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Nov 23
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The Experts' Letter: A Book 🧵 #ExpertsForAmberHeard

If you are a bibliophile, one of the pleasures of reading the expert letter is recognizing all the authors who have signed it. Smart people who know things often write books. Here is a 📚 thread with some of the titles from the signatories. This will be regularly updated...
... as I make my way through it. Here is the first batch of remarkable writers.
Among her remarkable accomplishments, Gloria Steinem is an author of numerous books. Despite being at the forefront of the feminist cause, Steinem was sometimes plagued by doubts. Her story of finding self-worth while taking on the patriarchy in inspiring and relatable.
A NYT Notable Book, No Visible Bruises is an examination of all sides of domestic violence: the victims, the family left behind, the abusers who are locked up. A riveting immersion into the topic.
An engrossing memoir about a Harvard grad who is drawn to a psychopath, this memoir shows how isolation can make a woman vulnerable.
Coercive control is a central part of domestic violence and has a devastating impact on children and their mothers. This examination of the topic by Dr. Emma Katz was published by Oxford University Press.
Two internationally-lauded feminist lawyers have written this book (from Hachette) on ways that the law silences women. There is a chapter on the Depp-Heard case by solicitor and co-author Jennifer Robinson.


I watched the VA trial. Then I read the UK trial and judgment. Johnny almost duped me, mate! #IStandWithAmberHeard
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