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You have £2,000 to start an Amazon FBA business in 2022 Here's how you do it --- Thread ---

You have £2000 or maybe less Let me show you how to start an Amazon business with this Completed entirely through arbitrage Making sure to maximise profits whilst lowering costs Let's dive in
Now, there are 3 things you will absolutely NEED. 1. Professional Amazon Seller Account 2. Sellerampsas (2 Week free trial below) 3. Keepa Get the PAID versions of all of these.
Why the paid version? If you analyse a product wrong as you're using the free version, you just lost £100~ on a bad buy If you bought the software for £50~ total you would have saved more Get the paid version
The process will be simple, we are looking for TWO things: 1. Hot, seasonal flips 2. High ROI, Fast selling in-store buys Let me break these down...
1. Hot, seasonal flips Why start with these? If you have limited capital you need to do what other people won't So driving store to store buying pools and toys near summer/christmas? That's how you maximise profit You also minimise competition as the items are hard to get!
2. High ROI, Fast selling in-store buys Now, this may sound obvious. But you are currently TIME RICH, CASH POOR. Focus on finding stuff in store & only 50%+ ROI Why find it in store and not online? Let me explain...
When you're shopping in store, you're competing against everyone who shops at that branch or that retail chain depending on the sale. When you're online? You're shopping against every amazon seller + their massive teams of virtual assistants
Retail arbitrage is less competition and more likely to find higher ROI products that are store specific means little tanking Use this to build up to £5-10k capital then slowly move online Retail arbitrage listings are much more forgiving
This is what you should focus on if you have £2,000 to start an Amazon business It won't be easy, but you're time rich, cash poor. So do what other people won't!
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You have £2,000 to start an Amazon FBA business in 2022 Here's how you do it --- Thread ---
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