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Nov 23
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🧵Moral issues aside, what makes Western fixation on LGBT as a determiner of good/evil & friend/enemy grotesque is the fact that restrictions on sex is their most desperate ethical concern which they deem horrific-there's something so vulgar, undignified & animalistic about that.

For the enjoyment of sex to permeate not only pop culture, the natural boundaries of privacy & family life (hearing your kids have sex w/their bf/gf is played off as funny) & everyday concern & conversation but to become their most urgent moral, political necessity-
tells you all you need to know about their indulgence, emptiness & detachment from the rest of the world & its sense of purpose wherein depravity & sexual pleasure hold a position of such urgent importance for them & their vision of the future.
There’s a few scenes from Brave New World which really stick out to me when I think about this, 1) nobody commits themselves in relationships anymore, everyone shares & swaps partners, orgies are common, & women have self-pleasure services 24/7 that they openly visit.
2) the fact that there are no longer family ties or relationships means that children are no longer conceived naturally, they’re made in factories & divided into their future utility for the workforce; pregnancy & childbirth are seen as alien, disgusting & primitive.
So bold & adamant are the people in their idea of free sex that when a few of them visit the Old World (Huxley’s pseudo pre-colonised, non-European nation), the idea of monogamous relationships, fixed rules & motherhood is non-negotiably declared as “savage” & grotesque.
In their supposed discarding of religion & family ties, the inhabitants of the self-righteous “New World” adopted their own theology & laws of what objective truth is: which is that all people not only should be allowed- but *need*- to engage in limitless sexual relationships.
The “Old World”, despite having its own problems & not being as technologically or scientifically advanced as the New World, retains a warmth & sense of safety that the reader can relate to amidst the overwhelming vulgarity, loneliness & sexual obsession of the New World.
So similarly overwhelming is the modern Western fixation on sex & their call to see it practiced with no limits that transcends craving & enters the territory of tyrannical, legal, political necessity,-
so maddeningly redundant is their repetitive discourse on sex, that it carries the same inhuman, viscerally grotesque coldness of the self-pleasure sites, public orgies & baby factories.
One of the most haunting ironies of the book is the fact that the people of the Old World rely on a drug called Soma in order to feel any sort of happiness, and yet despite drowning in it to survive in their haze, are arrogant in their contempt of the Old World & its ways.
We will never allow a degenerate & amoral populace to enforce their twisted & animalistic lifestyles on us, especially when they have so willingly travelled to our lands; we will never surrender to your delusion of a Brave New World.
🇶🇦 Margarita 🇶🇦

🇶🇦 Margarita 🇶🇦

“There is no final one; revolutions are infinite.” Yevgeny Zamyatin.
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