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Sep 29
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God I love Andor so much. I love the dialogue and the deep well of UK / Scots acting talent making a meal of it and its attitude and production design and weird fetishes for the banal evil of bureaucracy & how low in society & desperate a rebel really is.

Andor already feels like what Deadwood and Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones did for their respective genres.
This interview with Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy is fascinating first for how he admits he has little reverence for Star Wars & how that may have tripped up other people working with it, even actors. But also……
He discusses the virtual production ‘Volume’ used for Mandalorian etc does have an inherent limitation: you have to do post production & lock shots before you film actors. Since they couldn’t afford combining techniques, inadvertently liberated Andor to use real locations & sets.
Also, the production designer was part of the writer’s room. That is a killer, unprecedented move. Reminds me of how composer Yoko Kanno sat in on the original Cowboy Bebop writer’s room. It’s nuts how the Star Wars sequel trilogy didn’t give us one single iconic new starship…
Meanwhile Andor already has me drooling over Luthen’s ship and in awe of how perfectly dowdy, cozy, weathered and shitty they made a municipal space bus.
This dialogue, how do I even get there…
austin walker

austin walker

Yeah honestly, I hit this scene in ep 2 of Andor and was like, "alright we have to call an audible, we have to talk about this show."
The glass and steel concrete brutalism of Andor’s Coruscant by Chernobyl Production Designer Luke Hull has such a vibe of imperial capitalism triumphant in its ugly corruption. Or London today lol.
Amazing observation on the incredible production design of Andor and how it even subverts iconic vehicles from Star Wars (check the quoted tweet)


Life imitates art imitates life, the cycle continues
Episode 5 of Andor little spoiler: they really went and made Ayn Rand as a Mom a villain. 😹
Slyest joke in Andor so far, which almost cuts close as subversion of Star Wars canon, is Mon Mothma's douchebag British MacGruber husband insisting this offscreen, namechecked character is fun at dinner parties. The character:
Slightly terrifying person who does not seem fun at all
Me watching another exquisite episode of Andor wondering how such a complicated depiction of how fascism takes over your psyche and material existence ever got made & giving zero fucks whether or not it’s a ratings hit
When Andor went fully here this week and @Nicholas Britell’s music did the raddest thing I’ve heard in sci-fi tv in 20 years I stood up and applauded at my tv
Lots of talk how Ep 6 of Andor was a nailbiting adrenaline rush & one of best Star Wars ever, but I break into a cold sweat wondering how Tony Gilroy grifted $100 million from Disney to make a Star Wars about like the New Left in 1959 & corporate fascism with playwright dialogue.
I love all the crazy places in the Star Wars universe that Andor is exploring, like Space London, Space Miami, Space Rikers, Space Amazon Rainforest, and Space Belfast
Look I should be promoting the show I have on Netflix right now that I’m very proud of, but this is all I think about with my free time @diego luna
Andor is so goddamn good and on point about the psychic and physical toll of resisting fascism it’s starting to make all the Star Wars stuff made before it look like wartime propaganda films.
Know the pace of Andor has thrown some of you but it’s perfectly measured about how so immensely far you can oppress people with their own competing interests before they hit their breaking point & organize. Also the slyest driest sense of humor! ‘I’ll interrogate remotely’
Ep 9 of Andor spoilers: 2 scenes in this episode that in other shows would be heroic: a state agent who’s willing to push an interrogation beyond moral lines to preserve safety… And the most sincere romantic inspiring speech of the whole series… Both by total evil CREEPAZOIDS.
Andor creator Tony Gilroy said he wanted to ‘pervert’ Star Wars and it’s cracking me up Disney is advertising it with the incel space fascist eating his blue milk cereal
Holy shit it just hit me how this is directly about Andy Serkis’ iconic line at end of this week’s Andor 😹


Lol Star Wars said "Fuck 12"
Can’t believe how much emotion they packed into this week’s Andor, in an episode that was only 15 minutes long i think? 😭
diego luna

diego luna

Ready for #Andor ? Episode 10 is out. It’s one of my favorites, @Andy Serkis at his best!! So proud to be part of this project. Enjoy…
“I’d call that power.” “Power doesn’t panic.” Dialogue for our times truly #Andor
Every single week people are like “-that- episode of Andor was one of the top 5 greatest things of Star Wars ever made” and it’s now on episode 10.
About that idea Andor is a little bit Star Wars: Marxist Praxis…
NEW: The heist arc in ‘Andor’ was directly based on a real, revolution-funding bank robbery in 1907… by Joseph Stalin. If you’re enjoying ‘Andor,’ you need to read my brand-new interview with showrunner Tony Gilroy:…
That interview with Tony Gilroy is fascinating - he’s taken allegorical template & visuals Lucas was using for archetypes in myth & fairy stories and subverted it in #Andor to be about historical archetypes in struggles for power instead. Which is always relevant, like today…
Got myself an #Andor Lego set and I think it pairs nicely with my Oxford bricks set of the 1909 assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister by Korean anti-imperialist An Jung-geun!
Jesus wept and you will too, Episode 11 of #Andor - all the loose tangled threads pull together becoming a kite pulling you one way… (Plus the Fondor Haulcraft scene will play on repeat for years). Devastating heartfelt work @Nicholas Britell @diego luna
If you like great tv series & have Disney Plus & even if you're totally burnt out like a Lars homesteader at Star Wars, please give #Andor a shot. Can't tell you how much execs are talking about it with respect & awe but if numbers improve, it's proof we should try more like it.
There's a writing choice in Episode 11 of Andor, about whose POV to witness grief from, and how, that's so not what anyone else would do & poignant it made me almost want to delete Final Draft and give up.
"I made my mind a sunless space. I share my dreams with ghosts. I'm condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them. I burn my life to make a sunrise I know I'll never see... And the ego that started this fight pilots the most dank fuckin' starship in the Galaxy." #ANDOR
Won't see the finale until tomorrow, really glad so many people did find #ANDOR. No matter what happens at corporate HQ, they already started shooting season 2 so we're safe. As a screenwriter, I'm in absolute awe of it all & it's left me ready to fight for what can be possible.
One of best goddamn things I've ever seen on television in my life, about how hard it is for -people- to fight against systems of oppression that somehow got through the system. Tony Gilroy & @Nicholas Britell & all cast & crew how did you do that? #Andor…
diego luna

diego luna

Episode 12 of #Andor is out. That’s it!!! What a journey. I’m grateful for everyone involved in this project. We made it during a very difficult time and we achieved what we set out to do. I’m so proud to be part of this family.
#Andor creator Gilroy says 85% of his best screenwriting never got made. We can all relate. Wasted years in that job arguing we need to stop just diagnosing we're oppressed show we can even imagine catharsis of rebellion, feel it. NEVER thought a Star Wars would do it so full on.
This machine kills fascists #Andor
Tony Gilroy interviews are a masterclass in how inspiring it is to see a 66 year old who's admitted most of his best screenwriting never got made knock one out of the theme park, but can someone please ask why he seems to personally hate cops so much lol.…
overjoyed to share: I talked to tony gilroy about ANDOR, MICHAEL CLAYTON, the historical and political influences of the Rebellion in this series, and - in his words! - being an "old white guy" building an intentionally inclusive Star Wars. at @Vulture:…
Aaron Stewart-Ahn

Aaron Stewart-Ahn

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