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Nov 23, 2022
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Last year we created a showcase demo called The World Beyond to show you how Presence Platform’s suite of AI and machine learning capabilities can boost immersion and presence in VR. Now we’ve added four mini-sample scenes to make it easier for you to modify and reference code 🧵

These scenes include: 1. Passthrough Pet: This sample demonstrates how to use Unity's Navigation components with Scene API. Moving the blue target around the floor and pressing trigger commands Oppy to walk there. This can be the start of any virtual pet prototype.
2. Passthrough Room: This sample loads the Scene elements as Passthrough objects, and then destroys the walls and ceiling. Developers could use this as a base for making a wave shooter: replace the virtual environment, and have enemies advance on you from outside into your room.
3. Virtual Frames: Replace the virtual world with your own assets. This type of portal effect is possible with different methods, but this example is the easiest to set up—all that’s required is using specific prefab overrides in OVRSceneManager.
4. Voice Transcription: To demo some Voice SDK basics, this sample gets and transcribes users’ voice to text. It also includes a button supported by Interaction SDK and a data dialog sample for developers to provide more information to users.
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