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Lee Merritt

Lee Merritt

Nov 24, 2022
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(1) On September 9, 1957 6 African American students attempted to integrate North Little Rock High School. The school board voted to honor the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Ed and removed barriers to enrollment of black students. [Thread]

(2) When the 6 students arrived to they were not opposed by the National Guard (as the Arkansas Governor had vowed), nor local law enforcement, or even leaders from the white business community. However, their path was blocked by more than 500 of their fellow students.
(3) Among the crowd of hostile protestor shouting racial epithets while blocking the school’s entrance was Dallas Cowboys owner #JerryJones who managed to fight his way through the crowd of hundreds to be close enough to be photographed along side his football teammates.
(4) After enduring assault & verbal abuse the students were successfully prevented from enrolling in North Little Rock High. Jones and his classmates triumphed in blocking integration of the school for the next 7 years with the help of a terror campaign by the revitalized KKK.
(5) 65Ys later Jerry Jones dismisses his presence in blocking integration in his hometown as the “curiosity of a teenager”. The arrogance of this response, however, fails to take accountability or opportunity to right some of the wrongs his racism caused in the black community.
(6) After 2 back-to-back murders of unarmed black men by police officers in Dallas, Texas— I led a protest to Jerry’s World during a Cowboys/Giants game with hopes that players would be allowed to speak out against the violence. We were turned away. 9 protestors were arrested.
(7) On issues of race and justice Jerry Jones has always come down in opposition to justice and accountability. It is who he has been literally his entire life. Will the league, it’s fans and players continue to give him a pass or use this opportunity to hold him accountable?
Lee Merritt

Lee Merritt

Civil rights attorney and community organizer.
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