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Nov 24, 2022
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#krbkdk NSFW Kirishima had always been able to hear #bkdk fucking through his wall, and at first, he was embarrassed by it, but then he realized it was only because he was turned on by it. So one day, when he started to hear Izuku and Katsuki moaning again,

he put his homework aside, moved to his bed, and let his hand roam featherlike to his underwear. As the moans on the other side got more intense, so did his grip. As they got faster, so did his pace. And then, he came with them. After the haze has passed, he felt ashamed,
bad, dirty, not manly at all for having jerked off to his friends, and he promised he wouldn't do it again. Except he did. Every single time he heard airy "Kacchans" and loving "Izukus", he would touch himself and let their noises intoxicate him. And it got worse.
To the point where he couldn't even masturbate on his own without thinking of them. He would fuck his fist pretending it was them, their asses, their tights. He would finger himself wishing it was their tongue, their dicks. He would moan their names like a prayer, a mantra.
And it got /worse/. When he realized he was starting to feel jealous of the way Izuku and Katsuki looked at each other. Of their inner jokes. Of their little bubble. He wanted to be a part of it, but he knew he couldn't. He couldn't. And he /shouldn't/. But his
drunk brain seemed to forget that. Because in the get-together two months after graduation, he said something there was no coming back from. Mind you, he was missing them like hell. Not just hearing them, but being with them. So, almost a bottle of sake in (it was a tough week)
he spluttered out: "we should fuck." Katsuki and Izuku only stared at him with wide eyes, and the only thing Eijiro could think of was *FUCK FUCK FUCK.* "Okay, at least it wasn't a love confession. It's easier to mascarade drunk horniness than feelings, so yay me.* He was
ready to open his mouth, saying *never mind*, waving it off, but then Izuku smiled at him, and he stopped on his track because he knew that /that/ smile was a Kacchan-worthy smile. He didn't smile like that to other people. And yet, there it was.
On his cute adorable face, directed at him. "Okay," he almost giggled. And Eijiro, because he was taking in every detail he could, didn't fail to notice the lack of conversation between the couple, or how quickly he had said yes. *Did... did they think about it before?*
And then, Eijiro's heart stopped for a 2nd time. Katsuki grinned at him, hungry, possessive.... lovingly? There was no way this was happening. His dream, the one his been feeding since their 2nd year of high school, was coming true?
That, or he was really drunk and hallucinating. Because there, not only Izuku, but Katsuki too was looking at him, HIM, like they looked at each other.
But the low voice of Katsuki asking, "Should we leave then?" with lust in his voice was every confirmation that, yes, this was happening. Eijiro only nodded, not trusting his voice. At that, Izuku jumped to his side
and held onto his arm, trailing it down with his hand until he found his own, and intertwined them. "C'mon, let's get a cab home." Eijiro stuttered, both when taking a step and speaking, "B-but the bill, and I haven't said goodbye to everyone." Izuku got on his tiptoes and
kissed his cheek. "Don't worry, Kacchan will take care of that." *Oh, damn, be still, my heart. AND BEHAVE, MY DICK!* "Besides," he continued, "everyone is pretty much wasted. Just send a text in the morning." They went outside, and the warm spring gently embraced them. They
called a cab by the app on Izuku's phone and, just as the car turned on the corner of the street, Katsuki showed up. He stood by Eijiro's side, opposite to Izuku, and threw his arm around his shoulder. When the car finally stopped, Katsuki pressed him harder against his
side with a mischievous grin on his face. "Ready?" And Eijiro should have just nodded, but he naively decided on speaking, and what he got out was a very breathy "Oh, god, yes. I am." Katsuki threw his head back and barked a laugh, opening the door for both him and Izuku.
Izuku got in first, then Eijiro, then Katsuki. Izuku confirmed the address to the driver and as soon as the car was in motion, Eijiro felt hands on his tights. *God, this will be a great night.*
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#krbkdk NSFW Kirishima had always been able to hear #bkdk fucking through his wall, and at first, he was embarrassed by it, but then he realized it was only because he was turned on by it. So one day, when he started to hear Izuku and Katsuki moaning again,
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