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You are living in the Matrix:

In the 1999 movie, the Matrix is “control. A computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into [a battery]” But it’s just a movie, right?
Consensus reality is an illusion. A spectacle-driven hyper-reality. Your life energy is used to fuel a system designed to enslave, limit & make you weak. It's all about CONTROL, my friend.
Like the movie, the Matrix within which we live is a subtle form of slavery. Our life force is harvested to feed a machine that serves the interests of the few. It’s so subtle that the majority fail to recognize it.
You aren’t chained up, forced into hard labor. No, this Matrix - in the West at least - is far more subtle than that. Beyond Left/Right & national borders, the Matrix within which we live is a cultural hegemony which benefits the “elites”.
The Matrix reveals itself throughout your life… Fear Debt Drugs Deceit Alcohol Obesity Nihilism Atheism Division Passivity Addiction Alienation Ignorance Hedonism Globalism Mediocrity Weakness Materialism Consumerism Transhumanism Those with eyes, let them see.
Materialism, consumerism, hedonism, atheism... - all tools of the Matrix to enslave & keep playing by ‘the rules'. The cancerous tentacles of invested interests & perverse incentives snaking their way through your life until you're suffocated by them.
Let's explore a few examples of where the Matrix manifests itself: - Central banking & debt - Narrative control - Modern agriculture & “food”
Funny how we’re not taught about what money is & how it works in school. But, suffice to say… Debt - national & individual - is slavery. Central banking is a scam. Fractional reserve banking theft. And CBDC’s will become the ultimate means of control.
Work, get into debt, pay your taxes, then if you're lucky, retire at 60-70. Play it safe, keep your head down & you’ll be A-Okay! That’s how all the million & billionaires do it, right?
...while globalist "elites" double down on their control… - Digital IDs - Surveillance - Censorship - Currency destruction / CBDCs Thanks to this overreach, cracks are starting to appear. There’s a glitch in the Matrix…
People are waking up to the possibility of a world without the “elites” A world of: Regenerative agriculture Delayed gratification Self-sovereignty Masculinity Abundance Community Knowledge Localism Strength Sacrifice Wisdom Beauty Health Family Honor Virtue Faith Truth
To thrive, not just survive, you must master your money, mind & life force: - Become financially literate - Learn valuable skills - Network - Question everything - Reclaim your health - Build an iron mindset Resist the slave mind. Reclaim your mind, body & spirit.
Let go of procrastination & mindless distractions. Don't let the system subdue you any longer. Develop your mental, physical, spiritual, & financial strength. Relentlessly pursue your mission. Strive to reach your highest potential. Take action - there's no time to lose!
Listen to your intuition. Question everything. Unlearn your limitations. Demand more from yourself. Aim for the highest good. Focus on the character traits & attitude that will give you the edge. Die to your old self. Unlock the untold power within you.
It comes down to this: Take the blue pill - join the feeble-minded & enjoy your servitude while policing your fellow man. Take the red pill - go down the rabbit hole to seek Truth and a stand for freedom & human dignity. Or, put simply: FEAR vs COURAGE
Like the movie, it's all about CHOICE. Only YOU can create your escape. Only YOU can stand up to the Matrix - the soy globalist "Empire of Nothing". Nobody is coming to save you. It's time to take action or get crushed. Reclaim your mind.
This thread is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like me to explore this topic more, comment below. And if you enjoyed this thread, then please spread the word by sharing the first tweet.… Godspeed.
You are living in the Matrix:
Vices, low-value behaviors, & self-limiting beliefs are the greatest threats to achieving what you want in life. You must sharpen your mind, refine your habits, & become high-value men you admire. It's time to reclaim your mind from the Matrix:…
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