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Scientific studies indicate that the current variety of #sweetpotatoes are GMOs, genetically engineered by #Agrobacterium- this special bacterium acts a bit like virus,it injects little chunk of #DNA into the plant cells - which eventually find its way to the plant genome.

People have been eating GMOs for thousands of years without knowing it. Scientists at the international potato in Lima ,Peru have found genes from bacteria in 291 sweet potatoes varieties, including ones grown in Africa, US,Indonesia, China,parts of South America .The study
suggest bacteria inserted the genes into the crop's wild ancestors ,long before humans started cooking up sweet potatoes. Agrobacterium is ubiquitous in soils all around the world - and infects more than 140 plant- species, this is a clear pathway on how bacteria's DNA
could eventually find its way into our foods. Read more on #agrobacterium - the natural genetic engineer.. #Geneticengineering, biotechnology and GMOs.
Dr.Dennis Adison Ouma.
•Lead food scientist | Food science expert | Founder@Fit and healthy citizen | Food,health,wellness consultancy, training,advocacy | #Healthyfood,#Healthylife.
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