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Nov 23
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-Germany pledges to support Ukraine until war ends -UK delivers three Sea King helicopters to Ukraine for search and rescue mission -NATO allies test air and missile defense capabilities in Romania Latest updates:

Russian forces hit a maternity ward in the Zaporizhzhia region with missiles overnight, leaving one newborn baby dead, Governor Oleksandr Starukh says Latest updates:
The European Parliament adopts a non-binding resolution to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, a move that lawmakers hope will help leaders to be held accountable for war crimes Latest updates:
Explosions rattle Kyiv and an infrastructure facility was hit amid reports of a barrage of Russian missile strikes across Ukraine Latest updates:
Emergency power cuts are being enacted in all Ukrainian regions after widespread Russian attacks on infrastructure on Wednesday, the grid operator says Latest updates:
Ukraine reaches a preliminary agreement with the IMF, paving the way to unlock billions in aid for the war-torn nation Latest updates:
The website of the European Parliament suffered a cyberattack, making it inaccessible for several hours Wednesday, its president Roberta Metsola says in a tweet . A pro-Kremlin group claimed responsibility, Metsola added. Latest updates:


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