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So I went through and compiled some notable passages from Sony about the Activision Blizzard Deal ๐Ÿงต



The UK CMA has published the official Sony response about the ABK acquisition. It's pretty much a comical read about all the industry practices Sony has been doing for 20+ years and why Xbox shouldn't be allowed to do the same. Document:โ€ฆ
Sony says MS making CoD exlcusive would force people to have to buy an Xbox. Which is hilarious because thats how exclusives work. If I want to play God of War, I have to pay 480 for an equivalent PS5
Sony basically says Xbox doing this would lock current Xbox owners from coming to PS and would make it harder to switch
Sony seems to believe that Indie devs will be hurt by the deal because CoD on Game Pass would make it harder for indie devs to negotiate for their games on Game Pass (Seems to be this would HELP Sony be the supporting indie dev platform)
Sony claims that the idea that PS is more popular than Xbox is misconcieved. They argue Xbox is only SOMEWHAT behind PS and PS got there because of the "quality of its platform and competition on the merits"
Sony argues that MS's strategy is to make Sony compete in the family friendly market where Nintendo is king as acquiring COD would make the dominant in the mature title market?
Sony claims no contractual protection (meaning a deal to keep CoD on PS) will protect them Again they are pushing the parity point
And here we see the main fear. Call of Duty on Game Pass. They want MS to agree to put COD on PS Plus. Sony says that the offer to out Game Pass on PS5 isnt feasible since PS plus is essential to their strategy
Now this isnt updated for the new 10 year offer. I basically ignore this part
This is confusing. Sony says Phil bait and switched them because Bethesda games arent on PS but Phil said those games come to any platform Game Pass is on So basically Sony is stuck because they could called Phil's bluff but they wont because they rely on PS Plus
Sony is now claiming that PS Plus is behind Game Pass despite baseline PS Plus having more subscribers. They redacted the exact numbers of the hier tiers of PS Plus, but the implication is it well behind Game Pass
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