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Myron | Learn to Sell

Nov 24
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1) Networking is about sharing - You need to provide value and build trust with others. - Start by regularly engaging with other members and find opportunities to help them. - When you do this, people will reciprocal assistance you back to achieve your goals.
2) Use your network for ideas - Your network is fantastic to exchange information - Ask the members what experiences or challenges they have to give you new insights - It also gives a sign you care about them and it makes them feel useful - People love being asked for help
3) Raise your online presence - Being visible and getting noticed is another great benefit of networking. - Reach out to accounts you like and try to provide value to them. - This helps you build a good reputation and makes you stand out from others.
4) Grow your brand - Being active and interacting with other accounts is beneficial of networking. - You build authority and recognition when growing an audience. - I recommend to tweet knowledgeable, supportive or reliable content to grow your brand.
5) Join networking groups - A wide network of like-minded individuals helps you out with: content creation, organic growth, and launch of products - Surround yourself with successful people and you're guaranteed to be the next. Join our community here:…
6) Get personal advice and support - Gaining the experiences and mistakes from other members is another great benefit of a network. - You want to take advantage of these members by offering genuine assistance & asking for help.
7) Work on your confidence - You're stepping out of your comfort zone when meeting new people. - Keep in mind that building social skills boosts your confidence which you can take everywhere. - The more you network → more growth → more valuable connections
8) Different perspective - When you network with others, you can gain insights from another perspective. - Ask for opinions and feedback from other members to overcome roadblocks you might not have noticed.
9) Build long-lasting relationships - Friendships arise from networks. - Your network members are probably like-minded with the same goals as you have. - This means it’s not unlikely that your professional network will turn into personal friendships.
10) Optimize your profile on Twitter - Is your profile picture easy to recognize? - Explains your banner WHO you are in 5 seconds or less? - Tells your bio WHAT you have to offer? - These points are crucial for other people to become interested in you.
Summary: - Joining a network is beneficial to become successful in your career and personal life. - Want to be mentored by the best accounts on Twitter? - Join our community here:…
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Myron | Learn to Sell

Myron | Learn to Sell

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