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Liiiiisten…😂😂😂 And also 💔. This is 2022 and some white people are still propping up and voting for the WORST representation they can find of a Black man — when Black EXCELLENCE in the principled @Reverend Raphael Warnock is RIGHT THERE. The root is racism and it’s #Disgraceful

Shawn Patterson

Shawn Patterson

And yes, “Billy Ray” and Eddie Murphy are light years ahead of Herschel Walker in intellect. But don’t miss the point of the analogy. In each scenario the white handlers chose a Black man based on what they needed him to do for them. It wasn’t about actual qualifications.
In each scenario they picked what they DEEMED to be the worst of us because in their minds, they see our EXCELLENCE as an outlier. That’s the myth of white supremacy at work. They don’t see us as qualified as a whole. So when Warnock shines they see him as dismissible.
And before any other white folks start to view that brilliant Black man as more than — in THEIR minds — a fluke they rush to prop up the antebellum image of us to reinforce the lie of how they actually see us. @Herschel Walker — a grossly unqualified pawn — is how they see us.
Never forget that OR that after this nation was blessed to have the brilliant @Barack Obama lead, white people en masse chose a philandering, twice divorced, self-proclaimed sexual assaulting, tax evading CRIMINAL to follow him. They deemed that a worthy successor to EXCELLENCE.
They think that the most disgusting and vile amongst them can trump the best and brightest amongst us. That is what systemic racism and the myth of white supremacy does. It prevents us all from having nice things and capable leaders. That’s why it must go. It’s killing us all.
The loud, dumb, corrupt and crazy in the House and Senate don’t work for our country. The complicit, criminal and racist don’t either. And the ones beholden to the corporations that put profits over the environment and the health of our citizens are the worst of all.
Each election we get the chance to pick the smartest, the kindest, the most principled amongst us. Those brilliant servant leaders are always on the ballot, too. Find them, donate to them, amplify their campaigns. Don’t fall for the okey-doke. Please. Vote @Reverend Raphael Warnock.
yvette nicole brown
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