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Nov 23
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Nationalism, The DougWilson/Moscow Sect, and Kinism 🧵: Months ago I wrote about how @CrossPolitic (associated with @Douglas Wilson and @Christ Church) decided to publish the kinist Darrell Dow on Christian Nationalism. 1/

Since then they’ve decided to add a disclaimer where CP rejects kinism. Now, @Canon Press (same associations) has published a book on Christian Nationalism from @Stephen Wolfe 🇺🇸. This is the same guy who calls interracial marriage “relatively sinful.” 2/
Now, as it turns out, Wolfe is a podcast host alongside a guy named Thomas Achord who has an anonymous Twitter account under @Tulius. Oddly enough, Thomas is also a co-author of a book defending kinist ideology alongside Darrell Dow. 3/
As an aside, this book is being passed around patriarchal circles such as the CrossPolitic produced @patriachypod podcast as well as Eric Conn of @Hard Men Podcast. This isn’t even “afraid to come out of the kinist closet” sort of kinism. This is “out and proud” kinism. 4/
In addition to being a kinist, here’s a sampling of the sort of stuff Wolfe’s cohost says. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not as if ethnicity is not something covered on Wolfe’s podcast. It’s certainly a relevant topic. 5/
So, though I know Doug Wilson and Canon Press has published neo-Confederate alternative history before, they’re not supposed to kinists. But they still manage to publish, market, and platform kinists. 6/
And not just kinists on unrelated topics, but kinists literally defending their White-centric ethno-nationalism. So, what does it really mean for CrossPolitic, Christ Church, Canon Press, Doug Wilson, etc. to reject kinism? 7/
Because, frankly, if this is what it means to “reject” kinism, I wonder how much different it would look like for these organizations to support kinism. 8/
So what’s the deal? Are these patriarchal Moscow kirkers too spineless to draw a line in the sand on this issue? Are they too afraid of being associated with “wokeness” to make a bold stand against this hateful and division false theology? 9/
Is kinism secretly supported by the Moscow sect but they don’t have the guts to admit it? Or like how some of y’all do with Federal Vision, is kinism something you reject the label of, but you support the ideas? 10/
This is the weirdest kind of “rejecting” an ideology I’ve ever seen. For a group of guys who like to present themselves as having convictions, this is the most toothless and soft “rejecting” one can imagine. 11/
This from @Ameen is very much worth checking out as well.


Also, @Stephen Wolfe 🇺🇸 wrote the foreword to this joint here which is co-authored by Dr Jan Adriaan Schlebusch who is an unabashed Kinist (as you can see below). The Pactum Institute also unabashedly promotes it as well. This should raise all kinds of questions.
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