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Little Dick Game

Little Dick Game

Nov 24
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The 25 Unbreakable Rules For Relationships: 1. Date down. 2. Always choose the woman who loves you, over the woman you love. 3. Never stop improving. 4. Never let disrespect go unchecked, no matter how small. 5. Your girlfriend is not your friend (few will get this)

6. Never ask for a relationship, she’ll ask if she wants one. 7. Her friends are not your friends. 8. Practice healthy distance, it preserves attraction. 9. Never stop fucking her. 10. Set clear boundaries. 11. Never let the romance die. 12. Never stop dating your girl.
13. Never get fully domesticated. (Preserve some of that wolf she was attracted to in the first place, don’t turn into a complete pet dog) 14. Avoid routine in the bedroom. 15. Don’t develop a dad bod. 16. Doing domestic chores don’t make you sexier, you were lied to.
16. Don’t move in with her if she’s not your wife. 17. You come first, your purpose comes second, she comes third. 18. Never self-deprecate as a way to compliment her (e.g “I don’t know what I did to deserve a woman like you” “I’m so lucky to have you”)
19. Don’t let her turn you into her girlfriend. 20. Don’t gossip with her. You can listen, but don’t be the gossiper, just listen. Women love to talk. 22. %20 routine for structure, %80 random. 23. Give her tasks. 24. Buy her gifts, don’t be stingy.
25. Prioritize the quality of time you spend with her, over quantity of the time you spend with her.
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Little Dick Game

Little Dick Game

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