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Are you sitting for more than 5 hours a day? It could be taking years off your life. Do these 5 exercises at home for 10 minutes, 2x per week to help bulletproof your back: = Thread =

Todays hustle culture and use of technology means 1000s of people are sitting for hours everyday. Without the appropriate management, spending hours in a chair can cause all kinds of damage to your body, and even shorten your lifespan! A lack of awareness is the biggest issue
There are a number of health concerns when sitting for long periods: • Cancer • Obesity • Excess body fat • High blood sugar • Chronic Back Pain • Sciatica (nerve pain) • Cardiovascular disease • Increased blood pressure • Unhealthy cholesterol levels
1. Lunge and Rotate • Open ups and stretch the hip flexors on the back leg • Stretch the glutes and adductors on the front leg, • Promote extension and rotation through our thoracic spine ( upper back) All of these movements are great for counteracting seated desk posture.
2. Hinge, hold and stretch Beneficial for those who sit at a desk all day, especially if you get back pain or tightness. • Strengthen core • Improve flexibility • Helps to reduce back pain. • Strengthen back and hip flexors • Helps improve lower body strength
3. Deep Squat: If you’re stiff, your body will compensate by lifting your heels off the floor and rounding your back You might need to do this with support initially Only going down as low as you can tolerate and build from there The squat improves strength and joint mobility
4. Bent Over Rows: Sitting all day gives rounded shoulders and a hunched back Pulling exercises will: • Strengthen postural muscles of our body, that get weak and tight from rounded desk posture •Strengthen your core and back *Use a resistance band or water bottles at home
5. Glute Bridges Glute Bridges are important to: • Strengthen the glutes • Improve movement in the hips • Strengthen and stabilize core • Take the pressure off your back
Save your back! Put these together in this 10-minute workout to prevent yourself from being put at risk of long-term health issues from sitting! Do this 1-2x week
Want to improve your back even more? - Each high protein - Drink 3-4L of water/day - Eat nutrient-dense foods - Sleep 7-8 hours/day It is not as hard as you think!
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Are you sitting for more than 5 hours a day? It could be taking years off your life. Do these 5 exercises at home for 10 minutes, 2x per week to help bulletproof your back: = Thread =
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