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Nov 24, 2022
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In 2021: • Broke • Anxious • Depressed Now in 2022: • Making $50k/mth • Happiest I've been in life • Healthier and stronger than ever Here's how I turned my life around:

1. Make my own healthy meals. I used to have low energy and wake up feeling awful. Now I wake up energized and ready to crush the day. Here's foods I regularly eat for health and energy: • Eggs • Beans • Berries • Red meat • Avocados • Leafy greens
I recommend you cut out: • Fast food • Soft drinks • Fried foods • Frozen food • Processed meats As these are damaging your health dramatically.
2. Lift weights. This won't only transform your physical health, it will transform your mental health. Aim to train 3-5x a week and focus on compound lifts: • Squat • Pull-ups • Deadlifts • Bench press • Shoulder press Don't overcomplicate things.
3. Drinking more water. I know this one is repeated on Twitter, but I'm serious. Drinking more water has many benefits such as; • Energy boost • More focused • Improving recovery • Maximising potential Drink 8 cups a day, but with exercise you should drink 10-12 cups.
4. Learn an online skill. The Internet will only get more popular as time goes on. I learnt copywriting as I love writing and helping other's grow and earn online. But it can be anything; • SEO • Code • Sales • Youtube • Ecommerce I recommend you do this;
• Find 8-10 Youtube channels teaching the skill • Watch 2-5 of each channels video's • Learn and understand the basics • Make notes and write thing's down • If you're still struggling, find a few online courses You can find online courses on Udemy, CodeAcadamy ect.
5. Build a network of friends. Some of my best friends are people I've met while growing my online business. Try and; • Reach out to people in your niche • Get to know one and other • Engage with their content Because growing an audience and business alone is much harder.
6. Speak more often. I learnt this the hard way. I was having extremely bad thoughts (I'm sure you know what I mean). And I didn't speak to my friends and family. I could of gotten out of my situation faster if I just spoke of my feelings.
7. Meditation. This one may seem repeated, but meditation has unlimited benefits for your overall health. Just 10 minutes a day can have huge benefits like; • Reduced stress • Improves creativity • Increased happiness • Increased motivation It's amazing for your mind.
8. Reduce social media. Part of my depression was caused by feeling like everyone has a better life than me. These influencers with; • Mansions • Flashy cars • Daily holidays Are just acting for the camera. Most of them don't have happiness, they just have alot of money.
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Art of Life

Art of Life

Used Twitter to build a $50k/mth ghostwriting agency. Insights on Life, Business, and Growth.
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