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Nov 23
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WHAT’S MY LINE MYSTERY GUEST AWARDS RESULTS TIME 🏆 thanks for playing along, besties! let’s see who placed…

20th place - Ernie Kovacs
19th place - Gene Tierney
18th place - Claudette Colbert
17th place - Elizabeth Taylor
16th place - Groucho Marx
15th place - Olivia de Havilland
14th place - Buster Keaton
13th place - Carol Channing
12th place - Irene Dunne
11th place - Jim Kilgallen (Dorothy’s Father)
top 10!! here we go!!
10th place - John Charles Daly
9th place - Greer Garson
8th place - Panelists’ Spouses
7th place - Debbie Reynolds
6th place - Dorothy Kilgallen
5th place - Rosalind Russell
4th place - Allen Ludden and Betty White
🥉3rd place and possibly the most mysterious of them all - Arlene’s Hat
🥈2nd Place - Lucille Ball
🥇1st place - Julie Andrews


what’s my line? dead women hype woman.
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