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Gabe Hudson

Gabe Hudson

Nov 23
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Feel sorry for access journalists who are "shocked" by Musk's "recent" turn cuz apparently their role as enabler hasn't hit home

Can you imagine being this wrong abt Elon when yr big famous rep is based on you having the inside dope on these ppl??? Ouch
Like I know more abt Elon Musk despite never having talked to him or been in same room w him or watched doc abt him or even thought abt him much
The size of this professional face plant can't be overstated
And this goes to all journalists who've been on the dickhead billionaire beat for last decades who provided cover for these monsters by writing & speaking abt them in some of most prestigious & well paid media spaces out there
Like the American ppl counted on you to get this right (some of us either don't have time or just don't give a fuck abt SV) but we relied on you journalists to blow the whistle & let us know abt a threat to our democracy like Elon years before it got to this point
Add this to recent "red wave" prediction debacle & what the hell is even journalism today?? Me & my friends' Tweets are WAAAY more accurate than a lot of crap we have to pay a subscriber's fee to read
Gabe Hudson

Gabe Hudson

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