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Nov 24
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Realise these 17 truths by age 25 and you'll be successful in later life...

1. Nobody is coming to save you whatsoever!
2. You don't need to prove yourself to anybody but yourself. Aim to be better each day.
3. Saying "No" is powerful. It will save you time and bring respect from the honesty it brings.
4. No one’s keeping score on you, everyone has their own problems.
5. You're already doing better than most, keep the momentum so you don't slip up.
6. Your network is truly your networth, hanging around winners will help you grow to be one.
7. You can learn from absolutely anything and from any one if you allow yourself to.
8. Money management is not taught in school, learn to invest so you save yourself from troubles later in life.
9. Overnight success doesn't exist, you'll have to work hard.
10. Your body is your temple, look after it and it will serve you well in later life.
11. You’re not entitled to anything.
12. It's okay to make many mistakes, this is how you learn and grow.
13. Learning to listen to others will propel your relationships forward.
14. It never costs to be kind.
15. Finding a mentor will save you years of work. If someone has already walked the path you want, seek them out.
16. No questions are stupid, if you don't know ask. You look more a fool pretending to know something you don't.
17. Never judge a book by it's cover at all, treat everyone equally and you'll avoid a lot of hassle.
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