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Nov 24
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How ghetto smosh is connected to chainsaw man, a thread

Chainsaw Man will have a collaboration with Shironeko Project, which makes Shironeko Project connected to CSM
There was a collaboration between Shironeko Project and Sword Art Online, making SAO connected to CSM
Sword Art Online collaborated with Persona 5, making Persona connected to CSM
Joker is in smash bros, making smash bros connected to CSM
Sora is also in Smash, making Kingdom Hearts connected to CSM
Goofy appears in Kingdom Hearts, making all media containing Goofy connected to CSM
Goofy appears in The Simpsons short, “The Simpsons in Plusaversary”, making The Simpsons connected to CSM
Family Guy and The Simpsons had a collab episode, making Family Guy connected to CSM
Family Guy appears in an Adult Swim bumper alongside Space Ghost, making Space Ghost connected to CSM
Space Ghost appears in an Adult Swim Sign Off with Rick and Morty, making Rick and Morty connected to CSM
Rick and Morty are in Multiversus, making Multiversus connected to CSM
Finn from Adventure Time is in Multiversus as well, connecting Adventure Time to CSM
An Annoying Orange x Adventure Time bumper exists, making Annoying Orange connected to CSM
Charlie the Hamster appeared in an Annoying Orange video, making Smosh connected to CSM
Ghetto smosh is a voiceover of smosh, therefore ghetto smosh is connected to CSM
End of thread I attempted and somehow succeeded in this without using Fortnite


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