It’s like I could feel Snow.’
‘You lovesick bitch. You’re so embarrassing,’ Taehyung scowled at him. His eyes lingered at Jungkook, who seemed to be unbothered by their laced hands as he ate as well. Fuck, fine. He likes this as well.
‘You know I’m in no control of your human body, Taehyung.’ V taunts him. ‘You’re holding his hand too.’ ‘Shut up now.’ Taehyung scolds him, wanting to eat in peace.
His thumb instinctively grazed over the back of Jungkook’s hand, and their eyes met in silence. Jungkook wordlessly took his eyes away.
Jungkook had to pull away this time as he had to help Jeongsan with his food. He softly shook his hand under the table and Taehyung opened his palm, letting him go. Taehyung cleared his throat and finally brought his hand on the table.
And the rest of the dinner went uneventful after that. The exchange of glances and the brushing of their hands remained to be unspoken between the two as the night progressed.
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Jungkook felt a tug in his wrist and he turned to Jeongsan, who shook his head when Jungkook was about to feed him. “I’m done eating, papa,”
“Oh,” Jungkook turned to Taehyung, and then back to Jeongsan again. “Are you sure?” he nodded as an answer.
“Ah, Sannie, why don’t you accompany me? We’ve got an entertainment room where you can play a lot and watch movies,” Jimin smiled. “You can play with Min-jee since your papa has to talk with the others.”
“Okay! Papa, can I go play?” Jeongsan asks which Jungkook replies with a nod and smile, caressing his head before he leaves. Jin bid his goodbye to the kid as well, silently keeping his suspicion to himself.
Once the pair left the room, Taehyung clicked his fingers and a member came to him. “Call 'them,'”
Jungkook’s heart hammered in his chest as he didn’t know what to expect. Who are they going to meet exactly? Does it mean, he’s going to meet Taehyung’s family, or his circle in this organization? What does this organization do, anyway?
Whatever it is, all he knows is that it isn't anywhere good. Taehyung has expressed how dangerous it is to be involved in ‘his world’, and Jungkook is not actually interested in deep diving and invading into what Taehyung doesn't want him to know.
Jin broke the silence as he cleared his throat. “I see, we have a confidential agenda tonight, boss. What seems to be happening?"
"I've got something to discuss with you and with the Kim family. Wait and you will know,” Taehyung says, his eyes shifting to Jungkook; who turned to him as well. Taehyung reached for Jungkook’s hand under the table.
“Are you feeling fine?” He asked, enveloping the cold hands with his palm. It’s like an instinct; he automatically finds his hands when he sees Jungkook’s worried face.
“Yes.” Jungkook whispered, turning his sight anywhere other than Taehyung’s face as he couldn’t stand how his stare followed his eyes. A comforting press in his palm followed after, and Jungkook’s face is close to burning now.
Jin had countlessly seen their hands under the table. And he really wants to scoff at how the obvious fools act like some highschool sweethearts the entire evening. It’s obvious how their eyes would constantly shift to each other; sometimes lingering for some seconds.
Jungkook is still a big mystery to him. And now, he’s even more eager to read his files to get the answer in all the occurring why’s in his mind. The more he sees the way Taehyung acts around him, the more he gets curious.
The door opens and the first person they see is a tall man with dimples in his cheeks. Jungkook shivers as his pheromones commands authority, and it's making him so uneasy.
He jumped in his seat and his eyes widened when Taehyung pulled a gun under the table, his gaze darkening in an instant at the Alpha who just came in. "Woah–"
"Get the fuck out and do something with your pheromones. Why is your scent reeking out like a fucking waving flag?" Taehyung says. His hands underneath the table shifted, his fingers intertwining with Jungkook.
"Just busted the drug hideout in the Hwayi district. It's fuckin' huge, man. Namjoon got so pissed at how much they've stolen," Another man comes in, his pheromones were carelessly filling the room.
Jungkook felt so overwhelmed. He's not usually weak to pheromones and scents, but there's so many Alphas in the room, and two, or maybe more have their pheromones open in the air.
It's like spraying all different kinds of strong, scented manly perfumes in his face. All smells different, all smells manly. It pounds in his head painfully. He clutched on Taehyung's hand as he hung his head low. Before Taehyung could react, Jin stood up.
"Can you both get out and clear whatever Alpha shit you've got going on? God, you're filling the room with your scents. We've got an omega here." Jin scolds, and the two newcomers go out without a word.
The nauseating feeling slowly subsided, and he felt Taehyung's other hand pushing something to him. "Drink," he said, holding a glass of water.
"I'm sorry. As you can see, most of us are either an Alpha or a Beta, and we’re already used to our scents that it’s not affecting us anymore so,” Jin tried to explain.
Jungkook drank the water and somehow felt refreshed. “It’s fine, I just got overwhelmed, I’m sorry,” he shifted his gaze to Taehyung and confirmed a look, his eyes telling him that it’s really nothing.
Jin frowned at the two. Literally, what the hell is up with them? They’ve been eyeing each other as if they can communicate, which is a fucking joke to think about because– mates are the only ones who can do that.
The door once again opened and revealed the two Alphas earlier. Their eyes are already trained to Jungkook, one with a solemn look and authority and one with a welcoming smile. They sat across the table; in front of him.
“Apologies. We didn’t know we had a visitor, certainly weren't expecting to see an outsider inside ‘our’ dining hall,” One of the men says, the one with a kind smile. But his words say otherwise, it’s poisonous and directed to Jungkook.
Jungkook couldn’t help but to feel small around the men. All of them scream power and authority, even Doctor Kim. They all command the room. The certain aura that they hold are the kinds that bring shivers to people.
Taehyung slammed a warning hand on the table, his palm getting their attention. They all looked at him as he directed his gaze to the three members of the family.
“I want nothing but respect to be present at this table. If you cannot tone down these suggestive timbres in your voices, feel free to be excluded from tonight’s agenda.” “Understood, boss.” they replied, even Doctor Kim answered.
“I will not be beating around the bush, then. I have called you because there’s something our family needs to know,” Taehyung says, his hand raised at the omega. “This is Jeon Jungkook, the youngest son of the late Jeon Jihyuk. He’s from the Jeons of Busan.”
Jungkook's eyes shot at Taehyung. 'Late' Jeon Jihyuk? “Excuse me, what?” Jin dropped his jaw, turning his body to Jungkook. “I’ve been taking care of Jeon Jihyuk’s son and grandson? You’re from the Elite Jeons of Busan?”
“Ah, yes… sort of,” He’s not part of them anymore. “What, I thought that the Jeons are all dead?” One of the newcomers said, his dimples appearing in his cheeks as he smiled pitifully at Jungkook, who was looking at him as if he grew two heads. “Condolence, by the way.”
Taehyung’s eyes locked at the omega, who seems to freeze from what he just heard. The Alpha frowned as Jungkook’s wide eyes wavered in surprise. Fuck, didn’t he know?
“What– what do you mean?” Jungkook asked, his eyes shifting to Taehyung for answers. Taehyung was looking at him as well, and the other three exchanged a confused look. “They’re all dead? My family? H-how… what?”
“You didn’t know?” One of the two spats, voice sounds accusingly. Taehyung snapped his head at him warningly. “Yeah, they’re dead. Murdered. You’re a Jeon and you didn’t know, huh?” “Hoseok.” Jin scolds, frowning.
“Shut that mouth of yours, Jung.” Taehyung says as well, and he drags a breath as he turns to Jungkook. “Yes, they were all murdered. And I’m sorry that you had to know this way. It was all over the news, Jungkook. I thought you already knew..”
Jungkook gasped for breath, still shell shock from the sudden news that was thrown on his face. He never thought that the next time he’ll hear from his family is not for any good cause, but the news that they’re dead. “Hey,” Jin said. "We can talk about it after. Okay?"
Jungkook couldn't answer and just stared at him. What's there to talk about? He couldn't even pinpoint what he's feeling right now.
Shock– it's for sure what he first felt. But sadness? Grief? Regret of not seeing them one last time? It's there but it's beneath and buried somewhere.
"Anyway," Hoseok broke the silence. "What were you about to say again, boss?" Taehyung hummed, looking at Jungkook as if to confirm that it's alright to proceed. Jungkook nodded, his eyes were sincere with his answer.
"As I was about to say," Taehyung starts. "Jungkook isn't here because of anything linked to whatever happened to the Jeons. He's here and you'll see him more often as I'm making him a top priority of Kim's creed security and protection."
Jungkook even felt smaller as three pairs of eyes turned and looked at him with curiosity and confusion. Jin, perhaps has a slight idea why, but he remained silent.
"And when I say top priority, this family will protect him and will put his safety first the same way as you do to me, as equal as the head of the clan." Now, this caught their attention.
No one is deserving of such protection other than the boss of the clan, or unless you're from the first family of the boss. The squeak of the chair broke the silence as Taehyung rose from his seat. Jungkook's eyes shot up as he offered his hand to stand up as well.
Jungkook hesitantly took it, and he started to stand as well. He shyly looked at the three men looking at them, and his heart started to triple in beat.
"Jungkook is my ex-mate, as well as the father of our son.” Taehyung says, not wanting to beat around the bush. “This clan will give my family the maximum protection and respect as well. This is not a request but a command.”
Jungkook raised his head up and watched their reaction. Surprise and confusion filled the two newcomers' faces, while Jin looked like he had just seen a ghost. But what caught his attention the most was when Taehyung referred to them as ‘his family’.
Snow is screaming inside, while Jungkook himself is not trying to fret over it even though it caught him off guard. Taehyung probably used such a word for formalities, and it doesn’t hold so much meaning.
‘You’re boring.’ Snow sulks. ‘You’re gullible,’ Jungkook answers back.
“My apologies, Mr. Jeon. I have been disrespectful, I’ll accept any punishment for my actions,” Hoseok says; the one who got this bright smile but venomous words. Jungkook stood there awkwardly as he didn't know what to respond.
“The next time you run your mouth like that again to Jungkook, if any of you ever tries, I will strip any of you with your ranks. No one can disrespect my family, not even the family of this mafia.” Taehyung says authoritatively, and the three men replied a yes in an instant.
“Let me formally introduce to you the family of the Kim’s Creed.” Taehyung says to Jungkook. “There is a hierarchy in this Clan, and the people who’ve got the highest ranks belong to the family; the circle that is only exclusive for my most trusted men.”
“You’ve already met Jimin, the underboss of Kim's Creed.” Taehyung says. “This is Hoseok and Namjoon, they are the Caporegimes; the Captains.”
“Hello Jungkook-ssi. It is my pleasure to meet you,” Namjoon says. “It is my pleasure to serve you as well, Jungkook-ssi.” Hoseok followed, and they both bowed. Jungkook did the same, still a bit awkward at the two Alphas.
“You've also already met Jin. He doesn’t have a rank, nor any position, but he belongs to the family as he is wed to my brother and has now became the doctor of the clan.” Taehyung introduced and Jungkook was surprised. Taehyung has a brother?
“You will eventually meet my brother as he is currently working overseas. He is the Consigliere of the clan, the adviser.” Taehyung says. “There you have it, the family of Kim’s creed. The six of us are the main bodies of my mafia; me being its head.”
“You can expect loyalty and protection to be given to you at all times, so never. I repeat, Jungkook, never hesitate to call any of us, as you and Jeongsan are now part of Kim’s creed priority."
"Trust me when I say your safety and comfort will always be ensured by this family.” Taehyung follows.
Later that evening, Jungkook returned to their room alone as he saw Jeongsan was still playing with Min-hee's daughter.
He went with his heart at ease knowing Jimin wouldn't let anything happen to his son. As he sat down in the comfortable bed; alone and in peace, he dragged a sigh and looked at the ceiling in silence.
Silence. It's been awhile since he had the fortune to have a quiet and peaceful time for himself, for his mind. It's always loud with worry; never silent as he got accustomed to living in so many uncertainties.
Now, he doesn't have to worry about so many things. He and Jeongsan wouldn't even have to worry /if/ they'll be able to eat properly the next day. He truly had forgotten how it feels to live in this kind of life. Back then when he had everything; he was naive and unknowing.
But as his life turned upside down, despite all the bad misfortunes that repeatedly drowned him in misery, there's still something that he's thankful for. He learned so much. He had become strong. He had become the father that Jeongsan needed.
He had become an omega who had withstand every pain that the world had given to him; something that Jungkook of six years ago wouldn't ever think he's capable of.
He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a soft knock at the door. He immediately stood up and opened it, not expecting that it would be Taehyung.
"Oh. Give him to me," Jungkook said as he noticed that he was carrying Jeongsan. The poor, tired pup is already asleep; his chin is comfortably laying on Taehyung's shoulders.
“It’s fine. Let me put him to bed,” Taehyung whispered, walking inside the room as Jungkook followed the Alpha. He watched how the older supported Jeongsan’s back as he carefully put him in the mattress.
“Thank you,” Jungkook smiles, sitting beside the sleeping pup who’s still sleeping soundly. Just when he thought that Taehyung will leave now, he didn’t expect him to sit at the bed as well.
“Jungkook, one of my men who I put incharge of your new house just called. You’re good to transfer tomorrow,” Taehyung said. “But if you still want to stay here for a bit, it is also fine.”
“Oh.. I understand.” Jungkook nodded. “I think we’ll move there tomorrow, then. Sannie had been very excited when I told him about our new house.”
“Hm, good to hear. You’ll both love it.” Taehyung’s lips curled a little bit to assure the omega. “If you wish to get some things in your old apartment, just tell me. I’ve picked some of my trusted men to be your official guard and I’ll introduce them to you tomorrow.”
“But only if you agree to have guards. I won’t proceed if you don’t like it, Jungkook.” “No, no, it’s okay. I understand why, so it's alright.” Jungkook answers. “I’d just like to request, if only it’s okay too, for them not to get too obvious? Especially around Sannie.”
“I do understand what you mean, I’ll mention this tomorrow.” Taehyung answered. Jungkook simply nodded in reply, having no words to say to the Alpha now.
Taehyung felt that that’s all of it so he stood up. “I’ll let you rest now, then. Tomorrow, call me if you’re ready to leave. I won’t be here the whole day but if you wish to be accompanied as you move, I’ll be there.”
“Alright,” Jungkook smiles thankfully, walking towards the door as Taehyung made his way. His hands were already itching to close the door as he will never be accustomed with the presence of Taehyung so close. “Have a good night, Taehyung. Thank you.”
Taehyung hummed and nodded as a reply, finally leaving the room. Jungkook watched how the Alpha entered the room next door and that’s when he finally closed the door as well, immediately leaning at the wall with his hands in his chest.
“Oh god…” Jungkook breathes. He feels stupid as he cannot even meet Taehyung’s eyes for some reason. The only thing that he’s thankful for is he didn’t stutter because that would be so embarrassing.
‘You didn’t even try to make the conversation long?!’ Snow finally talked to him. Jungkook couldn't help but to roll his eyes. ‘You’re sooo boring, Jungkook.’
‘Are you crazy? Do you honestly think I’ll try to flirt with my /ex-mate/?’ Jungkook scoffed at him, finally having the courage to walk towards the bathroom.
‘We’ve been holding their hands the entire night but talking to them scares you? Unbelievable’ Snow scoffed back at him. ‘If you both let me and V handle everything, we’d all be happy by now. Ugh, humans.’ Jungkook sighed loudly. ‘It’s not easy,’
‘It doesn’t have to be complicated, either.’ Snow sighed to him as well. ‘You humans think so much. Worry so much. It doesn’t have to be like that all the time, Jungkook. We’re already here! And we’re choosing to leave again?’
‘Snow, we have to respect what Taehyung wants as well. He knows his world better, he knows what’s good for us. We cannot push ourselves to a world and situations we aren’t accustomed to,’
‘V thinks Taehyung is dumb,’ Snow spats and Jungkook can’t help but to giggle. Why do their wolves love to gossip about them behind their back?!
His conversation with Snow halted when he heard a groan from Jeongsan. He peaked and checked the sleeping pup, frowning when he showed discomfort in his sleep. He’s having some bad dreams, he believes.
He brushes his hair and taps his thigh to lull him back to sleep, but the pup slowly opens his eyes. Jungkook’s heart almost fell at his feet when he saw that they were blazing red. So similar to Taehyung’s eyes.
“San-ah!” Jungkook worriedly called, his hands were already trying to pull his son up. However, when Jeongsan shifted his gaze, it turned back to black, and Jeongsan had to blink his eyes repeatedly to realize he had been awakened. “Jeongsan!”
“Papa?” Jeongsan frowned, discomfort still evident in his face as he tried to hold his father.“I can smell… I can smell–” “What is it, pup? You smell what?” Jungkook panicked when Jeongsan’s confused face started to crumble in a sob; and tears started to stain his cheeks.
The worried omega fastly pulled him in his arms. “San, what’s happening? What’s wrong??” “It’s gone, papa! I can’t– I can’t smell /it/!” He cried, and Jungkook felt his heart hammering painfully in his chest. “Papa, I want– where did it go? I can’t smell it anymore!”
“San-ah, please tell Papa what’s happening, I can’t help you if I don't know what’s wrong,” Jungkook says, rubbing Jeongsan’s back to calm him from his sobs. “Sannie…”
“Papa…” Jeongsan wheezes. How can he explain it when he doesn’t even know what he smelled? Or… or why did it wake him up and affect him so much? It’s so hard to explain but he wants to find that scent again!
He held Jungkook with such a tight grip and just cried, not knowing what to do and not knowing what else to explain. The scent had disappeared completely, and the smell it brought had been forgotten already.
Jungkook paid attention to Jeongsan until his cries reduced into sobs. He drifted into sleep soon after due to tiredness. He couldn't put himself to sleep after that.
What happened is something that he cannot ignore, and the first thing that came to his mind is to seek help from Taehyung. The Alpha had reminded him so many times that if he needs anything, he's only one call away. It is still possible even if it's already late, right?
Without any lingering thoughts, he rose up and opened the door. There is no time to overthink this through, those red eyes of Jeongsan are making him worry.
He stood in front of Taehyung's door and was about to knock when Jin emerged from the stairs. Jungkook whipped his head at him. "Oh, Jungkook. You forgot about the vitamins. Here they are," Jin says, carrying a tray. "Do you need anything? Taehyung isn't here."
Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed. That fast? "You know, work calls. Most of it happens during the night." Jin chuckles, almost biting his tongue when he realized what he said after. "Ah, forget it. What do you need?"
"Jin-ssi," Jungkook walks towards him. "Something happened to Jeongsan, hyung. I hope you can help me." "What?? Where is he, is he sleeping now?" Jin asks, making his way towards Jungkook and Jeongsan’s room. “What happened?”
“He was just sleeping and then he suddenly woke up, his eyes were red– just like Taehyung’s when V is taking over,” Jungkook explains, walking inside the room and towards the sleeping pup. “And he kept on telling me about a scent. He cried to sleep as he couldn’t find it.”
“Oh, Jungkook.” Jin frowned and sat beside Jeongsan. Worry flared in the omega. “He’s only five… it cannot be,” “What is it?” Jungkook bit his lips. Is his son sick?
“It’s probably Jeongsan’s wolf. His sensitivity to scents could be a symptom that he’s going to present soon. We’re going to know his rank.” Jin says and Jungkook’s eyes widened. “It normally happens when pups reach the age of seven, and the earliest is six. It’s too soon…”
“Well, he first shifted when he was only two. It’s also too soon.” Jungkook explains as pups normally start to shift between three and four. Jin frowns in wonder. “Is it possible that it’s because I’m an omega and Taehyung’s a trueblood?”
"Yeah, probably," Jin answers. "I don't see anything to be concerned about though. He's just blooming into the cycle a little too fast, maybe because his wolfy instincts are too active due to being a son of a trueblood."
"We'll observe him for some weeks. If he frequently gets too sensitive to scents, and his eyes change colour, he's really going to present soon."
"Jeongsan would constantly need to be in the presence of his parents. Connecting to their wolf would be too confusing and hard, it needs a lot of guidance and support. The parents' scents alone could help calm their minds."
Jungkook understands. He himself had experienced it where he constantly wanted to be around his parents as their scents helped a lot when he was about to present.
He was around seven, he remembers. And his parents were so attentive to him; giving him every comfort and support– until when he presented and he came out as an omega.
Jungkook swore that Jeongsan would never experience that kind of pain when he finally presented his rank. He will love him and accept him wholeheartedly, and will continue to treat him just as much. But then, Jungkook froze as he remembered something.
"Does this mean he would constantly /need/ Taehyung to be close?" He asks, his heart pounding in his chest. "Of course. Both of you," Jin replied. "Did he wake up and asked for a scent about an hour ago? Because that's also the time when Taehyung left the mansion."
Oh. Oh, god. "What?" Jungkook's mouth drops open. "Yeah. He was probably looking for Taehyung's scent and he panicked when it disappeared." Jungkook can't help but to feel weak. "What's… what's the matter?"
"Jeongsan doesn't know." Jungkook spoke, and saw Jin's eyes widening. "He doesn't know yet, hyung. And Taehyung is not yet ready either."
"What?" Jin frowned at him. "Jungkook-ssi, you cannot hide that Taehyung is his father!" "Jin-ssi, it's not like that." Jungkook explains. "Taehyung will introduce himself, but not now. Not yet. At least when Taehyung is ready."
Jin's frown deepened but he sighed. "I understand, and I would never want to comment about boss' life despite being in the Family," "But I hope you both are doing the right thing. Jeongsan deserves to know Taehyung, just as much as Taehyung deserves to be a father to him."
"You both need to decide fast. Jeongsan could present soon, and his wolf will definitely recognize you and boss as their parents whether you like it or not." Jin says.
"It would be better if he'll know the truth from the both of you instead of discovering it when he presents. Or worse, from other people." Jungkook agrees, and he needs to talk to Taehyung immediately. The last thing that he’d ever want is for Jeongsan to get hurt in the end.
It was already morning when Taehyung arrived. He immediately went to his room and threw his clothes, cursing under his breath as he scrubbed the remnants of the disgusting blood off his body.
He and Jimin went to the company who had used Jungkook’s fur for their business. His men confiscated all the bags and coats that they found, which they all burned later that night.
They also went to the team who’s behind the heinous scam and /hurted/ them a little bit, enough to make them scream, and bleed, and cry; other brutal things that they’ve done are not worth mentioning.
Despite being the monster that he is, he does not like using his brutality on people who do not deserve it, and never takes what’s rightfully theirs. Before the night ends, all the people who they scammed with their illegal fur business had been tracked.
And all the money of the company had been hacked by the Kim’s creed, depositing it into the victims’ accounts, including Jungkook’s; which he will have to mention when they meet.
He was changing into a clean suit when he heard a knock by the door. Just by the scent of it, he knew that it was Jungkook. He replied that he could come in and Jungkook finally opened the door.
It is now that Taehyung noticed how Jungkook’s health is starting to be well again. His black eye has completely disappeared from his face, and Taehyung could only hope that the bruise at the side of his stomach is healing well.
Jungkook smiled casually. “Hello, did you just arrive?” “Yes, but I have already freshened up and was about to join the breakfast.” Taehyung replied. “What’s the matter?”
Jungkook walks closer until they’re face to face. Taehyung visibly frowned as he already felt that the omega was worried. He just hopes that it’s nothing serious. “I think Jeongsan is going to present.” Taehyung frowned in confusion. “He is too young.”
“Yeah, that’s also what I said to Jin hyung, but Sannie showed some signs last night. His eyes changed their colour and he’s asking for a scent.” Jungkook looked at him deeply. “Jin hyung suspects that it’s yours.” “It’s mine?”
Jungkook sighs hopelessly. “It’s honestly hard to explain and to be sure. But I just want to let you know about this because–”
Jungkook’s words were cut off when Taehyung’s door shot open, and the Alpha’s eyebrows knotted in annoyance as he looked at the person who disrespectfully barged in his room, only to soften when it was their son.
They both watched how Jeongsan’s face brightened. “Mr. Taehyungie! It is you!” Jeongsan ran towards the Alpha and hugged his waist, pushing his face at the side of his stomach and he breathed in his scent. Jungkook and Taehyung’s eyes met in surprise.
The affection was foreign for Taehyung, but the joyous pup had pulled the strings to his chest. It felt good, it felt warm. His hands were on the child’s back without him knowing. “Sannie?” Jungkook called.
“Papa,” Jeongsan turned to him, his little arms still wrapped around Taehyung. “I found the scent last night! It’s Mr. Taehyungie!” he says, taking in the Alpha’s scent once again. “So good…”
“Oh… it’s Mr. Taehyungie’s?” Jungkook asked, baffled. His and Taehyung’s eyes were still locked; silently taking in the fact that Jeongsan has now really recognized his father’s scent without him knowing.
“Do you… do you like my scent?” Taehyung found himself asking, and he felt a nod in his skin. The Alpha’s lips trembled, lost of words with how it brought strange emotions clawing in his chest.
“Feels safe.” Jeongsan smiles. Yes, that’s it. That’s the perfect word; the one that he cannot explain last night. There’s no distinct or specific smell to it; all he knows is it brings him safety.
‘I believe you’re right. He’s going to present soon, Jungkook.’ The omega almost jumped when Taehyung started to mind link him, he looked at him deeper. ‘He will know soon…’ Jungkook replies.
‘And we won’t let that happen.’ Taehyung says. ‘If he’s going to know the truth, it’s better if it’s from us. That is what our son deserves.’
Jungkook’s eyes widened. The emotions were rising up so fast, his heart is hammering in anticipation as his instincts already recognized what Taehyung meant. ‘We need to let him know, Jungkook. And I’m asking for your permission that we’ll do it tonight.’
Before he knew it, a tear already fell from Jungkook’s eyes. He nodded with teary eyes, and he couldn't help but to smile when Taehyung’s lips curved into a smile as well; the back of his hand was already wiping Jungkook’s cheeks.
“Why are you crying, papa?!” Jeongsan spoke, now noticing his papa who shook his head and waved his hand as a response, softly chuckling when he got caught.
“I’m just rubbing my eyes, Sannie. I just woke up as well.” He answered, welcoming the pup when he went to hug Jungkook as well. “Oh, you’re growing up so fast, San-ah. Papa is just emotional.” “Papa, I’m just five.” Jeongsan mumbled, frowning.
Taehyung watched, and he felt that there is nothing compared to seeing such scene of Jungkook and Jeongsan.
Despite /this/ not being included in what he envisioned and what he planned for his life, he wanted this to be his permanent. To be his always. To be his family.
Fuck the plan. Fuck staying away. Jeongsan and Jungkook might be the best thing that ever happened to his life and he doesn’t want this to be gone as well. Despite the uncertainties, he cannot find reasons to let them go again.
Now that Jeongsan will need his presence, he’s more than sure that even if he tries to convince himself that he needs to stay away, he can’t. And he won’t.
‘Taehyung,’ The Alpha softly snapped his gaze towards the omega, who tenderly smiled at him. ‘I think we’re going to stay for a little while.’
And Taehyung thinks Jungkook certainly feels the same.
*** The morning that proceeded was an interesting sight for the people of the gang. As Taehyung only confessed about Jungkook and Jeongsan to the Family, the rest were left wondering…
As to why there is a little kid following Taehyung around and why their boss, literally the true blooded Alpha boss of the Creed– is not even bothered in the slightest.
Some men had seen the kid on the Alpha's lap while the Kim Family had breakfast, along with the omega who they only know as a Jeon. It's a bizarre, yet, interesting sight to see.
Despite the gang's curiosity, they know better than to gossip about their boss' private life. They highly value their task of protecting his safety and privacy, and with it, the additional priority of Kim's creed.
Hoseok and Namjoon have already made the orders known to the rest of the clan– Jungkook and Jeongsan being one of their top priority; effective immediately. Reason undisclosed yet to prevent any information leaking outside Kim’s creed.
Even though the truth is not out to everyone yet, it didn’t stop Taehyung from giving his attention to Jeongsan who has made it his mission to follow the Alpha everywhere he goes; the kid is really enjoying the scent that gives him unexplainable comfort.
And Taehyung, despite not knowing how to fully show affection, still tries his best. He wanted to try– to forget everything for a little while– and just… try. It was afternoon when Jungkook finally decided to follow Taehyung and Jeongsan.
He hadn't seen them since this lunch as the Alpha had to do something in his office and the little pup flashed his begging eyes to tag along. Although Jungkook would love to be with them as well, he chose to give Taehyung some privacy with Jeongsan.
While Jeongsan is left with the Alpha, Jungkook visits their old apartment to get some things. Of course, not without some bodyguards tagging along. He almost felt bad as the Alpha’s men shivered in fear when Taehyung talked to them personally.
When he arrived, he didn't stay for too long, just grabbed the most important things; both of their clothes, some of Jeongsan's toys, and important documents and certificates.
As Jungkook was finally outside, he didn't fail to notice his neighbours looking at him. They're whispering, looking at him up and down, and pointing out the car.
He almost felt good that they're looking. It's as if it feels right to flaunt the fortune that he has. It felt good to rub some salt in their sore, jealous eyes.
There was never a time when they helped him. There was never a time when they opened their doors for Jungkook; leaving him helpless at times when he needed help the most.
So it feels good to see them looking. They’ve all watched him suffer, and they’ll watch him rise as well.
Jungkook was led to the garden by the guards as he learned that’s where Taehyung and Jeongsan are. His heart softened as he saw them under the shed of a tree, and Sannie was leaning on Taehyung as they read a book. He silently walked towards them.
“Poor prince… he is bad so he is turned into a beast!” “Well, that is the consequence of his actions. He treated the witch so badly and he got punished.” “Will papa turn me into a beast too if Sannie becomes bad?” “Maybe.” “What!”
“I’m kidding.” Taehyung answers. “But just remember, our actions result in many possible consequences, Jeongsan. Bad, good– they all have consequences. You just have to be wise in making decisions.”
“Mr. Taehyungie, you are using big words again.” “Ah, right. I’m sorry. Shall we keep reading the book?” Jungkook almost laughed at their conversation. He finally approached the pair and sat on the ground beside them and the Alpha immediately turned to him, eyes welcoming.
“Papa, hi!” Jeongsan greets, tucking himself at Taehyung’s side which endears Jungkook’s heart. “Mr. Taehyungie is reading me a book!” “I see, are you enjoying your time, San-ah?” Jungkook smiled as the pup nodded. He turned to Taehyung as well. “How is he?”
“Everything is well. I enjoyed our time too,” Taehyung answers, lips curling a bit. Jungkook nods in understanding, actually feeling great that Taehyung is enjoying as he spends some time with Jeongsan.
His mind trails back at their conversation this morning, and whenever he remembers that Taehyung is planning to confess the truth tonight to Jeongsan, he can’t help but to feel nervous.
He’s both nervous for Jeongsan and Taehyung. He could only hope that everything would turn out to be fine. He badly wanted to open it up to the Alpha again, but Jeongsan is still here.
"Jeongsan?" Jungkook turned at the pair when Taehyung called their pup. “Would you like to play with Min-jee for a while? You both can grab some afternoon snacks after," Taehyung suggests.
“Really? Thank you, Mr. Taehyungie!” Jeongsan happily says, looking forward to seeing his friend. He stood up with the book, “Papa, see you later!!” Jungkook could only smile contently.
Sannie hopped away to find Min-jee with a few bodyguards following him. Jungkook is satisfied with the protection as he sees it doesn’t bother Jeongsan too much.
“Now that we’re alone, do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?” Taehyung starts speaking which caught Jungkook’s attention. “I can feel you, you know? Your anxious mind was too loud to not feel, Jungkook. What seems to be the problem?”
Jungkook couldn’t help but to let out a loud sigh. It’s as if his worries were lifted from his shoulders as Taehyung addressed what had been bugging him.
“I’m just worried, Alpha. Do you really want to do it tonight?” Jungkook asks, pertaining to his plan of confessing to Jeongsan. His worried mind didn’t even notice the name that slipped from his lips.
“I’m just… nervous, I guess. It’s not my intention to pressure you when I told you that Jeongsan might be presenting anytime soon. You don’t have to do it now if you’re really not yet ready, Taehyung.” Jungkook looked down, his head filled with so many thoughts.
“And I’m nervous about Sannie. I don’t know– I don’t even know where to start, or how to explain to him everything. I don’t even know the right words to say, or how would he react when–”
“Jungkook,” Taehyung stops him. His hand travelled to envelope Jungkook’s hands, squeezing it assuringly. Jungkook looked up to him when he felt the Alpha’s warm palms again. Taehyung says, “It seems to me, you’re the one who’s not ready yet.” “What? No, Alpha, I’m just–”
“Can I speak, please?” Taehyung gently cuts him again, eyes sincere as he tries to meet Jungkook’s worried, uncertain gaze. But as always, Jungkook would look away.
His other hand cupped Jungkook’s cheek to stop him from avoiding his eyes, and this time, he let Taehyung; too tired to even fight his pounding heart. He looked at the Alpha with the same set of anxious eyes.
Taehyung retrieved his hand when Jungkook didn’t look away, putting both of his hands in Jungkook’s, squeezing them comfortingly.
“You’ve got to stop worrying yourself too much, Jungkook. There is nothing to be worried about.” Taehyung says, and Jungkook was quick to frown. “Shh, let me finish.”
“I want to do it, Jungkook. I want it so much.” The Alpha confesses, softening Jungkook’s heart. “And I’m aware of your worries, and I’m also aware of the things that could happen, and could change once I introduce myself to Jeongsan.”
“But I don’t want these worries to stop me, or to stop us, from giving Jeongsan what he deserves. Our personal issues and fears shouldn’t dictate how our son would live. He has a family, Jungkook. He has us. It’s time to give him that.”
“Maybe you’re right. Maybe I may not be ready yet, and maybe it would take time to fully learn how to be a father to Jeongsan, especially with the world I am involved in, but it’s time to put these worries aside.” Taehyung says.
“You can trust me on this, Jungkook. And no, I’m not pressuring myself, and I’m not going to do it just because Jeongsan needs us. I want to do it because I want to, and that’s what Sannie deserves.”
‘Sannie’ Jungkook can’t help but to smile and squeeze Taehyung’s hand as well. It’s the first time that Taehyung calls Jeongsan as Sannie, and it felt good. It felt light in the heart.
“You’re right..” Jungkook mumbles, smiling softly. “And I’m honestly still worried about so many things, I think it’ll never go away but I trust you. It’ll be alright.”
“We’ll be alright.” Taehyung assures, returning Jungkook’s smile as he curls his lips slightly, wanting to put the omega at ease. Jungkook can’t help but to let out a big sigh as he and Snow are now put into their needed assurance.
“Do you want to go back inside?” Taehyung asks. “They’re probably having some afternoon snacks. Come and we’ll join them.”
Jungkook stood up and took Taehyung’s offer to hold his hand as they walked back to the mansion, loving the warmth it brought to his heart. Taehyung has been making him feel a lot of things lately; and it’s something that has been making him happy.
Assuming more is the least of his priorities, contentment is the feeling that best describes the way his heart leaps in happiness whenever Taehyung does these things. These subtle touches and looks– it’s making him act without the need to worry.
He just let it feel, let it happen. And in return, it happens beautifully. Taehyung might be dangerous to his heart as well, after all.
Unlike any other kid, Jeongsan remembers a lot of memories of his earlier years as a toddler. He has those glimpses of memories flashing in his mind, like some memory core that he cannot forget despite being too young.
Maybe because he shifted too early, at the age of two, that made his mind more developed and strong among his peers. He remembers a lot of things, and sometimes– /sometimes/, he wishes that he doesn’t.
He remembers how he said his first complete sentence just before he turns two. His big, curious eyes watched how his father; his most precious papa, had tears in his eyes as he sat in a corner, a few papers laying in front of him.
He remembers how his lips wobbled as he watched him silently being sad in the dark, and how he walked so he could throw his little arms around his papa. “Papa no cry,”
It was bittersweet. He said his first words when his papa was crying, and he remembers that Jungkook only cried harder, pulling him into a tight hug and muttering a lot of “sorry,” and “papa is sorry,” which he hardly understands why.
There are so many times he remembers his papa being sad. Although he smiles a lot too, Jeongsan feels that he’s still sad; his smile never looked too happy.
He knows this because it was also his papa who told him the words “being happy is like a smile from the heart, San-ah.” and it makes him wonder, does his papa’s heart not smile?
But there are also times when he feels that both of their hearts are smiling! Just like the time when he and his papa played under the rain and made those paper boats and watched how they sailed in the puddles
or when they ate his favourite bibimbap that his papa would always make at home with a sweet chocolate and strawberry bingsu at the park. He treasures those times a lot. He loves it when his papa is happy, and when he’s not being sad about adult stuff.
It makes him sad as well as his papa had to work all the time, barely having some time to take care of himself as he also notices that there are always bruises in his body whenever he comes home.
“Papa!” Jeongsan cried, his little hands cradling the sunken cheeks of his omega father. “What is t-this!” “I’m so sorry, papa is so clumsy. Just an accident, my love. It’ll go away if papa sees Jeongsan eating,” He smiled.
Jeongsan fights his tears. One thing that he knows about Jungkook, his father, is that he is a terrible liar. He is not a little, unknowing kid anymore. If only he’s an adult as well, he would always protect his papa! He doesn’t deserve any of this!
“Papa, can you make me big faster? I want to be Alpha now,” Jeongsan says. “I want to protect you.” Jeongsan huffed when Jungkook told him he had to wait a little longer to know his rank, as well as to be an adult. For him, it’s stupid. Why does growing up need to be so slow?
He was eating the delicious take-out dinner from his papa when he felt goosebumps by his nape; his ears picking on the slightest rustle nearby and he started to sense different scents looming on their house.
Jeongsan had dropped his chopsticks as his ears automatically tuned in the sounds. Jeongsan ran to the bathroom where his papa is, and Jungkook immediately opened the door as he sensed those mysterious scents, telling the scared pup to wait as he went to check.
Everything happened too fast for the scared little Jeongsan. One moment, Jungkook was kneeling in front of him, telling him that he needs to hold on to him and the next thing he knew, he’s bouncing on his papa’s back as they hop through the roofs.
His limbs were aching after running for so long when he and his papa shifted. They turned to countless alleys and districts just so they could miss them, which didn’t help too much because the men have also shifted and are now chasing them even faster.
He wrapped both of his arms around his father’s neck when Jungkook got under his legs to put him on his back. He silently cried, worried and afraid for his papa. He could hear how heavy he was breathing, how tired he was already.
His bones were probably aching now for running so much. Jeongsan softly whines and buries his snout at the wolf’s neck, tears gathering in his eyes as he hugs him tightly, wishing that he could do something to help Jungkook.
His heart pounds painfully in his chest as the tired wolf starts to slow down, his limbs shaking as he tries to continue. Jungkook clashed his body on the wall as he can no longer run, accidentally dropping Jeongsan on the ground and the little pup rolled
immediately standing up and running towards the wolf who’s laying in the pavement, chest erratically breathing hard.
Jeongsan pushed his snout, lifting his papa’s head to urge him to stand but it’s no use as Jungkook felt so exhausted; almost at the brink of closing his eyes and blacking out. The little wolf bites his father’s skin and pulls him to stand, whining and crying for him.
‘Run, San-ah. Don’t worry about papa.’ Snow says and the little wolf whined at him louder. ‘Shh, pup, I’ll be okay. Go and run. Save yourself.’
Jeongsan saw how his papa closed his eyes some time after, and he got so scared as he tried to bite on his father but he’s not waking up. He cried and shifted to his human body, crawling once again at the sleeping wolf to shake him. “Papa! Wake up!” he cried.
He shivered and immediately turned around when he heard the three wolves, sniffing around as if they’re looking for them. Jeongsan stood up in front of his father, his sadness being washed away by anger towards those wolves.
A wolf turned on his way, and he backed away when he noticed two floating red orbs in the dark, unknowing it was the eyes of only a five year child. It resembles an eye of a true blood.
And seeing it directly looking at them brought some kind of fear to the wolf that he didn’t notice two men creeping up on them.
Jeongsan jumped and instinctively covered his ears as he heard a loud sound. When he opened his eyes, he saw one of the wolves panting in the ground with a pool of blood around it.
It was followed by chaos and fights, and the little Jeongsan couldn’t understand what’s happening as he only clung to his papa, who’s still unconscious.
His instincts were on high alert that he couldn't help but to prepare to shift when he felt someone approaching him. As he turned around, he saw a man emanating calming pheromones.
He introduced himself as Jimin but Jeongsan was so lost and confused, that anyone who comes close could be a threat even though they’re trying to tell that they’re safe.
He remembered another Alpha arriving, and how his eyes were red. Jeongsan’s cries hushed as the overwhelming presence brought a feeling he couldn’t pinpoint. It’s like something in him knew who he was, and all he felt was safety.
He said something about him carrying his papa and /his/ scent, but Jeongsan couldn’t quite understand what he meant.
The Alpha, who he heard was called Taehyung, carried his papa in his arms. It’s quite scary how serious he looks, but Jeongsan could pick some other emotions blooming on the Alpha’s face; it’s like he’s worried for his papa. And it strangely bought comfort in his heart.
No one had looked at his papa this way.
He was put down on the ground as they all reached the car. Alpha Taehyung entered with his papa laying on the back seat and he carelessly tugged the Alpha’s hand, biting his lip in nervousness when he looked at him.
“Can I please sit with my papa?” he sniffles, wanting to be close to Jungkook in any way possible.
He didn’t expect for the scary Alpha to agree right away, but his heart warmed in happiness when Alpha Taehyung extended his arm, and he looked at him with now a set of brown eyes; the red ones are gone. “Come here.”
Jeongsan took the opportunity and sat beside the Alpha, his body immediately becoming limp at the warmth and he scoots closer, seeing as the Alpha doesn’t mind their close proximity.
He felt safe and secured, as if his body knew there would be no more harm coming as long as he is beside this Alpha.
He isn’t entirely sure if he’s just too tired but he suddenly feels like he’s being lulled to sleep; it’s like there's a blanket of sheer comfort and safety enveloping him.
He only felt an arm embracing him, pulling him closer, warmer— and he finally closed his eyes to sleep.
The next day, he woke up in a room that looked like a small hospital. He didn’t feel scared as he immediately noticed his papa on the other bed, sleeping comfortably.
He bit his lips in wonder as he looked around, and then he jumped down from the bed and walked closer to Jungkook’s bed.
He was startled when the door opened, and he saw a doctor smiling kindly at him. He immediately learned that he’s Doctor Jin, and he was very nice to him and to his papa. He learned that the kind doctor treated his papa.
“Are… are we going to pay?” Jeongsan asks, and the face of the doctor visibly deflated in sadness and immediately answers no.
Jeongsan cannot understand, how come they don’t need to? His papa had to pay for everything that he gets, no matter how small or big it is.
“You and your papa are under Kim’s care, so don’t worry about anything. What you have to do is to eat healthy and drink your vitamins so you can get better. Okay?” Jin smiles. “Do you want to get some breakfast while we wait for your papa to wake up?”
“It’s ok?” “Of course, it is. Come, tell me whatever you like and we’ll make it.” Jin extended his hand and the little boy took, smiling thankfully at the kind doctor. He blew a kiss on his father’s direction and promised that he would return quickly.
He quickly recognized the two men who saved them last night, their names are Jimin and Taehyung. He bashfully hid between Jin’s legs as Taehyung’s eyes landed on him.
“Good morning, Jeongsan! Did you have a good sleep?” Jimin greets, putting down his hot chocolate on the counter. “Do you want to eat anything? Everything’s in the house! What would you like to have?” Jeongsan peeks out. “Hot choco.” he mumbles. “Please, thank you.”
“Aigoo, you’re so respectful.” Jin comments, softly pulling him towards the chair so he can make some. Jeongsan quietly followed, his eyes were shy but they kept on following Taehyung, who walked towards the table and sat beside him. He looked up when he felt Taehyung’s eyes.
“Are you sure you don’t want anything else?” He asks, so gently. He looked behind him, and Jeongsan did too. He now noticed a lot of colourful boxes on the cupboard. “Hm, we have cereal and pancake mixtures. Do you want me to help you pick?”
Jeongsan’s eyes sparkled, and then he nodded. The Alpha gave him a small smile and offered his hand too. The little boy was awed at how big his hands were, and they are so warm! Just like his papa’s. “You see anything you want to try?”
He didn’t know how to read very well, yet. But he really wants to have a pancake, specifically the one in the mixture box. A stack of pancakes with choco syrup, whipped cream and strawberry was on it, and it really looks yummy.
“I think I want some pancakes, Mister. Like that one.” Jeongsan pointed at the box and Taehyung reached it. “This one?” he asked, and Jeongsan nodded, excitedly thanking the Alpha.
“Can I watch?” Jeongsan asks as Taehyung starts to prepare the mixture. The Alpha nodded, and Jeongsan excitedly pulled a chair so he could stand on it. Jimin, who had been happily watching the two, walked towards the kid.
“Careful, San-ah,” Jimin says, and Jeongsan noticed the big smile on his face. “My, you two look good. Do you already know his name, Jeongsan?” Jeongsan nodded. “Heard you last night. It’s Mr. Taehyung.”
Jimin grinned. “Here’s a tip for you, Sannie. You should call him by a cute nickname. He may look scary but he’s a big softie.” “Really?” “Yeah! Try it. You can call me uncle Jiminie and for him, maybe, Mr. Taehyungie?”
Jeongsan turns to the quiet Alpha who’s busy putting some mixture in the pan and looks up to him, eyes hopeful. “Can I call you Mr. Taehyungie?” He beamed in happiness when the Alpha simply nodded, missing the playful glare he gave to his best friend.
That’s when he started calling the elusive Alpha as Mr. Taehyungie, and that’s when he decided that he really likes the said Alpha. He gave him a nice breakfast (and even added extra whipped cream)
And saved them both last night. If it wasn’t for Mr. Taehyungie and Jiminie, the mean guys could have hurted his papa.
He couldn’t really think of how he could thank the Alpha enough. Especially when his papa had told him that he wanted to give them a nice house; much better than the one they had!
And even allowed them to stay in his big, big house while their soon to be new home is being prepared. And what’s more special about this is it is all free– all thanks to Mr. Taehyungie’s kindness.
There’s so much that had happened in the week of their stay in the Kim mansion, but he only recalled being happy throughout their whole stay, especially in the presence of all the people he met.
He met his new friend; Min-jee, and new uncles like Jiminie, Hoseokie, Namjoonie and his favourite one, doctor Jinnie. But of course, his most favourite one (aside from his papa) is Mr. Taehyungie. There’s just something about him that he really likes.
“Mr. Taehyungie! It is you!” Suddenly, he started to be so drawn in by his scent too. It was last night when he first felt it, and he’s more than happy to know that the owner of the scent is Mr. Taehyungie.
The comfort it brings reminds him of his papa’s scent. He didn’t know why, it just felt like it.
“Papa, please,” Jeongsan says, clasping his hands together as he looks up, pushing his lower lip out just to show that he really, really wanted to tag along with the true blooded when he announced that he’s going to his work now.
“I promise to be good and not touch Mr. Taehyungie’s things!” He saw his papa looking at Taehyung, asking if Jeongsan could tag along. Sannie beamed in happiness when the Alpha nodded his head and held his little hands. His papa ducked down on him, smiling.
“Behave, okay? And you enjoy. I’ll just grab a bag for you. I’ll be quick, Taehyung.” Jungkook says before he rushes towards their room. Jeongsan felt Taehyung’s hand pushing him to a chair, and his eyes followed the Alpha who kneeled in front of him.
“You sure you want to come with me? Work could be very boring for you.” Taehyung grins softly. “It’s okay, I’ll behave. Jiminie uncle has games on his phone.” “Jimin might need his phone. You can use mine instead, let's download some games you’d like, how about that?”
“Okay,” Jeongsan smiled widely. “I like cooking mama.” “Ah,” Taehyung mused. “Your uncle Jimin is always stressed over that game.” “What? It’s easy!”
“Hmm, you should teach him so he’ll get better at it, San.” Taehyung grinned, standing up when Jungkook returned with a bag full of Jeongsan’s necessities. Jeongsan respectfully nodded at his papa’s reminders and held Mr. Taehyung’s hands as soon as his papa waves him goodbye.
He’s kind of sad that his papa is not going, but he liked the idea of spending some time with Mr. Taehyungie alone. Just like what Taehyung had told him, there’s nothing interesting about staying with him in the office.
But for Jeongsan– just being in the presence of the Alpha is already fun! Even though all the Alpha does is tap on his computer, write and read a lot, and talk to different people who enter and leave his office.
Sometimes, he sees Jiminie coming in– who always makes sure to give him a hug and secretly gives him some candies (which of course, Mr. Taehyungie had seen because nothing can go past him).
Sometimes, he sees Hoseokie and Joonie as well. He admires them both a lot, they always look so cool. They’re like those action stars he sees on television, and now he’s really considering making the two Alphas as his role models. Of course, Mr. Taehyungie and Jiminie as well.
He was so busy with his own thing that he didn’t notice Taehyung standing up and checking on what he’s doing. He gasped loudly when he noticed the Alpha leaning down, and he immediately hid the drawing book from the Alpha’s curious eyes.
“I’m not done yet, Mr. Taehyungie!” He whines playfully. “But… I think I can let you peek because I’m done drawing you and papa…” He showed the drawing pad to Taehyung and he smiled happily when the Alpha reached and held it close.
“This is Sannie and then papa and then you. Uncle Jiminie, and Hoseokie and Namjoonie and Jinnie are not yet here but I’ll draw them too…” He watched how the Alpha traced the three figures that he finished drawing.
“It’s very nice, San.” He softly says. Jeongsan smiled even widely, knowing the Alpha liked his drawing because he can feel a change in his scent. It’s a happy scent! The smile from the heart of happiness, he thinks. “When you’re done, can I pin it somewhere in the office?”
“Yes!!” Jeongsan happily squeaked. “Papa does it too /all/ the time! So many of my drawings are in the fridge, I’ll ask papa to bring some.” “I bet they all look amazing, San.”
“Thank you!” He smiled. “ I promise to show them all to you! We also practice writing all the time in school. I'll write your name too if you like, but maybe when I’m already better at it.”
“We can practice later when I’m done with work.” Taehyung suggests, his eyes catching some scribbling on the previous pages of the drawing book. “Oh, what’s this?”
The little kid giggled, smiling from ear to ear. “I tried to write ‘family’. Hmm, you know what, Mr. Taehyungie? It was only me and papa before, but now I have many uncles and friend like Min-jee, and then you.”
Jeongsan saw a different kind of smile from the Alpha’s face. He felt his hand brushing his locks. “From now on, as long as we are here, it’ll never be just you and your papa again,” he replied. “You have a family, San. And I’m sorry that we’ve arrived too late.”
The kid smiled innocently. “Papa said… that things happen for a reason,” he said. “So we shouldn’t be sorry for things we have no control over or whatever, whatever. Destiny works magically!”
“Sometimes, papa wakes up late and Sannie ends up late in school. But!! Good thing we are late because some bad thing happened outside earlier.” He giggled at the memory. “Maybe being late is being right on time. Papa said too.”
“He’s right.” Taehyung answered. “We meet just on time, San.” Later when the afternoon was about to be over, Taehyung had told Jimin that he would no longer entertain calls, and that he had cut off all his schedules for the rest of the day.
The underboss didn’t have to ask why as he watched the father and son march to the garden with a handful of books.
Being lost. It was a constant shadow that followed Jungkook all his life. In the glamorous, high status living of his family; like a lost lamb– he has no idea what he should do, what he should say as it seems there’s nothing he can do that can satisfy his family.
He’s always walking through glass, and always walking without even knowing where he’s going. He was always unsure, no guidance has graced his side.
When he was exposed to the harsh reality of the world, he was once again lost. He often asks himself how he could survive when he was like an unknowing child being thrown to a mind numbing maze.
And now once again, he felt like the Jungkook of before. Lost and unsure; but this time it was for a precious being that he loves with all his heart.
He sat through the entire evening with a pounding heart in his chest. And although Taehyung was glued to his side with their hands locked under the table, nothing could ever take away the uncertainty that he’s feeling.
How he wishes that there’s someone who could guide him, tell him all the right words to say to their son when ‘that’ moment comes. Even though he had spent the entire day practicing in his head, nothing had made sense.
“Papa,” Jeongsan tugged at his hand, his eyes once again sparkling. “Can I please watch with Min-jee in the movie room tonight? Hoseokie will look after us!”
“Sannie, remember what I told you earlier?” Jungkook asked him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “We’re going to meet a really, really important guest tonight and you wouldn’t wish to miss them!”
“Ohhh,” Jeongsan uttered and just nodded, continuing to eat his food. “I’m sorry, Hoseok-ssi, San wouldn’t be able to join you tonight,” Jungkook kindly smiled and the Alpha was quick to tell him that it’s okay.
The light conversation that followed after has eased his heart a little bit. Taehyung’s scent helped a lot too. It seems that he’s purposely exuding calming pheromones as the night progresses more, bringing them closer to the time that Jungkook would tell Jeongsan the truth.
The dinner finally ended and Jungkook had to part ways with Taehyung for a little bit. When no else was looking, Taehyung pulled him at the side, pretending to arrange the used utensils.
“We don’t have to do it right away.” Taehyung says. “If you still need time, I can wait. We can wait. You don’t have to pressure yourself, Jungkook.” “No, I really want to do it, Tae.”
“Wanting and being capable of doing something are two different things. You want to, but can you really do it right now?” Taehyung asked and he had no choice but to give up when Jungkook strongly agreed.
“I want to and I can. I’m just really nervous, but I can.” Jungkook says, giving the Alpha an assuring smile. “We’ll see you in a while.” “Yeah, I’ll be just right outside your room and I’ll wait for you to call. Take as much time as you need, darling. I can wait.”
Jungkook’s heartbeat tripled when the endearment slipped from Taehyung’s lips. The Alpha was evidently taken aback as well, his eyes shifting somewhere else as he gets tensed. The omega just pretended to pay it no mind and bid his goodbye.
As they arrive in their room, Jungkook taps the space beside him and the little pup settles right away; unknowing what’s about to happen. “San-ah.” Jungkook starts, brushing the little boy’s hair. “Wanna tell me how you feel today?”
“It’s fun, papa.” Jeongsan giggles. “So much fun, like everyday.” Jungkook smiles. “Do you enjoy being here? And the people here, San-ah?” “Mmh-hm, very much.”
Jungkook smiles, happy to hear that his son is indeed having a good time with the rest of the Kim family. “That’s good. I’m happy that you’re enjoying our stay here. All I’d ever want is for Sannie to alway be happy.” “Like, smiling from the heart?” Jeongsan giggles.
“Yes, smiling from the heart.” Jungkook says. He turned to the pup and played with his hand, the warmth mingling through their fingers. “Baby, about our very important guest…” Jeongsan looked at him with big eyes, curious. “Are they here? Who are they, papa?”
Jungkook smiled, nodding. “Yes, he is here, and he’s waiting to meet you, Sannie.” Jeongsan gasped as he heard it, ‘It’s a he? Who might it be!’ “But first, papa would tell you a short, short story and then you’ll let me know what you think. Okay?” “Okay!”
“Hm.. do you remember when teacher Sana told your class to make a family tree?” Jungkook started and the pup slowly nodded, his eyes blinking in focus. “And you get sad because you only wrote me and you while your classmates have two parents?”
The poor pup’s eyes water immediately at the memory. “...yes,” “And then, what did I tell you?” Sannie’s lips wobbled. “That…that papa and m-my other appa are not together like my classmates’s parents, and papa will explain to me more when the time is right…”
‘Appa’, it’s what Jeongsan has always referred to his other father who he hasn’t met. And it’s been awhile since Jungkook heard that name from his son.
“Come here,” Jungkook couldn’t help but to pull his son into a hug, and his heart breaks as his pup starts to sob. He held him close.
“You know that even if it was only you and me, we’re complete and a family, right? And I love you very much. And you were never incomplete. Never, Sannie.” Jeongsan nodded, pulling away to sit beside Jungkook and rest his head on his shoulders.
He sniffled softly as Jungkook started to speak. “Papa thinks it’s the right time now. Ready to hear the story, San-ah?” Jungkook asks, feeling the way his son nodded.
Up until this very moment, the omega was still walking through a thin glass. The moment is raw and vulnerable, being careless with his words to a five year old could potentially do more harm than good.
At the same time, he knows his son /can/ handle whatever they’re going to talk about. Jeongsan is stronger than what he thought, and also smart to understand the complexity of their situation.
Jungkook begins. “When me and your appa had you, we are not like the other parents of your classmates, San-ah. We were not together, and not in a relationship,”
“Do you remember when I explained to you what having a relationship is? If happiness is a smile in the heart, then a relationship is a connection in the heart.
Whether it’s friendship, a love for family, or a love for someone, in a much simpler term, it’s having a connection and love. But me and your Appa, neither have a connection and love in order to stay together…”
“Why not?” Jeongsan sniffles. “Y-you and appa do not love each other?”
Jungkook smiles sadly. “Something like that, San-ah. Both of us were not in that kind of relationship, so when Sannie was born, Appa wasn’t around.” Jungkook replied. He’s trying to be as honest as possible in a way Jeongsan could understand better.
“...does Appa know me?” Jeongsan looks up, eyes big. Jungkook’s heart was squeezed in pain when he saw his hopeful eyes. “Does Appa w-want to meet Sannie?”
A comforting smile adorned Jungkook’s face. “Well, how about you first, Sannie. What do you think of meeting your Appa? Would you like that?” Jungkook asks. “There’s no right or wrong answer, pup. Just whatever you feel.”
“I think…” Jeongsan sniffled, and he slowly nodded again. “I think…yes, I’d like that..” “Really?” Jungkook asks. “Why do you feel that way, San-ah? Are you not feeling any bad feelings because Appa wasn’t able to be with us?”
Jeongsan shook his head. “No…because it’s not appa’s fault, appa’s not bad…” The omega felt his eyes watering at how kind and understanding his son’s heart was. “Just… just papa and appa are not in relation, so he is not with us. B-but it’s not bad..”
“Oh, Sannie…” Jungkook whispers, hugging the pup. His heart soaring in pride, but also in sadness.
He was thoroughly scared because his son could have potentially grown an unspoken resentment on his father’s absence, especially because life has been so unkind to his son, and he was deprived of having a good life with only a single parent to raise him.
But hearing him now, about his thoughts on why he still wants to meet his father despite everything, brings mixed emotions of relief and pain. He was too young to feel it, and he was too young to understand it either.
He wasn’t supposed to carry this kind of understanding at this age. But Jungkook is thankful at the same time, because he knows his son is not only strong and smart, but also has a big heart to love like this.
“San-ah, do you know why we’re talking about your appa?” Jungkook asked, and the pup shook his head slowly. The omega smiled. “It’s because the important guess who wants to meet you right now is your appa, and he’s right outside that door.” Jeongsan blinks. “H-he is??”
“And he had been meaning to introduce himself to you. So to answer your question earlier, yes. He wanted to meet you.” Jungkook says, and he cannot help but to look away when Jeongsan bursts into tears. “Shh, San-ah…”
“C-can we meet Appa now, papa?” Jeongsan whispers. Jungkook wipes his tears. “You’re ready?” he smiled as Jeongsan nodded. Oh, his brave boy. “Then, let’s meet appa.”
Jeongsan was already on his feet before Jungkook could even stand from the bed. The boy waited for his papa and immediately held his hand, both taking the steps towards the door. ‘Where are you?’ Jungkook asks telepathically. ‘I’m right here.’ Taehyung answers back.
Jungkook rubs the pup’s back. “Go on, San-ah, open the door.” Jeongsan reached his hesitant, yet excited hand and turned the doorknob, pulling the door open to reveal who his appa was. He didn’t have any expectation, nor any idea who he’s about to see.
But before he could even see him, he smelled him first.
And a gasp escaped his lips because he can never be mistaken by the scent of the person who saved them the night where mysterious men went after them; by the scent of the person who made him pancakes first thing in the morning
By the scent of the person who read him books and laughed with just this afternoon. He saw him and he gasped.
“Hi, San.” Taehyung says. He was equally unsure just like the pup, but he hid it, wanting to show how much he wanted to embrace the title; the position of him being his father.
He crouches down to Jeongsan’s level and gives him a smile. “It’s nice to see you, Sannie.” The pup slowly smiled. “N-nice to see you too, Appa.”
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