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If a woman you knew showed up at work with a fat lip and a cut eyebrow; would you ask them about it? Because zero people have commented on what I think are reasonably obvious injuries.

There are people who know I play rugby, but there are lots I've engaged with today who don't. I'm really surprised that nobody has said anything. This is how DV thrives; when nobody checks in on their colleagues and friends.
Obviously it's not just women; anyone can be a victim of an abusive relationship. If you're at all concerned, speak up.
I've just fucking walked into a lat pulldown bar so fully expect to have a bruised cheekbone tomorrow. Clumsy arse.
You'll be delighted to know I managed to do this a second time (same bar, same height, same workout) There are honestly days when my proprioception and spatial awareness just abandon me.
Update: my injuries came up in a convo with a male colleague. Him: Oh I noticed that but didn't want to say anything Me: I could be being abused though Him: yeah but it's you, isn't it? Not likely. And that is *exactly* why you should always say something. Don't ever assume.
His comment leans into the idea that there is a certain 'type' of person who ends up in an abusive situation. There isn't. It can happen to anyone, it's often insidious and creeping. Don't let things like this pass you by. You could save someone's life.…
Bear in mind that DV cases rise during both football tournaments *and* Christmas. Please watch out for people you know.
This is exactly what our #WhatsComingHome campaign aims to shed light on. Thank you for sharing this thread.
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