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1/3 The complexity of this photograph is mind-boggling - you could write a book about it. For instance, Adidas: German registered company, HQ located in Germany, operating globally, with multiple retail outlets in Qatar, also hugely active in countries such as China...

2/3 Five of the German starting line-up play for Bayern Munich, a club sponsored by Qatar's Hamad International Airport, against which club's fans have routinely protested. One player from a club owned by a Gulf emirate that also has kalfala labour market…
3/3 Really important issues that won't be going away anytime soon, that require much more detailed discussion and understanding - how are decisions made, on what basis, by whom, with what consequence?
To add even more complexity to this thread... German interior minister Faeser - wearing OneLove armband - sat alongside Infantino in his German Adidas trainers. Company a long-time FIFA sponsor, currently appearing alongside Qatar Airways & Qatar Energy on FIFA platforms
Thread is about complexity & decision making, not about being pro/anti something. Students in my classes commonly go to work in organisations such as Adidas. It's important they have a sense of context, cause/effect & how to lead/manage/make decisions. Students are challenged... question, discuss, evaluate, select, implement most appropriate options. Especially pertinent in case of Adidas, company located in Europe operating globally, drawing huge revenues from countries such as China. Reconciling multiple issues & stakeholder demands is complex.
A footnote to this thread... A student assessment brief that I have recently used
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