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Nov 21
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The Greatest scams of all time A THREAD

1. THE PONZI SCHEME ... In 1920, Ponzi discovered arbitrage in the form of international postal reply coupons, each worth 5 cents. Coupons purchased in Spain at a pre-set exchange rate could be redeemed for a nickel back in the U.S. Thousands of people were attracted by his claim
2. THE MIRACLE CAR SCAM ... It was an advance-fee scam that ran from 1997 to 2002 by James R. Nichols and Robert Gomez. In its run of just over four years, over 4,000 people bought 7,000 cars that did not actually exist, causing over 21 million US dollars stolen from the victims.
3. SIR DRAKE ESTATE FRAUD ... This scam, which took place over 70 years before coming to an end in 1936, involved 28 swindlers who convinced people all across America that a wealthy individual named Jacob Baker of Philadelphia had died, leaving his estate behind with no heirs.
4. MATCHSTICK MAN ... International banks begged Ivar Krueger to let them invest, not knowing that his many companies existed only on paper, profitable only because they were invested in each other. It began to fall apart in the crash of 1929 when investors wanted to cash out.
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5. THE GREAT DIAMOND HOAX ... Prince de Rohan, arranged for Queen Marrie to purchase a diamond necklace worth six million livres on credit but Jeanne de la Motte, his former mistress, hoped to make away with the necklace herself. When caught, she was to be striped naked in public
6. FOOL'S GOLD ... As the mining community learned, the gold Bre-X claimed was a few hundred dollars worth of grains scraped from nearby river bottoms and added to drill cores before they were assayed. Fool’s Gold was a serious analysis of mining fraud.
7. THE REPUBLIC OF POYAIS ... Hundreds of people departed England and Scotland on voyages to the promising new country of Poyais. The would-be settlers were shocked to find that the place promoted by Gregor MacGregor, were in fact nothing but a desolate wilderness.
8. THE PORTUGAL BANK NOTE AFFAIR ... Reis forged a contract with the Bank of Portugal that authorized him to print a new set of banknotes and approached the company that previously printed Bank of Portugal notes, Waterlow and Sons, to make all the new cash.
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9. FAKE AIRPORT SOLD ... Emmanuel Nwude, is known as the biggest scammer in the history of Nigeria after he sold “a fake airport” to a Brazilian man called Nelson Sakaguchi for the sum of $242m.
10. THE GUY THAT SOLD EIFFEL TOWER TWICE ... In 1925, when Victor Lustig learned how expensive the tower had become to maintain, he came up with the idea to sell it to a scrap metal dealer. After the scam, Lustig moved to Vienna in a train with suitcases full of cash.
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Mysterious things found in the Bermuda Triangle A THREAD
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