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A thread of other political songs (about war) that no one seems to care about, with their English translations. If you’re gonna call out Ukraine, then let’s also call out:

mads🥨|| 🇪🇸🇰🇿🇬🇪

mads🥨|| 🇪🇸🇰🇿🇬🇪

Political lyrics are not allowed at eurovision, but when it’s Ukraine no one says anything, not even the EBU. I stand with Ukraine, but this is not the place.
Monaco! Minouche in 1967 talked about being scared of nuclear war.
France! In 2015, they sing a song all about World War 1.
Hungary! In 2015, they sent a song (in English) called “Wars For Nothing”
And countless other songs that have been performed at national finals (and have been praised), have had political messages. Just do as good as them, and don’t make excuses as to why your country is doing terrible/not as good.
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