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L.A.D Puzzle summary thread Aki is reluctant to work for Professor and wants to sleep. But once he knows that it's a rescue request from a doll called Dupin, he's all fired up for his old friend. They met long ago in the real world before. As well as Sakuya.

Aki and Sakuya go help Dupin who was under attack. After going to Oasis, Dupin says he wants to set up a detective agency. But first, a flashback to the past in the real world. Aki's master (Yanagito? 柳人) is guarding a sword Juzumaru from theft and gets Dupin's help.
Dupin arrives and notes that the garden is beautiful. A staff says that it is done by a doll. Later we know it's Sakuya. Dupin tries to find the master. Instead, he sees someone saying that the soba he's eating is yummy. Dupin thought he's the master and stares.
The person asks if there's soba soup on his face. He introduces himself as Aki, the bodyguard. They also find the gardener, Sakuya and talk to her for a bit. Sakuya apologises for the mess. She tried modifying Svarag bots to do gardening. Aki praises her handiwork.
*Svarog Later Dupin and Aki go out and discuss the situation and collaboration. However, they catch some thugs making a ruckus and stop their fight. And they find Sakuya being locked to a fire hydrant. Aki's blade could not cut the lock. Dupin broke the code and freed Sakuya.
He did so by analysing the language of the thugs. He knew it was from a certain region and that crude expression was popular. But why was Sakuya in an alley? She wanted to find some rare plant. It was hard to find as humans have killed most of the plants from pollution.
Dupin and Aki wanted to send her back to the mansion, but she insisted she was fine. There was a discussion about Dupin noticing that Aki's master loves and pampers him a lot. He lets Aki walk in front. Most people don't let their dolls do so. Aki: You mean I'm like a dog?
Dupin: No, not that meaning. He sees you like a child. Aki: Wish he would give this child lesser homework. Later on, Aki sleeps early. However, later he is nowhere to be found. He's been kidnapped.
Sakuya finds Dupin. And with some analysis, he realises Sakuya is suspicious. Turns out it's his nemesis, the phantom thief Lebron. He took control of Sakuya's neural cloud. And with some conversation, he also notices that Lebron had helped Ratchett*
Ratchett is this suspicious looking guy who has been lurking around. Forgot to mention. Anyway, somehow they engage in a battle of words and there's a truce. Ratchett has some program that can override doll programming. Lebron doesn't vibe with that either.
Lebron brings Dupin to Ratchett and rescue Aki, who just woke up. Aki gives his kidnapper some slashes. Next up is the Juzumaru sword exhibition. Everything's normal, until Dupin noticed something weird with the Svarog bots. It's Lebron again.
The CG happens when Dupin asks Aki to pass his sword so he can slash the bots. Lebron's plan is stopped. He declares this a stalemate. Dupin is borrowing Aki's strength this time. Dupin points out that Lebron borrowed Sakuya's body, which was since returned.
Lebron leaves. They see Sakuya later. She tells them that Lebron has been giving her many rare plants. He's not that bad, right? But Dupin and Aki are obviously uncomfortable with it. She's ok though, because plant obsessed. Back to the present.
Persicaria says if such a formidable Process like Lebron were to arrive, Professor will be able to deal with him. (Future phantom thief doll??) After reminiscing, Aki wants to go eat soba with Dupin and Sakuya. [END].
There's something about Aki saying need to rest and expand thoughts a bit. Which helped Dupin have realisations that he had to suspect Sakuya, and that was actually Lebron controlling her. Forgot to mention earlier.
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