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Nov 17
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Please check the "experts" supporting Amber Heard. What glorious credentials lol

Lol "experts"
I don't think she knows what Misogyny means or definition changes, does it? Apparently, Camille was guilty of these are the experts.
Another "expert" and cultural critic. She thinks we don't have to listen to both sides in DV cases.
Drew Dixion another "expert", she was supporting Depp until April then quickly changed. Make up your mind, I guess she got the call from
Now I am blocked.. I asked a simply question.
She deleted the comment too..but the cashier has all the receipts.
Next "expert" is from an Egyptian internet activist. She is active on IG and FB. -looks at the reasoning why she thinks patriarchal society hates intelligent women (source FB) lol - apparently, JD threw a bottle on Ellen Barkin's head (source IG) Clearly she has seen the trial 😅
Our next "expert" is Min Grob founder of the CCChat magazine She reckons Johnny may be a victim, of female-perpetrated domestic violence but he did not raise awareness about it so his victim status is largely diminished. Does every victim has to raise awareness to be a victim?
Next "expert" Farrah Khan wrote OP-ED on trial she had crush on AH from 2011 (clear bias) she reckons Amber was attacked bc she was bisexual she wrote "Depp's acts of physical violence. Name one please? (somebody did not watch the trial and trying to turn it into an LGBT issue.
Next "expert" is a writer and advocate. -she claims there is a mountain of evidence supporting AH ( clearly someone again has not watch the trial and AH has no reason to lie. 😅 Somebody please send her the pledge and donate video and penthouse demand letter lol
Another "expert" She thinks asking evidence for accuser is not ok. Since Amber heard has lost the case, and has to pay for defaming JD... makes our legal system fucked up lol. What if a man accuses her? What happens then? Jeez
The next "expert" is a professor and a author. -she clearly does not understand process of Voir dire ( jury selection) that is done by both side. (if someone bothered to see the trial or know law) - she forgot Amber was shopping for interview/ savannah declared conflict on /
many times. -Manson can only sue, when claims are made clearly she does not know about that too. ERW made the claims recently. Again the expert without the knowledge or basic reach skills.
The next "expert" has written a book and for various MSM publications on Women's issues only. "Expert" involvement in this open letter has both -financial interest -clear bias Check out the website, there is not one remote mention of men as a survivor.
Another "expert". Now, this expert does not understand the process of jury selection. - JD or men defending themselves is considered coercive control or abuse. In the petition video, she was promoting her podcast/book. (clear financial interest/ clout chasing/ gender bias)
Our next expert, lol Should I say something more?
Our next expert has a book on (u guessed it) -she is besties with Dauber ( see second pic) - remember the NBC documentary, yep that lady on the left ( she is from a feminist group) and Diane is bestie again with her. -finanical interest- Dauber's bestie- Feminazi propaganda.
Our next "expert" is a law professor. -See what she considers man-spreading (pic 2) - a dress code issue is considered a women quickly (pic 3) - last my fav, a guy posted a joke about hot weather, see how she turns this in a women issue.(pic 4) Insufferable- clear gender bias
*considered a women issue
Our next "expert" has interesting remarks regarding Men..especially if they are WHITE, oh boy..she goes hard in the paint. See the tweets. Isn't JD white? Clear gender bias/ financial interest.
Our next expert, figured out the whole case by how Depp's face looked when he walked Past Amber. Apparently, exculpatory or any evidence/witnesses did not have any importance or played any role in "experts" judgment. Lord help us!
Our next expert is a academic. -she does not believe in jury trials -besties with Charlotte Proudman She is only supporting AH because the implications on other women, not because of clout/narrative and financial interest(book).
Next expert is a editor could not find any credentials or tweets but she has a book Now I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but could it be financial interest/Bias/narrative driven? Can we expect an author to be objective in a situation where her whole narrative is cracked?
Our next expert is an economist. That's what we know lol. Well, I think they grabbed anybody who was able to sign 😅
Our next Expert has a "WordPress website"..for women. Thats it 😅 The key point to note is her besties (second pic) -she reckons it is unfair for men to defend themselves in court. Please check her website out..Trust me you will be taken back to 2008.
Another expert, who did not watch the trial ( he was asking for articles for research) and read MsM articles. Why is supporting Amber, well look at the last (pic) tweet? Irony ?
Our next "expert" thinks -JD was making rape rooms. (lol) -Amber was the perfect victim Our expert is bestie with proudman and Emma Katz ( he has a blog) Lord help us..these are the experts.
Our next expert is Emma Katz - she thinks Amber did duties at her expense lol - talking about the commitment she was drunk most of the time, remember the funder raiser. - after careful assessment of her testiomony, this "expert" believes her. JD tried to get sober many times 🤷‍♀️
JD was sober for long time and tried to get help again. While Amber Heard performing her duties with commitment as Emma Katz suggest.…
Amber Heard and her cockroaches love to call JD a drunk and an addict, saying Amber was just an innocent girl when the woman gives speeches in charity events completely drugged out of her mind. #AmberHeardIsAPredator #AmberHeardIsAPsychopath
Doc if she lied, she won't be a victim, ain't that right? Besties with Proudman and usual suspects. If a "liar" is getting backlash for using me too movement, Doc thinks it is offloading excessive misogyny. Even women are misogynist doc? Gaslighting, is off the charts "expert"
-Our next "expert" is again besties with Proudman/Emma Katz and now nuked account "Kamilla" (pic3) -Someone tweeted homelessness issue which she turned into a women issue ( wrong stats btw) - according to "expert" everything is about coercive control- no mental health 1/
No mental health or other factors is taken into the account. She thinks AH action including taking a shit on the martial bed is trauma-based ( I would love the reasoning behind it) Charlatan/ clear gender bias/ (coercive control) relying on power as only factor not considering /
Any other factors that can be there in intimate relationship. To close off she posted the tick-tok, Can u spot the bias? Are all these occupations dominated by males or females?
next "expert" has Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. -bestie with Amber Heard ( her Twitter banner is with Amber Heard) ( pic 2&3) Lastly, she again I guess did not watch the trial) she thinks Amber had lots of evidence lol and U.S system is rigged.pic4 -clear bias
Our next "expert" is a writer, although I have not seen much on her IMDB lol. I guess anybody can be a producer.She is bestie with Eve Barlow/ cocainecross.( clear bias) - she said manson/depp had fantasy with underage girls in a cave lol @The Manson Cases -she said Depp was/
was toxic on set lol. (We know the opposite as multiple ppl have praise Depp). She thinks Depp would not financier backing due to this toxic behaviour (somehow she was in the rooms with producer see tweet)not because of AH Allegations. Clear bias/financial motive/No credentials
Another "expert"/Man hating club member strong bias against men besties with pro-Amber group she reckons women who supported JD has savior complex @TheRealLauraB🌊⚔️ she QT tweeted a tweet saying Men are not accountable"AH had so much evidence lol Bias/no credentials/didnotwatchtrial
Somebody said I didn't know who Gloria was. I am not judging her contribution to feminism but her credentials on DV/SA. Next she supported Bill Clinton due to (Political alliance) lol -Then she made sexist remarks against men (pic 2) Can we expect truth from her against a women?
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