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Nov 24, 2022
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Poverty rate in Qatar is almost 0%, that of Nigeria is 44% Which means Qatar has NO POOR people while almost half of Nigerians are poor. The sad part is, Nigeria is the 14th oil producing nation in the world & Qatar is the 15th [Read this again]

Which means we produce more oil than Qatar. Which means all things being equal, we should be good. YET!!!! Yet, Qatar is the 3rd richest nation on earth, and they make the most of their money from oil.
I am not angry about this, but i am angry at people who make EXCUSES for Nigeria. People that say: There is an economic downturn in the world so Nigeria is experiencing challenges like other nations?
They say this with so much pride, like it makes them patriotic 😂 best in how to be a good suffer head. - it reminds me of the story of a Slave who thinks he is better off because his master flogs him once a day, after all the other slaves gets flogged 3x a day.
You are getting saddled everyday, getting whipped by politicians that ROB you dry, and you tell people: ‘’Let us be patriotic’’ ‘’...let us praise the new naira’’
‘’Nigerians criticize the government alot, there is economic downturn everywhere’’ [Yet Qatar poverty rate has not spiked to 44%] Bl00DY sl@ve talk! Nobody is stopping you from being a little lap dog, who sees the beauty in destruction -
…but if you shame people for not joining in YOUR DELUSION, you should be quiet and take a seat.
P.S: For the ''Nigeria has more population'' crew - Population is the lie they sold you, so you can be fine with BS. The richest nation on earth has a 333.1 Million population, 100 Million more than that of Nigeria. Population is a gift.
Compare Nigeria to India [we are similar in many ways] - India has a population of 1 Billion people, yet their poverty rate is 16.4% and ours is 44% [and they don't even have oil like we do]
There are more Millionaires in Mumbai [one state in India] than there are millionaires in the whole of Nigeria. Don't believe the brain wash
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