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Nov 19, 2022
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#taekookau πŸ”ž [ Minors DNI. ] Taehyung stares at the selca he just took. He's topless, pointing his phone at the mirror on the ceiling. He wonders if he should send it to Jungkook. Maybe this could be the start of what he's wanted all this time.

– Idol JK x Idol TH. – Friends (?) to lovers. – Yes, an AU with a name. – NSFW. Minors DO NOT read or interact and DO NOT follow me. πŸ”žπŸ”ž – If this sounds interesting, let me know via the QRTs! – Please interact as you read!
Song for this AU – β€˜You're All I Want’ by Cigarettes After Sex. Listen to this while you read, if you can.…
The cigarette smoke rises up in the air and clouds his vision of the ceiling slightly. Taehyung blows some out again, eyes trained on the mirror above his head. It's a fancy hotel room in Paris, he's widely successful and living his best life.
There's a glass of wine in his hand, a warm bath at his disposal and lots of money in his bank account. He's made his family happy, and he keeps touching new peaks in his career. What else could he want, right?
Not quite the case. He takes a drag of the cigarette again, shutting his eyes. He's wrapped up some schedules for his upcoming album, and he now has time to explore the city – but he doesn't feel like doing anything.
Taehyung's mind is preoccupied with a certain person, and he can't really think of anything or anyone else. Jeon Jungkook. Taehyung shuts his eyes again, as he thinks of the first and only time they met.
The rooftop of a posh bar back in Seoul. Both of them happened to be there that night. Taehyung was out because he needed to smoke, and Jungkook, because he wanted some air. It was the first time they met in person apart from at award functions or music shows.
Taehyung remembers almost dropping his cigarette from how his heart tried to leap out of his chest. But Jungkook had warmly smiled at him and nodded, bowing as he made his way towards Taehyung.
"Taehyung-ssi." He had said, in his beautiful voice. "Nice to finally meet you. Loved the new song snippets." Taehyung remembers trying to keep calm and pretend that his heart wasn't in his mouth. "Oh, Jungkook-ssi. The best voice in Korea."
Taehyung had been harboring a crush on Jungkook for around two years already at the time. But it was hopeless. Wishful thinking, as he liked to call it. He didn't even know if Jungkook liked men.
But as they had fallen into conversation under the moonlight, Taehyung had just fallen deeper for Jungkook. And with how well they had hit it off, there was this little flower of hope that started to bloom in his chest.
"Does it bother you?" Taehyung had asked, pointing at the cigarette in his hand. "I can put it out if you want." But Jungkook had just dismissed it with a wave of his hand, and seamlessly stepped back into conversation again.
Jungkook had asked for his number, taking Taehyung by surprise. He had readily given it to him, acting like it was a completely normal occurrence – like it didn't make him want to scream from that very rooftop in happiness.
They had talked a little more, shielding themselves against the chilly air under the stars. It was natural, the conversation flowed so smoothly, and it made Taehyung's heart feel like it was bursting into confetti.
For the first time ever, in his life, Taehyung thought that maybe he had a chance with Jeon Jungkook. He had not once broken eye contact. He smiled so much. Talked with such interest.
And after that night, they had kept in touch. Jungkook and him would text back and forth every once in a while – but not too much. They're both busy, after all. But it made every conversation so much more special.
It made Taehyung crave the next one so much more. Jungkook has always been sweet and generous with his compliments, and sometimes, Taehyung allows himself the delusion of Jungkook meaning them in a more than friendly way.
It's been roughly two months since the night they first met. Taehyung's feelings have only intensified through the weeks. From the way Jungkook talks to him, there might be a chance that there's some interest on his end, too.
But that's the thing. Taehyung isn't sure. And he doesn't want to get ahead of himself. Currently, they're at the level where they even occasionally send each other selcas – it's nice. Comfortable. Warm.
So, it hurt a little when he saw the rumors flying all over the internet. What if Jungkook really was interested in a female idol like the media speculated? All the photo collages of them side by side are etched into his memory.
He knows that people make news out of just anything. He's himself been subjected to it. He remembers laughing at the idea of dating someone he hasn't even personally met before, but that's just how the media works. And he hopes it's the same for Jungkook.
Eyes up on the ceiling, Taehyung stares at himself and his robe cleaves to expose his chest. He's not sure what comes over him, but he takes it apart, and slips it off his arms, before standing up and pointing his phone to the ceiling.
It makes for the perfect picture. Hazy, dark, monotonous. It's sexy, he would say. You can't even see anything at all, except that you can. You can see the curves of his waist, or how he has his face angled in the most sensual manner.
Anyone who was to receive that picture would see the intentions behind it clearly. It's such a blurry picture, and yet, so transparent with its motives.
And then, Taehyung bites on his lips. It would be a huge risk, but he wants to try. He stares at the selca he just took. He's topless, pointing his phone at the mirror on the ceiling. He wonders if he should send it to Jungkook.
Maybe this could be the start of what he's wanted all this time. Worst case scenario – Jungkook would flat out reject him and tell him that he doesn't feel that way. Taehyung is going to accept it, and back down.
But Taehyung is desperate tonight, a little lonely. The thought of losing his only chance with Jungkook claws at his heart, and he wants to see if that chance is still salvageable.
He pulls up their chats, and stares at their random messages. Theres memes, innocent selcas and jokes they make all the time. He smirks to himself, as he thinks about how the nature of this specific chat window is about to change.
He should be nervous. A little terrified. But all he feels is amusement. He feels a little proud of himself, even. And then, Taehyung selects the selca, and presses send. He puts his phone screen down on the bed, looks up at his reflection in the ceiling, and smiles.
[ A/N : I have a lot more planned for this update. I'm going to be right back, and it there's a lot of people reading, I'll post it tonight itself, in a few minutes! Please let me know your thoughts on this update so far! ]
Jungkook just doesn't understand. It's not the rumor that bothers him – he's experienced this several times before. He doesn't care because it's not true. But he finds himself caring about what one particular person is going to think. And he doesn't understand why he cares.
Jungkook has fostered a friendship with Kim Taehyung over the last two months, after a chance encounter. Taehyung is so charming and kind and positive – Jungkook finds himself naturally drawn to him.
And then there's the obvious fact about Taehyung being handsome. How can Jungkook, or anyone for that matter, be immune to that face? Even right now, as he leans against the headboard of his bed, Jungkook feels a blush creep up his cheeks as thinks about it.
All their conversations, each time they send each other a picture. It makes Jungkook feel warm inside. He's been yearning to see Taehyung again soon, but hasn't been able to. And now, there's this added worry – 'What is Taehyung-ssi going to think?'
He doesn't want to label his feelings, but Jungkook knows that he has a certain affinity for Taehyung. And he knows, that he doesn't want Taehyung to think that he's dating someone.
But how should he even let Taehyung know, without making it look like he's desperate for him to know that he's single? Jungkook groans, as he rolls over in bed. The thoughts have been gnawing at his chest all day.
He himself doesn't understand what he feels clearly. But Jungkook just wants to let Taehyung know that he isn't taken. And as he's trying to figure out a way, his phone vibrates.
Jungkook grabs it with disinterest, but as soon as his eyes land on the notification, his eyes widen. It's a message from Taehyung – some image attachment. Jungkook sits up in bed, heart suddenly beating really fast.
He clicks on it and lets the chat window pop up. And when it does, what he sees leaves him shocked. Stunned, speechless and with his mouth running a little dry.
Taehyung just sent him a mirror selca. But that's not what's unusual. The picture isn't well lit or colorful or detailed. It's pretty hazy, and still, Jungkook can tell.
The slope of Taehyung's bare shoulders and the curves of his waist – Taehyung does not have a shirt on. His messy hair, the way his body looks from this angle – it's making Jungkook's mind spin. Because, why did Taehyung send him this?
He wants to ask him it it was a mistake – but the thought of the picture actually being for someone else stings a little. Jungkook doesn't want to believe that he only imagined the obvious mutual attraction they have.
They've never really crossed any boundaries while texting each other, but Jungkook knows that the energy isn't a hundred percent platonic. And if anything were to indicate that it was, and that he had, in fact, made it all up in his mind, he would be a little disappointed.
So instead, Jungkook texts Taehyung a different, more direct question. And he hopes the answer isn't negative.
Jungkook can't believe the turn the conversation has taken. He hadn't been expecting it, but at least he wasn't imagining things. Taehyung does like him back. With a surge of warmth in his whole body, Jungkook waits for Taehyung to reply.
And Taehyung is just relieved that his selca didn't backfire. But Jungkook's words are making him yearn for him – and that's not really a good thing when he's already feeling lonely.
Taehyung lies down on his bed, a big smile on his lips right now. He's so glad he sent Jungkook that picture – he was hoping for a positive response, but this? This exceeds all his expectations.
Jungkook is no better – hand behind his head and eyes glued to his phone. He suddenly wishes he could say these things to Taehyung in person. He can't believe how Taehyung's texts instantly changed his mood, how relieved he feels.
Jungkook eases into the conversation, and admits to himself – albeit just a little, that what he feels is probably more intense than he thought. The ongoing conversation opened a whole door, it seems. Which is why, maybe Jungkook can send Taehyung back something too.
Taehyung did take a huge step – he must have been at least a little nervous. Jungkook is seriously impressed. It's only fair if he does the same.
[ A/N : Good night! (☞ Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)☞ You thought he was going to send him a sexy selca? Well, turns out, he's going to give him a live demo soon. Thanks for reading so far! Will update part 2 if people are interested! ]
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Taehyung gasps, hand coming up to cover his mouth. Jungkook can't be serious right now – the man literally just booked a flight just to come see Taehyung? What does that mean in regards to how he feels? Because, not many people would do this just for a hook up.
Jungkook settles down on his assigned seat – he's lucky there was one first class seat left. This particular flight has a lot of privacy around each seat, and Jungkook is glad about that. He's on a secret mission, after all. The less people see him, the better.
It's a miracle that the media didn't find out – nobody did, actually. Even two hours is a long enough time, but luckily for him, he managed to sneak onto the flight without much difficulty. Except the staff who checked his passport and verified his tickets, he thinks he's good.
His manager requested confidentiality, and it seems like it's being followed so far. Nobody has come up to him for an autograph or pictures apart from some of the cabin crew. He's just glad that nobody enquired about the purpose of his visit to Paris.
Once the flight takes off, Jungkook orders some food and then, he grabs his phone as he waits for it to arrive. Excitedly, he connects his phone to the plane's Wi-Fi, and types out a message to let Taehyung know that he's on his way now.
Taehyung puts his phone aside, then, and falls asleep with a faint smile on his face. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is check his phone to see the time.
When he sees that only four hours have passed, Taehyung tucks himself tighter inside his blanket, and shuts his eyes to get five more minutes of sleep. It turns into five hours.
When Taehyung wakes up the second time and checks his phone, he springs up at once. "Shit!" He says, rubbing his eyes. "There's only five hours to go."
He brushes his teeth and makes a run for the bathroom at the speed of light. He showers, too, and comes out and starts to decide what he's going to wear. He has to look perfect today.
Taehyung feels the dull, but persistent throb of his heart as he looks through his bag. He sighs, and just sits down on the bed to anchor himself. The idea of Jungkook being here in a few hours is so thrilling, that he can't even take it.
He breathes in and out, trying to calm himself down. Two months – that's how long they've been talking. Taehyung has liked him for way longer. And finally, things are going in the direction he wanted them too. Taehyung smiles to himself, feeling content.
He is able to relax a little a few minutes later, and then, he chooses an outfit with a clear, calm mind. It's a simple beige shirt, and dark dress pants. Maybe Jungkook will like it.
Putting the outfit he's chosen aside, Taehyung calls for room service. He wants his room to be tidy when Jungkook arrives. And when his room looks squeaky clean again, Taehyung shuts the door behind the hotel staff and checks his phone.
Jungkook, just then, decides to text him after contemplating for a while. Maybe he should reach the hotel instead, and just meet Taehyung there. For some reason, he wants to go to him at every step of the way, rather than making Taehyung come to him.
Taehyung giggles at that, slowly laying down with his eyes still glued to the phone screen. He texts Jungkook back, orders some lunch and then slips under the duvet, trying to get some sleep as Jungkook suggested.
And he has no idea how he falls asleep so easily again, after having slept nine hours already. He is a little mad at himself, too Because when he wakes up and checks his phone, there's two message Jungkook sent him around twenty minutes ago.
Taehyung hurriedly looks to his side, the outfits he picked out still laid flat on one side of his bed. Taehyung sits up hurriedly, and kicks the blanket off, when he receives a call on the hotel's phone.
"Hello?" Taehyung picks it up and asks, heart pounding in his chest. "Mr. Kim?" It sounds like one of the receptionists of the hotel. "There's someone here to see you. He gives out the name JJK. Should we send him upstairs?"
"Y-yes, please send him upstairs." Taehyung says, mouth running dry. "He's my uh... friend. Yeah, thank you." Putting the phone down on the receiver, Taehyung springs up and starts to make his bed. He's only just almost extended his hand to grab his outfits, when the bell rings.
Taehyung feels his heart thump in his chest, and he turns around in his pajamas and bed hair. Sighing, he smoothens out whatever he's wearing and runs his fingers through his hair as he walks towards the door. His excitement knows no bounds right now, a small smile on his face.
He's finally going to see Jungkook, and he just doesn't know how to act or what to do. Because, well, instead of planning – he spent all these hours sleeping. But Taehyung takes a deep breath, and he opens the door.
Jungkook turns around immediately, but before Taehyung can react, he rushes in and locks the door himself. And then, he takes off his mask and the big shades covering his eyes, and reveals that face Taehyung is so weak for. He gasps, taking Jungkook in with his eyes.
"Hey." Jungkook smiles, and his eyes crease at the corners. His face is bare, and it's somehow even more beautiful than he looks with makeup. Jungkook is wearing several layers of black, and half his hair is up in a ponytail, the other half hanging down and brushing his nape.
Taehyung lets out a very audible sigh, as his shoulders droop. It's surreal to think that Jungkook is actually here, looking like that. His heart might actually break out of his chest. "Hi." Taehyung says, lips pulling themselves into a gradual smile. "Long time, no see."
Jungkook smiles, taking a step forward and throwing his arms open. Taehyung bites back a huge smile as he walks right into his arms, and they pull each other into a hug. Jungkook nuzzles his nose into Taehyung's neck. "You did a good job making yourself pretty for me."
Taehyung chuckles into the hug, body already turning into liquid from Jungkook's warmth. "The clothes I picked out are still on the bed. I overslept." "Mhm?" Jungkook says, still not letting go of Taehyung. "I like this better. You're handsome even without makeup."
Taehyung runs his fingers through the ends of Jungkook's hair. "Your hair got long. It's pretty." "Yeah?" Jungkook pulls back from the hug. "It would be great for grabbing with your fists, wouldn't it?"
Taehyung smiles, lightly tugging on his hair. "And yanking it back like this." Jungkook smiles, and lets his gaze drop to Taehyung's lips. "I want to kiss you already."
"I've been wanting to do that for months." Taehyung says, hands still playing with Jungkook's hair, and eyes on his mouth. "And what's stopping you, hm?" Jungkook asks. "I'm right here, in front of you now. Flew in from Korea for your kisses."
Taehyung chuckles at that, and without wasting another second, cups Jungkook's face and brings it closer. He has to take in a deep breath before he finally presses his lips to Jungkook's, and it feels like an immediate explosion of tingles inside his body.
It's a tight lipped kiss, and Taehyung pulls back just after a second, looking back up at Jungkook. He's wanted this for so, so long. "Mhm." Jungkook pouts, pulling Taehyung closer by the waist. "When in France, we should do it like the French."
Taehyung smiles, and without breaking eye contact, gently pushes Jungkook back. He starts to walk towards the centre of the room, teasing. "What's the rush? You just got here."
Jungkook sighs longingly, not hiding his smile as Taehyung takes steps away from him, but then his eyes fall on the mirror on the ceiling. "Ah." Jungkook says, smile only growing. "The mirror."
"Yeah." Taehyung smiles too, looking up at the mirror. "Do you want to stand here and see?" "Take your phone out." Jungkook says. "Hmm?" Taehyung asks. "Take out your phone! Pull your camera up. Come on."
Taehyung feels confused, but he grabs his phone and does as Jungkook asks. "Why am I doing this, by the way?" Jungkook takes slow steps towards him. "Point it at the mirror. Like you did in that picture."
Taehyung feels heat pool in his stomach. His lids droop just slightly, and he points his camera at the mirror. Jungkook walks closer and closer to him. "Take a picture."
Taehyung clicks, his heart pounding louder and louder, the closer Jungkook gets. "Again." Jungkook whispers into Taehyung's ears, placing his arms on Taehyung's waist from behind.
Taehyung clicks, feeling weaker in his legs as tingles spread throughout his body. Jungkook snakes his arms around Taehyung's waist, and hooks his chin on his shoulder. He looks up at the mirror. "One with the two of us, now."
Jungkook looks so cute with his huge eyes looking up at the ceiling, that Taehyung can't help but smile as he clicks another picture. But right after he does, Jungkook whispers into his ear. "Going to use my mouth for stuff other than talking now, okay?"
Taehyung can't help but shut his eyes, because Jungkook's low, sexy drawl is turning him on. "Okay." Jungkook presses a wet kiss to Taehyung's neck. "Click again. Don't stop."
Taehyung's wrist feels limp now, and all he wants to do is fall back into Jungkook's touch. But he listens, and clicks again. "It's interesting." Jungkook says, leaving kisses along Taehyung's jaw. "The mirror."
And at this point, Taehyung is tuning out everything other than Jungkook. "Mhm, why?" Jungkook continues to kiss him, while his hands help keep Taehyung's body as close to him as possible.
He looks up then, and lightly tips Taehyung's head upwards. Taehyung opens his eyes, and their eyes meet in their reflection. "Because–" Jungkook smiles, not breaking eye contact, and says it sweetly. "It means you get to watch yourself getting fucked in a few minutes from now."
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