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Nov 24
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*Off* Stiles & Derek were having something when Derek left, Stiles was heartbroken for a while there, but with the help of his sisters,Lydia and Kira, he managed to move on. Derek came back and didn't want to bother Stiles, that he heard that was on his way with somebody +

+ Derek was in the Loft the entire time, going through Peter's Wolfsbane alcohol 'cause he didn't want to see anybody else touch Stiles, didn't want to see Stiles happy with someone else, he knows he fucked up by leaving but he just thought he was doing the best thing for Stiles+
+ Derek was jealous of that new person in Stiles' life and was acting really immature because of it when the pack had meetings and he decided to go to those to tell everyone he was back, for good this time. Stiles was faking like he was unaffected by Derek's return, but deep +
+ inside he was really wondering if Derek would really stay for good as he was saying. Stiles knows Derek, and he went through Hell because of Derek's promises that he was going to stay but never did. Derek this time really meant it, he finally went to therapy and thought that +
+ everything was solved, but he knows he put Stiles' through Hell and that if he really wants to show Stiles that he can love him again, then he has some really hard work to prove that he's ready for something concrete now, not just throwing words around and not committing to +
+ anything serious. Stiles knows that Derek somehow heard that he was supposedly on his way with somebody and doesn't know how the fuck that happened 'cause he fucking wasn't, of course he went dancing with the pack and had some fun with one-night stands and kissing some random+
+ woman or some random man. And even though a part of him wanted to believe that Derek came back for him, he knows that this is hoping too much. He moved on, he really did...Or he thought he did, but that's not the point Lydia! The point is that Derek needs to prove that +
+ he's not gonna run again as soon as they're going in the direction of something serious, he needs to know his heart will be safe this time. This was vaguely based on the song "love u again" by Olivia Holt.
Sterek lyric bot 🌈🖤

Sterek lyric bot 🌈🖤

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