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John Coveney

Nov 24
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Thread 1/5:- Why is @The Irish Times & @Irish Times Home allowing Hugh Wallace @Hugh Wallace call for the destruction of Dublin’s treasured wilderness wetlands & bird habitats in Dublin Bay? @dublinbaybiospere @BirdWatch Ireland @Malcolm Noonan T.D. @Mooney Goes Wild…

2/5 BirdWatch Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust, NPWS & DPE Environment & Heritage must say Special Areas of Conservation & Special Protection Areas under EU Habitats directive are safe - forever! @BirdWatch Ireland, @Irish Wildlife Trust @NPWS Data @DPE Environment and Heritage (inc NPWS) @noonen_malcolm @Oonagh Duggan
3/5 Not first time @The Irish Times & @Irish Times Home have allowed architects like @Hugh Wallace & David Browne @RKD & @RIAI advocate environmental destruction in Dublin Bay - and in Cork Harbour too this time! To keep auctioneer advertisers sweet?? @Cork Nature Network
4/5 Latest spiel comes only weeks after World Wildlife fund tells us we have destroyed two thirds of the planet’s wildlife! And now the #PaperofRecord @The Irish Times @Ruadhán Mac Cormaic says destroy Dublin Bay as well??… @Extinction Rebellion Ireland @BullIslandActionGroup @Biodiversity Ireland
5/5 Please, please retweet this thread and strongly but POLITELY tell @Hugh Wallace and the @The Irish Times @Ruadhán Mac Cormaic – NO to destruction of Dublin Bay. Crazy anyway with rising seas!! @Pádraic Fogarty @An Taisce #environmentalvandalismbyarchitects #environmantalvandalismbyIrishTimes
6/5 - sorry should have been @Dublin Bay Biosphere in first tweet of the thread!
7/5 - forgot link to previous @The Irish Times call for destruction of @Dublin Bay Biosphere by David Browne @RKD & former pres. Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland @RIAI in tweet 3 of thread. Here it is - cos I'm not making it up! You couldn't!…
8/5 @Hugh Wallace advocating environmental vandalism in print today @The Irish Times #stillnotmakingitup! Guess he wants "sleek minimalist" Dublin Bay! @Dublin Bay Biosphere. NOT how nature works! Right of Reply @Ruadhán Mac Cormaic to me or @Oonagh Duggan of @BirdWatch Ireland? #marvellousmud @Mooney Goes Wild
9/5! I should have included @Christopher O’Sullivan TD in this thread too! Please put in a word with @Malcolm Noonan T.D. & @Micheál Martin. And gis a shout if you ever have a free hour for #birding in The Pale - before @Hugh Wallace concretes it over!! It's nearly as good as #WestCork!
10/5🙄Tnx @barry o'mahony for link Harry Crosbie's equally mad idea! Time for @Pat Kenny Newstalk to let nature lovers explain why destroying Dublin Bay is daft during biodiversity & climate change (rising sea levels) crises. @BirdsMatter_ie @Kevin O'Sullivan @John Gibbons…
John Coveney

John Coveney

John Coveney Photography. Shankill Dublin based - from Cork bai :-) Landscapes, skies & nature. Life-long dinosaur watcher! Photoblog
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