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Nov 23
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I don’t doubt there are legal nuances to this (the money was in his account but he hadn’t fulfilled his contractual obligations, or whatever). But the point, as Orwell said, is the *direction of travel*. The corporate establishment has learned false moral lessons from the…

"I went from being a multi billionaire to not being able to use my ApplePay " "it can happen to all Americans for saying the wrong idea out loud"
[fell asleep before I could finish this lmao] …sanctioning of Russia and is now applying that same logic, of attempted financial ruination, to citizens in the West. The digital currency “CoNspiRaciSts” are entirely correct: new financial technologies *do* pose a profound…
threat to individuals in our societies. It’s easy to see how it will be misapplied, and become a malevolent tool of political and social control. The horrible secret to it will be its implementation via “private companies”, as with the use of Twitter to enforce groupthink…
under the guise of corporate freedom. Being forced to pay via certain streamed channels of digital transaction is dangerous. Who owns that channel? Who limits and defines the terms of use?
Like critique of the vaccines (which is now indisputably justified), critique of expansive digitised finance has been deliberately exiled from the realm of acceptable mainstream discourse. As ever, there is a perfectly sensible and rational argument to be made against it.
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