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Nov 24
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y'all summer 2023 is really gonna be a movie bc venus will be in leo the entire time, from june to september!!

OCTOBER**** • note that it will go retrograde in july & turn direct in september again • soooo y'all venusians ♎︎ ♉︎ & even ♓︎ might be moving a lil off for a moment and • learning love lessons especially if natal venus is in another fixed sign ♉︎ ♏︎ ♒︎
'what does this mean?' our love & financial matters get the celebrity treatment. as in, we'll be in the mood to show out, express, dramatize. whatever, whoever we value will get a spotlight alllll summer.
movie spoilers 🤪 • jupiter will be in taurus, creating a square with venus, so expect life lessons on spending, indulging...and moderation • cap risings: $$lut era • leo placements: up to you more than anyone else whether this is a summer blockbuster
• jup jup will be joining uranus in this square to venus i.e. very erratic gains & losses i ain't one to hold y'all...if you're financially unstable now, get it together. any sense (and literal cent$) will fly out the window during this time /end
* addendum/explainittomelikeim5 * venus - how we love, appreciate, value, pleasure, relate & compromise leo - spotlight on expression, creativity, giving & receiving attention
venus will transit, or move, through the leo constellation during summer 2023. how we view love matters & values like relationships or finances will be in a fiery, center-stage kind of way. leo energy is fun & venus loves pleasure so this is quite a combo.


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