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Nov 23, 2022
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love updates 🫀🖤—- #taurus, #scorpio, #leo & #aquarius singles • rekindling with a fire earth sign or cancer someone from school/work is interested in you but i see you may pay them no mind. this newfound connection will be spiritual justice. you are learning ⬇️

lots of patience i heard “rekindle with self love” so you’re starting to “get your groove back” im proud of you! someone is getting more comfortable with dating again & picking up the pieces from a faulty connection! alexa play jaded by drake! in a connection • brace your⬇️
self for this incoming communication because i see you and someone bumping heads. someone needs to communicate clearly what they want here & stop acting “scary” for lack of the better term😂 if you don’t demand what you want from this person then you will stand for anything ⬇️
most of this collective is feeling deprived of time & attention! or wants to put a stamp on a connection ONCE & FOR ALL! friday & sunday night is significant. signs in your chart or signs you could be dealing with: fire signs, cancer, capricorn, scorpio & virgo
the man that knows everything knows that he knows nothing at all 👻| tarot reader + intuitive. NO REFUNDS| rush read = 24 hour. | 2 weeks standard return time.
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