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Nov 24, 2022
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15 unusual little habits that will set you apart from 96% of people:

While most people eye up the ‘overnight’ success and wonder why they never see it, the wise among us are focusing on those little habits.
Habits may not always be sexy or exciting, but they move the needle. And when you thread these through multiple days, you will transform:
1. Read 10 pages. Fiction or non-fiction. Finding anyone who reads books is becoming rare. Reading is like taking your brain to the gym. Focus - not on absorbing 50 ideas that you’ll forget. Instead, read to pick up and note down one helpful idea for the day.
2. Walk daily for 30 minutes. The health benefits of walking are numerous. Walk outside if you want an advantage and a clear mind to set you up.
3. 1-minute cold shower. Cold showers are not to be sniffed at. They improve circulation, are good for hair and skin, lift your mood, and develop your character for discomfort.
4. Daily brainstorm ideas list. The more you use your creative muscle, the more creative you become. Brainstorm all the ideas you can think of on one challenge, question or topic. Do this even if you don’t feel like it. You will have an endless stream of ideas to use.
5. Brain dump journal for 10 minutes. Every morning I write down the challenges and frustrations in my life. It gets them out of my head and onto paper, which is highly cathartic. But it also prompts new writing on solutions and breakthroughs.
6. Tidy up your environment. Tidying up is seen as a chore for most. But what if you viewed it as a stress release and even a creative act?
Keeping a tidy environment seems trivial, but it is one of the most powerful habits you can build. It reinforces the idea that you’re a good steward of your reality - you take responsibility, which is always empowering.
7. Dress up. Sharpen your appearance, and dress in a way that your proud, confident version of you would. How you dress influences how you feel about yourself, so don’t cut yourself short.
8. 2 minutes of belly breathing. The belly contains a lot of our accumulated tension. Allow it to shake out as we stand up and breathe into the diaphragm, leaning back slightly. This stimulates the vagus nerve, which reduces anxiety.
9. Take in some art. Go to a museum or even watch a classic movie to be inspired by the artistic creations of people before us. I challenge you not to be inspired by Picasso’s massive body of work, for example.
10. Contact one new person. Messaging people without necessarily expecting anything in return is the kind of habit that can compound into massive opportunities for you.
It’s not the outcome that’s important in the short-term, but simply sticking with the practice of connecting.
11. Dance to energising music. Dancing isn’t just for Saturday night ravers. You can dance in the morning to loosen yourself up and lift your mood.
Before a vital meeting, you can shake your hips to some reggaeton to fill you with positive energy. Daily dancing can change lives.
12. 2 minutes of concentration meditation. What is concentration? The ability to bring your attention to something specific without allowing yourself to be distracted.
It’s a muscle you can develop and can be boosted in two minutes a day. Identify something upon which to place your full attention. This trains your brain to focus, and you will improve.
13. Online learning. Reading is great, but investing time and money into online courses is an alternative learning method that can be easily absorbed. Spend 10 minutes with a course and take notes.
When we invest significant money in something, we’re more likely to take the learning more seriously and apply it. You’re never too old to be a student.
14. Identify one thing to do to make life simpler. In a world where everyone is rushing to add more stuff, cutting down and simplifying sets you apart. Especially if you make it a habit. Ask yourself this question daily: ‘what’s one thing I can do to simplify my life?’
15. Sketch, invent, paint, or draw. A daily creative expression habit can lead to a range of tangible, beautiful pieces of output. It will get you out of your thoughts and into the creativity flow. So it’s great for mental health.
Your creations, even if small, will accumulate into a body of work that will serve you and those who love what you create. 🔆
RECAP 15 unusual little habits that will set you apart from 96% of people: 1. Read 10 pages 2. Walk daily for 30 minutes 3. 1-minute cold shower 4. Daily brainstorm 5. Brain dump journal for 10 minutes 6. Tidy up your environment 7. Dress up 8. 2 minutes of belly breathing
RECAP / 2 15 unusual little habits that will set you apart from 96% of people: 9. Take in some art 10. Contact new person 11. Dance 12. 2 minutes of meditation 13. Online learning 14. Identify one thing to do to make life simpler 15. Sketch, invent, paint, or draw.
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Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers

15 unusual little habits that will set you apart from 96% of people:
Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers

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