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Daniel Kelley

Daniel Kelley

Nov 24
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If Twitter is a free University, then YouTube is a free Graduate Program. Here are 6 YouTube channels you can follow to learn about cybersecurity—that are so valuable they should charge $100,000+ for the information & insight they provide:

1/ John Hammond - Everything cybersecurity.…
2/ David Bombal - Programming, networking, hacking.
3/ STÖK - Everything bug bounty related.
4/ NetworkChuck - Everything cybersecurity.
5/ Professor Messer - Get CompTIA+ certified.…
6/ IppSec - Hacking and Capture The Flags.
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Daniel Kelley

Daniel Kelley

Former Black Hat Hacker || Contributed to over 100 bug bounty programs. Now helping people progress in cybersecurity. Tweets and threads about the process.
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