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Nov 23, 2022
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The last couple weeks have been rough in crypto. Even with prices dropping, Hexicans have made THOUSANDS of new stakes to earn yield on their HEX. But, they could have had a much BETTER DEAL. Allow me to explain...

There's 6,583 Hex stakes that were started in the last 14 days. These stakes total over 2.5 Billion $HEX worth around $70M. That's A LOT of activity for an ERC20 in the bear market. Thanks to @Chrispyman for building this tool. 👇
Now let's look at a subset of these stakes with these parameters: 100,000 HEX or less Ending between 10/1/2023 and 7/16/2037 That's 2645 stakes totaling 45 million #HEX worth over $1M.
These are the stakers that, in my opinion, should have swapped their HEX for one of the tokens from @Maximus Ⓜ️ such as $BASE, $TRIO, $LUCKY, $DECI, or $MAXI. These tokens are encapsulated HEX stakes that can be redeemed for HEX when the pooled stake ends or sold at any time.
The parameter dates from before are the range of @Maximus Ⓜ️ maturity dates when the tokens can be redeemed for HEX at a very small gas cost when compared to traditional staking. For small hex stakes, gas costs decrease your ROI and sometimes it's not even worth it to end stake.
If you stake 100k HEX until the stake end dates for each token in the Maximus DAO ecosystem, you get the T-Shares outlined below.
Let's compare this to swapping the 100k HEX for one of the Maximus tokens. I got the conversion rates from 1inch, accounting for slippage. For DECI, LUCKY, TRIO, and BASE you can actually obtain more T-shares for the same amount of HEX by simply swapping on 1inch.
For MAXI you get less T-Shares, but the previously accrued yield somewhat fills the gap. You'd earn more HEX by staking for 5352 days vs swapping for MAXI, but with staking you have to worry about gas fees and you don't have the option to sell early without a penalty.
The rest of the numbers are ROI and APY projections, and that get's a little more complicated to explain. But in my opinion it would be silly to stake Hex for 1-10 years when you can earn more by swapping for one of these tokens. By far, DECI best deal on T-shares right now.


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